Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time to Tighten Up Security!

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Hello, hello, hello!

Happy Holidays to everyone here.

Badman 2 packfront

A demo for Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 is will become available on PSN today! Once the Store updates this afternoon (Pacific Time), you’ll get to play 6 Training Stages and 3 Stages of another area in the demo!

Badman 2 has gotten lots of upgrades from the original Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? Of course, there will be more heroes, monsters types, stages, and so on. But what I like about Badman 2 most is “MUTATION!” Slimemosses, Bugs, Lizardmen, Spirits, and Liliths will mutate under an environmental and ecological crisis! Well, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These mutated monsters will have different attributes and skills from the original monsters. So you want to see which mutated monsters would do best for your dungeon first, then you can decide which one to create! The types of mutated monsters include: Abnormal, Giant, and Pure types. If you meet certain conditions, your monsters will mutate into even rarer monsters!


They mutate when the balance of the ecosystem shifts. Whether you like your ally monsters to mutate or not is all in your hands. Try out the demo and get a grip on mutation rules now, so when you play the full version of Badman 2 you are all ready to kick some Heroes’ you-know-what!!

Check out some of the mutated monsters in the below screenshot!

Oh, you can see your monster type ratio in the bottom bar. That will be a good indication for coming up with your next strategy on whether you should destroy over-flourishing monsters or keep them going!


Also, there is a new mode called Badman’s Chamber where you can freely manipulate the ecosystem. There are Edit commands that allow you to customize your dungeons. You can create your own dungeon with Badman’s Chamber and add monsters, heroes, and manipulate the ecosystem. Badman’s Chamber is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about time limits, heroes kidnapping Badman, and so forth. It will let you play forever, unless you invite heroes into your dungeon and they snatch Badman.

You can check out the trailer to learn more about Badman 2!! Here you go!

I hope you will download the Demo for Badman 2 today! I have one more EXCITING piece of news for you guys! NIS America added bonus content to Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security! Badman is really excited about this bonus content, and he is dying to tell you guys about this! Visit him at www.HolyBadman.com/badman2 to hear the news from him! This bonus content involves secret codes, so don’t forget to visit the Badman 2 website to check it out!

Also, while adoring the Badman 2 website, check out the World of Badcraft Contest as well! I hope to see your creative entries. :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post once again!

I hope you all enjoy the Badman 2 demo, and Badman’s exciting news!

I really appreciate your continuous support for NIS America! Please have a wonderful, game-full holiday season!!

PS. The Last Rebellion website has been launched!
PS 2. Badman 2 will be released in March 2010.
PS 3. I will be away from my computer this afternoon, so my replies will be late. But I will come back here to respond to your comments as soon as possible!

Best wishes,

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  • Good work i cant wait.

  • yawn………

  • I really think NIS deserves some recognition.

    For once, it seems like the download-only crowd (of which I am not a part of) isn’t getting the short end of the stick.


  • Awesome stuff!

    Loved the first (even though i fail at it)

  • TYPO:

    “A demo for Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 is will become available on PSN today!”

    It should be:

    “A demo for Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 will become available on PSN today!”

    Remove the “is” before “will”.

  • Amazon reports that the UMD version will include a copy of the original Badman game. Will the PSN version also include this bonus?

    • Hello DeviantBoi,

      The PSN version of Badman 2 won\’t have the bonus content. However, Badman 2 on PSN will be $19.99 and Badman 1 is $9.99. :-)



  • Congrats on making a sequel guys.
    Badman! was a really original and unique game that definitely deserves another go.

    • Hello Whizkid105,

      Thank you so much! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the first one:)
      If you liked the original Badman you\’ll sure like Badman 2!!

      Happy Holidays!

  • Perhaps there should be a cheaper, digital, version that does not include the original?

  • I hope you make posts about The Last Rebellion soon, that title looks quite amazing and the website looks nice. I cant wait for it.

  • YES! I loved the Original. How much will the game be? and Will the Original still be $20?

    • Hello AgeCaves,
      The UMD version of Badman 2 will be $29.99, and the PSN version will be $19.99!

      The original Badman is $9.99.


