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  • Happy to see SONY hiring IPSOS to ask what premium content users are willing to pay for and seeing X game chat in there.
    That means SONY KNOWS that they have the tech and it works.
    It also means SONY is holding it back until they can monetize it somehow.
    Wait…I guess I’m NOT happy to hear about this AT ALL.

  • @2

    Well, you can expect mass Internet breakdown if you have to pay for cross-game voice chat somehow.

  • i think lbp update is going to be on tuesday.

  • Eh

    When are the canadian fortue hunter edition winners going to be announced (please answer)


  • It’s been a pretty good week.
    I’m really enjoying the Digital Comics Reader and the ModNation Racers Beta, but most of all, I’m extremely happy to have FFVIII! I hope we get Xenogears soon!
    Congrats to thatgamecompany and Naughty Dog for their VGA wins!

  • Chris and Jeff, an you guys help me? Ok, I purchase the LBP: Game of the year edition back on Black Friday, but I didn’t not get a Mod Nation Racer beta code. Was I suppose to get the code from the retailer (bestbuy), or does it come inside the game casing? I really want to play the beta. I did not receive my Qore beta code and I had the LBP Game of The Year edition (Did not open it up until yesterday because I also have the regular LBP game) as a back up in case i didn’t get my code.

  • Couple of questions.

    When is MAG coming out again?

    How do we access the MNR Beta forums?

    There has been some confusion regarding the GT5 demo. Does it expire, or can we play it infinitely? I only ask because it is tons of fun!


    As a side note I (and a lot of other people) REALLY do not want a premium service to be the only way for me/us to get x game voice chat. The revolt will be quite nasty. Its not just a feature the hardcore gamer uses its used by the casual just as much (to simply converse and socialize with friends). Anything else is perfectly fine. I hope Sony knows they are treading on thin ice with this and handle the situation with great tact.

  • Don’t Care for Cross game Chat so meh.

    How come nothing has been reported on Final Fantasy XIII’s fantastic outing in Japan?

  • the blog needs to see squeenix with just some news about EVERYTHING. that would be nice.

  • Tying cross-game voice chat to a premium service is a bad idea. For those of you who pay for a premium account, you’ll only be getting a broken version of cross-game chat, because you won’t be able to use it to communicate with most of the people on your friends list, since the majority of PS3 owners are not going to pay for one of these premium accounts. It’s a lose-lose situation for subscribers and non-sucscribers both.

    I wouldn’t object to Sony building a premium service around some of the other features in the survey, but keep cross-game chat a basic feature for everybody.

  • Sony will you ever fix your website so I can access my profile, trophies, portable ID again? It’s been broken for like 2 weeks enough is enough. Everything I click them I get “Session Expired”.

  • What happen with the winners of the God of War Collection Spartan Army Sweepstakes they suposed to be on Decemeber 17???

  • I just want to see that new GOW3 footage! sucks we have to wait till january :( at least it not that long of a wait(if its released early january that is, which i dont see why not since the footage is out already and its as easy as posting the video). Please release the video early january, from what ive heard from people who have seen it, including the vid with jeff, its awesome. I really want to see it!

  • Jeff , Chris why we have to wait till january to see the new GOW 3 footage ? its 1 of the most anticipated titles for next year and in my case the most anticipated 1 and we havent seen that much of it , of course i have played the Demo ( which i think its amazing ) but still i want to see more

  • I was completely underwhelmed by the GT5 demo. Hope it’s much better when it releases.

  • @16…

    I bought Prologue and sucked at it….forgot how much I sucked at it and downloaded the Time Trial…I still suck and now it has saved me $60.

    I guess I’m more of an arcade racer.

  • Thanks for all the demos. Sony has really stepped it up in competing with Xbox live in that respect.


    It seemed like even prologue was better than the time trial that just released. At 200 megs, I’m hoping it was gimped just for the time trial contest and is not indicative of the final product. Regardless, I’m not a fan of racing sims either, and remember having to race the same race 30 times in GT3 and 4 just to earn enough money to upgrade my car for the next race. Too much of a commitment for me.

  • Just thought I’d say thanks for firmware 3.15. Even though a sony rep said “copy protected game save data is still not transferable”, it actually works. Transition to slim is so much easier.

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