MLB 10 The Show Box Art Revealed, Hits Stores March 2

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Happy New Year Baseball Fans and Welcome to The Show!

We’re less than two months away from Spring Training and the MLB off season news is making some big waves—Randy Johnson called it quits, Andre Dawson is headed to Cooperstown, and Matt Holliday is getting paid. More importantly though, I’m happy to give you the exclusive look at the brand new MLB 10 The Show box art featuring our own PlayStation Hall of Famer, Joe Mauer. For those of you looking to get your work in on the virtual diamond before Opening Day, MLB 10 The Show will officially hit store shelves on MARCH 2!

MLB 10 The Show PS3-pkg front-RP

So far we’ve been getting a great response from media who have played MLB 10. ESPN recently called The Show “A franchise that simply captures the sport of baseball better than any other, past or present.” Here are a few more previews to check out, GameSpot, IGN and Destructoid.

I also thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight some of our brand new features this year, so here’s a rundown of what you can expect from MLB 10 The Show. Stay tuned for more MLB news from us and welcome to The Show!

MLB 10 The Show NEW Features:

  • HR Derby – The Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Futures Game are now available during the All-Star break in our season modes and as a stand-alone experience.
  • Catcher Calling the Game – Call pitches and play as the field general, just like Joe Mauer.
  • Online Gameplay Improved – This year the online gameplay experience has been vastly improved and will detect and respond better to adverse network conditions along with reduced bandwidth to help the speed and flow of online gameplay.
  • User Controlled Pick-Offs – Surprise a base runner with a quick move or lull him to sleep with our new pick-off mechanism.
  • Custom Music, Fan Yells, and Chants – Assign music or a recording to an entire team, edit tracks to assign batter walk-up music, or record your own voice and assign it to play for the team or player during the situation of your choice.
  • Movie Maker – Select up to ten replays to add to a single movie and do all the editing for your own highlight reel.
  • New Stadiums – Five new Minor League stadiums as well as classic parks including Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, and Griffith Stadium.
  • New Fielding/Pitching Training Modes and Practice Drills – New pitching and fielding training sessions will be part of our Road to The Show training suite.
  • Road to The Show Version 4.0 – New option settings (Game Watch and Game Completion) allow users to set how much of the game they wish to view, our mistake tracking system and new Green Light system reward and penalize good play, and our new stat tracking system keeps stats for your player’s career versus every pitcher or batter faced during the current season that can be accessed at any time.
  • Full Online Season Leagues – Fully functional online season leagues, save and display MLB Player stats, track player energy, allow for trades/injuries, and offer 40-man roster functionality.
  • Weekly Live Roster – An updated live roster will be available every week throughout the entire season.
  • Online Game History – View every game you’ve ever played online, complete with opponents, box scores, and game logs.
  • 1-30 Player Season Modes – Control one or all 30 teams right from the start of your franchise or season.
  • New Camera System – The most realistic camera system available will make you double take and make sure you’re not watching a live MLB telecast.
  • Real-Time Presentations – More than 1,250 new gameplay animations, more than 1,000 new presentation animations, and more than 400 personalized pitcher and batter animations.
  • Stadium Realism and Experience – Details, details, details! MLB 10 The Show offers daytime transitional lighting, shows all players on field in
    real-time (including players in the dugout and bullpen), and offers improved stadium ambiance with HR/splash counters, fireworks, steam,
    noisemakers, towels, thunder sticks, working digital and analog clocks, crowd reaching over the rails, and crowd detail, such as interaction
    with vendors and placing K signs.

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4 Author Replies

  • I am not in the least a sports game fan. at all. but i played this one and man… it was just soo much fun. I hope it turns out successfully~

  • Improved network performance? I’ll believe it when I see it. No thanks. Not gonna fall for this one again till the online is functional.

    • We\’ve actually spend a lot of time improving the online experience this year. I think players will be very happy.

  • WTF? This comes out march 2nd? LOL thats crazy.. God of War 3 comes out march 9th.. no way i’m buying mld now they should push up or back the release date a month.

  • @Zezzler

    Are you say you played MLB 10 The Show at CES?

    Or are you talking about last years version?

  • I’ve got a good question for ya guys, I love playing this series on the road on a PSP 3000 ok? So are these bells and whistles be included in the PSP version, you know like the real time players, custom music, or recording our own voice? The PSP does have a mic. you know? I’m still going to play this on the PS3 no doubt!, but this game is a fantastic time killer on the road. Just wanted to know, and keep up the good work guys.

  • i love the series. but this art work is a step down from the previous two games. way too much blue on the cover. just not digging it as much.

