Happy Holidays from the PlayStation Blog and Thanks for a Great 2009!

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Can you believe we’re capping off a decade in a week? It’s certainly been an amazing 10 years for the PlayStation platform, and 2009 was no exception by any means. Looking back, it’s astonishing how much content hit PS3, PSP, PS2 and PSN this year (Seriously, I just looked at every month this year. The sheer amount of content blows my mind).

Here on the Blog, we certainly couldn’t have made it through ’09 without your support. We had several hugely successful meet-ups this year, including the San Francisco GDC meet-up, the Mama’s Hot Tamale E3 eat-a-thon, a PAX gathering in Seattle and the recent VGA viewing party in Hollywood. We gave away lots of great stuff throughout the year thanks to some addictive PSN titles, and rolled out a flurry of videos featuring the people behind all your favorite games.

And speaking of games, wow. Just wow. I feel like I say this every year, but it’s just getting better and better for us gamers. LocoRoco 2, Flower, Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Fat Princess, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, God of War Collection…I could go on all day. But I won’t. I don’t want this to be about me spouting off games you know, played and loved. Rather, let’s use this space to find out what your favorite moments from 2009 were in PlayStation Land (list your top three, desert-island, favorite games of the year, perhaps?).

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But even more importantly, Jeff and I want to hear all about what you liked or hated (yes, we can take it!) on the PlayStation.Blog this year. We know you want a podcast (working on it). We know you like lots of video coverage. What third-party developers would you like to see more of around here in 2010? Anything else? Please drop your comments here and we promise we’ll read them and take ’em to heart.

So for 2009, that’s a wrap. Again, a huge ‘thank you’ for making the Blog thrive in ’09. You turned out in spades to make our meet-ups a big win. And we’ll continue the trend as we roll in to 2010 with MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III and beyond. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy New Year and/or whatever else you’re celebrating this holiday season, hopefully Mariah Carey-Christmas music free. I’ll leave you with a few of our favorite videos of the year. See you in the zero ten.

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  • Love this blog!! I like the PSEye interviews, but as a social nut I like the Twitter & Facebook pages a lot more.

    Have you guys made a decision on starting a podcast yet? I personally think you guys should just pay the PSNation guys and let them be your official podcast…..lol

  • It’s amazing to see how far this blog has come in such a short time. The PS Blog has really surpassed many other gaming hardware and first-party blogs. I remember its humble beginnings. Great work on it! Keep it up and happy holidays!

  • I’m new to the blog, this is only my second comment but having discovered you through Twitter I have to say the professionalism and enthusiasm on display put you in a category well above most endeavours of this type.
    Here’s wishing you and your families a happy holiday season, thanks for all your work and long may you continue.

  • Happy New Year to all playstation people. Every one do a sooooo amzing job this year Sony restart to rule again !!! Keep up the good work everybody!

  • Merry Christmas to everyone!!! :)

  • No, thank you everyone working on the blog, Jeff, Chris, etc for all of the hard work you’ve put into it. You consistently make my day on a daily basis. Merry Christmas to you all and look forward to seeing you guys next year!

  • Best place to come for news and other interesting things. Hope you guys stay around for another decade.

  • awesome job as always jeff and chris. you guys deserved that mashable trophy,thats why we fans made sure ya’ll got it. you dont find this level of support for the consumer on any other blog or site. thx for everything,hope to see ya’ll in 2010 so we can officialy put sony back as #1!

  • Keep up the great work guys, love the psblog. Happy Holidays to all.

  • merry Christmas psblog and looking forward to hearing more about the motion controllers next year ;)

  • Happy Holidays PS Blog! I’m looking forward to an even better year in 2010!

  • My favorite moment was all the Ratchet and Clank stuff! Question… Will there be another ratchet and clank in 2010?

  • Been a fan of this blog since day 1, and I absolutely love it.

    Congrats Jeff and Chris, and here is to another great year!

    (And maybe bring a blog meetup to the East Coast)!

  • All the announcements and exclusives.

    Keep bringing us the latest from the playstation world!

    Usually corporate sites only reiterate news and announcements other blog sites have already broken… So this site is a Godsend!

