God of War III Status Update

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On Tuesday, SCEA and a number of our publishing partners (2K, Capcom, EA, SEGA, and Square-Enix) filled a SoHo art gallery with many of the best games you’ll be playing in early 2010. Before things kicked off, Sony Santa Monica Studios’ Director of Development John Hight showed me a brand new scene from God of War III. We’ll be sharing a detailed look at that scene next month, but I thought you might want an update from the team on how the game is coming along.

We’ll be sharing more from our Q1 event soon, so keep an eye out!

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  • GOW Series is so awesome i just got the collection i cant stop playing them i even platinumed both…. & please Jeff reply to my post atleast once in your life hahah XD

  • Awesome!!!!! Can’t wait til it’s out. Day 1 for me

  • Nice!!!!!!!! Cant wait till march

  • wish I could watch this but the video doesn’t work on the ps3 browser, let those developers know I’m enraged Jeff. CAPS LOCK!!!!

  • Im going on my 14 run on the demo! The graphics are uncharted 2 like.

  • You’d think they’d make PS.Blog able to work in the PS3 web browser. They should hire Mozilla to make a replacement browser.

  • I seriously can’t wait for GOW3 man, it’s gonna be so epic

  • Looks so great i dont think i can wait for the next few months

  • Is God of War 3 still being set for March? I have a strange feeling it’s going to be delayed.

  • What a tease… Ohh well, I’ll just have to wait.

    I hope march 2010 isn’t too late in march like march 31, might as well say april.

  • i doubt it will be delayed. they’re already finished and are polishing it.

  • Trying to keep people away from Dante’s Inferno or something, SONY?

    Anyway I can’t wait for GOW3, but I’ll be honest here the Dante’s Inferno demo felt so much better than the GOW3 demo. I’ll still be getting both but if they both came out in the same day and I had to choose only one, I’ll have to go with Dante’s Inferno since it left a better impression on me.

    A little of topic: Please for the love of gamers don’t release Heavy Rain in April.

  • Wait, did you just make a blog post with a video where you tell us that YOU saw new video of GOW 3 and are not going to let us see it for a few more weeks?

    Jeff Rubenstein = BIGGEST … TEASE … EVAR!!

  • Nice job Jeff. I especially appreciate how you pressed him a bit on the ‘look’ of the final product versus the demo, as the demo does exhibit a bit of technical ugliness in places (frame rate, wonky AI camera)–which become rather noticeable after having spent considerable time playing the buttery smoothness of the Collection.

  • I am loving the GOW Collection, and I can not wait till March 2010 for this game to come out! 2010 is already looking like an awesome year again for SONY!

  • Nice interview as always,and nice jacket,Jeff!

  • i cant wait for g.o.w. 3
    i already have it paid for and i have to do is pick it up.thats saying something sony.i think this is one of the few games i have total confidence in the product.i just hope it is a lot longer than the last 2.

    off subject
    just played dantes inferno demo.its god of war lite.

  • how much better can the graphics get!!!??!???!?!?

  • Oh My GOD!! this is such BS I can’t watch this video on the PS3 browser. When are you guys going to fix this?! Just go back to the old video format for the love of the gaming gods!!

    I don’t know how you can say the Dante’s Inferno demo felt so much better than the GoW3 demo. They in fact feel very similar, but GoW3’s gameplay feels a bit more polished. Dante feels more like a clone. But it certainly plays well. Alot better than Bayonetta. But not as good as God of War. EA deffinitely did a good job of cloning God of War though. It plays just like it. They did a great job with the visuals too. Again, not QUITE as polished as GoW3, but very close. Much better looking than either DMC or Bayonetta.

  • Significantly better looking than the demo? Wow.

  • aww no new footage, thanks for the status update Jeff.

  • the graphics really do blow everything else out the water right now. Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are the closet games i can say look as good as god of war 3 {remembers helios head rip}

    Sony Santa Monica, 1 wish.
    my b-day is March 18th can yall please target for a March 18th release…i will greatly appreciate it!

