UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Motion Comic Episodes 3 and 4 Available Today on PSN

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Back in October, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann unveiled the first episode of our UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra motion comic when it was released on the PlayStation Store. In that post, he mentioned that we’ll be releasing the rest of the episodes starting in November. If you were busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, you have may missed that Episode 2 was released last week, so head to the PlayStation Store to check it out.

UNCHARTED Eye of Indra New Episodes

We’ll be releasing the remaining episodes – Episode 3 and 4 – TODAY for $0.99 each on the US PlayStation Store.

If you haven’t checked out UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra to get a sneak peek at Nathan Drake before the events in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, head to the PlayStation Store and download Episode 1, which is still available for free.

UNCHARTED Eye of Indra Episode 1 UNCHARTED Eye of Indra Episode 2

UNCHARTED Eye of Indra Episode 3 UNCHARTED Eye of Indra Episode 4

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  • Cool! Wanna see how it ends!

  • I enjoyed the first but was pretty disappointed to pay for the second one only to be subjected to an unskippable commercial that was about 10-15% as long as the entire rest of the comic :(

  • Have you played Uncharted Drake’s Fortune?
    If you haven’t you’re going to be loving this, and if you have you’ll PROBABLY not like it, like me = 1 I think it’s okay, but not the BEST!!!!! Like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves the GAME! = P

  • Thanks, Mick. But 3 and 4 on the same day? Where’s the anticipation and wait of what’s going to happen next after part 3? Either way, awesome update. Can’t wait to watch them tonight.

  • Are we going to get a bundle with all episodes and perhaps an exclusive goody for Uncharted 2, as an incentive for buying? :)

  • Awesome!! Can’t wait!

  • How can i even buy the episodes when their not available on the Canadian store? i mean its not right giving us the first episode and then not give us the rest of the episodes, i will gladly pay to watch the rest of the episodes come on!!

    • Hey there Destiny, I\’m happy to share with you that Episodes 2, 3, & 4 are all coming to the Canadian PlayStation Store next week!

  • I’d like to pick these up, but they don’t seem to be on the Canadian PSN store. Part 1 is on the store but not the rest. Don’t leave me hanging, Part 1 was very cool.

  • I hope these next 2 are better than the last one. I really enjoyed the first one but was very dissapointed in the last one.

  • I’ll be downloading them all, as soon as i reach home after the AC/DC show in Argentina :D :D

  • Thanks ND! I really appreciate the free map that we got for thanksgiving. You guys = Epic! (win that is)

    • Hey SilentJ, I\’ll pass your comment along to the Naughty Dog team! Glad to hear you are loving the \”Fort\” multiplayer map! I can tell you that the most important thing to Naughty Dog is their fans. They\’ll love to hear you are enjoying it!

  • I like them so far, but why are they in two different formats? One is in the game section (I think episode 2) and episode 1 is in the video section? I also wanted to transfer these onto my PSP but can’t! Will these be fix so they all are one format, and I want them in one folder?

    • Hey D, good question! Episode 1 was free so it appears on the \”Video\” section of the XMB. Since the rest of the episodes are paid content, they\’re DRM protected and will show up under the \”Game\” section.

  • Since all 4 episodes are already released, can someone (preferably from Sony/Naughty Dog) explain what Neil was talking about on the previous blog entry?

    He said, “Be on the lookout for an upcoming announcement about an awesome pack-in that we’ll include with future episodes.”


  • Great news. Pray tell, what were you referring to when you said there would also be a tie-in between the purchase of these episodes and Uncharted 2? Like some sort of bonus?

  • These look great! I really enjoyed the first one! it would be cool if there was one version with all four in one file, but maybe thats just me.

    Oh and what happened to that Uncharted Pepsi promo? I was hoping to win the second episode. but I haven’t been able to find anything Uncharted related at the store. I live in the bay area, CA btw :(

  • How come on Friday? Where were u guyz yesterday when i got paid?!

  • When are these coming to the European PSN? and also, any way to change my account from European to US? I moved from the UK to Texas a feeks ago! :D

  • Saw and loved the first one, looking forward to watching these tonight.

  • Can these be played on the PSP?

  • well, well. Guess I just found another good reason to leave work now. c-ya.

  • @Mick Perona
    While I’m enjoying this motion comic thing I have to express my dissatisfaction of selling me an advertisement with my purchase. Especially when they aren’t very discernible from the rest of the motion comic confusing the hell out of me as to how drake ended up in the middle of no where from being tied up.

    I wouldn’t care if the damn thing booted up with a short single screen still before the damn thing started or a simple “Brought to you in part by”, but the fact that bandwidth was wasted for that little clip and disrupted the viewing experience annoyed the hell out of me. If there is anything more annoying than disk swapping and commercials, it’s obnoxious commercials. Only thing more annoying than an obnoxious commercial is one I have to pay for.

  • What happen to the pack-in that was talked about? Don’t tell me he was referring to the commercials being packed in to episodes. Paying for commerical = bad idea.

  • I would be great to be able to watch these on the PSP.

  • Nice! I think Ep.2 could have been longer–especially since the free first episode is WAY longer–but still I am enough of an Uncharted whore that this is a non-issue.

