LittleBigPlanet – Sack it to Me: The “Something for Everyone” Edition

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With the holidays almost upon us, this week’s Sack it to Me has a little bit of everything for those who didn’t find their LBP goodies over the weekend shopping rush.

What’s New?

Are you ready for some team building?
This week we just released an update that includes the eagerly awaited “Online Create” mode, allowing you to create levels, objects and more with your online friends. Check out this update page on the NEW for all the info.

New on the PlayStation Store

We just updated the PlayStation Store with some great LBP items, including the coveted Assassin’s Creed II costume. Now you can scale walls and jump from rooftop to rooftop in style as “Ezio” Sackboy.

Sackboy Assassin's Creed II Ezio

And don’t forget to check out the limited-time release of the Festive Pack, Santa Gear and Santa Hat/Beard.

LBP festive pack LBP Santa Suit LBP Santa Hat and Beard

User Spotlight

We’ve heard some great “LittleBigStories” about LBP being a part of everyone’s lives – so much that we decided to create a few videos to document them. Take a peek at “Family Fun,” then let us know your own stories. We just might start telling your stories/videos in upcoming Sack it to Me posts!

Community Levels!

Here’s a new batch of LittleBigPlanet (PSP) level picks by Cambridge Studios:

  • Tinker Tower v2 by JKthree – A complex level featuring some really good, hardcore platforming action.
  • The Frozen Kingdom of Skadi by Lleonard – Explore the dangerous ice caverns to find the Temple of the goddess Skadi. This level has a great sense of scale and is crammed full of ingenious challenges.
  • Sandstorm by Jaeyden – A beautifully presented Egyptian adventure. Some great platforming and puzzle solving in this level.
  • The Lost Crystsal Caverns by ryryryan – A great level with lots of satisfying platforming and puzzles. Nicely presented, featuring cool characters and storyline.

For the Weekend…

If you want to hang out with us and possibly get your hands on some free swag (like these cool window clings, first come first served), come by to a participating SonyStyle and visit our PlayStation team tomorrow, December 5th between 2 – 5pm. Drop by, create something with us and have fun. PLUS, purchase any PlayStation gaming unit and receive two of ten select titles for FREE (up to $120 value) – give a game as a gift, keep one for yourself!

LBP window clippings 2 LBP window clippings

If you’re interested, check out this link to see if our LBP teams are at a SonyStyle location near you.

Looking for Sackboy goodies for the holidays?

Check out some of our officially licensed merchandise:

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  • Why doesn’t the U.S. get a Sackboy figure? Guess since Europe gets screwed over on games, they get the toys first.

  • When are we going to actually see some updates to bring people BACK into the game. Instead of updates that just please people who still play it…

    Why haven’t we heard of the water beta since the announcement? Since the release of the game, 1 year ago, you guys have managed to only release ONE level pack. ONE!! There better be one with the water ad on.

    I always come to your site and see posts about ‘ooh its cheese friday’ or whatever where your spending Sonys money to basically throw a party. Why!?! We get it you are a success, but you dont deserve to throw a party unless youve achieved something, and new costumes dont count.

    Honestly over the past year, you guys have made costumes, 1 level pack, a server upgrade and game tweaks.

    Thats one full year. Seriously?

  • is that sackboy soft or hard? i hate plastic sackboy.

  • Want the figure… But not available in the US. Oh well, MM is UK based so I can let that slide.

  • Awesome stuff! Finally marketing the franchise a little more. Always a good thing because this franchise could be huge if pushed in the right directions. :)

  • Awesome! I want one of those shirts!!

  • hi can you PLEASE hint if any psp dlc is coming out for the holidays? :(

  • will there be any PS3 Slim Bundles again like Black Friday before Christmas.

  • I’m trying to get a Slim now since my 60gb died for the second time this year.

  • Now why is it that people always show me t-shirts I want AFTER I can’t get them anymore? Hot Topic shirts avail in XXL and XS and Small. Select Kohl’s stores means “NOT in Tulsa, Oklahoma”. Sigh. Okay, I’m done whining now. =D

  • The ad I think really demonstrates that the PS3 really isn’t just a hardcore system and that it truly does have something for everyone.

    I think when you factor in the blu-ray and other media functions as well as games like LBP, SingStar and Buzz you get a feel for why anyone can have fun with it once they get their heads around it.

  • WHEN ARE WE GETTING DISNEY COSTUMES!!!? I don’t want “SOON” as an answer anymore!

  • You buy the figure on the UK site and ship it to the US, just more expensive.

  • @2
    I feel the same way. I want something new to bring back to the game, not a bunch of overpriced costumes. Give us a damn update on the Water BETA!!

  • can we actually have some more big level packs (like the mgs4 one) soon? and what ever happend to the FFVII characters?

  • when is the watter comming?

  • Yeah, new costumes all the time won’t make me play this game again. New level packs would. *subtle hint*

  • Mark 2 of my vehicle pack levels are open
    Little big Railroad
    Little big Highway

    The aircraft & boat levels delay till water released.

