IREM Square Comes to PlayStation Home + Wizard’s Den, LittleBigPlanet and More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means that it’s the time of the week that we here on the PlayStation Home team drop in to let the awesome people of the PlayStation Home community know what to expect in our weekly content publish. And this one is particularly exciting, as we’ve got a little something for everyone that comes Home this week.

First up is the legendary IREM Square, a dusk-flanked carnival scene based upon a traditional Japanese festival that is a veritable reward heaven. Enter into this gamers’ gala and rack up a ton of unique virtual items by interacting with a variety of local characters and playing the space’s dedicated game. Check out the pics below for a sneak-peek at what this cool new space has in store for you.

PlayStation Home iRem screen3

PlayStation Home iRem screen8 PlayStation Home iRem screen1

Fans of the fantastical have more than ample reason to roll [their 13-sided dice] into PlayStation Home this Thursday, as we release the otherworldly Wizard’s Den personal space. This dragon-encircled castle is the perfect place to let loose the sword-wielding, orc-slaying, spell-casting, sorcerer (or sorceress) that resides within. The best part? The super low price, of course ($2.99 USD). Check out the pics below to get a feel for this dreamscape domicile, and be sure to drop into the official PlayStation Home forums after you’ve had a chance to check out your new pad and give us your ever-so-valuable feedback.

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den1 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den2

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den3 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den4

Assassin’s Creed fans – I’m looking at you – are being treated to yet another addition to the long line of AC virtual items in PlayStation Home. Ubisoft is releasing male and female versions of the Altair ibn La-Ahad costume from Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines. Show the world that you “Live by the Creed” by adding the Altair costume to your Assassin’s Creed collection this week.

PlayStation Home Altair Male PlayStation Home Altair Female

We’ve seen you coming out in droves for our LittleBigPlanet Featured Game parties, and we’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that LittleBigPlanet will have full game-launching functionality come this Thursday. This should make setting up your LBP game launching sessions a breeze. Be sure to come out to Central Plaza all throughout this weekend and launch into your friend’s best levels – and take part in our other Featured Game parties this weekend, which include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, UFC 2009 Undisputed, and NCAA Basketball 10 (details can be found at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza).

In other news, the Legion shirt that so many of you grabbed last month from the Theater will magically sprout wings this Thursday. Don’t ask me how they did it; it must be some type of divine intervention. Check out the pics below – pretty cool, huh?

PlayStation Home LegionWings Female PlayStation Home LegionWings Male

See you in Home!

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  • I agree with Lance, I am dissapointed in the Wizard’s Den. Mine is not like the photos. I can’t see out of the windows at all to tell what is out there. The pot in the middle of the room is different and so are the symbols on the floor. I would just like to be able to at least see the dragon, so please look into this.

    Also the guy saying we need MLB jerseys earlier is right, home desperately needs them so I can sport my Braves jersey, and no I don’t mind paying for it.

  • Any word on when will be receving the Final Fantasy XIII Home spaces and clothing items?
    Similar to what Japan did when it launched over in Japan.

    2. Would be ever since the release of Home Beta The Asian Market has always had a facebook twitter migration( social networking) feature please see the following link for Japan.

    Any word when the U.S Market would get social networking feature button on our site

    That would allow us check for messages and messages to friends via a PSP, Web or Mobile Device.

  • Hi im new here and i want to say i love the ps3 and i enjoy logging into PSHOME.
    Keep up the awesome gradual building of whats to come on PS3. Always looking forward to that something new. GO PLAYSTION MASTERS.

  • Hi you guys. I love the new update, but I went to see Wardens Keep (new personal space) and it doesn’t look ANYTHING like what the screen shots show. There’s no dragon and the windows are closed. Is there a switch you have to push or something?

  • this is kick ass. Its one of the coolest games to play . thanks guys

  • Hi, I’ve only glanced through this thread so I don’t know if it’s been brought up, but I was wondering…will the Japanese PSH stuff for Final Fantasy XIII come to the NA PSH? I understand that the Japanese cost is equivalent to $50 in total merchindise, but I think that would be a wonderful addition, especially since I’m a Final Fantasy fan.

  • I have a few clothing suggestions.

    – Devil May Cry costumes.. Dante, Nero, Super Dante, Super Nero, Trish, Lady
    – Resident Evil 5 costumes.. Jill, Wesker, Excella
    – XMEN Costumes
    – Superhero Costumes.. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Superwoman, Batgirl, etc
    – Mortal Kombat Costumes
    – Star War Costumes
    – Disney Costumes
    – Final Fantasy Costumes (not just FF13)
    – Football Cheerleader Costumes

    Is there any way you can make the light batons longer like Light Sabers? ;D

  • hey are we going to get so white knight gear anytime soon but they are rpg fan out even the demon souls gear would be nice the Japanese home have it

  • please make a big daddy costume for the home avatar! Bioshock is amazing, i bought the neptune suite because of it, lol

  • you should make an AVATAR space, or Na’vi character suit. It would be awsome if there were character choices other then human for anything, and i dont mean a costume that looks like a costume, like where you choose gender in wardrobe, there should be other choices. EXAMPLE: faun, alien, a LBP sack person (acually tiny!), medusa, cat, robot, ect…

  • i love the irem space, and it would be incredible if they add more. i am a huge fan of oriental festivals, and alot of free stuff, means alot of epic happiness:)

  • and to 108::
    europe has wolverine claws

  • Interesting apartment, love the space, love the dragons …. but when do we get to see the dragons in our apartment as shown in the pictures? If its unlockable how to you start the mini-game?

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