PlayStation Comics Store Update

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Hi Everyone –

Last week, we launched the PlayStation Network digital comics service for the PSP. While we usually update PlayStation Store on Thursdays, we are having a special update today for the comics store (as well as the games store).

As a reminder, you will need to download the Digital Reader to the PSP, in order to view the comics that you purchase from PlayStation Store. The Digital Reader will allow you to view all the comics that you download (it also has a music player and different viewing options). Simply connect your PSP via wi-fi and go to the Digital Reader icon (located under the Extras icon on the XMB) and follow the on screen instructions. To download the Digital Reader using a PC, you can go to The Digital Reader is a free download.

Here’s a list of the new comics published today. Enjoy!

  • 2000AD Prog #1660 ($1.99)
  • Ghost Rider (2005) #1-6 ($1.99 each)
  • G.I. Joe: Cobra #1 ($0.99)
  • G.I. Joe Origins #1-2 ($0.99 each)
  • Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1 ($0.99)
  • Nanovor #1 ($0.99)
  • The Fantastic Four (1961) #1-15 ($1.99 each)
  • The Mighty Avengers (2007) #1-6 ($1.99 each)
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron #7 ($1.99)
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer #1-4 ($0.99 each)

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1 Author Reply

  • Update PSN STORE 1st!!!!

  • Is this available in Canada yet?

  • I knew you were updating today but so soon?! awesome! lol

  • Thanks for the update. I’ll swing by the comics store on the way home.

  • Now the question is what time for US people.

  • 4th..yes sir…I gotto get a psp again

  • I gotta get a psp…

  • Judging from what I’m reading of the comics included, I take it that this is one of those “audience expansion” things, huh?

    And “in before the 40 comments about ‘what about the PSN update!? waaaaah!'”

  • Awesome. I’ve been meaning to read more Ghost Rider lately and-……oh wait. I live in Canada.

    *sighs and goes back to my dog sledding and chugging maple syrup*

  • No offense, but that’s it? I downloaded the Road to Civil War arc last week and realized that the actual Civil War arc is not up on the store. I was hoping to read these during the holidays but I guess I won’t be able to :-(

  • haha,i thought this was the psn store update and when I looked at it,I was like what the hell?(cause it was so short)

  • Well thats a great update, hope it comes to Canada soon as i really really want my comics back lol.

    2 questions:
    WHen for Canada? 2010 or later? (justa rough idea)
    Silver surfer coming?

  • Where’s the store update??? Can we get it early for once? Please?

    Would be a nice way to end the year ;)

  • never really into comics but this is pretty cool. i wish you guys would sell books. you already have the sony reader

  • Indiana Jones would be a nice addition.
    No Disney comics? Those are my favorite so far. :(

  • Books on PSP would be awesome. How hard could it be?

  • At what time is the NA ps sore update?

  • im just wondering if the update came to canada yet i want to buy water for little big planet. please tell me when

  • when does it come out in canada

  • want little big planet pirates of the caribbean!!!

  • early update, Ill probably get the Ghost Rider series.

  • As a reminder, you will need to download the Digital Reader to the PSP, in order to view the comics that you purchase from PlayStation Store, unless of course you live in Canada for which SCEA is responsible but we don’t care about treating our customer’s equally or fairly.


  • any one knows how to delete comics you’ve read?

  • I wanna download the digital reader to my PS3.

  • Any word on when this is gonna be available in Canada?

  • When does the MAG beta come into the store? Its not here! :(

  • the comic section is nice. but i would like to see an option of unlimited downloads for $10 a month.just like marvel. i love their unlimited service. very cheap also. i just cant see paying $2 for a digital mag that will be deleted after reading it a couple times. although i did buy the MGS digital graphic novel. that is worth the $10 price tag imo.(over 600meg.)when i did a survey for sony on the digital comics store,it asked about unlimited downloads quite a few times. what happened tothat idea?

  • It’s time for Sony to stand back and take inventory on the amount of content coming out of Canada and re-evaluate it’s importance to their market.

    Your shortsightedness is going to bite you in the ass soon.

