Qore Episode 20 – Featuring Dante’s Inferno, Heavy Rain, Bayonetta and BioShock 2

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January’s Episode 20 is on the way, featuring eternal damnation, ceaseless precipitation, stylish decapitation and undersea exploration.

Hell is the last place you want to be—unless you’re impatient for the mythical adventure of redemption found in Dante’s Inferno. Veronica Belmont circles around EA to experience how the developer plans to bring the epic 14th century poem to life. There’s also an interactive quiz built into this episode that will determine your degree of sinfulness.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Heavy Rain since the Qore team’s first visit back in 2008. And, as promised, Quantic Dream has crafted a film-noir world that is both graphically impressive and psychologically disturbing. As you play the part of four different characters whose lives intertwine on the trail of a serial killer, your every decision has an effect on the story around you. This extensive preview also includes an interactive cinema demonstration of the consequences of a few of the choices you can make.

BioShock is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of the past few years, putting pressure on the developer to outdo itself for the sequel. We head back to Rapture, ten years after the events of the original game, to find out if life under the sea is really better as a Big Daddy in BioShock 2.

With Tina Fey-esque librarian glasses and holsters in her killer heels, Bayonetta is no soft-spoken angel. In fact, she’s a shape-shifting witch who battles angels and other assorted creatures with style. There’s a lot of video out there about this game, but we’ve got a full HD preview of this fascinating title and nine reasons you’ve got to love Bayonetta.

Audrey’s also got a look at the latest and greatest Blu-ray movie releases coming your way in early 2010, and we’ve got exclusive Dante’s Inferno and Heavy Rain PS3 themes to go along with this month’s video features for both subscribers and single-episode purchasers.

Episode 20 debuts tomorrow.

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  • still cant watch videos from my ps3 come on playstation blog staff don’t get lazy on me fix it ASAP ty

  • Lol ceaseless pericpitation.

  • Bayonett? are you serious? This game is that is complete garbage on the PS3? This game that has horrible texture, frame rate problems, extremely long load time, load time before and after cut scenes, and a six second interval when you press the pause button? Please, get this garbage off the PS3. This game is a insult to the PS3 owners with it horrible port.

    Man, I cannot wait for Heavy Rain. Oh and is the Dante’s Inferno theme dynamic?

  • Please give the release date for Heavy Rain…I’ve been waiting, it’s killing me!

  • Thanks Kevin.

    Looking forward to the monthly Qore.

  • Can’t wait for Dante’s Inferno…and I just got Bayonetta! let’s see how is it

  • um just wondering if any of the themes will be dynamic? also will this content be exclusive for subscribers and buyers or will u just give it to everybody in a few weeks like before for free.

  • Nothing seems to be good in this episode except for Heavy Rain & Bioshock 2. Dante’s Inferno & Bayonetta are both mediocre flops (and i’m surprised you didn’t put Darksiders in place of the crappy Bayonetta game). Also, only a Dante’s Inferno theme? Meh. Looks like a garbage low budget version of God of War 1.

    What a terrible way to start the year.

  • Anything special for becoming a Qore subscriber right now?

  • I’m excited for every one of those games except bayonetta. Crappy port= no buy for me. Heavy rain is gonna be amazing though. So is bioshock 2.

  • Well I got Bayonetta yesterday and the game is great. I do not like the load times like everyone has listed. I would think a mandatory install with most of these items would help with the loading issues. Seems like that would be an easy patch to put in place.

  • Well I got Bayonetta and the game is great. The loading is a pain some times as well has not having an easier way to skip a cutscene that you have already seen. They should patch it to install most of these items on the harddrive rather than having to seek out the content on the disc every time you need it.

  • So is Veronica Belmont related to the Belmont clan of the Castlevania series? JK :)

  • I can’t believe how seriously some people take these lame console comparisons
    the differences really aren’t that noticable
    it’s bound to happen with these multi plat games

    You can’t POSSIBLY port a game designed on one console flawlessly to the other, the 360 and the ps3 are way too different, they both have their advantages and disadvantages

    and honestly, the differences are minimal

    also, yay for heavy rain theme :)

  • WOW two free static themes?!

    So glad I renewed my subscription…

  • Ahh Qore, do dynamic themes already. Static themes are eh, that Dante’s Inferno would’ve been an awesome DT!

  • I’m so sorry to say it, but “exclusive themes” are not an incentive to purchase a subscription, or episode of Qore.

  • Not to be a downer on free stuff, but you have dynamic themes, and we cant get one? We get last years model themes, Hell maybe even throw us some rare, cant buy them without getting Qore PSN Avatars… I know you have the power and the hearts to do it, Thanks for ModNation Beta.

  • I expected there to be more exclusive things given to subscribers. So far I’ve been disappointed at the giveaways to those who subscribe. I hope you guys step up to the plate and give away some good stuff for once.

  • Will watch for Heavy Rain info and Heavy Rain theme.

  • @17 – I agree. It started out great, but lately the only thing we’ve been given are some lame non-dynamic themes. Supposedly download codes for PS1 games were supposed to be mailed, but dozens of subscriber (including myself) never got them.

    I really hope the Heavy Rain theme is dynamic — I’m loving the dynamic Afrika theme.