  • Hey Nao, I had a question about the DLC for Disgaea 2, I understand it was pulled from the PSN due to some bugs but I already paid for all of them and they are missing from my download list. When it’s put back, will I have to re-pay for the content? Also what is the situation, any word when they’ll be put back? Thanks Nao for any input!

    • Hello MortifiePenguin,

      We are fixing the Disgaea 2 DLC, and they should be back up on PSN in January. Once I have information about how it will be distributed to the customers who already purchased I will definitely let you all know!
      Thank you for asking!
      Merry Christmas!

  • How big is the file Size?

  • YAY! The demo for the original one was fun, but the challenge scared me away from buying it. So now I’m seeing that the Amazon.com listing for the game says that the first game comes free with the sequel. Now I’m guaranteed to buy this!, I just hope the deal applies to the download-able version also.

    • Hello Ejsponge61,

      Oh, I really hope you will pick up Badman 2! Don\’t be scared!! Only the UMD version of Badman 2 will have the original Badman as bonus content. The digital version of Badman 2 won\’t have the bonus content, but it will be only $19.99!

      Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks for the update on Badman 2, Nao!

    Any word on the North American releases of Atelier Rorona and Ar tonelico 3? Really looking forward to both of these. :)

    • Hello FearMonkey,

      No problem! I hope you enjoyed it!
      I would love to visit here again to talk about Atelier Rorona next year!

      Happy New Year:)


  • Good content from NIS America is always welcomed

  • Did absolutely no one click on the links provided?

    It clearly states on the site

    The game on UMD will be $29.99. The PSN version will be $19.99, but does not contain the original release.

  • Never played this b4. I see alot a rave about it thought.. i might check out the demo. Ty agn

    merry christmas to and your team

    mcbuttz 78

  • Thank Nis!!!!
    Love to see this game being played on my Go.

    *gets credit card ready for full game release*

  • will this game be avaliable on the next psp model?

    (please reply)

    • Hello arenas675,

      I\’m sorry for being clueless about the next psp model… but Badman 2 can be played on PSP Go (digital version will be available on PSN), and other PSP (both UMD and digital).

      Not sure about \”the next psp model\” you are talking about here, but if you could give me more info on it I can give you more definite answer to your question:)

      Good night!

  • Will we hear some awesome updates on the last rebellion on the blog sometime soon
    (that being around new years)?

    Thanks Nao~

  • Hahahah, this game has so much style. I just got a PSP, so if we can get the original when we buy the sequel, count me in!

  • Hi Nao,

    A little off topic, but do you guys plan on releasing Mana Khemia 2 for PSP? I loved the PSP version of the first game (bought it on UMD and from the PlayStation Store)

    And as someone else said, I too am really looking forward to Atelier Rorona and Ar tonelico 3.

    Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday!

    • Hello HeroOfHyrule,

      At this moment, we don\’t have a plan for MK2 PSP, but hopefully we can bring the PSP version of MK2 to NA!

      I\’m glad to hear that you are looking forward to Rorona! I hope to visit here again to talk about it sometime next year:)

      Happy New Year!

  • the last rebellion looks awesome seems next year will b good for rpg lovers like me keep making these awesome games nis cant wait 2 get more info on the last rebellion happy holidays 2 u all

  • Awesome, I loved the first game. I can’t wait for this.

  • Oh, and Happy Holiday’s to everyone at NIS!

  • I also wanted to know if Last Rebellion had a New Game+ feature or something similar.

    Thanks for all your updates, Nao. :)

  • any chance of infrastructure play for badman 2?

  • This is awesome news. I just downloaded the original last week and have been having a great time with it – although it isn’t easy! I’ll be looking forward to playing the sequel.

  • Glad to see a good demo coming up, but here’s my worry: it will be the only demo available.

    C’mon, Sony: we know that there are not many games pending for a PSP release these days (that are not half a year from release), but why not a few demos of games that are already out, to push some sales of existing games.

