Videogames Quiz Pack Available for BUZZ! Quiz World PSP Today

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Happy New Year, BUZZ! fans! We’re coming up on the first PlayStation Store Update in 2010 and it’s time to start looking forward to a fantastic new year of downloadable content for BUZZ! Quiz World.

I’m happy to announce that the first DLC available for BUZZ! Quiz World PSP will be the Videogames Quiz Pack, launching today on PSN. Previously only available for PS3, the popular Videogames quiz pack has been optimized for use on your PSP. Now you can test just how well you know your favorite videogames from anywhere on the go!

BUZZ QUIZ TV PSP Videogames Add-on

And soon you’ll be able to boost your question banks with the bevy of additional DLC that’s coming up. We’re hard at work converting other great downloadable quiz packs like Comedy, Sci-Fi and National Geographic: Safari for use on PSP.

If you didn’t have a chance to pick up BUZZ! Quiz World PSP before the holidays and you’re not sure how to spend that PSN card that came in your stocking, you may want to use it to get your hands on the game now. With the great line-up of DLC that’s in the works, there’s never been a better time to pick up BUZZ! Quiz World PSP.

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for the latest information on upcoming DLC for BUZZ! Quiz World!

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  • First!…although i dont care. Just wish theyd update the store already. Get tired of waiting all day, when i can turn on my 360 first thing in the morning and see the weekly updates on the day they are supposed to be there.

  • can i use the video game DLC that i bought for Buzz Quiz tv on Buzz Quiz World ps3 and psp go ? if its different then no problem i’ll buy it

    • The pack you purchased for Quiz TV is only compatible on the PS3. So it will also work with Quiz World PS3, but not Quiz World PSP. The pack on the PSN store today has been optimized specifically for use on the PSP and is only compatible with the PSP version of Quiz World.

  • Yeah! Updating the US store early for 2010 should be Sony’s New Years resolution!!

  • Well go play Xbox and stop complaining about the PSN taking to long to update.

  • Personally, I would recommend against purchasing this. My friends and I were very disappointed with the pack on PS3 as 75% of the questions were based on movie games… might as well call it “Pixar Question Pack”.

  • I know a little trick to waking up and seeing the store updated: Do it on Friday.

  • Please go back to the more reasonable $5.99 price point for the BUZZ PS3 DLC Packs. $7.99 is just too high IMO. In all honesty; I think a $4.99 price point would be ideal. Keeping them perceptually below $5 would work well I think.

    I hope the BUZZ PSP DLC Packs are well priced.

    My $0.02

  • I have a question (that has probably been answered a million times):

    Is Buzz Quiz TV DLC compatible with Buzz Quiz World for ps3?

    Thanks, me and my friends love to play buzz. and my family too~
    & thanks for continued support~

    • Glad you enjoy BUZZ! Yes the Quiz TV PS3 DLC packs are compatible with Quiz World PS3. However, it is not compatible with the PSP version. The pack on the PSN store today has been optimized specifically for use on the PSP and is only compatible with the PSP version of Quiz World.

  • I bought this pack for Buzz Quiz TV. Never could get it to work. :-\

  • Is this buzz any good? I enjoyed the first ps3 one but I only played the demo to the first psp one. I guess when I get home I’ll double check if this one has a demo.

  • Does it include questions on RROD and YLOD?

  • LMAO @ #11!!

  • I wonder if they’re as overpriced as the PS3 versions.

    Seriously, you guys can screw yourselves if you’re going to charge $8 a quiz pack. You’d sell so much more if they were reasonably priced at $2 or $3. I guess you guys don’t care about money, since you obviously don’t care about grabbing the consumers attention.

  • You know, I could be happy about this, but seeing as how LBP is left alone without DLC then I am not.

  • ok thanks Jenny i already bought it

  • I bought the Videogame Pack for Buzz quiz TV for the ps3, but the videogame questions have only shown up twice in all the hours that I’ve played the game. FAIL!!

  • Jenny, why don’t the questions show up more often?

  • glad to see downloadable content being made available for the pspgo, but i’m still waiting to be able to download naruto shippuden and yu-gi-oh! tag force! i’m on the brink of buying the umd versions, but i thought the psp is going totally downloadable content? unless i’ve been fooled again by corporate america to consume?! burp.

  • they should bring back legend of dragoon for the psp it would sell like crazy

  • No offense but they should make better graphics

  • No offense but they should make better graphics Please Reply sorry for copying the message

  • Jenny – Is there a trick to finding an online game with Buzz Quiz World on the PSP? Finding a game on PS3 is a snap, but I still have not found anyone playing online when trying to start a “quick game”. Any advice?

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