IREM Square Comes to PlayStation Home + Wizard’s Den, LittleBigPlanet and More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means that it’s the time of the week that we here on the PlayStation Home team drop in to let the awesome people of the PlayStation Home community know what to expect in our weekly content publish. And this one is particularly exciting, as we’ve got a little something for everyone that comes Home this week.

First up is the legendary IREM Square, a dusk-flanked carnival scene based upon a traditional Japanese festival that is a veritable reward heaven. Enter into this gamers’ gala and rack up a ton of unique virtual items by interacting with a variety of local characters and playing the space’s dedicated game. Check out the pics below for a sneak-peek at what this cool new space has in store for you.

PlayStation Home iRem screen3

PlayStation Home iRem screen8 PlayStation Home iRem screen1

Fans of the fantastical have more than ample reason to roll [their 13-sided dice] into PlayStation Home this Thursday, as we release the otherworldly Wizard’s Den personal space. This dragon-encircled castle is the perfect place to let loose the sword-wielding, orc-slaying, spell-casting, sorcerer (or sorceress) that resides within. The best part? The super low price, of course ($2.99 USD). Check out the pics below to get a feel for this dreamscape domicile, and be sure to drop into the official PlayStation Home forums after you’ve had a chance to check out your new pad and give us your ever-so-valuable feedback.

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den1 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den2

PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den3 PlayStation Home - Wizard's Den4

Assassin’s Creed fans – I’m looking at you – are being treated to yet another addition to the long line of AC virtual items in PlayStation Home. Ubisoft is releasing male and female versions of the Altair ibn La-Ahad costume from Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines. Show the world that you “Live by the Creed” by adding the Altair costume to your Assassin’s Creed collection this week.

PlayStation Home Altair Male PlayStation Home Altair Female

We’ve seen you coming out in droves for our LittleBigPlanet Featured Game parties, and we’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that LittleBigPlanet will have full game-launching functionality come this Thursday. This should make setting up your LBP game launching sessions a breeze. Be sure to come out to Central Plaza all throughout this weekend and launch into your friend’s best levels – and take part in our other Featured Game parties this weekend, which include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, UFC 2009 Undisputed, and NCAA Basketball 10 (details can be found at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza).

In other news, the Legion shirt that so many of you grabbed last month from the Theater will magically sprout wings this Thursday. Don’t ask me how they did it; it must be some type of divine intervention. Check out the pics below – pretty cool, huh?

PlayStation Home LegionWings Female PlayStation Home LegionWings Male

See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • Yay LBP launching!

  • Looking good, love the price of the new place.

  • I love you.

  • ._. I am so happy.

  • I’m buying all of this.

  • Great Update Locust-Star.

    Any idea on when we’ll see NBA jerseys on home?

  • Very impressive.

  • ummmmm. so this is it ? yes when are the NBA Jersey coming, and public voice chat,etc ?

  • Are we ever getting voice chat back in Home?

  • Considering how Spelunker is now in English and how Irem is going to have a presence in NA… seems like Spelunker HD should be releasing soon.

  • Nice update.

    I’m not even a Little Big Fan, but it seems like a great game for true Game Launching support. Long over-due if anything. Can you say if you guys and gals are working on true game launching support for Killzone 2. It really should have it. Or would you be willing to say if you are working on true game launching support for any other games?

    2 games I think Game launching would be perfect for are Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and White Knight Chronicles when that launches. Please try and get it up for UFC 2010 when it comes out as well. I’d LOVE it for Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well.

    As a huge RPG fan I may have to get this new space. The price is certainly right.

    I have another quick request too. Could you ask whatever team made the light batons to either make them longer or just release a new version that’s longer? I don’t mind the dual batons as my makeshift “Light Sabers” to go with my name and avatar, but they would be PERFECT as Light Sabers if they were just a bit longer.

    • There are no announcements that I can make at this time regarding full game launching support and other titles, but clearly more developers are seeing the enormous value that lies in offering full game launching support for their games, as evidenced by the LBP announcement. We know the LBP community in Home is very excited about this announcement, and we know that other communities of users that frequent Home are itching for similar developments with their favorite titles. Rest assured that we\’ll continue passing the word along to the developers of these games as long as you guys keep telling us which titles you think should have full game launching support.

    • There are no announcements that I can make at this time regarding full game launching support and other titles, but clearly more developers are seeing the enormous value that lies in offering full game launching support for their games, as evidenced by the LBP announcement. We know the LBP community in Home is very excited about this announcement, and we know that other communities of users that frequent Home are itching for similar developments with their favorite titles. Rest assured that we\’ll continue passing the word along to the developers of these games as long as you guys keep telling us which titles you think should have full game launching support.

