Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign – Invading Your PSP this Month!

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Hi again, Daimion Pinnock, the US Producer of Savage Moon here to give you the latest news on Savage Moon. I’m pleased to say that Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign will be released via PSN on December 22nd. For more info, here’s my colleagues at Fluffy Logic:

Hello – I’m Ana, the producer of Savage Moon here at Fluffy Logic in Bristol, UK. We’re really excited by the PSP version of the game and myself and the rest of the development team has spent the last few months pouring our energy into the game and we’re very pleased with the result – and we hope you will be too!

If you haven’t played Savage Moon before; it’s a real-time, tower defense game pitting you (the humans) against hordes of chitinous, carnivorous, bug-like creatures called Insectocytes who are the immune system of living planets (called Imoons) the humans are trying to mine. The Hera campaign is the third project we’ve done – following on from the PS3 release and the Waldgeist expansion pack for the PS3 version available for $9.99 and $4.99 respectively.

Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign (named after the Aegophagus or goat eating aspect of the Greek goddess of the same name) is set within a huge gathering of Imoons, the Hera Cluster, that drifted into human space. Preliminary intelligence suggests that it consists of, at least, 20 Imoons populated by a rich variety of Insectocyte forms, some of which we have encountered before and some of which are new.

We are extremely excited to have Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign available for the PSP, which in fact is not a port but specifically designed for the PSP. It also includes two new species, a new interface and the ability to unlock vengeance mode for each Imoon. You can also unlock alternative, specially commissioned soundtracks too.

To support the upcoming release, you can find the latest trailer which showcases some of the gameplay. Also, keep and eye on our Support Page as we’ll be posting links to hints, tips and help with the game.

The game is set to release on December 22nd and will be priced at $9.99 – enjoy! :)



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  • Sweet this is looking nice, i’m in the whole craze of created or in this case user based content is possible we make our own maps and publish them for others to play, because a great RTS genre for shared user generated content.

    So with that being said could it be possible we could something like that on a future update or a sequel if possible?

  • What is the storage requirement on this?

  • So it looks like next week’s PS Store update is on Tuesday then, which is good news.

    On topic, I’ve enjoyed Savage Moon, this and PJM are easily my favorite tower defense games on PSN, so it’s good news for PSP owners.

  • ty 4 this just in time 4 x mas.. I have one question can we play co op with other people via ad hoc party.. I would to play with my buddies in campaign mode that would rock.. If its not supported please send the messaga along so they can to the to do list… and what does imoon meat taste like during the holidays lol..

    • There is no multiplayer in Savage Moon currently. I\’ll add it to our wish list.

      Imoon meat takes like chicken :)

  • Definite purchase the second the store updates next week.

  • Awesome. Great price for a great series! Will be picking it up for sure.

  • hi,

    does commissioned soundtracks mean custom soundtracks?

    i played SM on my ps3 for non-stop for days. i think this was the only game i played back in the summer. buying this for my psp day one.

  • The Europe blog is far superior.

  • Is the campaign better balanced this time to require different strategies? I was a bit disappointed that there was an easy strategy of putting an amp and health tower surrounded by offensive turrets that made the last two-thirds of the PS3 Savage Moon’s campaign really easy.

    • I would like to think that the team has done a good job balancing all areas of the campaign. Some players actually found the last third of the campaign to be too difficult on the PS3, so it\’s always a challenge to get the right balance for everyone.

  • We need this and more games on remote play, say Daimion would you pass that along to the “big guys”?

    Thank you!

  • @8:
    So that’s why you bother on reading this one?


  • I wish there was a way to down the difficulty level. I paid for the ps3 version and can’t make it past the 6th or 7th world. Won’t be able to buy this one if it’s just as hard. Shame. It was fun up until then.

    • Well we do have an Easy mode available. With Easy mode, the player will have more resources available, and it will also lower the Insectocyte\’s health and damage.

  • I like this game. Too bad my PSP is broken to put this game for it :|

  • @2
    @Daimion Pinnock
    The game is downloadable, so I assume @2 meant how big is the game file. I’d like to know this too.

  • Wow this is great news! I’ll gladly pick this up. The PS3 version is one of my favorite PSN games of all time. Speaking of which, are there any plans for more content on the PS3 Savage Moon? Maybe a sequel?

  • @BurntOrange32

    That is what I was looking for, thanx!

    And @Daimion, thank you for the reply

  • Will this be playable on the PS3?

    If not do you plan to make any future DLC’s for the PS3 version?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hopefully a price cut on Savage Moon this week in the store?

  • Great to hear about easy mode. Thanks for the response. I’ll check it out.

  • Unfortunately, this is the 5th(!) Tower Defense game for the PSP in the last 2 months. (Field Runners, Pixeljunk Monsters, Creature Defense, Crystal Defenders).

    While it’s nice that the PSP is getting another game (they’ve been kind of sparse the last couple years), it would have been nice in some other genre.

  • Good to know that the file size is small. God, this is gonna kill me. I played Savage Moon every night before going to sleep when I originally bought it (when it went on sale). Definitely gonna pick this up.

    You guys are trying to kill me with love D:

  • I can’t wait. :3

  • Thanks.

    The game is now out. Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign help guide for the PSP – – includes a guide to each level of the game.

    General support page is at:

  • finally a game worthy of the psp go.sick to death of pixel(junk)and fairly irritated that dylan cuthbert has said he’s not going to port any more games to the psp because torrents are losing him money(you and every other psp developer)kudos to to fl for building the game from the ground up.downloading it as we speak.cheers: )

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