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Hey everyone, the MLB FE team here to bring you the first installment of the MLB 10: The Show blogs. For this entry, we’ll be talking about some of the details that have gone into the new 30-Player Franchise Mode.

One of our goals going into this year was to finally enable the ability to mimic your real-life counterpart rosters when in Franchise mode. In order to do so, we had to allow all 30 teams to be set for user control. Before we could even dive into that, we had to change up how profiles and options work.

MLB 10: The Show Team Select

In the past, we’ve allowed you to create a total of four profiles. With this new 30-Player control, we had to open the profile system up to accommodate the potential for a full 30 players. One of the biggest reasons was to have the ability to support up to 30 different option sets. So now you have the ability to create 30 different profiles, and assign any or all of them to your selected teams. If you want only one team to use a custom option set, assign a profile to only that team, and all other selected teams will use the Global options set.

MLB 10: The Show Profile Association

After crossing the options hurdle, another area we needed to expand on was our player injury system. In order for you to have that true-to-life roster, we saw the need to allow you to manage your player injuries. We now support a system that allows you to select which players should be injured, choosing their injury type and injury duration. You can also choose to remove players from the disabled list at any point, ensuring your roster can be kept in sync with the actual club roster. In order to use this feature, you need to first set the Injuries option to manual.

MLB 10: The Show Manage Injuries

During our design phase, we realized one important roster control aspect we desperately needed to add — Class-A rosters. This year you will now have a Class-A team roster to work with, giving you even more wiggle room when making roster decisions. The Class-A team cannot be taken in game, but you can use it as another 15 roster spots for your organization.

MLB 10: The Show Class-A Roster MLB 10: The Show Roster Info

Once we finished addressing the tools vital for you to support your rosters, we looked at polish features. We came up with a new email system in Franchise mode to provide you with one convenient place to keep tabs on your organization needs. This email system will provide with you updates in a variety of areas, including day-to-day operations, roster related information, Minor League player updates, and league transactions. You will have the ability to cater your inbox by selecting which areas you want to be notified of, and which you don’t.

MLB 10: The Show Inbox

One last area expanded upon was the waiver system we implemented last year. We’ve added real-time waiver periods. Now when a player is placed on waivers, teams will have 48 hours to place a claim on the player. After the 48-hour period, the claiming team with the highest waiver priority is awarded the player. Teams are now able pass players through revocable trade waivers and, if he clears, can trade that player after the July 31st trade deadline. Also, when a player is designated for assignment, teams will now have 10 days to decide whether to release him, trade him, or if he clears waivers, assign him to the minor leagues. As was the case last year, we have a transaction handbook that you can visit at any point to familiarize yourself with all of the rules.

MLB 10: The Show Designated For Assignment

As you can see a lot of focus has been placed on providing you with all the tools necessary to keep your Franchise roster up-to-date with its real-life counterpart. These enhancements aren’t limited to only Franchise mode, and the same 30-player control can be found in Season mode.

Aaron Luke and Kolbe Launchbaugh

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  • First!

    Plus Can;’t wait for this game!!

  • I can’t wait for this game… There’s not other sport game like this even i don’t watch 2 much baseball. In fact is the only sport game I buy

  • Oh yeah! My favorite sport games have always been from Sony :D

    We better see a football game when the Madden contract with EA is up :)

  • Sony I would also love to see a football to come from you guys!

  • Excellent job with finally adding in Single-A teams.

  • Will this game have in-game music? Not even Sony first party studios care enough about the fans to implement this feature in their games. Since this is a sports game, I hope it has in-game music.

    • Yes, we have support for in-game music. We have an option called \”Music Mode\” that when turned on, will allow you to play the game with no announcers, and music playing throughout. The option is under Audio/Video and can be changed at any point during game.

  • The best sports game on the planet keeps getting better.

    Manual injuries, and Single A roster spots, Bravo SCEA, BRAVO!

  • Sounds great!
    However on future MLB the show renditions, I would like to see the game be able to transfer information from an older copy to the new version. For example, if MLB the show ’10 could read saved progress form MLB the show ’09 would be phenominal.

    Franchise mode is great but one can only get so far with one year. However if the newer versions could read older versions’ progress then that would be totally awesome.

    This would also be a great feature with the shows’ fantastic ‘road to the show’ feature.

    Outside of that, You are the best baseball game out there! Way to go and keep up the superb work!

  • Question, can you guys make MLB jersey shirts for PlayStation home? EA released NCAA and NFL jerseys. I wouldn’t mind paying good money for a Mets jersey/furniture. Just throwing this idea out there.

