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  • Hope Jeff knows his Eagles are going DOWN. Have a great weekend Chris

  • Really good Qore this month. Oh, Any news on Hustle Kings of Blue Toad Murder Files?

  • Great Qore this month

  • God of War 3 new videos , next week?

  • @Jeff/Chris

    were the canadian uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition winners announced?


  • Is there anywhere that i can Re-watch the CES sony conference?
    I missed all of the PlayStation stuff, because i just started watching like halfway through D:
    But the rest was really BadAs$ ! !

    • If you go back to our post with the live stream, hit the \”Slideshow\” forward or backward and you should find the whole thing in parts.

  • cant wait for the new GOW3 footage! I was told it would be next week. Hopefully it is.

  • Can anyone tell me why the U.S. store did not get Hustle Kings??? “Jeff”

  • Sorry, Chris can you tell me????

  • we need some GOW3!

  • hey when are the new PS3 shipment coming in to Bestbuy….

    i’m bleeding not having my PS3 fix daily. i been console sick playing on a garbage 360.

  • Sony when am I going to be able to login to the PlayStation website and look at trophies and portable ID again? All I’ve seen for over a month is “session expired”. HELLO????

    Also you got way too much stuff coming out in March, spread those games out a bit damnit.

  • can anyone tell me why the marvel ultimate alliance 2 dlc is gone also can you bring it back i want to buy it so bad ? please reply

  • The new make.believe commercial is interesting, but it’s not quite up to the PlayStation commercials’ level. Honestly, I think it’s a little too vague. I was left thinking “what am I supposed to be getting out of this?”

  • Chris,I’ve been playing MAG Beta since it came out Monday. MAG is very impressive. I think it surpassed Modern Warfare 2 for it’s multiplayer (although MW2’s Spec Ops, and Single-Player campaign is still top notch). I think MAG will mark a milestone for MMO and FPS on a game console. My compliments to Zipper Interactive and how they manage to make that milestone. I hope MAG can get 2010 Game of the year for this.

    • Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Next time you see Zipper\’s Jeremy Dunham on the Blog, make sure you let him know!

  • It’s bee na while since I’ve complained here, so I figured it was time for another go.

    When are we going to get Crisis Core on the PSN or any of the remaining SE titles (like Valkyrie Profile)? Get on this, stat! Pretty please with a cherry on top…

  • Noooooo, I missed the MAG Beta.
    My PS3 was out of memory so I couldn’t download it. I finally got my hard drive in, only to find out my external hard drive is not formatted correctly. So I had to find a bunch of USB drives transfer my saves (except for a few like killzone 2 which I’m going to have to beat all over again on the hardest level) I just now finished installing the hard drive and I find out that I missed the Beta.

  • cool!

  • Chris, when are we going to get some news about Sony’s upcoming MMO games – DC Universe Online and The Agency?

    Also, is there any truth to the rumor that Mass Effect 2 might be coming to the PS3 later this year?

  • please something official about GT5..! ;)

  • Any idea if GvD and the DICE guys will be back to talk more about Bad Company 2, specifically the single player campaign?

    March is already getting mighty close….

  • Please fix cam/mic chat synchronization (games do it better than the XMB!) and also be able to send voice messages to others during game play, cross game chat, in game music – and finish up HOME so it’s not in BETA.

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