2009 American League MVP Joe Mauer Named Cover Athlete for MLB 10 The Show

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Baseball fans,

It may be December, but the MLB off season is beginning to heat up. Roy Halladay to the Phillies, Cliff Lee to Mariners, and John Lackey to the Red Sox has made for quite a week. However, I’m proud to report that the biggest news to come out during the current winter meetings is not from an All-Star hurler changing addresses, but from the industry’s #1 baseball franchise, MLB The Show. It is my pleasure to announce that the recently crowned 2009 American League Most Valuable Player and catcher for the Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer will be the cover athlete for the latest installment of the series, MLB 10 The Show! We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with a player of Joe’s caliber— a true professional on and off the field. Just to give you all a sense of how good this guy is here are some credentials—2-time Gold Glove winner, 3-time Silver Slugger, 3-time American League batting champion, and now AL MVP…all before his 27th birthday. Put it another way, he is not only redefining the way the catcher position is played, he’s redefining what the complete ball player should be.

Here is the first look at Joe Mauer in the upcoming MLB 10 The Show:

Joe Mauer1

For a rundown of new features in MLB 10, we have some required reading for you. Take a look at Jon Robinson’s first impressions of the game, hot off the press. Jon spent the day at our studio earlier this week to check in with the team and get an inside look at the development process for this year.

Joe Mauer2

MLB 10 The Show is the first baseball game cover for Mauer, who will be following up a former AL MVP, Dustin Pedroia, who graced the cover last year. Slated for March 2010 (just in time for Spring Training) for PS3, PSP, PSPgo and PS2, The Show will once again push the limits of authenticity, dropping fans into the most true-to-life baseball experience coupled with incredible detail that won’t be found in any other game, including all the big moments that makes baseball America’s favorite pastime. This year fans can also expect some great new features including: Home Run Derby, Catcher Mode (play as the field general just like Joe Mauer), new pitching and fielding practice/training modes in Road to The Show, user controlled pick-offs, Movie Maker feature (make your own highlight reel), daytime transitional lighting, 11 new stadiums, improved online experience, and much more. We’ll be giving a deep dive on all of the new features very soon, so stay tuned for more news on The Show as we move closer to Opening Day!

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  • I’ve barely paid attention to Baseball since the strike but I didn’t know I was THAT out of the loop…I have NEVER heard of this guy. Ever.

  • One day I hope to see an Indians player on the cover.

    EA keeps screwed me out a buckeye player being on NCAA’s cover the year Troy Smith won the heisman

  • BTW…cool that you are STILL supporting the PS2.

  • March?

    Oh, you’re kidding.

  • Is that one minigame going to be back in the PSP version? It was arcadey and was dropped from MLB09 The Show. I loved it. Forgot the name of it though, it had multiple levels to score points in.

  • What happened to homerun derby????

  • Will MLB 10 The SHoe have the follwing?

    1.Are there Boy Boys and Ball Girls sitting on chairs down the foul lines and chasing after foul balls?

    2. Does the catcher toss is mask on pop ups?

    3. Is there weather like Rain or maybe even snow?

    4. Has gameplay and ball movment been improved any from 09?

    In 09 too many hits were to straight down the line.

    5. In season mode does the scoreboard pop up a box showing what number Home Run the batter just hit?

    Like if Ryan Howard hits his 20th HR of the year will the scorebar display that info like on real TV?

  • Yes! The best game ever! Give me an online co-op in ROAD TO THE SHOW PLEASE! And let me experience the full game in RTTS inning by inning, pitch by pitch and out by out. At least make it an option. You guys are the business! Keep up the outstanding work!

    • Yes, you can now experience the full game in Rtts, inning by inning and pitch by pitch…
      Road to The Show (RTTS) features the additions of two new option settings; RTTS Game Watch and RTTS Game Completion, that allow users to set how much of the game they wish to view. With settings of All Pitches, All Fielding, Result Play, and Off, user\’s will have the choice to view every pitch of the entire game, or trim the viewing down to just the result pitch.

  • Please have Kevin Butler ads :D

  • Will MLB 10 The Show have better play by play guys??????

  • Awesome and well deserved.

    This baseball series IMO is the best there is. Loved MVP, but this game has surpassed it in my eyes.

    Day one purchase. Love the new features added.

  • It would be awesome if John Sterling did the play-by-play…or even Michael Kay

  • i bet jeff was very happy to see the phillies got Roy Halladay. but i still think they should have kept Lee instead. i will have to wait and see if this is a first day buy for me. Go Yankees!!

  • Will MLB 10 The Show have a working throwing Meter like MVP Baseball 2005?

  • I may be a White Sox fan but Mauer as the cover is probably the greatest person to put on the cover and the best to be on the cover ever.

  • Sounds great, easily my favorite sports game out there.

    Joe Mauer is probably one of the greatest athletes this country has ever had.

  • Joe Mauer is so over-rated it’s ridick

  • Great pick! Joe is a hard-working, ‘Johnny Hustle’ type of player… And since he’s a catcher, he has to manage the whole pitching staff in between at-bats. It’s no coincidence that the Twins pitching staff has been great under his watch, even when the individual SP’s on their teams weren’t always stellar. @KSPRAYDAD: Welcome to the 2000’s. Including Mike Schmidt on the cover might’ve been a little out’ve place…

    Only better choice would’ve been his teammate Justin Morneau, the Canuck. But I’m a biased and proud Canadian fan. ;)

  • Good choice for MLB 10 The Show Cover boy in Joe Mauer. Mauer is in my opinion and their are good catchers the best catcher in the AL.