  • i have to say, i played Dante’s Inferno demo today….

    i think it does alot of different things, but the comparison with game play elements that replicate god of war III is too obvious. if Dante’s Inferno came out around halloween this year or maybe months after god of war III i would probably get it. but ill pass.


  • So… the status update is “Yep… we’re still working on it” ? … … …

  • January? :( Nothing for VGA?

  • hey jeff
    nice job on the interview.
    Couldn’t help but notice how excited you sounded about what they showed there.
    Making me wonder alot man.. It looks like something REALLY amazing.
    Can’t wait till Jan. I’ll be waiting for PSblog to be one of the firs to spill for their fans!

    Glad to hear that this beauty can only get better.
    Just got the demo 2 days ago.. and i have only been playing the demo for 2 days now -.-
    Clan mates getting mad on Killzone 2 n Resistance 2 lol And missing out on leveling my Recon class on BC2 beta.. but GoW3 is worth every second!

    Kodus.. can’t wait till Jan.

  • Oooh, la-dee-da. Look at us with our fancy art gallery in SooHooo. Pardon me Pater, I’m off to play the grand piano. XD

    Just messin’ with ya. I think it’s safe to say that this game is going to be the best title of ALL TIME!! (ha, well maybe not, but it’s going to kick ass anyway.) I don’t think it even needs saying, but in March 2010, at game retailers across the country, There Will Be Only Chaos! XD

  • such a tease , why you guys didnt tell us where you were gonna be showcasing games ? man i wanted to attend , oh well next time i guess , Jeff i hope we get the latest news on God of War 3 on january 1st , no later than that lol , i cant wait

  • @ 28 its not a stretch to say it could be the best.

    but with everything else that we know about, and everything that we really dont know about. hold of all bets until 2010 is complete.

  • I want this game so freaking badly!!!! Maybe Dante’s Inferno will make the wait a little more bearable. That demo was pretty cool. Def. not as good as the God of War demo (idk what that guy was thinking when he said that lol) Can’t believe the graphics are gonna look even better when it finaly comes out. March can’t come soon enough!!!

  • Oh you damn tease. I wanted some new footage!

  • you teasing bustards, oh well time to play god of war collection

  • Yeah, I may be at 30 play throughs or more of the demo by the time GOW3 comes out.

  • So cool. I hate myself. I made a wrong decision. I bought my PS3 in Walmart, which includes Batman Dark Asylum and inFamous. I should have bought it in Gamespot. It has God of War Collection. I already played them in PS2, and still I am regretting.

  • man i want this now! soo much tease!

  • ok, now I really want to know

  • I’d buy that banner behind you =)
    you think I’m joking…
    I’m not.

    • We had it made especially for this event. Maybe we can raffle it off on the blog down the line. Good call, jaz350z!

  • I am so excited about this game i am actually getting Nervous !!!!!

  • im on my 39th play through….

    i wonder, is there a log of how many hours are put into this demo, i know developers do this for betas, but has there been a log of hours put into this game?

  • can’t wait for some new footage.

  • i have bought gow collection and i have to say i thought i never would play another ps2 game before but now im on my 5th playthrough of gow2

  • already preordered the ultimate collection on day one! love this game!!

  • I already preordered the Pandora’s Box Special Edition a few months ago… I can’t wait.

  • Can’t wait.

  • I know it’s been said plenty but Playstation Blog videos not working on a Playstation 3 is *insert synonym for fail here*
    That being said, I can’t wait for God of War 3. Pandora’s Box FTW!

  • No new footage since June, please don’t keep us waiting ’till January for the next one :(

  • what do u mean till next month!? i want to see now! crap, i want this game so bad

  • Thanks Jeff for the update. I can’t wait to play! Already got my Ultimate Edition reserved.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff. I can’t wait to play! Already got my Ultimate Edition reserved.

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