We Track Down the Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour Bus

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Earlier this week, we saw this Tweet. Apparently Square Enix was parking their Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour Bus at three randomly Tweeted stops in nearby San Francisco. So, armed with a camera and a severe RPG craving, we made the trek to Best Buy SF to get in on the action. What did we find? Big-time Final Fantasy fans waiting out in the cold – many for a second or third time – to take a crack at a brand new Final Fantasy XIII demo with the new trailer debuting alongside the game.

We caught up with Klee Kuo from Square Enix who explained how the Twitter bus idea came about, including fan reactions and more. Honestly, it’s incredibly awesome to see a huge game publisher getting on-board with grassroots social media (Thanks for the lead, taco trucks!) to involve fans months before release.

And hey, we suggest you follow Final Fantasy XIII on Twitter at twitter.com/PlayFFXIII. Because who knows where they’ll be next.

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  • Is this coming to Canada? more importantly, Toronto?

  • Simply can’t wait for FF XIII! I’m a big FF fan!

  • How come all the languages are not included on the bluray disc? That’s a major disappointment!

  • Wish they do stuff, like this in the UK.

  • meh. I have several person on my buddy list that imported this game and only 1 of the actually liked it.
    I myself have been a little iffy on this game and that new trailer did nothing but drop my expectation for this game. I hope this comes to NYC so I can play it and decide if its any good at all.

  • Can’t wait for this game it looks way too good

  • Canadians always get ditched out we can always hope but we never get anything hmm like the PSN video store Call of duty 4 with French only for my region we rarelly get to participate in any contest and so on and on.

  • I would have loved to see it if it was in Canada :(.. anyways cant wait for this game

  • This needs to come to Chicago…

    *goes to twitter*

  • sorry for beign of topic but arent we gonna have a white knight chronicles event still? cuz jeff told me that we were going to see such an event this week but its friday already and.. i might lose credibility with the ppl that i told them this

  • God of War 3 new videos?

  • Oh forgot to add, I do have the JP version of the game. I think, I am one of a few who really likes this game. Trying to platinum the game at the moment, Kinda close.

  • You guys should update the “Playstation Conversations” part of this website, I mean are you telling there has been nothing newsworthy since 1/6?

  • I have already pre-orddered 2 copies for ps3 and cant wait!! i love final fantasy games and even tho my brother dont like ff games im still going to let him buy 1 ( thats why i pre-ordered 2 :P )

  • @Chris Morell

    Any way we could get that new trailer and/or demo in the PS Store? Pleeeeaaaaassseeee!!!

  • @LokeSTL

    The new trailer is already on PSN but as for the demo i agree, we want the demo on PSN please!!

  • Final Fantasy 13? lol, no thanks. I’d rather have White Knight Chronicles as it’s a GOOD RPG (not to mention that it plays like one unlike FF13 which plays like a linear action game). FF13 is already being rated worse than FFX-2. That as well as many other things tells you that FF13 is the worst game in the series. Maybe Final Fantasy Vs XIII won’t flop like FF13 did but coming from Square-Enix I highly doubt it.

    Sony needs to stop marketing garbage games like FF13 & start marketing games that actually deserve it like White Knight Chronicles. I’ll be passing on Mediocre Fantasy 13. That trash won’t even get near my PS3.

  • Awesome! When is the demo coming to store? Is there any chance Qore subscribers will get a early demo?
    I haven’t seen the video posted above yet (I’m assuming its a video ) because I’m using my PS3 browser, and it says ‘This application is not supported’
    Is there a fix for problems like this coming soon?

  • Honestly, after all the negativity I’ve heard from Square and how they had to cut out a lot of stuff and also how linear the game is, i’m leaning more towards WKC for now.

  • You guys in Cali mind letting Square know that we want Nier Replicant on the same disc as Nier Gestalt here in the US instead of just Gestalt.

  • Oh hey! Just replying back.

    Yes I will :D
    There is a collectors edition coming out in Europe so will be getting that.

    I might platinum that version as well. It’t not hard to platinum just very time consuming.