  • I love the game and like that Mauer is the on the cover, but for some reason I do not like the cover it just looks off to me. Should just keep the traditional Show cover for it.

    Either way I am picking this up day 1.

  • That is a terrible cover, I’ve never seen one so bad. Wowww it just looks like some fan made picture that they posted on a forum

  • I loved last’s version but I fear ’10 may not be different or improved enough. I’ll keep an eye on this version.

    • We have a lot of new features this year as you can see above, but the overall gameplay has been enhanced considerably. You won\’t be disappointed ;).

    • We have a lot of new features this year as you can see above, but the overall gameplay has been enhanced considerably. You won\’t be disappointed ;).

  • I think the new cover looks great!!!

    Its a fresh look from the last few years covers!

  • Hi Eric,

    Any way you guys could update retailers(especially Amazon) with the release date info? They don’t update their shipping estimates until they get a press kit from the publisher. Also, could you give them retailer shipment confirmation so they can offer us Release Date Delivery? I’ll wear an I love Eric Levine shirt for a week if you can make this happen! Thanks!

  • Hi Eric,

    Any way you guys could update retailers(especially Amazon) with the release date info for White Knight Chronicles? They don’t update their shipping estimates until they get a press kit from the publisher. Also, could you give them retailer shipment confirmation so they can offer us Release Date Delivery? I’ll wear an I love Eric Levine shirt for a week if you can make this happen! Thanks!

  • Nice cover. Refreshing change adding color, yet maintaining the same classy look.

    Best baseball game on the market, and quite possibly IMO of all time. Very talented and passionate developers.

  • I will buy this game for sure but I really do hope the network performance is improved but like others said I will believe it when I see it. I have faith but last year in preview coverage the team was saying the same thing and the game turned out unplayable online and that is playing friends in my own city on cable broadband.

  • Nice but can you make sure there is a huge improvement with online play. Also can you guys get Albert Pujols on the cover next year. Thanks

  • When can we expect authentic MLB hats (all teams), and jerseys (all teams) in HOME for our avatars?

  • I think you guys could’ve done better with the cover.
    That doesn’t look like something that would catch my eye if I saw it at a store.

  • Yes please make the online more stable cus the delay for last years installment keep me away from online.. But non the less this is the best baseball game and its only on Playstation..

  • Awesome news! When can we expect a demo of MLB ’10?

  • This looks and sounds awesome, but March? Seriously Sony? Do you want ANY of your games to sell?

    March: Final Fantasy XIII, Bad Company 2, GT5, God of War 3, MLB ’10, am I missing any? I’m only gonna buy 1-2 of these games on launch due to their close release dates, and hint, it’s the cross platform ones they interest me the most.

  • This already a must buy for me, but I really do hope the online is as improved as they are making it out to be. When MLB 09 was working with no lag, it was one of the funnest online experiences I had all year. However, while some games were lag free, many were not. Still, I cannot wait for this game any longer!

  • do these tweaks and release date apply to the psp version as well? i have bought this every year since 06 for my psp and since 08 for my ps3. the only sports game that warrants a yearly purchase in my eyes(though the nba 2k series is getting even more impressive, madden is just overrated i’m sorry). always love this game. please let us know if the updated features and release apply to the psp release as well. cant wait

  • will this be on PS2 as well?

  • @The ones complaining about a March date – If I’m not mistaken, march is around the time Baseball season starts up. Not to mention – sports game/baseball fans likely aren’t picking up a majority of the titles you guys are mentioning – and vice versa. So it doesn’t really matter. People who want the game will get the game – simple as that.

    Maybe they won’t buy it right then and there, day 1, when it comes out – but seriously – stop acting like it’s not going to sell at all. Remember – not everyone is interested in all of the huge titles. Obviously those games interest you more, but that isn’t true for everyone.

  • I’m still waiting to be able to continue to use my RTS player from one year with the next…

  • Nice… MLB 09: The Show is probably the best baseball game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot of them. The only real imrpovements I could hope for on that game is to find a way to reduce RTTS load times.

    @26: Don’t bother… people who are saying that stuff weren’t going to buy the game anyway. The release of this game is coinciding, loosely, with the start of the regular season. If you didn’t immediately make that connection, chances are good you weren’t in the market for a baseball sim.

  • I Love This Game! But please please tell me about the commentary. Anything new? I am so sick of the last few years of the same old same old, has gotten way to annoying.

  • Been a fan since 05 on the PS2 (EyeToy Face in the Game FTW!) and it’s been an impressive upgrade each year since. I’m especially looking forward to the additional stadiums, user controlled pickoffs and more details, details, details. I’m just hoping for a wider variety of character modeling in the crowd because as good as it’s been, your still get too many clones making the same gestures and moves all synchronized and it’s distracting.

