Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! Coming to PSN Soon

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Paul Croft and I’m Director of Games at Mediatonic. We’re an small indie games studio based in London in the UK.

I’m posting here on the PlayStation Blog about Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!, our brand new title developed specifically for the new PSP Minis service.

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess

In the game the player controls a massively powerful (and slightly unhinged) aristocratic demon known as ‘The Duke’ who wakes up to discover his Princess is missing. Without a single clue to go on, he can only assume that monsters were (probably) responsible, and sets out to track her down by beating up monsters largely at random in the hope that it will (somehow) reunite him with his beloved.

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess (1)

At the center of the game is the Story mode, which follows the progress of The Duke as he beats down monsters across six different levels in the quest for his Princess.

The real challenge of the game comes into play in Score Attack mode, which contains eighteen unique levels, each unlocked by breaking target scores in the preceding levels. The Duke is a flamboyant character who likes to reward himself based on how stylishly he managed to complete each level and destroy his opponent.

Through moving the Duke from platform to platform in an unbroken chain, the player can build up a combo which increases both the amount of points earned and also the speed of the game. To gain the maximum amount of points for each level, the Duke must touch every platform and still defeat the monster before he escapes!

Monsters Probably Stole My Princess (2)

This is our first PSP title. We’ve been really excited about the potential of Minis since we heard of the program and have really enjoyed building the game. It’s packed full of humor, little details, rewards and a few secrets!

We’ve been working on the game for almost four months now and we’re all really excited it – we hope you all like it!

To keep up with the latest news on our games you can follow Mediatonic on Twitter @Mediatonic.

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