ModNation Racers Beta Starts December 18 + Character Creation Walkthrough #2

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Hello everyone!

Rob Oliveira here. I’m taking a quick break from work to talk to you about some more character creation features in ModNation Racers.

But first, here’s a date you’re going to want to mark down on your calendars. December 18. That’s the day we open up the ModNation Racers Beta to you. The Beta runs through January 10, and you’ll have the chance to score a Beta voucher right here on the PlayStation Blog! Stay tuned very soon for details on the Beta giveaway. Of course, those of you who picked up LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition already have a voucher, so you’re good to go!

In today’s video I’m going to give you a very brief walkthrough of our sticker and layering system. I’m going to create something using one simple shape, several layers, and some color changes.

Once you’ve seen what I do with one shape and a couple of layers, you can easily imagine what can be done with hundreds of stickers, and hundreds layers at your disposal. Our system allows you to move, scale, skew, rotate, flip and change the height and transparency of all these stickers. We’ve also created many “physical” stickers like rust, mud, and dents. Like all of the parts in our game, you can change the color channels, and material properties of each of these. I hope you’re starting to see the possibilities!

Don’t see that Chrome Dragon sticker you’re looking for? There’s nothing stopping you from using one of many primitives and gradients as brushes to create it in the layer editor. Use the material properties to change all those stickers to chrome. Our layering system allows you to group those layers together, so you can move, scale, rotate or change colors as a group. Once you’ve created that Chrome Dragon, group the layers together and paste the whole thing a few more times, or save it as a Sticker Set to your PS3, for use later.

The Creation Station team here at UFG have worked really hard to make this system easy to use, but incredibly powerful. Whether you decide to create characters quickly and casually, or dive in and spend hours and hours, we know you’ll be able to create some truly unique and unbelievable characters!

We are incredibly excited to get ModNation Racers into your hands and see what you create! Start planning now:)

I look forward to any questions or comments. And be sure to head back next week for another ModNation Racers video walkthrough, track editing! Now back to work!

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  • Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t wait, thanks for the beta, Qore subscriber since day one.

  • Game looks amazing@

  • I hope I get a Beta code. I love kart racers, plus it’s always good to support fellow Canadians.

  • This looks really incredible. There aren’t nearly enough kart racers out there, so this is welcome for that alone, but the track editer looks to be very easy to use, so that fixes LBP’s lone issue. Can’t wait!

  • Character create, and track create look great, but I wonder how good the actual racing is.

    I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks.

  • Sony, make mod nation racers compatible with the new motion controller your coming out with. in LBP it looked awesome!

  • Hi Rob. I bought the latest issue of Qore and in it there was a message saying that I would receive an email with a Mod Racer Voucher, but I am not a subscriber to Qore (I just pretty much buy every issues), so was this page just an ad to everyone, or did Sony award me a voucher because of my Qore purchases?

    • Hey Sindred! I\’m hoping Ron can answer that question for you. While we develop the game, we are not involved with how vouchers are distributed. If i can find out, I will post it on here Asap OK?

    • Hi Sindred and all!

      The Qore vouchers will be sent out on Dec 17th.


  • Looking Good

  • Incredibly excited for the beta but one question about character creation. If you make a really cool character will you be able to share that online as well like the levels or are they mainly just to be shown off locally and if you’re playing online?

    Would be really cool to see what some of the talented people will make!

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    • Hey Foxx! Yes! You can share all your creations on line. You can upload your Tracks, Karts and Characters. It will be VERY cool to see what people come up with. We can\’t wait to see what people create! thanks for you question and comment!

  • Can I have a beta code Rob? :D

    • Hey Jon! While we develop the Game,Sony handles all the Beta key giveaways. Stay tuned to the blog, and they\’ll be announcing more on Key giveaways soon OK?

  • The character creation is pretty good, hope to get in the beta.

    • You\’ll get a few chances. Be sure to register on If not, stay tuned, the blog might have something up their sleeves.

  • Thanks Rob.

    You’ll have to tell us some PSN ID’s for the people in the office, so we can get extra satisfaction from beating a


  • Looks great, wish I could get a beta code to play with my girlfriend. I got LBP the day it came out last year doesn’t that count for something?

    What you guys need to do is get some brand name recognition (Nintendo style) with characters like Sackboy, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ratchet & Clank, etc going in this game to help sell it and make it more fun.

    It should also just be called “Mod Racers” to help appeal to the younger audience. Why do I constantly get the feeling Sony should be paying me to market and R&D for them?

  • Sweet review. thank you for all the info. just one quick question, when will the Quore subcribers, like myself, be recieving the beta code by email? is there a set date yet? thanks for everything man. cant wait to be playing, creating and sharing these many ideas built up for this awesome racing action.

    PSN player,

  • hey rob! throw one of those beta vouchers my way! thanks!

  • Hi Rob, got a question about the game.
    Can we create a “battle track” and use some kind of “battle mode”.
    The whole idea would be to battle other vehicles with the weapons that are around without the need of going around doing laps.
    Like a free battle mod, with no “finish line”, we could create a maze, and other type of tracks.
    I believe this could be a huge feature

    • Hey Sancor! We\’ll be revealing more about our racing modes in future updates. Right now I can\’t answer any game-design questions for you or our game designers will punch me real hard!! :) Stay tuned!!

