Make it a LOCO Holiday with the new Midnight Carnival Level Pack!

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Greetings and Holiday Wishes!

We bring great news to our LocoRoco fans today!


We celebrated Halloween last October with LocoRoco- Midnight Carnival, introducing the craziest most challenging Loco adventure yet. Now for this holiday, we are releasing a 3 brand new levels on the PSN Store ($2.99) tomorrow! Perfect timing for those of you who want to get Loco during your break.

add_08 copy

The level pack includes 3 additional levels:

  • Shamplin 3
  • BungaBongo 1
  • BuiBui Fort 3

Full of new challenges to navigate, we are sure these new levels will keep players of all skill levels busy till the new year.

For those of you who are STILL on the fence, this download pack can be applied to the free PSN demo as well! So if you’re hesitating on buying the full product ($14.99), you can try the bite size taste by getting these 3 levels for $2.99. If you like the 3 new levels, you can always come back for the full product!

add_06 copy add_09 copy

LocoRoco Patch

To get this new content, you will have to download and install a small patch on your PSP. People who already own Midnight Carnival can access this patch once they boot up the game and go online beginning this week. The patch also comes bundled with the new level pack so if you buy it, be sure to just load the patch file before installing the new levels.

Holiday Treat

During Halloween we gave everyone some LocoRoco masks to celebrate. This time around, please enjoy these festive winter wallpapers for your PC and PSP compliments of the LocoRoco team! Now it’s real easy to spread the Loco holiday cheer. :)

PSP wallpaper

With that, I’d love to wish you all a lovely Happy LocoRoco Holiday.

We’ll be back with additional Loco news in 2010!

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11 Author Replies

  • Does that additional Loco news include details about Loco Roco Island showing up on US Home servers?

  • Thanks for providing additional content for LocoRoco. My wife loves the games. The original LocoRoco was amongst our first PSP purchases. I still dabble in it, from time to time.

    Looking forward to what’s in store for LocoRoco in 2010. Perhaps, a LocoRoco CGI film? I dare to believe!

  • WHOOO PATAPON 3… oh wait something just as sweet though.

  • $3 is a lot for what is being offered. Believe I’ll pass.

  • Going to pass as well, I have the original Loco Roco PSP Game level maker. The boing feature isn’t worth the price tag to make this better than levels I can make from the original game.

  • A proper PS3 LocoRoco game? :)

    Come on guys, seriously, weve been waiting forever :(

    Make a PSN game! :) the same awesome simple graphics, but in crisp, smooth HD!

    tilt the controller left and right to move the planet, and jolt it up to make the LocoRoco jump! Remember, Sixaxis? :)

    And obviously still O to split up and re-join :) and include the option to turn Sixaxis off and play with L1 and R2 :)

    Include a level maker and some form of LittleBigPlanet-esc online :) download and upload levels, see what people can make, make the game last forever :)

    Come on guys…you know its a fantastic idea :)

    We need the game I just explained…now make it! :)

    PSN ID: Alex_Assassin_08

  • #and include the ooption to turn Sixaxis off and play with L1 and R1.

    There, that’s better :)

  • Oops, I mean include the option to play with L1 and R1 :)

  • Neat that it works with the demo. Still waiting for a PS3 version though =(

  • Brings us a Loco Roco and Pata Pon PSN/PS3 game. Thanks!

  • Great news! LocoRoco MC was my first LocoRoco game, and I LOVE it on the PSPgo. I’ll definitely get this new expansion pack.

    : )

  • does the green thing have a afro?? i just want to know if im seeing the picture correctly??

    • Yes…that would be an Loco-afro. In LocoRoco 2, you were able to get in that afro and use it as a protective shell! :)

  • Not on disc, not worth buying.

    • I respect your opinion but I do recognize benefits. You can lose a disc, but not a download. Once you buy it, you can download it as many times as you want.

      Not a bad benefit!

  • I was quite upset when I tried to load up my loco roco midnight carnival and it wouldn’t recognize that I bought it yet what really got me angry was that playstation was unwilling to help me and would not even reply to my email. Has anyone else suffered from a similar problem and managed to fix it if so would you please help me out?

    • I\’m really sorry to hear that. Our customer service team should have assisted you. Did you call the number?

      M-SAT 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST
      Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m
      800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)

  • I’ll have to pick up these levels at a later time as I’m still stuck on the ninth level. :( But when I do finally clear it and the others I will be happy in knowing there are some additional ones waiting to be downloaded. :) This announcement will give me the extra push needed to try a little harder to complete the main game.

  • Played the demo. Have no idea how to get a gold time on that first level. I got my time down to 42 seconds and have no idea how I could lower it anymore.

    Sorry but this game is still not worth $15. You guys seriously need to rethink your pricing stratagy for PSP games on PSN.

    $40 for a downloadable PSP game is insane(LBP, Motorstorm etc)

    $7 for a $2 iphone game is insane(Lets Golf)

    Charging the same as UMD retail for downloadable versions is insane.

    I’ll buy this if/when the first game is $10 or the combo item for all the DLC is $15(I’m assuming 2 more level packs).

  • Thank you for giving me the number to call Sony. Hopefully they’ll be able to help me with my problem.

  • doe this mean the playstation store will be tomorrow?

  • I think I might be all locorocod’ out.

  • So does this mean another Tuesday PSN update due to the holidays?

    Come on Sony, change the update day to Tuesdays already. It makes sense to have it the same day as retail releases with the day and date UMD+PSN releases.

    Plus you’ll get the jump on multiplatform stuff.

    This seems like a no brainer. Make it happen already.

  • Good luck! It definitely challenges the Loco skills doesn’t it?

  • Could you guys update the Locoroco screensavers for Mac on the website? The screensavers are incompatible with Mac OS 10.6. I adore the Locos and would really like to use the screensavers with my updated OS.

  • I bought Midnight Carnival for my girlfriend since she loved the first 2 games so much, but the punishing difficulty and imprecise controls frustrated her so much that she stopped playing it altogether without finishing it. :(

  • I’ve been waiting for a proper PS3 game for YEARS now. Please, please, please bring one out soon!

  • the first poster was referring to LocoIsland there is a promo vid for it on the Japanese store not sure if it is a public space or a personal space in home

  • Please bring Loco and Patapon to PS3, you won’t regret it I’m sure ;)

  • Will there be another PSN Store update this year?

  • Make more Cocoreccho-esque games, please~~! And yes, bring LocoRoco to the PS3.

  • This is awesome and I’d say well worth it.

    My only LocoRoco related complaint is that the original game is the most expensive to download through the Playstation Store. Still, that makes it a really great candidate for a promotion. :)

  • I am trying to get a review to the locoroco makers much appreciated if this could be passed on thank you. The first locoroco was simple but brilliant game play and charming stimulating graphics, the second was good but was supplemented with unnecessary and none interactive content and effects that are just for show that distract from game play and in my opinion some of the simplistic graphical charm was lost in Locoroco 2. Perhaps this meant the game play dynamics did not really develop or progressed from the first game. This latest dl only sub game I feel has continued down the same small wrongs developed in locoroco 2 with even more distracting effects yet fairly spars graphically un-stimulating levels and the simple but brilliant game play has really gone wrong in this game. I had hoped the simple puzzle solving elements in the first game would be developed such as adding abilities like turning in to a locoroco liquid or become locoroco bubbles and float and so adding puzzle solving possibilities and interesting stimulating levels likely. Quite harsh it’s not a full game but I only contribute the review because locoroco was awesome and I really hope midnight carnival doesn’t represent the future of the locoroco games.

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