  • SWOOOOOOOT! Irem is finally heading to NA!!!

  • It’s times like this I wish I had money to spend, or a job in general…

  • Btw will White Knight Chronicles have any Home support like Japan?

  • Hi Locust, I had a very quick suggestion for home. It seems that the interest in Home is growing, but one thing that I have found to be dissuasive element in buying virtual apartments is the inability to see what I am buying. I know we can’t have virtual tours, and that you guys post videos here for the new locations (as well as some video walls in Home itself), but attaching these videos to the Estate Store, so we can get a video tour before pressing BUY would really help.

    I have bought some spaces that I loved, but some that left me regretting spending the money. Had I watched a video before, I would have probably chosen a space that suited me better.

    Thanks for the update, that new Space looks amazing!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Sindred! The idea of using promotional video in Estates is a great one. I\’ll definitely pass the idea along to the team. In the interim, we will continue to produce as many screens and videos to support these spaces, as we certainly want you to make an informed decision when purchasing content on the platform.

  • Also… A Transformers Cybertron space for the upcoming War For Cybertron game would be absolute WIN!

  • Locust_Star,

    Can you confirm if the Irem Beach will be coming here in NA with this weeks update?

    • Hi Ledis,

      The IREM Beach space will not be releasing this Thursday. We\’re only releasing the carnival space this week.

  • Does this means Spelunker will finally be released on PSN?

    The R-Type ship will kidnap people in central Plaza, like in the japanese Home?

  • Locust_Star

    I have yet another idea for PlayStation Home, other than the obvious Home Avatar XMB integration. Ok, Here it goes. PlayStation Home is supposed to be Sonys Social Network hub, we’ll currently its working towards that direction except its missing afew key things. One would be the Avatar XMB Integration, but another would be our own personal “HOME” online webspace. Each person who logs into PS Home would be assigned a “Myspace” or “Facebook” like page wich we can simply edit threw Home or a Web Browser. It would show an image of our Home Avatar, our friends can comment on our statues, and would also show our recent activity within home. This feature should be integrated within the XMB aswell, a simple press of the triangle button on your selected friends would bring up the usual information plus a option (ModernYorksters “HOME” Page) this would launch into the web browser and we could easly stay connected to our Home Buddies outside of home!

    Just an Idea

  • Stoked on Altair’s costume, and just might purchase the Wizard’s Den.

    What I would -really- love to see is a personal Home space as well as costumes for White Knight Chronicles. Least of all some avatars for out PSNIDs, y’know? Anyways, keep the updates coming, they’re much appreciated!

  • *Locust Star its great that were finally getting IREM Square from japan but will we also be getting Cave Spelunkers and Seaside of Memories in the not so distant future? *One more question what happened to those sports costumes that we were getting last week?


  • You can’t believe how excited I’m right now! IREM in NA Home! Woo! Thank you so much! By the way, any word on Spelunkers HD for the PSN?

  • I am very happy that the IREM Square is finally coming to North America, and I hope that it is followed by all of their other spaces (and items).

    I’m also glad to hear that LittleBigPlanet is finally getting fully supported game launching. Please keep pushing for other titles to get it as well (especially 1st party ones).

  • @12 – Whether or not games have supported game launching depends on if the developer chooses to do it or not.

  • for our* PSNIDs

  • To the people asking for public voice chat…….I really don’t think it’s gonna happen. If they were going to put the feature back in, I think they would have by now. They had it in the closed beta, and cry babies ruined it for the rest of us by complaining and demanding it be removed. But it’s still enabled in private spaces at least.

    And in some ways I think it’s good, because while I don’t mind people who talk crap, because that just part of online imo, I absolutely can’t stand people who play annoying rap music constantly, and since in Home you have to hold down the button to talk, you know those people purposely just want everyone to hear their lame music.

    I think a good compromise for the Home team to consider though, is allowing multiple people to be able to connect to a phone call, maybe up to 5 or 6. And be able to invite people into it, not just people on your friends list. That would be perfect imo.

    The biggest thing I think needs to be added is custom sountrack support.

    • We agree that opt-in group voice chats would be an ideal solution to the removal of public voice chat, and we are continuing to look into options and alternatives.


  • OMG!! IREM !!

  • Wow, this looks pretty good. :)

  • We aren’t getting the beach in this update, we’re getting the carnival. That’s more than enough.