  • I sure hope Episode 3 and 4 are longer than 2 was. Also, Mick, could you reply about the hinted “bonus” for buying them together. I’d like to know before I spend my money. Thanks!

  • Its been forever since I have been on the lookout for the upcoming announcement about an awesome pack-in with future episodes.

    as was mentioned here :

    Please clarify..

  • So Ep 1 is a movie file so in a different category to the rest, which are game files. How confusing that is.

    And to make it worse, they don’t even all combine into one file – you’re left with a load of them hanging around in your games folder.

    It’s badly organised…

  • This whole things “Not being released in Canada” is getting ****ing ridiculous. I thought Naughty Dog was smarter than this.

    Maybe I should be considering pulling all support for Playstation since it seems this bull**** is becoming epidemic here.

    • Hi Madman, I can tell you first hand that Naughty Dog absolutely cares about fans all over the globe! See my comment above about the Canadian PlayStation Store update coming soon. We would have loved to have been able to post to both stores on the same day, while we couldn\’t do that this time, we\’re still very glad that everyone is getting them!

  • @ Mick Perona

    Thank you for replying, i’ll be looking forward to all the episodes :)

  • @MadmanEU, or you could read the response: “Hey there Destiny, I’m happy to share with you that Episodes 2, 3, & 4 are all coming to the Canadian PlayStation Store next week!”

    The blog has recently done quite a bit of outreach to Canadian readers, including a Canada-only contest for the Fortune Hunter edition of UC2

  • I agree, that the Map Packs are AWESOME, but can we have more map packs available via the PS Store which are levels from UC1 but added content like you did to the fortress = P
    I dont mind if it’ll cost $2-7 coz that’ll be awesome! = P
    Like one of EVERY Level from UC1, except for the 1st level of course = P (The Ship) it’ll be toooo small

  • Hey Mick Perona thanks for answering my 1st question. Here is another one. Why don’t you package all 4 and sell them for $2.99, and have it under one format/folder? Also is there any way you can make it so we can watch these on the PSP? And will there be more episodes to come, or will there only be 4? Sorry I guess I had more then 1 question. :) Plus make sure ND knows they are the BEST company and they should NEVER leave SONY!

  • Sorry I guess you just answered the PSP format question……

  • to be honest these comics is fantastic great ideas well done sony,but once again its a recession not all of us have money to buy them well i do but yh. you should have at least given us like a first full sample of da first comic.you should have done like the first 100 downloads get it that would have been a good idea

  • this was a big sucess these visual comics well done sony (thumbs up),but once again its a recession what you should have done is give the first 100 downloads or something like that a free sample of da first comic da fulll version.that would have been a good idea

  • oh yea! Canada will get it!

  • I liked the first one but the ad’s where too much and too often. Since it was free I can understand them (although they should have ‘cut to commercial’ rather than there being no bumper to let you know this is a commercial now not part of the story).

    I’ll pick up the remaining episodes but only if they are ad-free. I’m not paying for ads.

  • Not a chance in hell that I’ll pay for these.

  • Instead of charging real $ for these, they should link them to the in-game money system (create a link between the Uncharted 2 in game store and the PS store)

  • My son and I both LOVED the first episode, but we’re waiting on purchasing episodes 2 – 4 until the bundle mentioned in the earlier Blog post.

    Any news on when this is available? Thanks!

  • Mick, I know you can’t respond to EVERY comment, but it seems like you’re ignoring the pack-in question in comments 5, 13, 14, 22, 25 and 26. Neil Druckman of Naughty Dog said there would be a pack-in for use in the Uncharted 2 full game, and has previously hinted at a Rika Raja MP villain skin. Female U2AT addicts are out there, and we neeeeed a female villain skin! Eddy Raja would be cool too.

    Will the pack-in be in one of these single episodes or is there a bundle coming later that you’ll make us re-purchase?

  • @39 – Great idea! Would rather earn these movies via Uncharted 2.

    As for playing these on the PSP, anyone know if you can download the videos to a USB drive, convert it to a format that PSP supports? Or are these videos DRM protected??

  • jazzyrider: Mick said in his reply to #12 that they are DRM protected.

  • Been gaming for over 25 years. And Naughty Dog has been fast becoming one of, if not my favorite dev studio.

    Love the comics. Keep them coming. The endings to it was fantastic, and tied in perfectly. Love Eddy Raja, lol!

    I hope you keep more of these coming, maybe even non voice ones on the PSP Digital Comics feature. Would be fantastic to see another series with events in between Uncharted and Uncharted 2, as well as ones to warm you up for Uncharted 3 (which we can now assume you meet up with Rika).

    Great game series, phenomenal voice acting, just epic. Plays in to all the treasure hunters in us all who were big fans of Indiana Jones, Jewel of the Nile, etc growing up.

    Keep up the great work ND and Sony.

  • So i’ve been buying these in hope of this “pack in” content that Druckman referred to earlier. So far, no pack in. But I’m going to go home and buy the new episodes with hopes of getting the previously mentioned “pack in.” Don’t leave us hanging please…..

  • Nice! I just downloaded 2 today so it’l be nice to see 3+4 as well. So where is the extra stuff we get for downloading these episodes? hopefully more skins for uncharted 2.

  • @43: Thanks StephieRawks. Had to re-read some of the entries again.





  • How come my comment won’t log?

    Keep these comics coming!!!!


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