  • ANy chance of this stuff going to hit places like Minasota? We never get big time game events here. EVER! Plus there are a crap load of gamers thanks to the near by collage, and high school.

    You could get a huge turn out on Century av with the best buy bing only a few blocks from it.

  • I already own the Japanese Version of this game and I’m enjoying it so far {Spoiler: (@ chapter 11 currently but having trouble with Hope’s Summon battle) {end Spoiler}.

    I really miss gaining levels tho. Final Fantasy VII will always be my favorite. I’m really looking forward to the US version of XIII. I’ll have a better understanding of the story then lol.

  • Been hearing bad things about this game. Too linear. I am looking forward to FFXIV, though. Waiting for more news on that.

  • will the bus be going more around the bay area? i would go try to find the bus, but sf is about and hour away lol

  • talk about the GEEK SQUAD, lmfao

  • @Destiny89

    The International trailer that was just released 2 days ago? Didn’t see it on there when I DLed WKC and SO:TLH trailers last night. I’ll check again after work, but I’m pretty sure it’s not on there…

  • Any chance for a Los Angeles Bus Tour?

  • Ugh. Graphics look amazing, game looks like jpop teeny bopper crap. I’ll pass. Sorry for the negativity, but Square is a shadow of their former selves.

  • I bought a launch ps3, Ff13’s image is on the box. What a ridiculous delay, I hope any DLc is free!

  • @shadowrep: I imported the JPN release as well. I’m not going to bother platinuming until I play the English language version though since I don’t speak or read a single bit of Japanese so getting all the weapons and hunts is kind of difficult. :p

    But I’m really enjoying the game a lot so far. Can’t wait for the English release. <3

  • hey chris anyupdate of the bugs for the playstation site that you can provide us on. We havent been able to see the PSN friends list for a while now thanks. Great FFXIII Update!

  • Speaking of Final Fantasy XIII, it’s trophies don’t show up on one’s website profile. Some games (and subsequently the trophies for) are missing from the website profile view. These include Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 1 and 2 (from the GoW collection), and 龍が如く3 (Ryuu ga Gotoku 3). These games will not show up in the trophy list of you or your friends even if you’ve earned them, so to anyone browsing profiles or looking at their friends’ profiles, it seems like absolutely no one is playing these games. Surely this can’t be intentional?

  • Why won’t they just release a demo on PSN? I know not everyone with a PS3 has internet but come on…it’s SquareEnix! they could do both.

  • A ff twitter tour bus!? My goodness when will the madness end…

  • The game looks gorgeous. It’s funny how Square Enix took the idea from the Los Angeles taco trucks or ‘loncheras’. I love eating at those things :)

    Jeff Rubenstein tweeted that if we don’t like the PSBlog today, to blame it on you Chris. But so far I like what you guys have shown today!

    Thank you Chris Morell.

  • Inspired by taco truck, yet a coincedence occurs. Roflcopter. Lucky SF’ians.

  • could u guys please release a demo 2 FF13

  • Demo on PSN would be awesome and a cool way to give Xbox360 the finger.

  • SCEA should really take a page from SCEJ’s book and release a limited edition FFXIII PS3 in North America.

  • This game has taken way too long to ship… But glad it finaly is. Day1 purchase. Sony dropped the ball forever letting this game go to 360. That’s literatly like Halo coming to PS3.

  • I Can’t wait 4 this game to be out It be nice if the Bus come to Miami

  • A lot of people here have been saying that the reviews on this game call it “linear”, and lame and to much hype. Here’s the facts. The game has only been shipped in Japan, most of the reviews you see in the US is based on the DEMO. Japan had a HUGE receiving of the game, not like a MW2 in America or anything but still large, a lot of top name Japanese game magazines called it 5 stars, almost perfect, and some voted it the 2nd best game of 2009, and this is japan, they see all game run through their. Don’t believe 80% of what English reviews give based on a really early demo. We will see how well it does when you actually get to play it. When you personally play it, then you can say if it still was bad.

  • I cannot wait to play this game.

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