PlayStation Comics Store Update

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Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s update on the new comics being published to PlayStation Store today.

PlayStation Digital Comics Banner

  • 2000AD Prog # 1662 – $1.99
  • Army of Two # 1 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 1 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 2 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 3 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 4 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 5 – $1.99
  • Blade (2006) # 6 – $1.99
  • Daredevil (1998) # 87 – $1.99
  • Daredevil (1998) # 88 – $1.99
  • Daredevil (1998) # 89 – $1.99
  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duck in: “Donald and Duckolde” # 1 – $0.99
  • Donald Duck and the Cathode Champion # 1 – $0.99
  • G.I. Joe: Cobra # 3 – $0.99
  • G.I. Joe Origins # 4 – $0.99
  • Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft # 3 – $0.99
  • Mickey Mouse and the Portable Tele-Transporter # 1 – $0.99
  • Superduck: Days of Future Past # 4 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 68 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 69 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 70 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 71 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 72 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 73 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 74 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 75 – $1.99
  • The Avengers (1998) # 76 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 1 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 2 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 3 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 4 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 5 – $1.99
  • The Incredible Hulk (1962) # 6 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 462 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 463 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 464 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 465 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 466 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 467 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 468 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 469 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 470 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 471 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 472 – $1.99
  • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 473 – $1.99
  • Wizards of Mickey: The Dolmen Swamp # 1 – $0.99
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: The Taster # 0 – $0.99
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: It Only Hurts When I Pee # 6 – $0.99

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  • I know you guys are working on getting more publishers, so I’d like to suggest some Usagi Yojimbo. Thanks for the Update. The Transformer Comics are a bargain through this service (what with the real issues costing 4 bucks and taking up physical space).

  • when will we have BATMAN?? i mean the original comics of batman, or detective comics…but i prefer batman

  • Still nothing on this service coming to Canada, huh? =(

    I’m not sure I understand why this isn’t in Canada. Movies I can understand. The rating system is different between the U.S. and Canada. Comics, on the other hand, have the same rating and same format in both countries.

    It’d also be sweet if you could view these on your PS3, too.

  • Come on wheres the manga these crappy updates make me want to get rid of my psp even more.
    well the game update better be good

  • Comic update again before store update
    why is that

  • ummm i have to agree with number 6 why is it that ur comic store updates ridiulously early and yet u guys take all day to update the game store. games are definitely what people want more. after all u are a video game company. shouldnt it be easier for u to update the game store since you gusy have been working on it for years and the comic store is just months old. i mean seriously get it together and remember what business ur in. oh yeah in case u forgot its games(not comics). oh wait does that say more uncanny x-men. sweet.

  • Once you guys get DC, you can have my wallet


  • Looks good, but I still think they all should be 99cents.
    Please continue updating the comic store.

    Any news on the music store and pricing?

  • Like #8 said : I will give you my Credit Card once you have DC.

    But, wait ! Strike that, I only have Canadian dollars.

  • To add a little fuel to the fire. I was going to buy a 2nd PSP ( yes the GO ), before I saw that the DL service up here is gimped. Why would I buy a limited product ?

  • When is spiderman brand new day and vol. 2 of death of captain america gunna come???
    i cant live with these two cliff hangers anymore!!!

  • wheres BONGO?
    Wheres Paranormal Activity?

  • Hi Grace –

    Thanks for the early update . Are there any plans to add Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 to complete the “One More Day” story arc? Parts 1, 3, and 4 are avaialble but 2 is missing.


  • BTW i think its great how u guys are constantly offering pspgo owners amazing content like comics to make up for the complete lack of downloadable video game support(sarcasm). Way to go all u early adopters. PSPgo = epic fail for gamers.

  • Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that this too is unavailable to Canadians???!!!


    Man you guys suck!

    You work so friggin’ hard on everything that you want, not what we do…Put out what we ask for first, then work on useless stuff like this.
    Cool as comics may be, I can think of a thousand things that people have been BEGGING for. Then all of that should be given to other nations too…not just the USA prior to putting out things like this…
    For God’s sake man, the United States isn’t the only nation on the globe, and they certainly don’t make all the purchases.
    Here in Canada, we’re even a part of North America (SCEA) and we can’t even get recognized…EVER!!! How SAD is that? WOW!

  • Don’t tell me it’s Canadian law either…because our red tape is just floating there waiting to be blown away…It’s soooo simple to get through these laws and you won’t even try. DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVE EITHER!
    For our contests…throw a skill testing mathematical equation into it and voiLa! Mission accomplished…Presto! you have tons of happy consumers! It doesn’t take a genius to discover that fact.
    And it’s the same with all the rest too…simple fixes that you COULD do something about, but rather not.

    Well at least we know who’s loyalty doesn’t matter…No wonder people are getting fed up with SONY’s BS!

  • Nice update, as usual. I’m hoping IDW puts Cory Doctorows Futuristic Tales on the store.
    I live in the U.S., but I think it’s unfair that Canada doesn’t have the comic store, so if anyone has a online petition they want me to sign, or if theres some other way I can help, let me know.

  • I am liking these updates. Encouraging to see.

    Is there any news on DC? or other smaller publishers like Top Cow, Vertigo, Slave Labor?

