Announcing Patchwork Heroes for PSP

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Hello Folks,

Here’s a first look at Patchwork Heroes, a new title that will be flying onto your PSP this spring via the PlayStation Network.

Patchwork Heroes Logo

Patchwork Heroes puts the fate of a city in your hands as massive warships threaten innocent citizens. Come to the people’s defense by dismantling each level’s warship quickly before the ships can strike. Rescue trapped comrades along the way by releasing them from their confines.

Patchwork Heroes screen 4

Act fast or each ship will quickly close in on its victims in a matter of minutes. You can defeat each ship by cutting through its parts and chopping it down to size so that it can no longer fly.

Patchwork Heroes screen 1

To make things tougher you’ll have to stop the enemy’s repair workers from fixing the damage you’ve made mid-flight, all the while dodging enemy fire on board.

Patchwork Heroes screen 2

Once you’ve cut down a warship to a certain size it will no longer able to fly and the city will be saved.

Patchwork Heroes screen 3

Stay tuned for more details about the Patchwork Heroes!

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6 Author Replies

  • Hmm–I get the idea (destroying warshipts) but it is kinda hard to tell the genre–is this a platformer of some type?

    • Patchwork Heroes is not a platformer, but you will have to think and react quickly to stay on top of the action!

  • Seems like a fun premise; hopefully a trailer will be coming soon to give a deeper feel for the gameplay

  • It looks like a variation of an ooooold game called Qix.

  • Day one, thank you for giving us Bara so quickly!

  • I hope they still have some time to improve the graphics, because to be quite honest I have NO IDEA what I am looking at here, and that’s not good.

  • And let me clarfiy, these touch on things critical to gameplay: Differentiation (colors, plane separation), boundaries, selection, active/inactive, etc. I’m not just saying I don’t like the art direction, I’m just saying that everything is flat and incredibly hard to read. Maybe it’s better in motion, but you can’t rely on motion alone.

  • I can tell what’s going on I just don’t know what style of game it is. Still it looks interesting, is this a Mini or a full PSP game? Will there be a demo!?!?

  • Looks interesting… just not quite sure exactly what we’re looking at here (even after reading through the blog post a couple of times). Will be looking forward to a video when one comes available..

  • nice to know that 100manton no barabara is coming stateside I’ve already seen the japanese trailer for this game.

  • wtf? defintiely need more detail and a video cuz i have no idea what this game is supposed to be and to be honest those stills look like crap. the psp is capable of some really good graphics(gow:coo) and this just looks like a bad ds graphics which is really bad. i mean seriously the “warship” looks like crossed band aids???????

  • @ Maguss (7)
    It doesn’t make sense to be providing demos for tiny games like Minis. A proportional demo for some of them would be just a title screen. You can’t expect to get a $50-value out of a $3 game. It’s just not reasonable.

    I love the fact that the PSP is getting so much love over the past several months. Keep it up and people will start to get the idea that there’s more than enough to enjoy on it. =)

    (Though I’d REALLY like to see more JRPGs. The thing’s got the power of a PS2, yet the PSone was able to provide more than enough power for awesome RPGs.)

  • Ever since I saw the Japanese debut trailer last month, I have been waiting for this game with feverish anticipation. In fact, the fanfare at the end of the trailer is my cellular ringtone. I am very surprised at a US release, let alone such a prompt one. Can’t wait to get it.

    PSP has an amazing lineup this year.

  • I’m glad this making it over, though kind of sad that it seems to be PSN only and not retail.

    I’ll have to see if Europe makes a UMD version.

  • Nice first looks

  • Heh, I see that some people are very, very, very confused by this announcement without knowing how the game really works. If you take a look at this trailer from the Japanese version (titled 100 Man Ton no BaraBara,) I think everything will make sense about this unique and intriguing game.

    This game is made by the makers of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!, so if you’re into offbeat game titles, do check it out.

  • Looking great, games like this (quirky, fun) are what keeps my PSP happy.

  • Thanks for the link to the trailer, nixice.

  • Who’s developing this?

  • Looks very interesting. I’d never heard of the game until now. Any idea on a price point?

  • looks great, is it coming to Europe?

  • so this is 1,000,000 Ton Barabara you guys can check out videos at youtube

  • I like the idea, but think I need a quick vid to better understand the gameplay.

  • So glad this is coming out in English.
    Thanks Sony!

  • kiss my applesauce PSP spammers

  • This is clearly the product of a sick, sick mind.

    But it looks great!

  • I just saw the trailer release in Japan, it looks great!! I’ll be keeping an eye out on this one, maybe a day 1 purchase.

  • Any plans for a PS3 release? I loved Qix as a kid, and this seems like a cute and stylish update to that gameplay. I don’t have a PSP, so a PS3 release would be a necessity for me to buy it. (I’m not buying any more minis until the graphics upscaling gets better and they get at least one trophy per game.)

  • 3/4 of posts are PSP spam today…good luck with that SONY

  • Any real reason behind the name change? I prefer Million Ton Barabara, and will continue to call it that when people ask what it is, but I’m just curious about the reason behind it.

    Regardless, I’m still looking forward to the game and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Looks really neat. Is there a release window/timeframe? Did I overlook that…

  • So Im guessing PSN only huh? I just hope Sony is not forgetting about the Playstation fans who don’t support a digital distribution future.

    Look I understand the issues here, 1. its an obscure Japanese game, 2. PSN also has a next to nothing chance of piracy. Im just saying it still really stinks for those like my self, who actually prefer to own our games. I found my self at odds when you did the same to Patapon 2 and the new Locoroco.I really like the looks of this game (based on the JP trailer I saw) and I am very excited about the other games coming to PSP this year. PSP looks to have its best line up since God of War and Crisis Core.

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