LittleBigPlanet – Sack it to Me: “The 2010 Kickoff” Edition

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We hope everyone celebrated the New Year with a bang! We’re looking forward to another year of Sack it to Me posts filled with more LBP level creations and community happenings. You guys continue to amaze us with all the new and creative things, and it’s been a challenge to keep up with all of the LBP activity – a challenge we look forward to in 2010.

LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy on the 'net

I thought it would be fun to kick off the year by celebrating some activity on our fan sites:

Over at & – a bunch of us refreshed our desktops with new Sackboy wallpapers created by the fans.

LittleBigPlanet - LittleBigPlanet Central Fan Art LittleBigPlanet - LittleBigPlanet Guide Fan Art

Our friends at just concluded their Pod Decorating Contest – congrats to Sackguy96 for winning!

LittleBigPlanet - Little Big Land Pod Decorating Contest Winner

At, the LittleBigReviewers have just announced two new contests, which could reward you their cool-looking LBR trophy.

Check out the January contest details in this quick video.

LittleBigPodcast continues in 2010 with their “New Year’s Edition” (short and simple to kick things off).

LittleBigPlanet - For the Weekend

Do you have snow nearby? Check out the Sackboy Snowman created by someone over on the EU PlayStation forums. It might give you an idea or two if you’re out and about in the snow…

LittleBigPlanet - Sackboy Snowman

LittleBigPlanet - New on the PlayStation Store

Haven’t gotten the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC yet? Check out this ‘talkthrough’ of the Water level from BludgaBoy to get the rundown. Then head on over to the PlayStation Store and download it today!

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  • Awesome LBP art!

  • I say LBP is getting boring. Anyone agree?

  • honestly you guys suck now.

    The community is working harder on your game then you are.

    Since LBP release: 1 level pack per year and a bunch of costumes.. Either you are working on a new game and haven’t told us yet or you guys are just lazy.

    I know you work on things behind the scenes that we sometimes wont know about. But honestly, its been a long time since LBP was released and we get hardly anything from you guys.

  • What are the chances of LBP getting a “nifty” Media Molecule “picks” Planet? I think the community would get pretty competitive if you guy’s added a new Planet to the mix (similar to the rotating planets on LBP PSP) and you guy’s put your favorite community levels up there, maybe monthly, so we could all browse the best levels out there.

  • When can we expect more Disney related costumes and stickers? Please let us know!

  • I wish the PSP LBP would get more love in these topics.

  • My son has been hooked on this game and I just picked it up again to play the new Pirates pack. I always have a blast playing this game, it NEVER gets old. But for once, just once kick your beloved community some free costumes or music. I can afford the new stuff but alot of people can’t and if you just kicked us some GOOD freebies maybe some disgruntled penny pinching fans would come back to LBP.

  • @starBlinky01

    I’m gonna have to point it out…You realize they have been working on a new game right? Did you not notice the recently released LittleBigPlanet PSP? Does that not count for anything?

    Besides, LittleBigPlanet is kind of a community-based game. It’s not surprising it has an extremely active fanbase.

  • Thanks for the post Mark! Sorry everyone for the PotC walkthrough being quiet and laggy! We’re fixing that! =D

  • LOL awesome snowman.

  • @ Atomic-Toast

    I am going to have to point out that no they haven’t been working on LBP for the PSP. That was a different developer who was given that responsibility.

    Actually MM did have an influence on it but they were more of a guide for the new devs.

    Sorry your info was wrong :P

  • @ starBlinky:

    Although Atomic-Toast was wrong in the sense that it was Sony Cambridge Studio that developed LBP PSP, he is right that Media Molecule have been working on a new game. There’s no need to be snarky (cf. “Sorry your info was wrong :P”).

    I understand that MGS and PotC only equate to 2 level packs in just over a year, but it is ultimately a game where lifespan will be largely dictated by the community; this is reflected in the the “Play, Create, Share” motto – 2/3rds of that is community cooperation.

    Media Molecule are a business and as such they can’t hang around on LBP 24/7/365. They have to move on and create new IPs as part of their exclusivity deal with Sony.

  • @starblinky01

    You know dude, I believe that’s the way MM had intended for the game. Although I do agree with you to some degree that I’d also like to see more official level packs and the likes because they are a load better than the community made ones. Purely due to the fact they have new items to find and achievements. That’s what the fun part is for me. I replay levels over and over to find all the cool items.