  • # 27…Public Voice CHAT was the number 1 feature kept bringing people back into Home..its alot of ways to make Public Voice CHAT BETTER THAN Before.. have it to to mute everyone and when it come the person can unmute people of their choice.. and conference calls can happen as well.. Public Voice Chat brought fun in Home for Many users..


  • THX U ALL!!!! Going to be awesome ;)

  • Yea, fun for many, me included, but torment for many other, particularly people who get upset my griefers. And you also have to consider that even for people without mics, those griefer would come through your TV speakers. In a social environment like Home you have to consider both sides of that. Which is why the best solution for both groups is to keep public chat disables, while enabling group phone calls to which you can invite anyone, not only people on your friends list.

  • OMG IREM!! Im so excited!!

    I knew the Legion shirt will be black wings because in the movie trailer there was a dude with black wings. :) I hope we get the spelunker cave and beach soon. And the merchandise of this space. Like kimonos, irem warriors and more..

  • #33 Lilshawn I agree with you man. all these clothes and personal spaces, buying stuff filling up your apartments, what point is that ????. showing off ?..its time for real features, we were excited about, before Home came about.

  • Cool post! I was with you 100% till you said to go to the forums and give our ” ever-so-valuable feedback”.

    Trolling us isn’t very nice. :(

  • If you want home to become a major addictive success, add more MMO type level up games to it. People will be in Home constantly to play them. Imagine an MMO version of that new racing game that came out? Can you say Cha-Ching?

  • AT LAST! MY MOST HOME DREAMS CAME True, not all of them, but some of the awesome home stuff i always wanted ,now in America HOME,

  • About public voice chat didn’t Locust_star mention before that it would definitely be coming back and that they were working on making it a “more robust, customizable feature”?

  • but when.. how long are we going to wait for public Voice Chat ??? my hopes is for this year.I really want that feature

  • Locust, try and get the developers of MLB The Show to release MLB jerseys, like EA did with NCAA and NFL jerseys. I’d gladly pay good money for a Mets jersey/Mets items.

  • That’s great and everything buuut with all these big games coming out in the near future like *cough* Bioshock 2, Lost Planet 2, Heavy Rain, Dead Rising 2, MAG, etc *cough cough* IMO a couple more game related updates in the mall or more game related locations would get more money and attention…

  • full LittleBigPlanet game-launching! Awesome!

  • I find it very boring that the personal spaces dont have stuff to do in them. Very few have mini games but I must say that it would be a requirement from now on. This is getting very boring.

  • About Little Big Planet full game lauching support It’s all great timing for me because I just happened to have pulled the game from the shelf and put it in my PS3 to play yesterday after it’s been sitting there for months. I’ll definitely give game launching a shot when I login to Home after the update.

  • Please just make region(pal,jp,us) travels possible with some way!
    Or give us the option to auto login to home when our console starts.
    Thanks for reading

  • Part 1 of 2:
    Hi Locust_Star, Loving the new items and space that’s come tomorrow but there are a few things that should get updated for Next Thursday and a few Thursdays following.

    The first being the amount of Items that a person can put in any of their spaces. This should be increased to at least 200 pieces. Right now I have ALOT of furniture and accessories that sadly I can’t put all in any of my spaces. Honestly I should be able to place as many items I want within my own personal spaces. Second, The option to “Cancel” going to a location would be nice.

    Thirdly I wish Home would log Me into my DefaultLocation set apartment, instead of sending me to the last server I was in. Sometimes this can be annoying and especially when you get stuck in a place. When you log on it should give you the choice of going to the last place you were or to your default Apartment. This would be great.

  • Part 2 of 2
    Fourth, When I take a pic in Home, the name that is applied is too long for Home to recognize when I goto put it into a picture frame. Please fix this as I have over 500 pics taken in home on my ps3’s HDD. Going through them by memory gives me a migraine.
    Fifth. Please refer to my thread in the Home General Forums on how to bring back public chat. This was the BEST Feature of Home.
    Sixth: bring Items that were promised LAST YEAR, shrink drink, R/C micro Hovercrafts and Music and/or Video within our own spaces.
    Have a Socom Night. I’ve seen every other game get it’s very own night but not Socom, why is that? Is there some major Hate-On for Socom?
    Also how about redesigning the wardrobe for clothes. Make the glow-sticks into their own sub category of Hand Accessories, take the funny head gear out of headphones and put them into a separate “Fun Head-Gear” category. Also the same for rings and other “jewelery” they should have their own categories and should be able to pick which hand or both. The shirts tab should get broken into three or four sub categories such as: Animated; Jackets; Sports; t-shirts; sweaters, leaving it up to us to do the sorting.

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