IREM Square Comes to PlayStation Home + Wizard’s Den, LittleBigPlanet and More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means that it’s the time of the week that we here on the PlayStation Home team drop in to let the awesome people of the PlayStation Home community know what to expect in our weekly content publish. And this one is particularly exciting, as we’ve got a little something for everyone that comes Home this week.

First up is the legendary IREM Square, a dusk-flanked carnival scene based upon a traditional Japanese festival that is a veritable reward heaven. Enter into this gamers’ gala and rack up a ton of unique virtual items by interacting with a variety of local characters and playing the space’s dedicated game. Check out the pics below for a sneak-peek at what this cool new space has in store for you.

PlayStation Home iRem screen3

PlayStation Home iRem screen8 PlayStation Home iRem screen1

Fans of the fantastical have more than ample reason to roll [their 13-sided dice] into PlayStation Home this Thursday, as we release the otherworldly Wizard’s Den personal space. This dragon-encircled castle is the perfect place to let loose the sword-wielding, orc-slaying, spell-casting, sorcerer (or sorceress) that resides within. The best part? The super low price, of course ($2.99 USD). Check out the pics below to get a feel for this dreamscape domicile, and be sure to drop into the official PlayStation Home forums after you’ve had a chance to check out your new pad and give us your ever-so-valuable feedback.

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den1 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den2

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den3 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den4

Assassin’s Creed fans – I’m looking at you – are being treated to yet another addition to the long line of AC virtual items in PlayStation Home. Ubisoft is releasing male and female versions of the Altair ibn La-Ahad costume from Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines. Show the world that you “Live by the Creed” by adding the Altair costume to your Assassin’s Creed collection this week.

PlayStation Home Altair Male PlayStation Home Altair Female

We’ve seen you coming out in droves for our LittleBigPlanet Featured Game parties, and we’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that LittleBigPlanet will have full game-launching functionality come this Thursday. This should make setting up your LBP game launching sessions a breeze. Be sure to come out to Central Plaza all throughout this weekend and launch into your friend’s best levels – and take part in our other Featured Game parties this weekend, which include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, UFC 2009 Undisputed, and NCAA Basketball 10 (details can be found at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza).

In other news, the Legion shirt that so many of you grabbed last month from the Theater will magically sprout wings this Thursday. Don’t ask me how they did it; it must be some type of divine intervention. Check out the pics below – pretty cool, huh?

PlayStation Home LegionWings Female PlayStation Home LegionWings Male

See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • another point is.. its been getting very frustrating, new personal spaces,having mini games, but what about the other personal spaces we have paid for, like the summer house, Harbor studio, Neptune suit, we need additions board games, in the mall like pool tables,checker boards,Uno,etc for us to purchase for our apartments, to enjoy more with friends, instead of buying many with mini games in these new personal spaces y’all making..Please don’t forget about our former apartments !!

  • Quick question, will we be getting Irem stuff to buy? Like the Yukatas and furniture stuff?

  • Carnival Space looks fun; I’ll be there. I’ll be picking up the Altair costume and the the new Wiz personal space, even though it does look like a slightly recycled version of the Chamer Apartment.

  • I came here and only see cry babies, even with a huge update like this. I guess north americans never got satisfied with all the content they get in comparison with Europe.

    Stop with the whining guys, you’ve plenty of spaces, furniture, clothes, etc. what do you complain about anyway? Come live in Europe and have an European account and then we talk.

  • I like the direction of HOME, I just wish that when earning trophies through games like KZ2 or Uncharted, that those trophies would earn us a little something in HOME. It sure would entice us to enter into HOME more often to see what we did. Not that what you guys are doing with it isn’t good, just that this would give us a little more incentive. Keep up the hard work!

    @#50 great idea! Pool tables in our own personal spaces would own!!! Please incorporate this!

  • I must agree with #32…CHAT is a MUST when it comes to a SOCIAL COMMUNITY..texting isnt that bad but its not COMPLETE without CHAT.As for the new DRAGON LAIR SPACE..for 3 buks im with it..although i already own 4 or 5.:p I’d wish they started off at that far home is gettin bigger but if SONY doesnt get to werk on its KEY CHAT or Tvs and RADIOS in our HOMESPACE or other MINI GAMES..its just not gonna be as FUN..:/ just KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK sure you HOME DEVs can make it HAPPEN!

  • Awesome update Playstation

  • Awesome update!! PS is gonna b unstoppable this year! YA HURD!!!

  • Haha yes home keeps getting better and better cant wait for what u guys will put in the future

    and i definitely like modernyorksters idea that would make home awesome

  • Does this mean we get the Irem mall items they have in Japan also?

