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It’s back to work tomorrow for us at PlayStation, and, I’d imagine, for most of you as well. I hope you enjoyed the time off as much as we did, and caught up on your pile of games before the next flood starts on Tuesday (I’m hearing great things about Darksiders from SCEE’s Jem Alexander). Personally, I spent the past several days playing PixelJunk Shooter, and trying to beat PS2’s Final Fantasy XII before the series debuts on PS3 in March.

With the holiday season drawing to a close (hoping for the Eagles to give me one final present vs the Cowboys today), many gaming sites chose to look back on the best games of 2009. More often than not – that meant top marks for UNCHARTED 2.

What’s coming up this week? A little gathering called the Consumer Electronics Show. If you are/will be in Vegas this week, we hope to see you there.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Holidays 2009)

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  • Played and finished Uncharted 2 once again, finished Assassin’s Creed 2 for the third time, finished Phantasy Star Portable, worked through a couple of Wii games and started Dragon Age Origins.

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe need alot of praise for the Vidzone service, recentlly and officially announced as ‘BIGGEST DEDICATED MUSIC VIDEO STREAMING APPLICATION IN THE WORLD’. Incredible achievement alone before you take into consideration it has only been available for six months and to only selected parts of Europe.

    What a year for the PlayStation brand and all the heavyweight titles still to come in 2010!

  • Back to work = sad.

    But I will look forward to playing many games in 2010.

  • here is to 2010!!!

  • God of War 3 can’t come soon enough… hope there is a limited edition PS3 Bundle!!

  • When will we hear some info about PSN Premium Service and the Motion Controller? also about 3rd party games like Darksiders?

  • Jeff, what’s Sony official stance on game sharing? You know, where I purchased xx game on my account and my friend purchased yy on his and we trade account passwords so we can download each other’s games on to our own system.

  • It’s nice to see that at least the people at VGChartz have good taste, and chose BlazBlue over SF IV as the best fighting game of 2009. :D

  • Hey Jeff,
    Just to let you know,the playstation site is broken..Trophies and friends list cannot be viewed by anyone.This is not an isolated problem.Please ask someone to fix it..

    Also can we please get more details about heavy rain?I’m really looking forward to that game

    • I just logged in via Safari – I\’d say try clearing your cache and log in again. Let me know if that doesn\’t work.

  • i already played ff12 and the game was good but not great.the biggest offender was the gameplay. i think they should have stayed with the turn based rather than atb i also loathed the fact that you couldnt get alot of gil after beating up monsters….however, i liked the story and its characters and also the fact that u could visit alot of towns

    anyways, after reading alot of impressions from people that have played the japanese version.i’d say that i will pass on ff13 because of the fact that u dont get $$,no towns until the end and they cap the way you level up.its a shame though, cuz the gameplay/world looks nice..

  • Wooo hoo welcome back Jeff ……I thirst for the playstation knowledge ……feeeeed meeeeee….

  • Hey Jeff,
    Clearing cache and other stuff didnt fix the problem.I can visit the forums and the blog just fine but when I click the “Trophies” or “Friends List” button in my profile,I automatically get logged out and I have to login again,but when i do so,I get a “session invalid” page..

    Other people are also having this problem.Visit the playstation network part of the forums and you will see that Im not alone….

    BTW. Im using the latest version of firefox..

  • Hey Jeff –

    Are we going to hear anything about transfering UMD games we own to the PSP Go? I’d be happy with news either way.

  • Hey Jeff, Will the new God Of War 3 footage be out this week?

  • The Eagles looked sad today…No late present for you (or me for that matter). Can’t wait for MAG release. The beta’s have been great.

  • @jeff

    jashwin isnt lying.. there is something wrong with the trophies page and friends

    Half of the time after I click on “trophies” it makes me relogin and returns me to the sites home page.

    The other half, i get this page (see screenshot)

    It happens every time i try on both firefox and chrome. Please fix!! :)

  • About time someone recognized Killzone 2 as Best Shooter of 09.

  • Hopefully we’ll be seeing that podcast soon. ;)

  • Jeff, when you finish FFXII try watching the original Star Wars series. It’ll be like a “spot the difference” game (Hint: there’s 4).

    • Definite similarities in the world, less so on the plot, and the lack of starship fight scenes. No \’pew-pew\’ in FFXII.

  • Final Fantasy 12 was far and away the best disc-based Final Fantasy game (as opposed to carts). Yes, better than 7. Voice acting was superb, and it didn’t have that crappy j-pop vibe that 10, and now 13, has.

  • jeff please tell us were seeing the new GOW3 footage this week of jan. 4! ive been looking forward to seeing how much more awesome it is than what weve already seen!

  • jeff,
    u no what would be cool? A PSBlog App for iPod/ iPhone. i mean, the special web browser thing is cool, but u cant watch the videos and most of us gamers dont always have access to a computer to watch them. An app will also put u even more infront of the competition.(xbox and wii)

  • Hey, Jeff, a little tip for Final Fantasy XII: don’t even bother trying to get all of the Marks (monster hunt targets) or… “summons” (I forget what they were called in that one). I managed to get *most* of them and it took a couple hundred hours. Seriously, it was the longest Final Fantasy ever (not counting FFXI, as if anyone ever did anyway).

