LittleBigPlanet: Sack It to Me – The 09 Sackies minus one more award (and we need your VOTE!!!)

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The past few weeks, Media Molecule has been awarding some of the best creations and talents within the LittleBigPlanet universe over the past year (and more). It started with the “Best Visuals and use of Special Effects in a level”, but now as we near the end, we wanted to recap an recognize the winners. Check out the winners below and click on over to to see all the nominees and details – then go online and play, experience these amazing creations yourselves. Oh – and there’s one more award that requires voting from you! The coveted Level of the Year award!!!


Best Visuals and use of Special Effects in a level – Post–Apocalyptic by Anpostteller

Best LittleBigPlanet Machinima Video – LittleBigRevenge By SeaKittenCollective

The Ever-Watching-Eye AwardStevenl

Best Innovative Creation – Little Big Calculator by Upsilandre

Best use of Audio in a Level – Roll Over Beethoven by Smearedink

Best Fan Project of the YearLittleBigPlanet Central’s Logic Pack

Best use of Story in a Level – The Good, the Bad and the Sackboy series by Wexfordian

Outstanding Achievement – Little Big Contra by Jaeyden, Leonidas2123, SaitoHalifax, NinjaMicWZ, El_Beefo, Gevurah22, and TeknomanEX.

Best Gameplay in a Level – Save, Die, Reload by Carlsen_Jeppe

Creator(s) of the Year – We couldn’t pick one, so we picked them all!!! Congrats to Wexfordian, Fullgorr, jump_button, Candyk, Jackofcourse, Jaeyden

AND FINALLY…….its your turn to vote…
Level of the Year – VOTE NOW!!!


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  • Sweet Jesus!! Beethoven is just… :|
    Cannot find the words…

  • Congratulations to all the winners!
    Ironically I can’t watch the Machinima video due to content from, of all rights holders, Sony Music Entertainment.
    Our little planet still seems too big ;-)

  • All amazing levels keep up the good work!!!

  • Nice Nice congrats to all :)

    had fun working with some of these creators over the year :)

  • DarnessBear gets my vote

  • Congrats to the Winners and thanks MM for the wonderful premium avatars!

  • I voted for Miracle of Life. I think that’s the level I wanted to vote for, but I can’t remember. Oh well, I’ll check my hearted levels just to make sure. Happy New Year MM! Thanks for all the fun LBP brought me in ’09.

  • Are we getting am update today? If not, when?

  • ive not voted yet lol nor have i found theses levels yets by the way thanks for the pirtes of the caribain add on

  • I like how the golden sackboy looks. You guys should release him in a costume pack.

  • Seriously, Mark, you guys need to remarket this game now that more people bought PS3’s for the Holidays.

    The things people are coming up with now are amazing.

    Not everyone knows everything that this game has to offer.

    A simple :30 spot with one of these developers sayin:

    “Hi, I’m John Doe, and I created this level in Little Big Planet”

    Followed by :25 seconds of cuts from their level.

    That’s enough to get the message across that this game has serious logenvity.

    Just a thought since this game gets lost in all the shooters and poorly-ported Bayonettas, but has such serious qualities.

  • You know what’s nice?

    Being recognized and awarded for your contribution to a project!

    Oh, wait… that’s right, I wasn’t. >:[

    P.S. – I made Stage 3 – Waterfall, for LittleBigContra. It’s okay, though, not like it shows who created the level or anything…

  • is there a ps store update today?

  • That Contra one was so awesome!

  • those are amazing, cant vote though, i wanna play them all before i vote or it would be unfair.

  • Would be great if you guys formatted youtube videos (length x width) so that it fits properly on the webpages when viewing from a mobile phone.

  • LittleBigRevenge is awesome! And it was uploaded on my B-Day too!

  • My New Years Resolution will be to purchase LBP

  • Neato, I didn’t think they would put this on the blog! I’m still very surprised that I won creator of the year.

  • Good and Bad!

  • My god, i haven’t touched the game in a while cuz i’m busy playing other games but damn there sure are a lot i’ve missed, such amazing stuff

  • Omg little big revenge is retarted funny

  • HEY
    Little Big Revenge was funny. Nice Editing too.
    But what about the PSN Store Updates? NONE TODAY? I have to go to school again next week =(

  • HEY
    Little Big Revenge was funny. Nice Editing too.
    But what about the PSN Store Updates? NONE TODAY? I have to go to school again next week =(

  • I start to wish the information was a little more separate between LBP on PS3 & LBP on PSP because it sucks to skim through this only to find when reading in depth that there was nothing worth getting excited for since the only thing of interest was for the other LBP.

    Further, it seems like the LBP for PS3 is updated weekly and I rarely hear about them for PSP. Could simply be because I no longer pay attention to these due to the above issue, but it does make me wonder more and more.

  • I know CES is coming up. Is sony going to be mentioning anything knew about features to online? I mean come-on that’s the only place the PS3 is lacking

  • my god this game has potential!!

  • what a bunch of creative people – keep it up guys!

  • Well i guess we dont want sacks coming to life then. littlebig planet is amazing.

  • does any one now if there is going to be comic book update for the psp today?

  • Sony, this isn’t funny!!!

    As I tried to watch the second video “LittleBigRevenge” there only pops up a statement informing me, that this video contents music from sony music and therefore isn’t available in my country anymore.

    Perfect promotion I think! Pushing a Sony-Game with fan-content is not allowed to come along with Sony-Music :-( POOR!!!

  • Aw, how cute! Sackboy is on a vengeful killing rampage! I need to get me one of those too! Aww.

    And I think the creator spotlight commercial idea isn’t bad. It could even incentivize people to create more. There could monthly competitions to get one! =)

  • Awesome! Can’t wait.

  • ‘Roll Over Beethoven by Smearedink’
    ‘Little Big Calculator by Upsilandre’
    are AMAZING! ;P Very clever

  • LBP = BEST GAME EVER!!! Happy 2010 everyone!!

  • Nice! I hope the next update is going to be an awesome one which i know MM won’t desappoint :D

  • Try my H1N1 level
    Long Live LBP!!

  • would you guys ever add the ability to save community stages to are ps3. just giving us the ability to play them like the stages in the story mode with out having to have an internet connection.

  • All are pretty funny so…

  • I wish they had a warhawk for the psp

  • damn, i wish my level was nominated. I put about thee months of work on it. Check it out it’s called “MECHA-MANTIS” by RamboHoha.

  • NICE!

  • Wow the calculator definitely deserves credit. That must’ve taken a long time.

  • The video “Best use of Story in a Level” says-“This is a private video.If you have been sent this video,please make sure you accept the users friend request.”How do I view this video.

  • Little Big Revenge was cute…
    lol i want sack babies

  • Defintly betoven!!!! btw is water going to be released in the next update or do i have to buy it?

  • Hi, everyone,

    If you were interested in the Sackies, I thought you might be interested in another opportunity: the Digital Media and Learning Competition.

    This year, the Competition has a special “Game Changers” category that will be awarding $5,000-$50,000 for the creation of levels that offer young people highly engaging game play experiences that incorporate and leverage principles of science, technology, engineering, and math for learning in Little Big Planet.

    For more information:

    The preliminary application, which is easy to complete –just a 300 word description of your proposed level–is due January 22 by 11:59pm EST!

    If you have an appropriate level in mind, check it out!

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