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Just because all the biggest games of 2009 are already available (PixelJunk Shooter and The Saboteur notwithstanding), doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to talk about this year. Tonight we’re heading out to New York, where we’ll be showcasing some of the biggest PS3 and PSP titles you’ll be playing in early 2010. We’ll be reporting back once we get back, as will many of the sites you see linked below.

This reading list is particularly epic as it includes stories from both this week and the previous, holiday-shortened one. If you feel we *still* missed a story, go ahead and add it to the list via the comments.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 30, 2009)

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  • happy b-day once again

  • @ Jeff

    I’v been noticing a very high increase on the PSN recently which is really good, there were over 500,000 people yesterday on mw2 alone but i think for the high increase its effecting the trophy sync as its getting really slow right now. do you know if Sony will be adding more servers to the network soon? i read an article somewhere around the net that Sony will be adding more servers between now till March of next year is that right?

    Thanks and have a nice day! cant wait for all the epic games coming next year!

  • Ah! YES! It’s about time inFamous get its sales public again! = P

  • I really really REALLY hope bioware starts to develop more games for ps3 and hopefully we will get Mass Effect 2 =3

  • @Jeff do you know if there will be any PS3 Slim Bundles between now and Christmas.

    • All major holiday bundles have been revealed. That doesn\’t preclude retailers from putting things together (I saw a decent bundle today at Costco).

  • Next week should be nice with the release of pj shooter and dantes inferno demo. Lets hope BioWare decides to bring the mass effect series to the playstion.

  • HHey jeff, so i finally got sly cooper, and im lovin it

  • thanks, jeff. good find on the demon’s souls article. yeah, there isn’t a lot of story in that game. but if you want a good story, then read a book.

    been playing a lot of uncharted 2 MP lately. crushing mode/less health is the update that happened to this game. the Fort map is also very good, though, plus it’s free.

  • hey jeff my launch 60gb ps3 died this last thursday.just a couple of days after i reserved my copy of wkc. the good news is that family step up and got my early x-mas gift with a slim. just hope that the slim will last longer than my dead 60 gb

  • The LittleBigPlanet update is great, the game shoulda shipped with online creation. I hope its not too late in the game for the good creators out there to take advantage of it.

    What ever happened to the water update?

  • What, no GT fans rejoicing in prayer as they actually get a chance to play GT5? I really do not think most people understand how huge this is for fans of GT. I just want to personally thank whose ever idea it was to release a demo? Not only that but months before the actual release. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • epic week

  • hey jeff, my man,my buddy,my main man.
    do you think we can get the guys from namco to do a update on naruto ultimate ninja storm

    • Well, it came out about a year ago… so I doubt it\’s high up on their list. You\’re free to contact them, of course.

  • i cant wait for PJ shooter! definatly ps3 goty (just kidding)

  • Sly Cooper is awesome!

  • Bring more God of War III news and footage!

  • I would really like for the older games to have trophy support because I have more older games than newer, games like The Darkness, Star Wars: TFU, The Orange Box and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t consider myself a trophy whore but I do do MORE thing in games than I normally would so I can get trophies. This article is awesome.

  • All of the games on the PS3 need to take a lesson from the god of war makers and put their games on blu ray disks and add trophy support for them and remaster them in HD. Now I really want to play Jak & Daxter (all of them), R&C (all of the old ones, I’ve played QFB and A Crack in Time on the PS3), Sly Cooper… I mean come on, that was such an amazing move by the makers of GOW to include their games on a blu ray disk, added trophy support and remastered. And for a reasonable price too??? Come on peeps, hop to it.

  • Any word on new PS3 avatars Jeff? It’s getting kinda old seeing the same 10 avatars for a ton of PSN IDS. You should get 3rd parties like Konami or Capcom in on making avatars as well. Seeing a solid snake or a mega man avatar would be great don’t you think?

  • Hey you guys all at Sony, I just wanted to congratulate you guys on whoever thought of bundling up Sony tvs with PS3s because we’ve sold out at our store. We have no more PS3s in stock! Great strategy! :)

    PS. I work at Best Buy

  • when are the canadian fortune hunter edition winners for uncharted 2 going to be announced, eh!

  • Since when is pixel junk shooter already available?

  • eh nevermind

  • whats up Jeff ? i wanted to ask you , is there any particular reason why there has been only one God of War 3 video gameplay since the game was unveiled last year? i wish Sony Santa Monica show us more , i cant wait to play the game, demo is superb , is it true that GT5 demo is coming in 2 weeks ? man what a lucky guy Ordonez is , he made us ( GT fans ) proud , good job representing the gamer community

  • Happy 15th birthday Playstation. ;)

  • Oh Please tell me we’re finally going to hear what the Agent and The Last Guardian are about. All I know is that Agent has a gun in it, and The last guardian has a boy who I think saved this being and controlled plays with it?

    For a game that’s “Supposed” to come next year we most certainly are lacking details.

    Anyway Jeff what 2 top announced PS3 exclusive 2010 games are you looking foward to? Mine are God of War 3 an Heavy Rain.

  • ok i’ll contact them thanks for the reply.

  • @ jeff, i have a suggestion that i think would be cool. It would be great if you guys could put up a countdown for GOW3 release like there was for Uncharted 2, i came on the blog just about everyday and the time just seemed to go by so fast. One day there was 50 days left, then before i knew it there was 20, then 10, then HERE!

    GOW3 is a really awesome game that many are looking forward to and it would be great to have a countdown to make the wait seem shorter. Just a suggestion for you guys.

  • Tales of Vesperia PS3, surely Namco will release it RIGHT??? Here’s hoping….

    Look forward to see what will be coming out the New York event.

  • Jeff, If Tecmo is there bring back some news on Quantum Theroy, some gameplay would be nice.

  • are we gonna hear more about Record of Agarest War?

  • So Destructoid listed Ico well and gave Shadow of the Colossus #1 game of the decade. A remastered Team Ico Collection seems quite in order.

  • ^ That would be so bought, #33. :)

  • Jeff-
    I recently had my 60 GB system repaired for the 2nd time and got back a different console. I lost a lot of data, time, and money- most of which could’ve been spared if my actual unit had been repaired and returned to me, but never mind that. Since getting the console back, I’ve had problems syncing my trophies. Before the last update, I had to try multiple times to finally sync up, but after this last firmware upgrade, I cannot sync at all. I get an error message every time. Please have someone look into this. I know I’m not the first person this has happened to and I’m not sure why this problem is occurring (I had 0 problems syncing on my original system) but a fix would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jeff, do you know if the marketing guys and gals are going to repost the Canadian rules and regs for the GT5 Time Trial?

    They were linked to in the initial post, but the links were a 404, then the links were edited out.

  • Whoa…happy 15th birthday to PlayStation and keep up the great effort and work!!!

    I can’t wait for ModNation Racers Beta…it seems like the beta’s going green light on 13~15th Dec…hope it will be great like LittleBigPlanet.

  • when and where in new york you guys gonna be at ? Jeff please answer

  • I hear there’s a really awesome Tekken 6 review at PS3 Attitude…


  • Happy 15th B-Day PS.


  • Sweet! My birthday is the same as PS :)

  • Playstation’s new slogan “It only does everything.” is false advertising. But this can be solved by bringing back Ps2 compatibilty to the Playstation 3.

  • Man what is up with trophies lately?

    Half the time I try and sync them now I get some stupid error message.

    And if I try and look at them on this site I get “your sessions has expired”


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