Parody Alert!!! Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Comes to PSN This Week

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Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond chronicles the latest adventures of Matt Hazard, internationally renowned video game action hero and star of the 2009 blockbuster next-gen hit, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard*.


In Blood Bath and Beyond, Matt returns to his side-scrolling roots to track down his arch-enemy, General Neutronov, who has travelled back in time and kidnapped the 8-bit version of Matt. The Russian general plans to destroy Matt’s earlier self so that Neutronov will never suffer the humiliating defeats that the hero has dealt him over the years.

This tongue-in-cheek journey through Matt’s history takes the player on a tour of the “classic” titles released by Marathon Software, the company that put Matt Hazard on the map. Matt takes on a wide range of enemies—from pirates to penguins; lighthouses to laser-wielding astronauts; Mounties to mechanical rhinos—as he peruses the parody-laden landscapes of games that never were.

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Blood Bath and Beyond is available for download on the PlayStation Network for $14.99 starting on January 7, 2010.

* Not actually a blockbuster hit. But it was released in 2009.

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  • Demo?

    Can’t drop $15 (!!!) on a downloadable game without a demo.

  • For 14.99 how many stages/levels/hours Is in the game? I really liked the game back then but I never finished it. And seeing as how I’m busier than before I want to know If I’ll be able to play through it in about 6 hours.


    • We have 8 levels, a story mode, a quick play mode and there is even a secret mode you can unlock. There are also 3 sets of difficulty settings and leaderboards for each one.

      The amount of hours in the game depends on how good of a score you want on the leaderboard ;)

      If you are just playing through it once, then you should be able to beat it in that amount of time if getting a high score isn’t your primary concern.

  • Thanks for killing my hype for this game. There isn’t even online co-op. I would’ve bought it for $10 tops (even though I thought it should be $5). At $15 I won’t even consider buying it.

  • Looks Fun. Like your good nature about the Eat lead game not being the blockbuster title you probably hoped for.

    • It’s all about good fun, not to mention we have a good sense of humor ;) We are gamers too after all.

  • i am so gonna buy this..

  • Awesome!

  • Is it avilable for psp ?

  • How many levels are there? What does the game play like? Are there different weapons?

    You told us nothing about this game. Maybe you should have posted a gameplay video?

    You basically just said “Here’s our game it’s a parody give us $15 for it.”

    You should give us more info, that might make people like me who are skeptical about buying this, you know, buy it.

    • There are 8 levels, co-op, leaderboards as I mentioned above (please see my reply to Post #2)

      It plays like Contra or Metal Slug, just to name a few classic games that inspired us. It is frenetic action with tons of enemies, pickups, weapons and multiple boss fights along with a sense of humor.

      There are numerous gameplay videos circulating the web along with previews this week. Please check them out!

  • This is probably the best subtitle I’ve ever seen for a game, ever. Can’t stop laughing…

  • 1. what is the native rendering resolution? 1080p? any FSAA?

    2. are the audio assets 24-bit? lossless?

    3. is there local co-op?

    I need to know this stuff before I buy :)


    • 720p. 2X MSAA. Audio is compressed. Local 2 player co-op. The game also runs at 60FPS.

      Now put it on your list to buy it later this week ;)

  • haha…I thought your blockbuster hit disclaimer was cute.

    I haven’t played any of the Matt Hazard games before. Had a little interest when Eat Lead came out, but never got around to renting it and checking it out.

    A demo would be helpful for this though.

  • $15? For a PSN title without trophies? As good as it looks, I just don’t have the time. I still need to catch up with on-disc titles!

    • There are trophies. Not sure where you read that there weren’t, but we do have them in the game. So have at it and collect them all!

  • HAH!

    I was getting really pissed until I saw “* Not actually a blockbuster hit. But it was released in 2009.” I hate when companies BS about work that everyone knows didn’t do as well as it actually did.

    I just hope gameplay is better this time around. The humor certainly seems intact, which is the main draw anyway.

    • The gameplay is very refined and is like many classic titles from this genre. We had a lot of fun making this game and playing it as well.

  • PSN giftcards are starting to burn a hole in my pocket…starting with Matt an continuing through Lead and Gold.

  • @11

    What makes you think this game doesn’t have trophies?

  • When this was announced I was really hoping it’d actually be like an old school side scrolling shooter. This looks like another one of those dual analog shooting affairs that are usually not entirely terrible but also aren’t much fun to play.

    • No need to worry. Please remain calm!!!!

      Our game has classic controls; not that new wave dual stick action ;)

  • The retail game was awesome.

    Well minus the tentical monster who could kill you in one hit and you have no way to anticipate attacks and dodge them.

    That boss fight was a pointless poorly playtested torture.

    Cant wait for this.

    • Ugh. I disliked that as much as you and the next guy. We really wanted that fixed so that there would have been a \’tell\’ and not just an insta-kill. We are human and make mistakes and that is one I would like to have back ;)

      P.S. – no Tentacle Beast in this game. These boss fights are well balanced and well tested.