    And I ain’t talking about the poo some community members throw in of a copy of their one random vehicle that took them 10minutes to throw together. “Yeah gee.. thanks for your un-awesome vehicle I’ll for sure not be adding that to my own level lol”.

    However, there are alot of fun community levels and as I recall didn’t MM say “Play Create Share”

    Just need to link you to the official little big planet page. then click on “what is little big planet?” Yeah.

  • @ Lyric

    Well I wasn’t being ‘snarky’ I was just copying what that guy said to me by saying it back to him. So he was the snarky one.

    And in my first reply I even said ‘Either you are working on a new game and haven’t told us yet or you guys are just lazy.’

    So that being said, about this new game. What is the new game? I have not heard of it.

    @ mustbehiggy

    Yes I love a lot of the stuff players have created. Actually one of the biggest things that MM needs to fix is the ability to find levels. Honestly 99% of the stuff there is junk. They need to look at web 2.0 sites like and just do exactly what they have done on that site.

    All they really need is loads new categories: daily best, weekly best, monthly best, all time best, rising levels.

    And start banning the trophy levels – Why they havent done this yet is beyond me. Half the levels now are trophy ones! Cmon people!! You are ruining your own community by making those levels.

  • LBP2 should break loose into a 3D world.

  • Wow those water effects are really great! can’t wait to see what people come up with, I have a couple ideas myself. Thank you media molecule!

  • Can’t wait to see what comes next! Ignore what the others say. I think you guys are going at a good pace.

  • @6

    I had the same idea myself! I’m so tired of going through terrible levels just to find the fun ones, it’d be great if MM just had someone else do it lol

  • Play my levels if you want to see some serious stuff, find out the truth about the H1N1 and more!! Long Live LBP!!

  • where is the other cool looking costumes like Final Fantasy 7 and the Marvel and DC…ones I saw at E3-07-08-09….=(

  • Change Sony or you’ll become Extinct!


  • also, when are you releasing the ‘Import Photos from HDD’ feature that was SUPPOSED to be in the original game. some of us are artists and would like to put our work into a LBP level, but the controller is impossible to draw with. this is a small matter, compared to the trophy thefts recently, but this was the main reason i bought the game on Day1. we were told we could import uncopyrighted materials… well… when?

  • okay, some mod deleted my last comment. all i want to know is when media molecule plans on returning the trophies it has stolen from many psn users. i do not appreciate being silenced. seriously, i love this game and have been playing it since day one. im not asking for anything special, just what ive ALREADY earned. thank you.

  • lol they put my old post back. thank you.

  • @ #9 BigRon3400: They do have free costumes sometimes, the Druid costume, Sactue of Liberty, the Astronaut costume, the Birthday Cake, the Turkey Head, the Pumkin Head, Santa Claus and Christmas Present. These were all seasonal, if you missed them, they’ll probably be back this year.

  • Can someone please heart me as an author in LBP IVE MADE SEVERAL LVLS AND I only need a few more hearts to get my long awaited platinum trophy also one of my lvls had a BONG in it and was pulled for moderation how do I know exactly what I need to chAnge to repost?

  • Keep the level packs coming guys, it’s the best DLC you can offer. Maybe some Assassin’s Creed levels? Hmmm?
    Also, love vague video game sackperson costumes, more stuff like SotC and ICO. Keep up the great additions guys. Thanks!

  • Amazing snowman? I have a hard enough time making a basic one.

  • hopefully next week you guys give us at least a release date for some dlc on the psp.

  • need help on making costumes and makin my second level try it out if u want ninja sack training (very hard) (for real ninjas) that or its ninja boot camp just look up my name easy lol Deadeye199 post a comment tell me what u think

  • why did my comment get earased plz messege me and tell me if the roomer if u send a message u will get 50#free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i have a MAJOR problem!!!!!!!! when i try to get on the ps store,it says’This service is not avadable in your country/reigon.’i dont know what to do. please help!

  • @35
    i’m dealing with the same problem….i was wondering if anyone else was experiencing that or my country/region just got blew off the map without me being aware…hopefully they fix this soon….

  • i think that the water should be free to use i dont have the money to buy it and i was really looking forward to playing around with it i wish you guys would make it free it would be best that way

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