  • Oh, and Jeff, did you happen to notice a fairly awesome game that made it onto almost NO Top 10 list (even the one pointing out the ones which others didn’t point out)?

    I’m thinking Tecmo isn’t terribly pleased with that, considering all the work and positive reviews that went into the thing. Upgraded graphics, new online co-op, new weapons, new outfits, new character(s?), etc., etc. Hardly seems fair, huh?

  • Hey Jeff, will we get an update for the PSN store anytime soon?

    Or just wait till this coming Thursday? I guess the regular update was put off due to the holidays :)

  • Any news on the PSN store being updated?

  • Idk about you, but that PlayStation cake looked too shiny to be edible.

    And I’ve had the same problem as jashwin. It seems like I have to log out and back in one or two times before it decides to work.

  • where is the next ps store update?

  • JEFF-

    PUT FF7 CRISIS CORE ON PSN STORE!!!!!!!!!!!! its one of the psps top games and ff7 has been doin great on the store for the last couple months..I KNOW THAT ALOT OF PSPGO OWNERS HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE IT ON HE PSN STORE!!! Im expecting the 1st update of 2010 (Thurs) will be BIG!!!! SO PLEASE BRING IT UP TO THE GUYS THAT MANAGE THE PSN STORE!! GO OWNERS WOULD APPRECIATE IT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING TO PLAY IT ON GO FOR 3 MONTHS!!!!!

  • suikoden 2 and xenogears needs to be in the ps store..

  • can we please have

    ff7 crisis core
    ff tactics war of the lions
    star ocean 1 and 2

    and perhaps the psone classic guardians crusade. please

  • Demon’s souls won game of the year at gamespot you know. Sony needs to pimp that game some more.

  • Hi Jeff! happy new year and welcome back! ;) I read news about GOWIII in about 2 weeks.. I can’t wait………

    can we also expect some news about GT5 this month..? maybe PAL and US release date.. or at least some new footage or info?


  • Jeff,

    What Jashwin has stated about everyone gettining signed out of the website when viewing there trophies, portable ID, and friendslist is 100% true. Im runing IE 7 and I too am running into these problems.

    Also what he did’nt state is, certain games will not show up in our trophie list profiles. Games like God of War I and II.

    Thanks for bringing this problem to the team!


  • ‘jeff’ what’s the deal with Hustle King maan!!! Please can you let me know please?

  • Polyphony showed off a new Gran Turismo 5 trailer on Christmas day at the Asia Game Show. Any chance that we’re going to see a direct feed of that on the blog?

  • Jeff, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you had a great vacation as I did. Now on to business. Can you ask CydoniaX why there was no GIFT in Home for Dec. 23,24,25 as the other regions all got stuff on those days but the USA Home never got anything. Also I never got the New Years award either. I don’t think that’s too fair. I waited for 1:30 am my time which is 12 eastern and Nothing happened. The Home New Years ball didn’t even drop but drop for others and Bupkis for Me. Please see if You can get that fixed for Me.
    Thanks and have fun at CES!

    I also played and finished PJ Shooter. What a fun little game. Can’t wait for the dlc for it! Hurry release it soon….

  • Demon’s Souls won GOTY at, thats one of the biggest gaming sites around, picking a Sony exclusive thats not named Uncharted for game of the year…

    Give some love to Demon’s Souls, its really something new and different, and is well deserving of the awards it won.

  • Jeff, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you had a great vacation as I did. Now on to business. Can you ask CydoniaX why there was no GIFT in Home for Dec. 23,24,25 as the other regions all got stuff on those days but the USA Home never got anything. Also I never got the new years award either. I don’t think that’s too fair. I waited for 1:30 am my time which is 12 eastern and Nothing happened. The Home New Years ball dropped and Bupkis. Please see if You can get that fixed for Me. psn id SOOPERGOOMAN187
    Thanks and have fun at CES!

    sorry if this double posted but my reg account cant seem to post on here anymore.

  • I love Demon’s Souls and Uncharted! Demon’s Souls needs more support though. GREAT GAME

  • I’ll have to try Demon’s Souls. As for the Eagles, yeah, I’m guessing that goose egg wasn’t the Christmas present you had in mind?

  • Hey Jeff did you talk to the web team about the problem with the trophies and FList pages? I’m still having problems.

    Oh and I’ll be trying to beat FF12 as well when my break starts in two weeks :)

  • Jeff can we expect the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC that was removed from the PlayStation Store a few weeks ago to be put back up this Thursday?

  • is ces open to the public?

  • @WestSiide-No CES is not open to the public.

    I got to go when I was a freshman at UNLV and it was awesome, I wish they would open it to the public.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Yeah Im a huge Eagles fan too, but its fine in the wors of OPFOR on MW1 and MW2 “We may have lost the battle comrades but not the War”

  • Hey Jeff. We have been reading these rumours over a subscription based PSN. Hoping you or someone at Sony can shed some light soon when you’re given the green light….either to say yeah or not happening….thanks.

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