  • The original game was hilarious, i was one of the few people to buy it, and i loved it. i can’t want for this one, but i would like to see a demo and some specs please.
    1080p? custom-soundtrack? co-op(online, or/and offline)? anything else?


    • As mentioned above:

      720p. 2X MSAA. Audio is compressed. Local 2 player co-op. The game also runs at 60FPS.

      And yes, a new set of music was specifically created for this game and the pacing of the action.

      Again, the demo is on the way ;)

  • No demo, no buy. What is up with all the 15 dollar games lately? You really think this game is better than Pixeljunk Shooter or Shatter, both of which are cheaper? Don’t be ridiculous. And lose the Helghast symbol ripoff as your logo.

  • Eat Lead was pretty flawed but I did enjoy it (MINUS THE LACK OF FREAKING SUBTITLES, SERIOUSLY!?) for the most part.

    $15 is too much for this outing, esp. if you aren’t going to provide PSN the XBLA MANDATORY (hey, Sony, wake up and DEMAND this over Trophy data) demo.

    • Again, we have trophies…so I\’m not sure where you guys are hearing this info, but it is incorrect.

  • Really didn’t mind the first game. This game however looks MUCH better than what I played before, should of just made it like this (2D side scroller) from the beginning.

    However, $15!? With so many other high profile PSN games releasing for $10 and under I don’t see how some devs think their’s is worth the extra $5.

    Could we get some general info about the game? How many levels? Bosses? Game Length? Online co-op? etc?

  • looks better than shadow complex

  • I saw the asterisk and was wondering what it was for lol too funny…i actually bought eat lead it wasn’t that bad. Maybe I will check it out.

  • #3 is clueless

  • I probably shouldn’t be supporting Overpriced downloadable games on the PS3 while I’m taking a stand againt overpriced downloadables games on the PSP by not buying Locoroco Midnight Carnival till it drops to $10.

    But whatever these are my rules and they dont have to make sense and Matt Hazard is awesome!

  • The first game had plenty of style in terms of concept, but really lacked in execution. I wish you better luck with this one.

  • Wow, I can’t leave a comment on my ps3. Had to turn my computer on. At least support your on browser Sony!

    I can’t get online in WipeOut HD. It says “there was an error updating the game.” It must be something server side because I updated to the latest update with no problems.

    The MAG beta already crashed.

  • And the logo is vicious cycle’s logo, if anyone is wondering…

  • awesome!! i loved eat lead. will get this one asap!!

  • The Retail game is available for $20 on

    I cant wait till developers actually start getting downloadable game pricing right.

    It will be a glorious day.

  • at least the ads for matt hazard where brilliant. why can’t i leave comments on the blog from my ps3?

    mag is horrible

  • OH GOODIE..More lame old side scroller crap to add to the ALLREADY lack luster PSN.

  • $15 is a bit too high maybe $10 but here’s hoping for a demo. I bought Matt Hazard last year and loved it.

  • “looks better than shadow complex”

    Let me laugh !

  • No demo no buy sorry, not at that price im afraid

  • @11

    It will have trophies. All new games have trophies. It’s been that way for a year. Even the first Matt Hazard game had trophies.

  • $14 for a lack of online co-op? I guess the developers could lazily chalk it up as “adding to the story elements”, just as they did the same for Eat Lead. Sorry, but it’s neither charming or excusable.

  • I really liked Eat Lead, been looking forrward to this since it was announced.

  • A demo would be nice.
    BTW, is the US getting Hustle Kings this week? That game, I don’t need a demo before purchasing.

  • God I am sick and tired of people asking “Will it have trophies?”.

    And to the devs/pubs/Jeff etc, Quit replying to them “Yes it will have trophies”.

    Reply “You’re an idiot”, and maybe they will stop asking stupid questions.

  • This title should be $4.99 MAXIMUM as a way of apologizing for that garbage EAT LEAD we all suffered through…

  • I can’t believe the devs won’t answer a single question. That speaks volumes about the quality of this title.

  • Team Fortress 2 reference, Back to the Future reference, and something that looks like a Bionic Commando reference. This game is looking mighty fine!

  • Hello Eric, yea I was wondering if You would consider a first day launch reduced price. This game looks dope and I’m probably going to get it. For future titles and reference. You know thanx

  • Demo please!!! It looks awesome but there are so many games I need to buy and few dollars to do it with.

  • I would SO get this game if I had a PS3. But alas, I have only a PSP 3000

  • LOL it says this game was a blockbuster hit in 2009 and then at the end it has an * that says this game was not a blockbuster hit… WOW, why would you even write that ? Anyways, the last screen shot looks like they copied a level str8 out of Team Fortress 2 ! Stop making cheesy $10-15 and make real PS3 games… Make that for the psp instead of PS3 !

  • I thought pricing was up to Sony? Anyway, 60 FPS = Sold. Seriously, I’m a graphics whore. Look for me on PSN this Thursday, I’ll be shootin’ mofos up like it ain’t no thang!

    • Glad you like the graphics. We are really happy we could push 60FPS on this title. It really adds to the frenetic gameplay that the old 2D shooters had.

  • Good stuff, the first was enjoyable but flawed.

  • trailer??

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