    Also jubjub64 has gotten on track with a southern pacific trainyard.

    Plus Hemmfann has some great steam locomotives.

    And if MM interested i’d be happy to make a polar express train for them.

    And some one at SCE & MM we need train enginner costume :p

  • Thanks for mentioning my level!! Though you may want to edit the spelling error from ‘Crystsal’ to ‘Crystal’ incase someone actually searches that! :)
    Thanks guys!

  • I’m not able to find sackboy figure… I’m bummed out.

  • Any DLC coming to LBP PSP? :) I love this game! And where is water? :)

  • I like these weekly updates. However, there has lately been a real lack of new content. You re-released the Christmas stuff from last year as “new.” LBP is fun as heck though.

  • Hello,

    the Final Fantasy costumes we saw in some game events like Cloud or Sephirot are still on plans to arrive to Little Big Planet any day? Thanks if there is any answer…

  • Guys, you can get the SackBoy Figure-plush at BEST BUY. It’s a PSP Case and with it comes a sackboy plush. It’s about $20 and has some small goodies, I think..

  • You can get the Plush Toy at BEST BUY. It’s a LBP PSP case and with it, comes the Sackboy plush. It’s $20. Git it and be happy :)


    I love LBP, love the continued support, seriously. But for the love of God…when the heck will there be a RATCHET costume? Forget about the levels for a minute. I’m talking about just the costume. Will somebody pleeeaaase tell me? I’d seriously pay anything for it at this point. All I want to do is play through LBP single player again as my favorite lombax. Somebody give me hope!

  • According too Sam_protagonist they are focusing on fixing create mode shutoff & other create mode bugs before releasing any more psp content.

  • OMG OMG OMG! LBP SWAG! Thanks Sony/Mm!

  • ok guys OC BETA started in june
    6 months before public release

    water started september
    water wiil probaly hit feb-march 2010

    would be my GUESS


  • @31,
    lol yeah it find of felt fake….

  • LBP makes you proud to be a ps3 owner

  • Big surprise, LBP PSP already ISN’T getting DLC updates. That didn’t take long to stop being supported fully.

  • Once again Mark thanks for October 23rd advertisement :)

    Preview level & railroad level holdin 5 stars

    and highway 4 stars.

    Hope everyone loves the vehicles.

  • Of course the PSP go doesn’t get a LBP case. Does Sony even remember they have that system out? Friggen no support.

    What they did to us with the PSP go is D I S T G U S T I N G !

  • what the heck ever happened to that sephiroth costume we saw at E3 a long time ago??? is it out on the store?

  • I’m glad the defunt play create share stats got removed

  • @2 Cheese party lol

  • When are the FF7 costumes (levels?) coming? Or have those been canned?

  • I just bought that Sackboy figure so now we play the waiting game


  • Ugh, I have to travel to Tampa or Orlando for wallclings, really?

    Or pester Kohals here to get a decent T-shirt as Hot topic tees suck?

    Come on Sony, roll out the LBP stuff everywhere. :|

  • where are the LBP PSP add-ons?

  • Thanks Cambridge, but…its just not right, OrleanKnight is the one who did all the work on that level. He had it copyable and I just went and fixed it up, trying to find a way to contact him and send the fixed version over. There were some major bugs on it, making it almost unplayable.

  • “I’ll be trying to make dinnarrrr” OH MY GOSH! That video was horrifying.

  • Little Big Planet was awesome last year, but I was bored after 2 months so I sold it on a certain auction website. Media Molecule I loved the game but I along with many others suck at creating levels. I’ll buy LBP again when its $20 or less since there have been other great games to hold me over for a good 6 months. I think its sad how you charge for costumes, the game itself was $60 when i bought it last year. I’m not rich, and if I was I wouldn’t waste $2+ on a freaking costume.

  • Seriously, I haven’t played LittleBigPlanet in I don’t even know how long. The last thing I purchased for this game was the MGS level pack, that’s the kind of DLC M.M. should be concentrating on.

    When this game out I expected it to be a game I could always go back to and I expected it to have massive amounts of DLC (Completely excluding the stupid costumes)

    Do more level packs or this game will forever sit on my shelf and never get any play time from me, I couldn’t care less about creating levels and every other level I play online sucks. I refuse to spend more than 15 minutes in hopes of finding a well crafted level.

  • Where are the LBP Official Toys? For the whole of the World i mean. Been over a year now and i can’t find any Official stuff :-(

  • Can we have a playstation home version with sackboy’s as avatars please? =D

  • A year and and only one real level pack released? The Metal Gear level pack was incredible, and just what this game needed to keep older players interested. Instead, we get new stickers and skins, fluff that isn’t related to gameplay. The devs really dropped the ball big time, leaving us to find that one user created level out of 1,000 that isn’t a garbage ‘created to get a trophy’ level. Seriously…99% of the user created levels are junk. Too bad, this I loved the game when it was released a year back….sold it a couple months back due to boredom.

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