    Why should Bioware put Mass Effect on PS3 when they can’t even go home at night at download a movie on their own PS3?

    Why should EA Vancouver make the PS3 the lead platform for the NHL series when they are slighted as consumers?

    Why should Ubisoft Montreal give a crap about Sony when Sony doesn’t give a crap about them?

    Why should great indie talent like Jon Mak or Capybara Games support you as a company when you won’t support them as consumers?

    I don’t know. I’m bet a lot of them are wondering too.

  • Grace, when can we get some manga?
    i’m sure there is big money in the full metal alchemist and naruto mangas :)

  • Why only LBP Avatars and not that many?
    I’d figure you’d have atleast a hudred Avatars. I was guessing some would be free and they you’d have a bunch of premium ones from several games like Critter Crunch, PJ Shooter, Flower, Uncharted 2(being game of the year and all) Ratchet and Clanck, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Warhawk, Fat Princess, Modnation Racers, Gran Turismo (I’m sure car lovers would love that) and Wipout. WHERE ARE THEY??? Naughty Dog can dish out GOTY faster than you can make a few avatars? Really?

  • ——————
    Simpsons and Futurama fans would be most appreciated.

  • what time is the store update with the lbp water pack coming today

  • Every post in this blog is starting to become a Canadian whine fest.

  • Avatars!!! PLEASE!!! AVATARS!!!!!!!! See how nicely i asked :)

  • When are you Canadians going to stop whining? Your already lucky the US hasn’t invaded happy with what you have.

  • I must say I am impressed with the comic reader – it does a nice job. That said, I would also be more likely to pay for a subscription than to download individual comics for a few bucks a pop.

  • @33…

    If SCEA treated Canadians (+10% of their market) who paid the same as their other customers for the hardware fairly…it wouldn’t have to become a whinefest would it.

    The PS3 is marketed in Canada with the It Only Does Everything tag line too and SCEA is responsible for BOTH countries. There is ZERO legal reason for the comic book store and video store to not be in Canada. Apple has successfully run a video DL service in Canada for years now and Marvel runs its comic book service into Canada.

  • @35

    You did invade, we whooped your ass lol. That being said we wouldnt stand a chance this time.

    And the Canadians have a right to whine. Per capita we have more ps3’s than the us does by a large margin and yet we still get slighted for unexplained reasons. Im not saying its all their fault as thats silly and probably not true. How ever Canadian have just as much right to want the things that you take for granted and to be vocal about it.

  • Any chance we’ll be able to purchase import comics at some time in the future? With everything going digital download, importing should absolutely be a part of the future. Then Canadian’s would be able to share in the wealth as well.

  • With all due respect, right now we don’t want to READ right now, we want to PLAY!! Bring us the US PSN STORE UPDATE!!

  • Now is the time to release the PS3 comics reader, not a year from now, long after Apple has taken over the e-reader market with their mystery tablet device and after everyone else has forgotten about the PSP comics reader.


  • This BLOG REALLY NEEDS an EDIT post feature!!!

  • As a long time Marvel fanboy, I’ve been really pleased with the reader. I’m especially pleased to see some seriously vintage Fantastic Four stuff showing up, as opposed to just more recent stuff.

    I’d definitely be pleased to see some sort of subscription service for the comics, though :)

  • Since Marvel is on board I would like to request the comic Anita Blake Vampire Hunter please! This would really make my day. I pay for a subscription to Marvel just for these anyway!
    And since we have Archie how about some Richie Rich? I loved those as a kid and wouldn’t mind rereading them.
    Also, I would like to add my voice to the request for an ebook reader. Thanks!

  • @2 Grace Reply
    You said ‘not yet’… so when?
    That goes for the video store too.

  • Hi Grace, will other publishers, such as DC and Dark Horse, be joining the party?

  • I want Canada and I want Resistance Comics. And I want them now!

  • @35
    Canadians could own fatty Americans like you.

  • Yes, Comic and video downloads for CANADA please.. Face it.. We’re not going to shut up about it until you give us access to it.

  • @48
    Heh i weigh 110 pounds but ok…

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