LittleBigPlanet – Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean DLC Announced!

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You guys knew was coming and were just waiting for the official word…so here it is! The long awaited Pirates of the Caribbean DLC will be available on December 22nd on the PlayStation Store. There are two different packs available, a premium Costume Pack and massive Level Kit.


In the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume pack, you can dress up your Sackboy as one of the many characters in the movie including, Sack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa, Davy Jones and Tia Dalma. Each of these costumes can be purchased individually for $1.99 or get all six for $5.99.

SackSparrowFront WillTurnerFront

ElizabethFront DavyjonesFront

The Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit, includes a completely new adventure spanning five new levels and a mini-game. Be sure to put on your swimming gear as these new levels feature a completely new gameplay element that will make you all wet. That’s right….WATER!!!

LBP Water

For the first time in LBP history, water will be a new gameplay element for you to play, and create your own new water-drenched levels for the rest of the community to play. In addition, you’ll have access to tons of new stickers, objects and other create materials plus a bunch of new trophies to collect. Last but not least, is a bonus “Pelegosto” costume only available in this Level Kit. All this for $5.99 – a definite must buy.

Click on over to for more details…

Stay tuned for more updates as we have tons more before the holidays are over.

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  • LittleBiGPlanet Rocks! Water will be sweet!

  • Omg! Thank you Mm! Please to tell me what you want from me for Christmas. :)

  • Jack Sparrow!!!

  • We have to pay for WATER?! Nooooo!

    • Once the community gets their hands on the Level Kit, they\’ll start creating some amazing water based levels, which you\’ll be able to play for free.

  • I’ll be buying both next Tues., thanks for the official word.

  • Yay! I cant wait to use the water. And by the way, the new patch has allowed me to finally be able to connect in online games, so now I play LBP almost every day!

  • awesome, day 1, thanks MM, we all love you!

  • Awesome consider this sold! I don’t buy costume packs, but level packs are ALWAYS welcome. Thanks MM!

  • So you have to buy the level kit to have access to water? It would seem an important gameplay element update should be free in a patch…

  • Water, Hooray. I’d buy.

  • hmm, i’ll need to find a way get this at my fam’s house, the last mile internet deadspot sucks.

  • I was kind of hoping Water would’ve been a free addition in the form of a patch. How naive of me.

    If I buy this, I will do so, begrudgingly. LBP is a groundbreaking title to support, of course, and the devs deserve our backing, but to put a six-dollar price tag on Water (and the meaningless “little things” that are so conveniently packed together in the bundle)… Oh, well. Mine is a typical reaction; I’m just “taking it” and accepting that fate for what it is.

    DLC for games. Whomever conceived of the notion – he’s likely sleeping on the bed money.

    • You said it, not me…but you\’ll be able to play user-generated water levels for free – just like the Paintinator levels from the Metal Gear Solid Level Kit.

  • sold.

  • Is water a free update or you have to buy something because don’t sound clear to me if you have to buy or not to get it in out tool kit


    Also, what happened to the update that shows the number of levels played, etc?

  • Tons more before the Holidays? I’d like to see that. This is some good stuff MM.

  • Finally more levels! The wait was difficult, but I’m sure it is worth the wait, and just in time for the holidays. (Good price too!)

    “Stay tuned for more updates as we have tons more before the holidays are over.”

    I’m not sure how this is even possible as the holidays will be over in three weeks. How much updates can you do in three weeks?

  • @12 do you not know how the LBP DL’s work? you can play any of the user created levels with water but, just like the paintball gun, you can’t create a level until you buy it. I respond to you begrudgingly because of everyones feeling of entitlement to DLC. Tell you what, you make a game and make all the free dlc you want, then you can complain.

  • Will i be able to buy this through the Amazon store on day one? because it usually takes 4-5 days until they get the content…

  • Time to get my LBP back again! I cant wait for this, I loved the MGS pack.


  • Fok yeah!!!