    Keep at it because you guys have one of the best if not the best sports games each and every year.

  • Sounds awesome! I hope the trophies aren’t as ridiculous as last year’s. My brother put over 200 hours into it and only earned like 4 trophies!

  • That cover is quite… Yeah.

    Did you guys consider a baseball over a blank background? After the cover we got for Hot Shots Golf, I think it might be best if you just handed off the cover-making responsibilites to the fans- I’ve seen work in the forums that outclasses many if not most actual covers.

    The game itself should basically sell itself- I think you guys have earned a reputation as the arguably best baseball game out there. Isn’t it about time they gave you a giant cup of some sort?

  • I’m all over this game, as I have been for the past three installments.

    GO METS!!


  • Where can i see vids for this? the last game didn’t have as good graphics as 2K baseball, it seems too light, as in the colors and almost no detailing on the uniforms and players and fields, but this game does kick ass if the gameplay is like the other games!

  • I just wet my pants, anyone else?

    And the graphics for 2k9 weren’t that good though, don’t how people say they’re better. The animation is horrible, the players look like they’re claymation wax figures, and almost all of the stadiums have jagged edges all over the place.

    That game is just a mess all around, so it’s pretty apparent that Sony’s franchise takes the cake. But it’s also one of the best sports games out there every year as well.

  • lol, 10 is coming out, almost time to pick up 09 :P I can’t justify buying the game EVERY year at full price… I just wait till the previous year’s drops to like $20 and then enjoy it.

  • Could you please let us know if we can take our RTTS players from MLB 09: The Show and continue our careers in MLB 10?
    This is important to me because I am a catcher and would LOVE to be able to continue my career while at the same time, call out pitches to my pitchers.
    Any official response would be greatly appreciated.
    You guys have a STACKED March…MLB 10: The Show, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII, and Heavy Rain in late Feb? WOW…what a lineup.

  • Nice cover. This is by far the best baseball experience on the new gen systems…..keep up the great work!

  • Any date/idea when a demo will come out?

    I’m one of the people that was disappointed by the lagginess of online play, but given how much I love this series, it doesn’t even bother me. I’m psyched to see that you’ve improved it, and I look forward to seeing that. But I love the series, and can’t wait.

    Last year I enjoyed the MLB 09 demo so much I literally went out and bought my first HDTV so I could have it for the real game.

    This year… plasma projection! …well probably not, but still.

    Also. Have you by any chance changed the voice talk key for online play? I hit L3 so many times by accident in game. :(

  • Will the catcher finally toss his mask on pop ups?

    And is there a in game score ticker for season and franchise modes?

    And are there ball boys/Ball Girls and Bat Bouts this year?

    And in season mode when a player hits a home run does a little box pop up displaying what home run number of the season it was?

  • Please tell me you guys improved wrigley field (ivy & bricks behind home plate) from last years version! I hope it looks a lot better in mlb 10 the show!

    Love the game.

  • So excited for this game like any MLB the shows. Can’t wait till march! Any idea when the demo will be released?

  • will the catchers remove their masks in this years game? how about rain, and rain delays?

  • Yeah, I would love to see some weather. Rain, light snow, wind, cloudy, etc. Starts to get a little boring when the fields and weather conditions look so sterile.

  • I’ve played 07-09 of The Show and loved each one. However i’d like to second the call for importing RttS characters. As i see it, RttS is all about getting into the Hall. Playing 162 games a year (+playoffs) for 15 seasons takes a considerable amount of time, enough so that i’m able to get thru my second or third season in the bigs before the next version comes out. I feel like i’ll be stuck in AA thru my rookie season for the rest of my days (there’s only so many times i can win RotY).

    Also, the Cubs comment reminded me that the Cubs C on their cap is out of proportion with the carbon-based cap. This has been bothering me for several years now. Y’all have a large, thin C while the real-life C is a bit shorter and thicker.

    I curse your name every year as i purchase your latest and greatest. The mark of a top-notch developer if i ever saw one. Keep up the great work.

  • Holy Crap, that’s a load of great features baseball fans can’t resist on. ESPN is right, The Show does capture the sport of baseball better than sny other. Anyway, it gets better and beTTER every year.

  • Forget Football basketball NCAA, It’s almost time for THE SHOW!!!! WOW, the game looks awesome!! By the way, MLB 09 should have won best sports game of the year. IMO.

    Glad we finally get FIREWORKS!!!
    and lastly, GO WHITE SOX!!!!

  • sounds like there’s going to be a lot of improvements this year. I skipped out on 09 but i just might pick this game up.

  • Is local or online co-op play finally in the game this year?

  • Cool, buying this on again.

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