  • @bloddycow

    yes in game music and playlist…

  • ok didn’t follow all of that, but from what I understand I can have updated rosters throughout franchise mode without having to restart my season and that is awesome.

    Who knows how many times I restarted my franchise when the MLB trade deadline passed so I can have the updated rosters.

    Hey does The Show finally change the players hat in their pics when I do trades? That is the one thing I really want or at least when I download the roster updates that can be involved.

    • To clear up any potential confusion… Your rosters will still be from when you started your Franchise (same as in the past), and you will not be able to merge a downloaded roster file within your existing franchise. However, you now have the ability to keep them up-to-date for any selected user controlled teams.

  • Lookin’ good, boys… oh, and Yankees SUCK. GO RED SOX!

  • One thing that Im disappointed about this personal space. There is NOTHING to do in it. Why not make two or three mini games. It would be much more appealing to buy this then and invite friends to it.

  • Do not kid yourselves people if you want this game you better rent it first.

    Trying to play 09′ online is horrible the lag is so bad you cant even time your swings or throw out a would be base stealer.
    Sony has done nothing about this.

    So how would you think to be able to play franchise online?
    If sony does not correct the lag this game will sit on store shelves and collect dust.

  • Since you mentioned custom music in a reply, can you please go a step further and tell us what all we will be able to assign custom music to this year? Will there be custom music for team home runs? After team wins? etc. Thanks!

    • Yes, we\’ve expanded our Sounds of the Show feature from last year by including the ability to assign custom audio for several team specific areas. Ranging from team wins, home run music, strike out music, away team errors, to inning specific music (i.e. 7th inning stretch), and more.

  • These changes sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You guys truly appreciate how anal we baseball fans can be. I have to admit, though, that last year I didn’t buy the show due to a lack of trade activity in-season by CPU teams. Will that be changed this year? There is so much trading in baseball, more so than in any other sport, and it really bothered me when I would be the only team trying to initiate trades. CPU teams should be making moves between each other whether my team is active in the market or not. Thanks for all your hard work!


    When I think of March I think of MLB THE SHOW . I love all the improvements that you guys at SCEA is doing. Not like you need any improvements because the game is already sweet . But this is what great devs do , they perfect there masterpiece . I wish you guys can do a FOOTBALL game .( I know madden exclusive )


  • @ 14

    This game is worth 60 bucks by itself without the online . The online might not be perfect but I have no problems playing online . I rather play my franchise mode anyways against the cpu ( AI IS AWESOME )or head to head against a buddy .Playing online with any sports games BLOWS . Dont belive me go play madden for the last 5 years …server blows

  • If the online is good this time this game will be awesome.

  • I already preordered this game. Looking forward to a demo along with more info for this game.

  • Hey all I’m a huge fan of this franchise and I still play 09 religiously and can’t wait for 10 but my main concerns are the glitches from 09 and if they have been fixed I hate getting half way through a career and then it getting the reset glitch also will victory field be in this game? Its gotta be one of the best minor league parks of all time!

  • Can’t wait wooooo

    Plat’d 09, hopefully will plat this one as well

  • Will you be able to have a 30 team online franchise and have some of the teams CPU controlled?

    Does the current version support that?

  • Is there more stats and are stats tracked better from year to year? Can a player look back on their franchise and see who won and award a year or two in the past?

  • Cool! That E-mail feature was one of my favs from the older 2K BB games. The only feature I liked really.
    I wish they would implement the “find a trade” option in the franchise & season mode. But, I’m VERY happy with what I’ve so far.
    I’m buying this on day one.

  • I am wondering about online Franchise mode as well. Can we have 20 teams user controlled and 10 CPU?

    Also, if we start an online franchise, do we have the option to ensure no real life injuries affect our franchise?


  • NHL 10 and MLB10 are there really any other sports games. I’m looking forward to another great baseball game

  • Will all last and first names be avaliable to use in rtts ? I know 09 had first/last names that CPU used that didn’t show up as audiable in rtts for the user to select.

  • I loved MLB:08, for some reason 09 just didn’t sit well with me. However i’m looking forward to 10 and leading the cubbies to their once a century world series win >_>

  • you guys are awsome keep the great work,every year you are getting better my only big thing i want for MLB10

  • YOU guys are awsome keep the great work.The only i want for MLB10 is to transfer my RTTS09 to the RTTS10, i know a lot of people want this and hope people blog about it here.i like to play a whole season and its gets tired atart all over again.I want my character to be in the hall of fame an its take a lot of time to do’it.Hope you can work on it or answer. Thanks.