  • Since Irem is being brought over can we expect other imports?

    Also, I hope there are other promotion plans like there was for Star Trek (looking forward to XAMD, Watchmen, Transformers, and other promotions or imports).

  • What about the costumes/outfits that were left out of the last update… Will we be getting those also??

  • Thanks Locust_Star.

    Love how Home just keeps growing.

    Keep up the great work !

  • I know many people in Home will be very happy with tomorrows update. Going to be a busy day for all of us. Thank you Home Specialists

  • Can we have Sackboy & sackgirl avatar costumes

    can we get sackboy animated shirts with sack boy jumping up and down of shooting paintonator

    can i get LBP themed clubhouse space with a TV i can link my YOUTUBE account to

    Can i get a Sackboy statue/ mini-figure to place in my personal space

    can we get a LBP HOME space that shows DLC add-on info and cool pages level info

    space would need leaderboards that showed the most hearted
    highest rated
    etc levels.

    Have a Little Big confrence area for MM to hold dev disscusions

    have a big scoreboard looking TV in the space thats linked to MediaMolecules’ youtube cahnnel.

    Oh and Thankyou for finally getting LBP a full game launch support status

  • Finally we get IREM! :D
    Thank you Locust_Star!
    Can you comfirm if we will be getting kimono’s in the mall too?

  • Also the limit of how many people can attend a clubhouse meeting needs to be increased. as my LBP club is growing and i need to be able to have up to 64 atleast please.

    also we need to be alble to use picture frames in clubhouse so i can post lbp pictures from my HDD to the clubhouse please please please

  • must have more LBP stuff on HOME :)

    and no locust i’ve not had my LittleBig rittlen to day :P

  • aww yeah IREM rocked my SNES

    anyone playe R-type? Is this the same IREM becoming a PS3 vendor? R-type for PSN??!?

  • Once again thankyou guys for full LBP gamelaunch support

    Now make me a LittleBigPlanet Clubhouse space :)

  • sweet i cant wait to see that beautiful seaside village to bad we can walk down to it and explore it :)

    And that target shoot game for free prizes is fun :)

  • oh have i asked enough for more LBP HOME stuff yet?

    Any chance of getting a video of my NA central plaza LBP level on the big screen in real central plaza? the detail on it’s good enough to be shown :)
    it be perfect for yall to show it on the big CP TV to celebrate the game lauching tomorrow :)

  • i want a cute little sack plushie to carry around in my HOME avatar’s hand please

  • How about the Sportswear Costumes that we were supposed to get last Thursday. For some reason, the PDA still thinks that they were in last weeks update and are in the mall. Will we be seeing them tomorrow? Anyway, looks like an awesome update! I’m glad to see more and more things coming over from Japan. Never in my wildest dreams did I think IREM would show it’s face in another region, due to contractual agreements with IREM and Japan and such. This amazing dream has come true. This will grant NA Home with tons more clothing and spaces. Pretty soon, a Japan account won’t even be necessary to explore Japan’s wonderful version of Home! Congrats Home team, Congrats!

  • I’m just going to throw this out there.

    I won’t be spending any substantial amount of time in HOME until public voice chat is back. It was the feature I loved most when it launched due to the fact that it allowed me to really interact with people, a few of whom became friends. Typing is slow, the filter is terrible, and the same as with voice, the txtlog is cluttered.


  • What about TV’s and The Hall of Fame? When are we getting them?

  • As long as you guys got a hold of IREM, could you possibly ask them the status of Bumpy Trot 2 (aka Steambot Chronicles 2)?

  • Guys Spelunker HD is coming to NA Home :) Its been rated by the ESRB so its coming. When? Not sure but it is coming!!!

  • Thanks Home Team. Especially for full LittleBigPlanet game launching.

    So bringing IREM over has proved you can indeed bring these types of spaces/items over here…Any chance you can try and bring the Toro items that Japan has too please ;) (Toro being the cat in my avatar lol)

  • Let me second the vote for some Heavy Rain spaces. The more detail the better!

    Let me also promote the fixing of friends being split between servers. I’ve brought several new PS3-owning friends into Home to show them around, only to be split off from them. If someone is in my friends list, and/or we are connected via voice chat, it should *not* split us up. I understand that the client-side renderer and data stream starts to bog down with too many people in a space, but that issue needs to be balanced with this commong social use case. More efficient binary protocols, making more effective use of the GPU and SPUs, whatever. Just please make it happen!