    Just to throw out a few ideas:

    Tekken 6 (PSP)
    Crazy Taxi Fare Wars
    Lego Indiana Jones 2
    Kingdom of Paradise

    And PSP demos are not the only ones to throw out; why not a few PSOne demos (like the ones offered with the old PS Magazine)? I recall buying a few games based on those demos, and while some of the games would be hard to bring out to the PSN now (namely, Star Trek Invasion), a few demos to sample the games would be nice. Heck, for a “PSOne Demo Disk,” I’d pay a dollar to try.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Sweet. Can’t wait to download and try out the demo. The mutation system sounds like it’s going to add even more depth to the game, which sounds crazy because the first game already had a lot of depth.

    Also, as someone else mentioned, a Last Rebellion post would be awesome. Though, I’m sure there will be time for that once there’s a solid release date. Sakura Wars post will be awesome too.

    Just one question, will all three be available with Rosenqueen? Possibly bundled with super awesome goodies :P

  • How about fixing the “extra” content in Disgaea 2 before I believe you guys about putting more into another game. It’s ridiculous that I wait to buy anything from NIS until I hear from multiple sources/sites/reviews that nothing was completely screwed up in the localization or initial development process.

    Get your companies crap together. The total number of your released titles that have major glitches, bugs, and/or horrible translations is just getting embarrassing.

    • Hello saveur,

      We are currently fixing the Disgaea 2 DLC, and they should be back up on PSN next month.

      We are working hard not to have those issues with our future titles in 2010.


  • So I went on the Badman 2 website a few mins ago and it said Badman 1 was $9.99 which in UK money that’s: £6.20, nice price.

    However on the UK store it is £23.99… $38.28!!

    I really want to buy this game and almost did until I read you was selling it for $10 in US and $40 in UK. When can UK expect a price drop to the same level as US?

    Price point is stopping me from getting this at the moment.

  • So uh, maybe update the store sometime tonight guys….

  • nice update, its cool to see its coming soon.
    but my only gripe is the disgaea 3 euro trophy patch >_> when will it see the light of day? *stares*

  • I really don’t mean to be negative all the time. But this sort of game is really more of a “Mini” than a proper PSP game.

    I think part of the reason PSP games sell so poorly, is because PSP owners are simply charged outrageous prices for such minimal content. A game like this would be 99 cents on the iPhone. Even at the typical iPhone -> PSP Mini prices ($4-5), it would be a good deal. But $30? For that you can buy a full fledged RPG, with voice acting and everything, not dig-dug graphics

  • I’m really looking forward to the second installment! I was disappointed that the first one didn’t have a create your own dungeon and mess around kind of thing and I’m really excited for this one just because of that!
    I hope this game is more in depth with the ecosystem!

  • Just thought of something else I was curious about. Any chance of some of Nippon Ichi’s PS1 games like Rhapsody, Little Princess or Cooking Fighter coming to PSN as PS1 Classics?

  • Hell yeah! I seen a demo for badman on the store, and I thought it was the first one, which I already own. So glad this game is coming over here!! Thank you NISA for the game. Will buy day 1 like always!

  • I’m looking forward to the next game, but I just hope that there could be a save feature after every 5 levels, therefore your dungeon would remain the same, but it would make it easier to continue later. It would be a bit of a Win/Lose, but a feature I would like.

    • Hello MattyMc13,

      In Badman 2, you can save your data anytime. It is a really cool system especially for this kind of game! I know Badman game play seems simple and easy, but not really when you get into it! :)

      Happy Holidays!

  • Awesome!!! can’t wait to play the sequel, the first game was awesome! Also hope u guys include a save point so we don’t have to continue to restart every time…..

  • Nao, I’m very happy for the new year and the line up that you guys have set up for the first 5 monthes.
    I was wondering if we would see demos of either of the other two games do out?

  • I love this demo. It reminded me of the fact that I need to buy the original, and due to the recent price drop, I’ll be getting it ASAP. This is one of the most clever games I’ve played in a while, easily.

  • i have a question that many gamers im sure would like to know. The Badman series,(Even the Demo for Badman 2) have exceptional music. Many of us are wondering if a soundtrack will be released, as Japan has already done so. It would please many of us gamers.

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