  • @7…what does it matter when the update comes. comics first – comics last, who gives a whoot? If it weren’t for this blog you wouldn’t even know when anything is going on with anything, so why complain about something you really have NO control over? It’s pointless because basically nobody cares when YOU want the store updated, it’s all apart of something bigger than you, and you will be filled in on an “as needed” basis.

    But 1 question.. when will be able to download these comics for viewing on the PS3?

  • PLEASE PLEASE bring this to Canada, i have so many comics i want to buy! Please add silver surfer and the infinity gauntlet to the list as well please.

  • Hello Grace,

    Any word on getting Spawn on the Comic Store or even Spiderman with art by Todd Mcfarlane?

  • nice comic update
    i hope u guys also bring some manga 2

  • nice comic update
    i hope u guys also bring some manga 2 4 those of us who read manga and comics

  • nice comic update
    i hope u guys also bring some manga too 4 those of us who read manga and comics

  • nice comic update
    i hope u guys also bring some manga too 4 those of us who read manga and not comics

  • sorry 4 all the posts

  • Well if they had an ” EDIT / PREVIEW ” button like we’ve been asking for, multiple posts wouldn’t happen would they PS Blog devs?

  • Waiting on Powers Supergroup.

    Love the digital comics.

    P.S Some of you really need to get a life, all you do is complain, as if you’re forced to buy these products.

  • give me deadpool :)

  • I would buy some of the older Image stuff…definitely Spawn if you could manage that. I see Image has a category, but there is only one comic so far. Hopefully more are coming.

  • Hi everyone in the US that is only a fraction of SCEA territory! Here’s this week’s update on the new comics being published to the US based PlayStation Store today, for the rest of those we serve, I got nothing.


  • +1.

    Canadians: STFU.


  • I know the comic store is new and all and you guys have been doing a great job putting out comics, but some story arcs are incomplete. Take Iron Man Director of S.H.I.E.L.D for example, the last two issues in the “Haunted” story arc are missing. Again take The Invincible Iron Man (2008) Marvel has released close to 20+ issues and the comic store only has 2 issues up.
    How can you guys (sony and marvel) expect me to invest in these awesome comics when certain story arcs aren’t even complete?

  • Thanks for the update. When can we expect to be able to view the digital comics on our PS3s and perhaps even our PCs? Also I believe $1.99 is too much for a digital comic. We can download motion comics on itunes for the same price. The motion comics have animation, sound effects, and are professionally read by voice actors.

  • The digital comics are great. Does sony have any plans of offering regular books through the psp (like the sony e reader)? I think I would be a great addition to the psps many functions. Thanks for reading.

  • Really enjoying Wormwood.
    when are new issues of Burke & Hare coming? so far we’ve only had issue 1 as a freebie?
    Also, where are the DC, DC/Vertigo comics?

  • Is there any change on this feature being available for the “It only does everything” PS3 as well?

    I don’t understand why a company would willingly pass up money.

  • I can’t wait for digital comics to be available in North America… definitely looking forward to this finally arriving to us.

  • I can haz “Kick Ass”?

    (in canada)


  • Let’s see some Wildstorm comics.


  • If Canada ever got anything that America didnt, you guys would be a bit upset/let down aswell. (and rightly so)


    You’d be the first one here posting some insane rant. (after posting somthing stupid like “first!!” of course.)

  • Guys I have a question: I know that ps2 is popular.I have slim version.Read one article that ps2 sells well even now.Is it possible that Sony will release in the near future Playstation 2 with HDMI audio-video output, that we would not be confused with a choice of all these VGA-boxes and Component cables. Because composite not good enough.I would buy a second unit ps2 with HDMI.We all know that these component inputs we dont have in 90% of cases.Can you imagine yourself on the back of playstation 2 is HDMI output, also is the chip inside that converts all to progressive scan, and if you want, you can manually select 480p or 576p.I think would be cool. Especially if to consider, that at Sony authorities know, that ps2 is popular console, so why not make it even more popular this way?

  • I’m really hoping you guys can sign up DarkHorse comics. Because if you could get up both the old and the new KOTOR comics and Star Wars Legacy comics, and the classics, Heir to the Empire trilogy and Dark Empir trilogy, I’d be ALL OVER this service

    Here’s a couple of other requests for comics I’d buy if you get them up. Incredible Hulk 180-182 (first appearance of Wolverine)
    and the X-Men “The Twelve” story line, including all the stories tied into it, like Wolverine 145 and 146 (where he gets his adamantium back), and the original Astonishing X-Men books. Seeing the X-Men battle Wolverine as Apocalypse’s Horseman Death was just epic.

    Also, I will be buying Annihilation, as Thanos is my favorite Marvel character besides Wolverine, but could you please also throw up the Annihilation Prologue and the entire Thanos series that led up to it. All the “Infinity” books would be awesome too, and MARVEL: The End.

    All of these digital Comics I mentioned, I’d buy.

  • I want me some teen titans or the newer comics titans

  • Canada Canada Canada

  • Hey, just saying… There are quite a few things more annoying than lousy playstation store updates…

    One of the most prominent annoyances are Canadian folks complaining on the playstation blog specifically for US citizens!!!!

  • Oh, and on a more related note:

    I think it would be really cool to get some TokyoPop Manga books on the comic store.

    Things like the Kingdom Hearts manga series should be VERY welcome on the Playstation Store!

    Also, it would be really cool to see the Resistance comic series on the Playstation Store as well

  • No free comics? Cmon, how bout just one. You know, like a demo.

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