    Last year, I mentioned that the quality of the music in the mall and some other places was extremely poor. While it improved a bit when the new mall opened, it’s still extremely lispy on the high end and boomy on the low end. Several of my friends and I stopped going into the mall because of this.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • Loco Roco Home please ^^

  • Hi,

    any minigames with the new PS? or it’s just some beautiful pixels? ;P

  • OHHH and i want some costumes of HR like mmm that madison topless outfit haha nah i have enough with my bikinis, i hope we get a public spces of HR The Blue Lagoon could be just perfect… and of course some origami ornaments…

  • i still haven’t saved 4.99 to buy the waterfall space, but this 2.99 space is worth the buy! it would bring out my inner gray warden, hahaha!

  • i never knew about the Legion t-shirt; can i still get it?!

  • I was hoping to see word here on the blog post about the costumes that were mentioned in last week’s “Latest Update” info, as found in the in-Home PDA, i.e. the Sailor, Fighter Pilot, and all the many Sports-related costumes, such as a Cheerleader, Bowler, etc. Many of us, including myself, had posted to the forum about this oversight, hoping to get some sort of comment from you guys, but we never heard anything. We were assuming that maybe they had just been pushed back to the next update, meaning we might see them tomorrow.

    But yet, no word of them here. Can we please, please, please get some kind of comment on what happened to these costumes? Some communication would be greatly appreciated.

  • Any chance of seeing an LBP home space??, and what about the other evolving items?? I want my fishes on the aquarium :(

  • Not bad SCEA not bad at all! Now please add the ability to play our own Music in our games as well as Cross Game Chat! But I don’t like the idea of you making us pay to use this feature using Premium service coming from you guys from Sony! A better idea would be–> Charge for the PSN to get rid of hackers and cheaters as well as a maybe just giving you an idea Xbox Live Service perhaps AO Agree?… Also you people have it all wrong its $5.99 a month to use this service!..Cheers =)

  • When do we get pool tables in our personal space!? i like pool. ^_^

  • This is a huge update forhome. Some of this stuff sounds. But then it is also sony’s main problem. So much attention is given to the extra stuff like home n life with playstation n a stupid photo software when the concentration should be on games. Try focusing on expanding ur ps1 catalog or adding more psp titles to ur store or how bout returning bc to the beautiful black box. While I fully support the expansion of home let’s not forget the reason why people own a ps3 to begin with..VIDEOGAMES!

  • that new place looks like fun, might be a reason to use home after a couple of weeks

  • The angel wings is a cool surprise. It’s awesome that some of the items you get change in time I’d love to see this feature more. Glad Home is back up and running after the new year break.

  • Awesome. Home is getting better and better.

    Feeling spoiled with these updates each week.

  • I have heard many people ask about customizable shirts. Why not take the idea from the infamous graffiti wall, but instead we could graffiti a shirt? It may get expensive depending on how detailed we could make it, but I’m pretty sure many would buy it and I know I would buy it even if it was 3 or 4 dollars.

  • Also, how about letting us have more people in voice chats and some how combing the text chat with voice chat in a better way

  • Wow, I never expected to see something like the Wizard’s Den on Home..sounds interesting.

  • I bet its 2.99 cause it doesnt have anything to do in it. or its just like the chamber apt. oh and you notice how just anybody throws up a post (not me though 1st Post Ever right here) and says whatever they want cause their not within arms reach….well imagine that voice chat you oh so want. I had the voice chat in the public areas of Home in the closed beta. I’m glad its gone.

  • FIRST OF ALL, glad to be back on HOME NA!!!

    Nice update, especially the LEGION t-shirt sprouting wings!!! Unfortunatly this vacation to europe cost us frenchies all event items: New years t and hat(McXtra never saw it fixed as GlassWalls told him!), Cristmas items(tree to home logo), One year veteran, police vest, Legion shirt, turky suit, zombie suit, chriss Angel’s couch and table, etc… Hoppppping this will be a priority and not shelved mistake as Beta buddys are suffering from! SO HAPPY MINDFREAKING NEW YEAR!!! Dimed happyness for Irem’s arival to NORTH American server, the rest just dosent seem to matter at all right now :(

    Free items are a time investment, more for some than other’s, when i give somthing it’s not to take it back someday… I know Home team feel’s the same! :)

  • YAY!!! Keep those evolving items and piercings coming! Awesome update guys!!!!

  • The Updates are coming in great for this year. though I been to the wizards Den and the windows are a to dark to see the flying dragon i looked at the pics on the blog and the windows are brighter to see outside. I don’t know if it was an error, but check to see if everyone else is getting that problem with the window. keep up with the good work and if your doing a multiple phone chat on Home plz do that soon. because for people that are demanding public chat to come back there just thinking of themselves then others. and hope the music or video streaming comes soon as well. Keep up the good work =)

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