Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! Coming to PSN Soon

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Paul Croft and I’m Director of Games at Mediatonic. We’re an small indie games studio based in London in the UK.

I’m posting here on the PlayStation Blog about Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!, our brand new title developed specifically for the new PSP Minis service.

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess

In the game the player controls a massively powerful (and slightly unhinged) aristocratic demon known as ‘The Duke’ who wakes up to discover his Princess is missing. Without a single clue to go on, he can only assume that monsters were (probably) responsible, and sets out to track her down by beating up monsters largely at random in the hope that it will (somehow) reunite him with his beloved.

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess (1)

At the center of the game is the Story mode, which follows the progress of The Duke as he beats down monsters across six different levels in the quest for his Princess.

The real challenge of the game comes into play in Score Attack mode, which contains eighteen unique levels, each unlocked by breaking target scores in the preceding levels. The Duke is a flamboyant character who likes to reward himself based on how stylishly he managed to complete each level and destroy his opponent.

Through moving the Duke from platform to platform in an unbroken chain, the player can build up a combo which increases both the amount of points earned and also the speed of the game. To gain the maximum amount of points for each level, the Duke must touch every platform and still defeat the monster before he escapes!

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess (2)

This is our first PSP title. We’ve been really excited about the potential of Minis since we heard of the program and have really enjoyed building the game. It’s packed full of humor, little details, rewards and a few secrets!

We’ve been working on the game for almost four months now and we’re all really excited it – we hope you all like it!

To keep up with the latest news on our games you can follow Mediatonic on Twitter @Mediatonic.

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  • oh no, monsters! i’m skeered!

  • i forgot, any trophies?! i love trophies!

  • sorry, i forgot again – got a demo?! i love demos!

  • I think psp minis don’t support trophies by default

    anyways the game looks beautiful. I’ll (probably) pick it up day one.

  • Kind of a stupid name for a game.

  • I LOVE the name of the game! So hilarious! I especially love in the first paragraph “in the hope that it will (somehow) reunite him with his beloved.” Describes just about every 2D platformer I’ve ever played. 5 Stars for an excellent sense of humor and an amazing looking Mini.

  • Quite excited for this; I’m all about great looking and playing PSP Minis.

    Also, love the name!

  • Cool concept! Pricepoint on the game?

  • Holy Crap, this looks awesome, and came out of nowhere!

  • Love the name of the game. Pretty much the character assumes this has happened, beating up on monsters that may of had nothing to do with the princess. That alone is enough for a good laugh. Looking forward to it.

  • Looks fun. Can’t wait.

  • Paul Croft,

    Will this Mini be available for play via the PlayStation 3? (Similar to other minis)

  • can these be played via the PS3? Trophies are always welcome.

  • So it says COMING SOON…When is it coming? With Sony COMING SOON can be 2012…..

  • Great to hear you all like the look of the game!

    I can confirm the game will be available on the PS3.

    Unfortunately trophies and demos are not supported in Minis so these will not be in the game.

    Alas pricepoint is also unconfirmed but it should be around the middle of the current price range.



    The game will be released in February all being well :)

  • @Midatonic_Paul…

    I hope that is the middle of 2.99 to 6.99…because the price of Tetris @10$ was ridiculous.

    Sorry about the no demo thing on minis…that seems to me to be a big strike against picking up games that are not heavily advertised.

    Good luck with the game.


    Yeah it will be within that range, nothing too crazy :)

    We’ll be releasing a trailer and a few other bits closer to launch to hopefully give a good idea of how it will play.

    There is a little more info on the website:


  • a little fail but the minis are available at the ps3 to


    Yeah it will be within that range, nothing too crazy :)

    We’ll be releasing a trailer and a few other bits closer to launch to hopefully give a good idea of how it will play.


  • Very catchy name, looks cool. Might pick it up if the price point isn’t too high. I need something other then the PBH tables to occupy my time during my launch break and extended facility breaks.

    If anyone wants to hear good reviews of PSN mini titles listen to The PSNation podcast, Zavari does a weekly review for minis titles and they are really good ao if you’re ever unsure listen to his takes on them

  • looks very kool , i think it will be the first mini game i will be getting for my psp GO , can we play the game on the ps3 ?

  • @HatmanTc – Good to hear you like the name!

    @remanutd5 – Awesome! I can confirm that the game will be playable on the PS3.

  • 1) Add a few trophies to the PS3 side of the minis and I’ll start buying these. Is this a future possibility?

    2) (@Jeff) Why not emulate PSP games on the PS3?

    • — On my correct account now :)

      1) I\’m not aware of any plans at Sony for this but if they release this functionality then we\’ll add it if possible.

  • this looks funny , if it’s $5 or less I’ll probably pick it up since it has ps3 support , checked out the website and got the wallpapers for my ps3 and I read somewhere it comes in around 100mb which is the highest a mini can be , does this mean it was developed with the ps3 minis emulation in mind and will have good graphics on ps3 compared to some others or is it just a bigger game with more levels ?

    • Awesome!