    I also really hope that the coverage of the games is more in-depth and less PR fluff. This is Qore’s last chance to keep me on as a subscriber, so I hope to see evidence that my (and others’) feedback from the past 6 months is taken into account.

  • u guys just keep makin the qore episodes better and better

    too bad i dont have a qore subscription

  • Sounds like a great episode, I’m skipping bayonetta, don’t care for crappy ports.

  • Seriously Sony, what is up with the lack of downloadable stuffs.

    When I renewed my subscription I was expecting the downloadable goodies to be on par with what I got for the first 13 episodes.

    We dont get Any early demos or free games anymore. Only the odd beta and still the same less then inspired themes.

    Without the downloadable stuffs, Qore is a complete waste of money.

    I cant believe I paid to watch ads. That’s all Qore is without the downloadables stuffs: ADS.

  • I really expect some more downloads Sony

  • Is heavey Rain theme like the one in the store now?

  • I think the downloadable goodies are falling quite a bit in quality.

  • Oh and Sony, it would be nice if you put the downloadable stuffs in the download management tab think like you do the episode. Some of us have bandwidth caps and having to download a couple gigs of stuff we’ll never touch just to see what a theme looks like is annoying.

  • I hate to complain, especially since I like the ModNation Beta so much, but themes from Qore are always lame.
    I subrcribed to Qore because I thought I would get a free game every 3 or 4 months and early demos and Betas in between. And better, longer and more in depth interviews and game previews.
    So far, I have been disapointed. The Betas are nice, but not worth the price of a Qore subscription, and I could of tried getting them in some other way.
    I can find all game information in Qore free online, and often, better, more in depth info online.
    Qore arcade is ok, I guess, but again, I can easily find better free games online.
    My subscription is up in 4 months, please do something different, something better. If not free games, than free dynamic themes, free premium avatars, early demos, better interviews.
    If something doesn’t change, I will not re-subscribe.

  • Great, will buy this one for sure.

  • I have to agree with post #29. In fact, my subscription of Qore already ran out and I’m not re-subscribing for the exact very reasons post #29 states.

    Please take note Sony/Qore.

    Warmest Regards

  • P.S. Remember the old Playstation Underground? That was cool because you got access to demos before anyone else. That’s what I was hoping for in Qore and it only happend a few occasions throuhought my 12 month subscription.

  • I can’t believe there are still suckers out there who would pay for a theme that they could have got for free or those who haven’t got the free motorstorm artic edge and free wipeout dynamic themes from the European store.

  • The way I see it, a game that had alot of potential but falls flat on it’s face shoul not be mentioned, such as Bayonetta. The ported version is just awful.

  • veronica is hot :)

    i dont need to go to hell

  • Totally agree with #’s 29 and 31- All the free stuff we’ve been getting lately has been Crap. Even at it’s discounted price, My subscription renewal has been nothing but a disappointment. I believe that will be my last renewal unless you can come up with some better freebies.

  • I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on Qore.

  • Was going to spend some of my christmas psn cards on a Qore subscription…Glad I didn’t everyone here seems disappointed.

    Guess we will try again next year?

  • Veronica finally doesn’t look like she feels incredibly awkward doing Qore. Huzzah!

  • Enough themes. What happened to all the demos and games we got in the first year? You guys aren’t making a good case to resubscribe a 2nd time.

  • Hope that the next Bayonetta performs better on the PS3 than this one… terrible

  • Sony you must have a talk with Sega Bayo port isn’t worth 60 bucks they need to drop the price or make a patch and also ask for forgiveness for selling crap at that price.

  • Great episode. Are they going to explain why they didn’t take the time to make Bayonetta as good for the ps3, though? Guessing I’ll have to pass on it. Plenty of exclusives coming out that deserve my money.

  • Hey Kevin, Why are all your Qore posts “Post and Run”?

    It would be nice if you actually interacted with your subscribers. You almost never reply.

    We’re all here complaining about how bad qore is and no replies makes it seem like you dont care. It would be nice if you responded to critical posts once and a while.

    Eric Peterson admited that the Tentical monster in Matt Hazzard was BS in his post, when are you going to admit giving us nothing but themes is BS?

  • wait, so you get some kind of Heavy Rain demo? or is it just a video about it?

  • Qore is loosing my support each month with such a lack of good exclusive downloadable content.

  • ive been playing FF XIII the past few days, and am about to plat *would have but my dad broke his arm so it got put on hold* This game doesnt install to the HDD, or anything special…

    Upon playing Bayonetta which i was quite excited to play, the load times were insane… I think a lot of people have a right to say its a bad port because FF which also didnt install to the HDD loaded/worked much better and was clearly larger *it has i think something like 2 hours of cut scenes for story*

    on the note of qore, isnt the point of it to get information? why do a game that i can go out a buy? seems counter productive =\


  • As far as I’m concern, Bayonetta is an Xbox 360 exclusive. That game is garbage on the PS3. I wouldnt waste a dime on that horrible port.

  • I wish I could cancel my Qore annual membership and get the rest of my money back..even if its a dollar.They arent giving me any reason to buy an entire year. I wouldnt even buy the monthly one at this rate. Who are they kidding? No demo again? And what do I get every month exclusive because I paid an entire year? NOTHING!! Bye Bye Qore!!

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