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  • Jeff, when are we going to get more PSP Square Enix titles on the PSN? Where the hell is Crisis Core?!?!? I want to play it on my Go…

  • Good week, next one needs to be 15x better!! Any news on a firmware update coming really soon?

  • Anyone else been having trouble accessing your trophy or portable ID tabs in your profile? It always takes me to a login to PSN page which bumps me back to the main page.

    Seems like its a Vista and/or IE8 problem.

    Also it appears as though the UK trophy cards update themselves now. When are the US trophy cards gonna do that?

  • The PS3 update wasn’t mandatory for a hell of a long time, so that there was plenty of evidence that it wasn’t a system killer, but STILL people complained. There’s just no winning sometimes.

    Here’s to White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain! =D

  • Wow I can’t there is a folder for PS3 minis now in that 3.15 firmware update. It doesn’t fit in with any of my themes and I will never buy or play minis so what’s the point? I hate it. And this week’s PS store update was HORRIBLE. Worst update in years.

  • PS2 playback back on PS3 please :)

  • PS2 playback back on PS3 please :) (2)
    and PS2 games for download at PSN.

  • Please release God of War 3 video on Monday, January 18! Don’t do this to the fans and back out.

  • God of War 3 new videos on Monday!!!!!!

  • new god of war 3 video on monday i demand it also white knight chronicles avatars and dynamic theme

  • Really hoping for some new GOW3 vids. ;)

  • Hey is it possible to get a permanant ps3 ban unbanned????? Its ben banned for 6 months do i got any hope. Plz HELP me

  • I gotta Slim… I gotta Slim PS3 today hey hey…

  • Chris can u help me with my question above?

  • More avatars please.

  • I must say that their was a lot of haters this week in the PSN store update. I hate when that happens. I’m just waiting to be the 28th so you guys finally release hustle kings on the store. and the Heavy Rain demo hope get by the 11th of next month. I swear I had played Indigo Prophesy twice in the beginning of the year, just love the style of David Cage games. They are daring and risky style of play to opposite games from a industry made of too many of the same stuff.

  • Are we going to hear more God of War 3 stuff on Monday? please say yes.

  • woooot 17th comment

  • Returned my Slim for a GOW 3 Slim bundle if it happens.. :)

  • SOoooooo….. Any idea of “when” Sony will be upgrading the PS3’s borderline functional Browzer?

  • Does anyone know what unlocalized error mean?

  • God of War ps3 bundle? god of war avatars? themes ? new videos ?

  • Is there any word if the Heavy Rain website is coming to Canada?

    I was going to register for the “Four Days Challenge” as it sounds really interesting, but it requires me to enter a Country. Should I ‘lie’ and put in United States, or should I wait and see if Canada is added?

    I tried asking something similar on the Europe blog as well, but didn’t get a reply.

  • Hey Sony,

    Have you guys thought of bundling the first few shipments of MAG with a PS3 mic? That is the biggest complaint with people, lack of people online with mics.

    People are already complaining that its overpriced since it has no single player campaign, so 40 without mics; 60 bundled with the Warhawk mic (come on, if you like the better headset PS offers, buy it!).

    This could change the momentum and reception of the game. I also suggest making cheaper headsets, I already have a PS3 (Socom bundled) headset and I’m happy with it, but my friends would never drop cash like me on a great headset. If you had a cheaper one for cheap people, we would see a ton more people online with headsets.

    Thanks Sony for looking at our feedback, we appreciate it.

  • any news on a Castle Crasher release date?

  • Hye big question, any news about an UNcharted 2 Game of the Year edition like cod4, fallout3, or LBP

  • I think you guys should give a try at reading the forum on ps3 updates and give an answer to the 500+ users who can’t play anymore after upgrading to 3.15.

    I still think that the PS3 is a great system, after buying over 80 games plus 400 $ of downloadable content.

    Hopefully I will be able to enjoy my PS3 again after the next update. At least my BR drive still runs perfectly under linux…

    Thx for fowarding this to the appopriate person (s), as we’re not getting any answers in the forums.

    (and please, check Bethesda forums before trying Fallout 3 GOTY) :)

  • Nice week, except for the Playstation Store update :|

    Looking forward for this week’s blog

  • When is fallout new vegas come out cause i would really like to know_________________ Feel free to add me as frend

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