  • Wow This Is A Big Step Forward On Last Year Franchise Now I Really Cant Wait!!!!!! March 2nd Woooooooooo

  • This question is for Aaron Luke :)

    Since we can now use our own music for the 7th inning stretch. Does this mean I could for example use my version of “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” which is 53 Seconds long? I can listen to the whole thing? I would guess you could skip it with he press of the X button?

    This was in my wish list at OS. Please say this how it will be.

    Also will we have an option for the playing of the whole National anthem?

    This will make the game be so much more like real like!!

    • You will be able to assign whatever song you want for the stretch, however if it\’s 53 seconds, you will only get 20 seconds of that before it fades out. You can always go to the music editor and assign a starting point, if the part of the song you most want to hear happens after 20 seconds.

  • A little off topic, but will you consider adding the ability (maybe in future MLB games) to continue your Road to the Show from previous years? Even if I could save my stats and how my character looks, it would prevent me from having to recreate everything from scratch.

  • Is the Coca Cola bottle and Cow in Turner Field? Someone please give me a answer. Thanx in advance.

  • HEY AARON LUKE!! you guys are spectacular in the amount of detail you provide for us fans of the game! No company sits back and listens to the wishes of the fans like you guys do in San Diego! Inviting Knight and Psycho has added that little edge other games miss! OK I WANTED TO ASK and this is petty, but will the players stats when you pull them up this year show every statistical year of there career in franchise? 09 only showed i think 2 previous years worth for everyone? I want to do franchise but look at a player i played with like AROD and see his whole career from rookie to retirement. Just a tiny enjoyment of mine. If not this year please do it next year. Nevertheless this is the best video game ever and the only videogame that I own haha!

    • We do have their career totals, just a year by year breakdown this year. It\’s something we\’re considering for next year\’s release.

  • Have you given us a dedicated screen with our entire 40 man roster? Last year, it was too cumbersome to determine who was on the roster.

  • Why is MLB The Show so good and NBA The Inside so bad?

  • So I read your response to a previous post and I am just curious about the online franchise mode.

    Does this mean that since cpus cannot control a team that I cannot do an online league with just 3 of my friends?! I would find this completely ridiculous considering they even have this in madden/ncaa football. I mean what if I just want to do a private league with some friends?

  • Will the Cardinals batting gloves finally not be black this year….really starting to get annoying.

    • The Cardinals batting gloves are no longer black. We have new batting glove color options in edit player as well, so you have the option to customize them to your liking.

  • SO freaking excited for this years game…

    It’s so nice to see that you guys have tweaked yankee stadium this year with the plexi glass walls in the stands and the blue walls are just better looking, at least through the screenshots i’ve seen, that’s huge for me.

    Someone said it, but it would be nice to deal with the roster like it was in ’08 and not in ’09. In ’09, all the players were thrown into one big screen and it was annoying to have to scroll all the way down for certain things and such but it’d be nice to have a roster screen for just AAA and AA..A now too. Just so its more organized, but nevertheless this game will be incredible. I’m looking forward to real time presentations and the new “TV” camera angles. The ability to add music for wins, losses, etc is also sweet too.

    • The Manage Roster screen will now have not only a separate 40-Man Roster tab, but also tabs for your MLB, AAA, AA, and A rosters within the screen.

  • ***Kolbe or Aaron, what is the difference between this post and having roster control on(option from previous The Show games)????***

  • I just wonder if it possible to be able to see what is called a livecast so that we can see what others are doing and not only the scorebox.

    This is the only thing this game is missing!

  • This game looks so great and realistic, all i can think of is why the “NBA the show” doesn’t look this good, and why the gameplay doesn’t look that great,

    As great as this game looks, im not that great at baseball and i don’t understand the video games

    i hope you guys make the next NBA game wonderful because we need a new king, im tired of regrettably buying EA’s or 2k’s sports games; that have minor updates but have the $69 price tag,

    and i hope you guys make it super realistic and remove that color coded shooting mechanic

  • i’ll buy this game to learn baseball,

    BTW do you guys have any on the nba game,

  • I would also like to see Sony do a football game…..I may be wrong, but I don’t think EA’s NFL license prohibits the platform holders (Sony, MSFT, Nintendo) from doing football games.

    I suspect they don’t do a game for fear that it wouldn’t sell against Madden. I sure wish they would try!

    Anyway, MLB 10 is looking excellent as always… Thank You!

  • OK even I have to admit that MLB is sweet. Now if Sony could launch a Football game that could beat out the crap that EA pushes out each year with great features like this game I think we would all be in for a real treat.

  • hey is there a reason why you guys dont add the eyetoy create a player to the ps3 verion? i know the ps2 has that feature. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO THE NEW 2010 GAME PLEASE!

  • Awesome can’t wait for this game. Actually I can, but I’d be alright playing it now.

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