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  • ModNation Racers’ Beta date announcement best news this week for me! Thanks!

    Will you be reporting some news about VGAs in the blog regarding Sony and PlayStation?

  • Can you please tell Sony or Amazon to put up PixelJunk Shooter and other games on the ‘PSN Amazon Store’!!?!?

    It will be a guaranteed buy from me, because I have an Amazon gift card and i’ve been dying for PixelJunk Shooter!

  • Will we get some news about Dead nation before the end of the year? I hope you guys will release it for the holiday. Thank you

  • @ Jeff Or Chris,

    Eh, Were the Canadian Fortune Hunter Edtion Winners announced yet.

    (please reply, thanks)

  • Is Sony going to be announcing anything at the VGAs?

    Yes or No would suffice.

  • Hey there. With the announcement of Mega Man 10 for WiiWare, will we also be getting the game on PSN?

    While I have both systems, I far prefer playing the game with the DualShock 3.

  • Is there anyway the store Christmas background can become a theme?

  • Hey guys, I was and have been wondering for a very long time now… Is there any news on a release date for FINAL FANTASY 8 (VIII) for the Playstation Network in North America?

  • What’s the [DELTED] with the Canadian Fortune Hunter Contest? Who won?

  • I’m glad to see a lot of good news the PS Blog give us. Yakuza excite most of the PS players out there.

  • Yakuza 3 being announced for a Western release is the News of the Decade for me.

  • PS3: It Only Does GOTYs

  • PS3 It Only Does GOTYs

  • Uncharted 2 GOTY Congratulations, Sony, and Naughty Dog.

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog and SCE!

  • can’t wait for the congratulations to ND post in the blog.
    i’m ganna save my congrats comment to that post.

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog and Uncharted 2 for getting GOTY… also can’t wait for GOW 3

  • Congratulations to ND for Uncharted 2 receiving GOTY.

    Why didnt ND get best studio of the year? I mean, COME ON.

  • Hey, did anyone check Metacritic? PS3 has, statistically, the Best quality games of the year ( though I’d say 2008 was too with LBP&MGS4). It great to see Sony matching and going beyond the 360 after a couple of rough freshmen years. Can’t wait for Bioshock 2, FF13 (think PS3 will have the better version) and GoW2!! Congrat to Naughty Dog for one of the best games of all time!!

  • Hoping next firm update allows the PS3 to let us log in with multiple PSN accounts for multiplayer. Such as playing MW2 with a friend and they have their own PSN account, so he can log in and unlock trophies while you both play Spec Ops local multiplayer on the same PS3

  • Uncharted 2, MW2 or Assassins Creed 2 Dynamic Themes anytime soon? and any news about Premium Avatars?

  • i second the notion how about some holiday dynamic themes. think you guys could pass this to the proper channel.(this would make a killing.)

  • Still waiting for the Comics Store to go live on the PSN…so I can spend oodles and oodles of mu-la on comics…??? Oh well…I will just go buy something else..cough cough… ;)

  • When are the new avatars coming out?

  • Firmware v3.15 is out now in North America!

  • @17 the right studio won studio of the year. Rockstudy deserve that award they did a hell of a job with Arkham Asylum. they finally made a superhero game that’s worth playing.

  • lol @ avi_66. Very True.

    So happy U2 got GOTY. Congrats.

  • @Neji64

    I agree, even though Uncharted 2 was the best game of the year, everyone knew Naughty Dog was going to make a good game. Rockstudy came out of nowhere and everyone thought it was another mediocre batman game but turned out to be the darkhorse of the year.
    Kudos to Rockstudy; excited to see what they’ll do next with batman!

  • Pretty dang sweet!

  • I’m with 4 and 9 on this one. You guys need to get Moffatt in here more than once every 6 months, even if it is just for publicity events and stuff like that.

    So the Canadian fortune hunter contest winners were direct contacted and will not be posted here? At least you finally got EoI up on our store. One can only hope this is the start of a new trend.

  • UPDATE THE AVATARS!!! Or at least give us the option to upload our own.

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