  • That looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  • I want to BETA this up :)

  • Day one purchase for me probably the sleep hit for sony for 2010 IMO. Rock on!

  • May I have a beta code too? lol

    By the way..

    why does he keep saying dek-uhl? Isn’t it pronounced DEE-kal?

    • haha. I was wondering when someone would mention that. I Have no idea why but that\’s how we pronounce it in Canada :) That\’s why we switched it to \”stickers\”, so people would stop making fun of me :)

  • I think we all want Beta code :)

    Also, it would be nice if Sony let you guys use a feature where you can take a picture of your avatar in a photo sort of mode and use it as your avatar on PSN. I think this would be a great solution to all the repeated avatars we see around.


  • didn(t know there would be so much customization possible, i’m making myself a patapon racer

  • I would like a Beta code perty please!!!

  • Hope I get a beta code!

  • @jeff or chris can u guys fix this blog i cant watch the videos from my ps3 and i don’t have a pc please fix this ASAP ty

    • Dragonblaze – we\’re working on a solution, and this should be fixed soon.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Not sure if its been asked yet but will there be possible theme packs like Little Big Planet has like a history theme pack or a Metal gear solid theme pack as DLC?

    Better yet here’s another question. Will there be DLC at all? Do you plan on doing updates to the track mod system like adding different textures for the race track, and backgrounds for decorating your track, or weapons and such?

    • Hey ZS! We\’ll be discussing DLC in the future, but right now we\’re working really hard to finish and polish the game for you fine folks!
      We want the tools to be rock solid so the latest greatest content is coming from you!

    • You can count on some great ModNation DLC. More details on that in the months to come. :)

  • Yes finally a beta announcement. So the devs will be hitting the forums aroun the time this beta pops up righ?. I already have ideas in my head that I want to throw at them.

    • Definitely – keep the ideas coming! We can\’t wait to see the amazing creations that all of your are going to make and Share.

  • Next week it is, see you all there.

  • Oh boy deccles, I love deccles.

    Lol joking aside, I’m really looking forward to the beta if can get in! This game looks sick.

  • This is going to be great! Thanks for the announcment!

  • I took vacations from December 18th to January 10th. Now that is awesome. I just hope that I get in!

  • Awesome! Just one question, how big is the beta in terms of file size?

  • where do i go to type in the beta key if i get one?

    • I believe under: account management, under Transaction management,you go to Redeem PlayStation Code and put it in. You should also get instruction once you receive a key.

  • Thanks Rob.

    Game looks really fun.

    Can’t wait for the Beta.

  • I’m very excited about this! Thanks for making this product!

  • Subscribed to Qore to try this game out. Can’t wait to play the beta.

  • whee! anxious to try MNR out!

  • Looks great and have been following this project for awhile now. I really hope it pans out. I wonder if they will be able to have DLC packs like LBP. There is more customizability so you can practically create everything you would buy (barring items).

    This is definitely a hit in the making.

  • Hmm, why isn’t the video loading up?

    BlackMoney18, you would use the code either in the store (go to the redeem code icon along the top) or in the Account section of the XMB.

  • nice timing my last day of college for the semester is a day before the beta and next semester starts 9 days after it is over so that means I can play it allot more and I’ll have something to do over the break

  • Can I enter the beta on the 25th since I can’t open my ps3 until than?

  • Looking very awesome indeed. Sony should acquire this character creation system and use it for its avatar scheme (like Nintendo’s Miis). Avatars on PS3 stink. And don’t get me started on PlayStation Home (ugh).

    Sure, Microsoft already ripped off the Mii concept, but the ModNation character system is unique and different.

    Take advantage of this, Sony!

  • Sorry Rob, I’m Canadian and I pronounce it Dee-Kal and I’ve never herd it pronounced otherwise.

    I’ve just disproven your “I’m Canadian” reason :p

  • can’t wait!!

  • So, you’re saying there will be something like a brush/art tool which we can use to create our own designs?

    Two more questions…

    1. Do you plan to release tons of DLC, a la LBP with new content for track building?

    2. What resolution does the game run at natively?

    Thanks! Looks great!

    • Hey Packy! we\’ll be making announcements later on your last two questions, but regarding the sticker editor, it is a layer based system where you can either use preexisting and very detailed stickers, or do what i did in the video and use any of the stickers build something that doesn\’t exist.
      Its quite easy to build anything you can think of with our system. Thanks kindly for your post!

  • sweet. I just hope I get my dam beta code from Qore

  • When the full retail game is released will progress from the beta be wiped or will the tracks/costumes/cars still be available?

  • @33

    Vouchers can also be entered from your computer, then just check your DL history once you log onto the PS3.


  • Hey Rob, very excited about this game!

    What are the chances a future DLCs (i.e. Having Disney, DC, Marvel) racers? This even for stickers, like sponsor stickers like Coka Cola, Pepsi, etc, etc. How about a Kratos racers, and Sackboy racer, or ven a Fat Pricncess racer? Think LBP DLC, will DLC get expanded like the makers of MM made it?

    Will the game feature camera so we can take a picture, and make it into a sticker?

    Is the game going to have a story mode? I know it’s a racing game, but maybe have a race against an evil, or a fast racer, when you beat the racer you unlock him…..

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