      The large file size of the game is due to quite a few different things – primarily it\’s that the game has a lot of large artwork and animation in which increases the filesize.

      It was not developed with Emulation in mind (we started before this was announced) but I believe it all scales up well on the PS3.

  • “This is our first PSP title”

    did you make any other games before?

  • Sony,

    I understand he’s an indie dev but at least red text all his responses.

  • I will (probably) buy this!

  • I actually amateur surgeon! It was very cute… and disturbing! Enjoy the plunge to console guyz!

  • Sounds like Dracula mixed with The Hangover!

    Hope it plays well, will buy it in a flash if it does =D

  • Ok… So I just killed a ‘Dead’ Hobo and sliced him up Trauma Centre style with a Pizza Cutter…..


  • thank god this is not another match 3 game!!!

    and it looks really cool i plan to pick this up

  • looks neat! Cant wait to hear the reviews for this one.

  • Ahhh pewp. Would’ve totally dished out $10 for this quirky, cartoon-esque game if it was a full fledged title. As it is, I’m not sure how I sit with minis. I figured PSN games were ADD enough, now we have even SHORTER games. lol.. Might scoop it anyway but I hope they implement trophy support for all games even minis.

  • I saw a story on this game last week on Joystiq and immediately loved the art style. This will be the first “Mini” I ever purchase.

  • God, I actually want this…. if this game was 1080p and had trophies I’d buy it in a heart beat

  • I’ll (probably) buy this game!!!!

  • This game looks good. I’m (probably) getting this on PSP the day it releases since it can also be played on PS3. Though as a suggestion, I really think you guys should look into making a bigger, badder version of this as a full PSN game for PS3. More levels, more monsters, trophies, maybe even online co-op. When I first saw the screens I thought it was a PSN game. It’s art style looks similar to Castle Crashers (which I hope eventually comes to PS3 as well). I think this would make an awesome PS3 game that would get pretty good sales if you could get it out there for $9.99. Something to consider. I’d buy it day 1 with more enthusiasm than I (probably) will the minis version.

    BTW, I AM getting this game, in case that’s not clear, asuming you can get it up for $5.99 or so. I honestly, probably wouldn’t buy it for $10. But Kudo on making sure it works on PS3. that will equate to alot more sales for you on a kool looking game like this.

    • Great to hear you like it!

      This is our first PSP / PS3 game so the Minis were perfect for us to try things out – if things go well a full PSN game is certainly something we\’ll consider.

  • @37: same here. minis just don’t scale up very well on my 50″ plasma, though Echoes was creative enough to be fun.

    I understand that minis are supposed to be simple so that QA/cert goes faster and more cheaply, but not having trophies on the PS3 side is what’s keeping me from trying more. Just having 1 silver trophy per mini for finishing the game would be easy to test and match my willingness-to-pay expectations.

    For now, I’m going to wait for a PS3 version with HD art and audio assets. How similar are the PSP and PS3 SDKs?

    I love on iPhone! Are there any plans to bring it to PS3 and use the upcoming motion controller? Ever since Critter Crunch, I’ve been waiting for another quirky game with hand-drawn art @ 1080p and lossless audio :)

    • The PS3 versions of the Minis are the same as the PSP version – it\’s the same code but on the PS3 it gets scaled up.

      Great to hear you like Must.Eat.Birds! It\’s something we\’re thinking about bringing to PSP/PS3 but no definite plans at the moment.

  • Wow. The story sounds funny. I wonder how the story will play out. Could there be a sequel?
    Hmm. I think I’ll try this out. I played Amateur Surgeon but I wasn’t a very good doctor. XD

  • Nice! Going to pick this one up if it’s under 6.99$.

    Do you know if there is anyway to get a development kit from Sony for an Indie developer as myself? I’m also really interested in making a PSP Minis title like this one, if you could maybe email me a contact or someting (jfig111 at gmail dot com), that’d be great.

    I also love Amatuer Surgeon, you guys planning to make anymore Adult Swim games?

  • I love the concept of this game. I can’t wait to try it out. :3 Sounds more like a regular PSN title to me though. Either way, it looks awesome.

  • Wow sounds awesome!! Release date?!?! This will be my first Mini!!

  • Who cares.. we don’t want these games, we want Ps1 Classics, its been two updates without them, come thursday i hope you guys make up for the lack of them! with suikoden 2 and Xenogears, but ya probably don’t have the guts to put them in. you’d make the most money with those two.

  • Well, I’ll definitely be buying this. The minis program has been kind of lackluster so far, but this looks quite good. At least it’s something original, not an iPhone port priced 3x.

    He looks more like a vampire than a demon though. And Duke? Seems close to Count.

  • Also let me add, it’s great seeing a mini developer post on this blog. The last one was oh, way back in October, I think.

    • That\’s great to hear!

      We\’ll hopefully be posting again in a few weeks to explain a little more about the story and The Duke :)

  • @47 Oh that’s right, I remembered, Retro Grade, I still want that.

  • I (probably) won’t buy it. good luck with this sony

  • This game won me over, I have found my first Mini purchase!

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