  • I would like people from other countries blocked from using this blog. I don’t like seeing CANADA!!!! everyday.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Elana…….. O_O

  • So where’s that Official PlayStation Podcast? ;)

    • yah, we originally were hoping to have it launched by end of 09. Now it\’s more like \”Fiscal 09\”, but it\’s definitely being worked on.

      Expectations are high, so we have to do it right!

  • I like the facebook and twitter pages cause its a quick way to get in contact with you guys. On here if we miss the first page of comments our questions may go unnoticed. But on facebook & twitter its a lot easier to get in contact with you guys. Then on top of that their are the awesome giveaways!!

  • oh yea how can I forget about the Fat Princess Contest on facebook??!!? Doesn’t get much more community involved than that!

  • The announcement of Fallout 3 DLC

  • This has been a great decade for PS. What I loved the most about the blog is the updates on upcoming games.I would always find some creative info on the games I would be waiting for.
    You mention a podcast… that wouldn’t be complete unless it was a video podcast! Or at the least offer both (audio and video).
    There is another game website I faithfully check in with (after PS Blog …of course), that can offer a great model for such podcasts.
    At any rate PS Blog and it’s readers (and commenters) rock!
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year/Decade!!!

  • My favorite thing this year, aside from the motion control, 3D goggle, premium PSN, price drop, slim, or slim announcement was when Sony released a firmware update that fixed those ugly friend boxes everyone complained about.

    It showed that Sony listens to their fans, which is why I’m a Playstation gamer first and foremost.

  • Merry Christmas everybody! Hope all you guys take care and have some fun gaming!!! :)

  • I just love the support you give the developers you give on here, even allowing third party devs to post! I’ll definetly be reading through 2010! Happy Decemberween! :D

  • jeff thank you for a great year of outstanding PSN titles and Sony coverage.

  • Good job chris and Jeff for the best 2009 hope to have another best year on 2010 Merry X-mas to all.. Hi mom!…

  • Hey good job on 2009 Chris and Jeff hope to have a better 2010! You know WHAT WE WANT SO GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! -ryanmck142- Hey chris stiers

  • The blog is great, my only real complaint about it is when the PSN Store Update is running late and you throw on updates that could have been posted at ANY other time other than when we’re all waiting for the PS Store Update on here. It’s very annoying to see new articles posted at that specific time on Thursday nights when we’re all just waiting for the Store update article.

    • Well, how it works is, the Store team lets us know approximate time of publish, and we fill in the time slots until that time. A lot of people want to be on the blog, and we have to use the hours wisely!

  • i liked the contest and givaways for games and such. what was your favorite PSblog moment of ’09 jeff ang chris?

    • For me, E3 Meetup at Mama\’s Hot Tamales, getting everyone into our press conference and the show floor.

      It\’ll be hard to top that in 2010!

  • The Playstation Blog has become the best place for up to the second information on the games and services that we all want to see. I check the blog every weekday and I can’t thank you guys enough for all your hard work. Its great to get the kind of feedback that you guys provide.

    The best part is the way you guys get behind great games like Flower and Demon’s Souls the same way you get behind the huge games as well.

    Other blogs quote you guys, so you know you are doing it right. Looking forward another big year from you guys!

  • It was so funny when john broke the blog. i didnt even end up winning the contest too :(

    O well its been a fantastic year. cant wait for ’10 with gow3 FFXIII and more!

  • good year.

  • ssame to you dude.

  • it has been a great year and i look forward to constantly checking this site for all my PS news in the future :D

  • I voted for the PS3 Motion Controllers although Im more excited about the PSN Premium Service, it should’ve been around $7.99-$12.99 mohtly, or $39.99 annually, not too much X(
    Anyways, I can’t wait for 2010 just look…
    1. God of War 3
    2. LittleBigPlanet Motion
    3. Gran Turismo 5
    4. Flower, Hustle, EyePet, PS Home, and TONNES more supporting Motion Control.
    5. ModNation Racers
    6. DC Universe Online
    7. Free Realms
    8. The Agency
    9. TONNES OF PS HOME Content
    10. PlayStation Network gaining Premium Service.
    11. Cross-Game Chatting
    12. Cross-Game Invites
    13. Assassin’s Creed 3 (Hopefully)
    14. Agent
    15. PS2 AND PS3 Slim to become EXTREMELY CHEAP!
    16. The TRUE Year of the PS3.
    17. The era of the digital downloads (PSP Go hopefully to become successful, it already is in selling games but not selling hardware).
    18. PSP Go hopeful price cut.
    19. PSP Go games to become REALLY Cheap.
    20. TONNES MORE Facebook support.
    21. Twitter, Bebo, MySpace and Flickr PS3 AND PSP Integration.
    22. Better version of YouTube XL
    23. Google Video made for the PS3 just like YouTube XL

  • merry christmas have a good one and a happy newyear cant wait for 2010

  • Oh yeah, forgot MAG and Heavy Rain XD

  • PS Blog is awesome. You guys totally deserved that award. Keep it up!

