Mark Cerny: Hall of Fame Game Developer

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I wanted to take a brief moment and draw your attention to one of the industry’s most prolific pioneers who has had a tremendous impact on the past, present and future of PlayStation.

You’re all familiar with the names and accomplishments of such Sony Computer Entertainment visionaries as Ken Kutaragi and Shuhei Yoshida. Today, Academy of Interactive Arts and Science announced it will be honoring another influential game designer, producer, and programmer with a tremendous influence on PlayStation. Mark Cerny of Cerny Games is going to be the inducted as the 13th member of the AIAS Hall of Fame in Las Vegas next month.

Mark Cerny

Just take a look at some of the titles and franchises you have all played that Mark was instrumental in supporting over the years… from Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Spyro the Dragon to Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, and Uncharted. Mark’s profound contributions to the industry and to SCE have helped shape the games and entertainment experiences that we’ve all spent countless hours with, so congratulations to Mark for this well deserved honor.

For more details on Mark Cerny’s induction into the Hall of Fame of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, including quotes from Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells, click here.

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  • I’ve been hearing Mark’s name since the Atari days, but had no idea some of the other things he worked on. Congrats!Also, Marble Madness was so freaking awesome for it’s time.

  • Congrats Mark. Keep making great games!

  • Congrats Mark and talks for being part of the games that gave me countless hours of enjoyment.

  • congratulations Mark and thanks for helping make some of my favorite games on any console

  • Oh man, congratulations Mark.
    FYI my 5 y/o son has been playing Crash/spyro/Ratchet since the day he was born. As of this very moment he is playing Crash 2. (He has already beaten Crash 1)

    Thanks for the timeless entertainment that I grew up playing and am very proud to see my son also enjoying those great games.

    p.s. He also throws down on Resistance with me every now and again.

  • Congrats Mark! Well deserved.

  • Congratulations Mark. Hope you continue on with your legacy at Sony with future titles.

  • Hats off. Congrats! I like the Mark era.

  • Never heard of him. :/

  • oiy, increase the FOV in killzone 2. its too narrow.

  • Congrats,i love those franchises.

  • Great Job Man!

  • Congratz Mark! I want to see Mark work with Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago from Thatgamecompany. I bet Mark’s experience with TGC’s flesh blood and innovation as seen from cloud,flow, and flower will create a masterpiece

  • Bout freeakinf time, he get in!! he should have been in when he make spyro games… This guy deserves this more than anyone.. Hats off.

  • You’re the man, Mark! Your games are simply the best! Congratulations! =D

  • Pretty freaken sweet! Now he’s joining Ted Price in the AIAS board which is pretty prestigious if you ask me.

    Plus this dude drives a Ferarri! :P

  • I bow to you sir! You deserve this recognition.

  • aight Mark keep doing yea thang, i own or owned all those titles.

  • thanks for representing the fanboys, mark!

  • Congrats Mark!!! :D

  • congradulations

  • Never heard of him, but he certainly has had his hands in a good number of my favorite games. Congrats to him, and I look forward to seeing his work in many more games to come :)

  • Congratulations.

    Jak and Daxtar for PS2 were treasures and so was Uncharted for Ps3. You helped SONY achieve market dominance. I am a 41 year old adult. Your games aren’t just for kids….God Bless your creativity!

  • Congrats, what an honor

  • Congratulations Mark! Well deserved.

  • Congratulations Mark!

  • A well deserved induction.

    Congratulations to you Mark and thank you so much for your work because some of those games are dear favourites of mine and some that I grew up playing.

  • I really admire him, everyone on the gaming industry respects him.

  • Mark’s quote concerning Spyro the Dragon from a 1998 Underground disc remains true to this day…”That’s some damn good code”.

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  • Congratulations to Mark! I first heard of him as the creator of Marble Madness, one of my favorite arcade games (best I’ve ever done was reaching the fourth level, a few months ago, and yes, I was playing on an arcade cabinet with a trackball). I saw that he had worked on a lot of highly-rated titles and wondered why his name seemed “underground” on the Web, obscure in comparison to the various industry darlings. Well, I guess people do recognize his contributions. Well deserved!

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