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want this game bad!!!!!!!!!!
    But I need to get MAG, FF13, FFV13, and GT5 first!!!!!!!! Why so many games at once, everyone gets games at Christmas time anyway!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait to see the new Target Field in this game.

  • How about some screen shots of the new Target Field that the Twins will be playing in next year?

  • It would be great to see this game come to Europe.

  • A very deserving gentlemen.. And i can’t wait for march 2010….

  • Will there be an in game sports ticker like 2K9 has?

    For season mode and real life MLB games?

  • all the Twins Suck. Mark Teixeira should have been AL MVP. Hey Jeff how about dem Yankees.

    Lets go Yankees… and Boston Suck…..

  • That’s Mauer in the first looks at the new Target Field if I am not mistaken. SO getting this game!

  • @7

    MLB The Shoe will be the most sole-ful game on the market.

    I hope this game will have forced 1080p so you don’t have to de-select it in the options like you did with 09.

  • @NEJI64, Hi there. Ya sure you can pick on our accents, but you sure bet that you can’t pick on our Twins don’tchya know. That’s just disrespectful there.

    Yes, I am Minnesotan and we don’t usually type like this, but I can’t stand when people say stuff like “all the Twins Suck”!!!


    If you don’t know Joe then you are missing on a great player. He is one of the best catchers today. He truely desrves this

  • any ps eye or motion contoller support?????

  • I LOVE the MLB series and I can’t wait for this!!

  • I love this series and don’t need online to enjoy it. However, if they fail with the online version again, that will be ridiculous. 07 I gave them a pass on. 08 was the most balanced gameplay so far (sorry 09). 09 was obviously good, but it was unacceptable to have online function like that.

    • We\’ve spent a lot of time improving the online functionality, so I think you\’ll be very pleased with the results.

  • I hope the PS3 will have more depth to this game. HR Derby, Batting practice, etc. I have no problem with AL MVP Joe Mauer the cover guy for this game. Twins are the most underrated team in Major League Baseball. That team gets very little respect. Still love my Atlanta Braves though. Braves are a NL Sleeper in a division that’s been won by both the Mets and Phillies. 2010 will be an interesting year.

    Go Braves!!!

  • it would be nice if the hitting wasn’t as hard as the last one. I’m not asking to hit home runs all of the time, but it would be nice if it wasn’t quite as sensitive, thus only resulting in weak grounders or fly balls. I’m all for realism but MLB09 was ridiculous.

  • Joe Mauer is simply sick! How can a catcher do these things? He is an animal at bat and a general behind the plate.

    Questions about the game?

    Yes, will there be a detailed weather option? Snow maybe, or at least periods of snow throughout the game ( would be hard to see the ball while it is actually snowing, but of course this is not reality, though a pretty darn good simulation of it)…

    Will the legendary Rex Hudler be appearing even though he is no longer the Angels’ announcer? Will Vin Skully make an appearance? Will there be more nuanced commentary?

    Will the Home Run Derby be capable of online and offline play? And will the Derby be as great as we all know you can make it!? hehe

    Last – Will it be able to work with the new PS3 Motion Controller which was announced to come out in 2010? (wouldn’t that be sweet!?)

  • Hey guys. Love The Show and March 1st can’t come soon enough.

    Quick question though, did you guys re-do the Royals’ Kauffman Stadium(as it received a pretty substantial upgrade) for the new game? The little nuances and details in your game is why I consistently purchase it. Keep up the good work!

    • We have made the upgrades to match what we\’ve been told and have seen with the stadium. We think Royals\’ fans will approve.

  • Any chance of having motion controller support (PS wand)? Im just thinking it could work out pretty good.

  • Brilliant choice. Mauer deserves more exposure. Game looks amazing. Can’t wait for the new camera angles and to see the affects of RTP.

  • My froth has reached a foam stage. I can’t wait. I may need to sell a kidney in March, all these great games.

  • @39 OMG, I can’t believe I forgot to say that! 1/2 the reason I’m so pumped about The Show ’10 was the PS3 wand! Don’t tell me you guys didn’t jump all over that?! I wanna bat in Road to the Show mode, man.

  • Can’t wait to see the new game. Got to the PS3 party late this year and been playing the show 09 a lot.

  • great to see new practise modes for fielding and pitchers as well.

  • I noticed that there is going to be a home run counter when a ball is hit into McCovey Cove, but will it follow the ball splashing into the cove? And when balls are hit into Ashburn Alley and over The Monster at Fenway?

  • This game is going to be great once again when MLB 10 The Show comes out in March. Joe Mauer is a good choice for MLB 10 The Show cover boy he is one of the best catchers in the game today. I can’t wait to get MLB 10 The Show when it comes out in March. Keep up the good work Sony San Diego.

  • Quick question Sony San Diego will MLB 10 The Show have the sounds that are in the MLB stadiums like the tomahawk chop at turner field and the police style home sound at progressive field and will their be fireworks when a playet hits a home run in MLB 10 The Show?

  • I bought the game last year and it was filled with gliches-batting-game saves-etc. are these problems fixed this year?

  • Dear Ville or Levine….

    MLB 09 The Show had some extra little things in HD that SD didn’t have (Ex; A division standings on the calendar) Will there be anymore of this stuff? Also, the MLB 09 online play was, well broken, will the online gameplay be smoother now? And finally, your MLB 09 The Show fanatics played the game for many hours, after hundreds of hours, the commentary got very repetitive, will we see lots more commentary?

  • I apologize in my last comment., it I meant to spell Villa, not Ville.

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