    1. God Of War Collection
    2. Uncharted 2
    3. Demon’s Souls

  • #1 blog out there! I really liked the use of the playstation eye the most. Have a safe holiday and a happy new year! (I know i will. Look at the gaming lineup!)

  • My favorite part about PSB is the weekly Playstation Store Update post.

  • I’m looking forward to playstation in 2010. Final Fantasy XIV and versus XII(if they aren’t pushed back to 2011 like Agent) ModNation Racers, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, and hopefully Resistance 3!!!!! It will be a great year for playstation 3 in 2010. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    Anyways the thing I liked about the Blog this year was John D and the intergration with mobile PS Blog. Why? Well because I’m using my I touch at the momment to type this up!

    Happy Holidays Playstation!!

  • Well you guys have pissed me off sometines but i loved every bit of 2009 with my ps3. 2010 looks like a big year for you guys!!. cant wait!!!

  • The Last Guardian interviews


    Jeff and Chris, I have a suggestion for a new year resolutions for you guys on this blog. That is……more THE LAST GUARDIAN related blog post.

  • Oh yeah I almost forgot. I can’t wait for E3 2010.

    I always get goosebumps when Sony’s press conference is about to start, then comes the pitch blackness and then BOOM the montage of games. Then the voice, ahhhhh the sweet monotone voice saying “Ladies and Gentleman please put your hands together for the president and CEO of SCEA, JACK TRETTON!”

    When you hear that you just have some kind of amazing chill run across your body because you know that the show is about to start!

    Kick butt at E3 next year Sony

  • My favourite moment this year on the blog was when Namco Bandai came and revealed the North American release date for PS3 Tales of Vesperia…

    Oh wait that didn’t happen :( *cries*

    Seriously though, this is THE place for Playstation news, I come here every day. Keep up the good work next year and enjoy the holidays!

    • Just so you know, at one point this year, I copied and pasted all of your comments about Vesperia and sent them to NB.

  • And thank you too for all the work you put into this blog. I’m constantly checking in here for news/updates daily, so thank you for keeping those 30 minutes of my days occupied :)

    See you guys in the future! (echoes dramatically)


  • I read the blog daily. I even visit it on weekends out of habit. I think it’s great. I love getting all this information directly from Playstation and from the Developers.

    However, I wish the PS3 browser had better support for the blog. The videos in this blog entry are not viewable on the PS3. If the PS3 browser doesn’t support a file format, why are you using it on this site?

    I can’t even input text in this comment box from my PS3.

    Click over to Playstation.com, see all those links at the bottom of the page? I wish you would add that footer to the blog, or add a link to the forums somewhere at the top of the page.

    The PS3 browser default home page has a link to PS Store News that points to the Oct 8th blog entry, can you send an email and ask the person responsible to keep the links up to date?

    Finally, I’m not a Twitter person, but I joined twitter just to get in on those beta access code giveaways. Beta code giveaways were the best blog moments of ’09 for me!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • That video thing will be fixed, I\’ve been told.

      The majority of our readers visit us via IE and Firefox, so we optimize for that. However, we have made strides with the coding for the PS3 browser.

      You may recall, but the right rail area used to not render right on that browser, and now it does. Once the video is back how it belongs, I\’ll be happy too.

  • I like a lot of the changes so far but want this one really bad.

    If Facebook integration is added with a firmware update, add one for Twitter as well.

    I don’t like Facebook, and refuse to use it.

    Please let those of use that use Twitter, to utilize it in the same manner for trophy updates, as Facebook is being used for now in the PS3.


  • Please fix the PS blog via the PS3! Can’t see videos or even comment while on PS3. Used to be able to.

  • Thanks for a great year, Chris! Can’t wait for 2010!

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