  • Sold. I could care less about costume packs, but level packs with new gameplay and backgrounds/music/etc will be bought day one every time. MGS pack was awesome,I’m sure this one will be as well.

    Is that Ratchet & Clank one coming soon? Would have made sense to come out around A Crack In Time’s release, but I’ll still buy it when it does release.

  • About freaking time, I hope levels become more often goodies and not yearly events…^__^

  • Captain Sack Sparrow

  • Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me! I will buy both these packs cause I love LBP, and I love Disney!

    One question though….

    Will we see more DISNEY DLC? Or was this the only Disney DLC we will see?

    I really wish we get more Disney!!

  • CAN’T WAIT……

    Just in time for the Holidays

  • @ACDarkKnight

    The paintball gun was never necessary until the MGS pack launched. Water is much bigger gameplay element that everyone, regardless of what they want to spend on DLC, should have access to. Having said that, I’m going to get it anyway because I’m a POTC fan but I don’t think it should be mandatory to shell out $6 for someone who just wants to build levels with it. MM has TONS of costumes and design packs in the store that add almost nothing to gamelay and they still sell very well. Water should be a patch, but POTC-themed levels and costumes should be charged for.

  • Perfect timing… I just got the YLOD last night. :(

  • lol sorry I guess I had two questions for #26…

    and @2 ixnine: “Omg! Thank you Mm! Please to tell me what you want from me for Christmas. :)”

    They would just love for you to buy these packs!! :)

  • @19 U dont get do u just another fanboy .some ppl are tried of buying a game for $60 or more then on top of that to be nickal and dimed to death with these DLCs.If some ppl want to buy them fine good for u. myself i am tried of buying a game then worry how much more i have to spend to finsh a game

  • sweet. i am happy i didn’t buy pixel junk shooter now

  • Honestly, I have no interest and no reason to get LBP again until the horrible online is fixed.

    • When was the last time you played, there were a few updates that a while back that improved online play and I was just on last weekend with the kids and it worked just fine. 4p with a bunch of screaming 6-7 year olds is both fun and frighting.

  • All this expensive DLC. I bought the game on launch day and will never again buy a Mm game. They screwed us by giving the GoTY addition free DLC and they milked the crap out of DLC for LBP. Screw this game and Mm.

  • Sweet buy. A must have in my book.

    Speaking of a must have.

    FFVII Pack?…….Sephiroth?

  • @31: YOU DON’T NEED this or any other DLC to finish LBP! Please do your research before you say something stupid!!!

  • A must have in my book

    Speaking of a must have


  • I have one question. When are we going to see the Final Fantasy VII LBP add-on? Its been over a year now and nothing.

  • Sorry for the double post……:(

  • will Captain Barbossa Costume be included.

  • Ah comooon! is $5
    I spend more on mcdonalds for a snack.

    Nice DLC, excellent game.

  • @31 Bobflac
    This is why abortion should be legal worldwide.

  • What’s up with the update day being on Tuesday? Oh yeah, the Thursday that week is Christmas Eve.

  • Nice! great timing too since I haven’t played LBP since last year’s MGS pack. And about time for some new levels from MM. :)

  • It only took 1 full year for another one of these early Christmas presents. I look forward to the new level pack and it looks like the theme will go well with the water.

  • The Level Kit (and water) look awesome — and the price is definitely fair for the Kit.

    But the price of individual costumes continues to be ludicrous.

  • @42, LMAO, but that was a low blow! LOL though!

  • @46 agreed. This will be my first LBP DLC purchase since … wait for it … the Metal Gear Level Kit. I’m sure no one saw that coming.

    The kits continue to be a great value, particularly given the levels and significant game play elements added.

    The costumes on the other hand don’t fit when contrasted with the pricing on other items on PSN.

  • Stilling waiting for the LBP Final Fantasy 7 DLC!

  • How many of the levels are full length and how many are just an intro, score challenge, or boss fight? I remember the MGS pack had 5 levels but one was an intro that you couldn’t play through and one was a boss fight. There were only 3 real story levels. How about the Pirates pack?

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