This Week in PlayStation Home: Iron Fist, Assassin’s Creed II + Special Holiday Items

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All of you über-dedicated PlayStation Home fanatics have yet another hundred or so reasons to log in this week. First off, another batch of Assassin’s Creed II virtual items are set to be released – specifically, Renaissance costumes pulled straight from 15th Century Italy. These items are must-have additions to the repertoire of any true AC2 fanboy (or girl) – just like a good ‘ole pistola kill. So sneak your way into the Mall this week you silent and deadly warriors, and add these awesome new items to your collection while the gettin’ is good.

PlayStation Home: Female_Courtesan

PlayStation Home: Male_Renaissance PlayStation Home: Female_Renaissance

All you rabid PlayStation Home collectors that have to grab the latest, greatest, coolest, and hottest content the second it hits the virtual shelves will be thrilled with the new line of Iron Fist virtual items, live this Thursday in the Mall. Iron Fist’s fusion of bold color and abstract action and sport-related designs result in cutting edge fashion apparel that has become popular among skaters, rockers, fighters, and others that insist on living on the edge. So if you’re bad, know it, and aren’t afraid to show it, be sure to come raid the racks this week.

PlayStation Home: Female_Ironfist PlayStation Home: Male_Ironfist

We’re getting a head-start on our own festivities and releasing a heap of holiday goodies this week (and, yes, that was the sound of me not-so-subtly dropping the hint that there are some big things in store for all of my Home-boys and Home-girls this year).If you visit the Mall this Thursday, you’ll find a literal ton of festive items that will help you celebrate the holidays properly in PlayStation Home. And in the spirit of giving, we’ll be making many of these items available to you free-of-charge, so everyone can partake in the season in the style of their choice. This week’s content update is just the tip of the iceberg, so remember to stay tuned to this blog for more details regarding this year’s holiday celebrations in PlayStation Home.

Finally, if you visit the PlayStation Home 10-Screen Theater today and watch the clip from the upcoming season of A&E’s highly-anticipated new show Steven Seagal: Lawman, you will get a free commemorative Lawman vest. So come check out the clip, grab the free virtual item (it’s only available today), and then tune in to A&E on Wednesday, December 2nd to watch as one of the world’s foremost action movie stars takes to the mean streets of New Orleans with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in the Steven: Seagal Lawman series premiere.

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  • Does anyone use Home? The bandwidth for this should be used for Cross Game Voice Chat. Then many Xbots would come over to the light.

  • @49 cowboyd21
    I said HOME was a failure in the “EYES OF GAMERS”, not commercially. Commercially, HOME is a success because Sony and other companies are making money off of it. But features that gamers want, are just not incorporated into HOME.
    As for MS coping HOME because it is a success, don’t kid yourself. MS is copying the EyeToy and releasing it as their motion sensing add-on later next year. Is EyeToy a success? No it is not, because Sony nor other companies just do not support it. MS copies everyone and then hype their product from here to the moon and people buy into the hype.

  • When voice chat comes back Home, I will come back Home.

    Nice additions for the regulars though.

  • This is pretty neat and all, but I was just wondering if there was any minute chance ever in existence that the motions will ever be reworked?

    The idea of home is neat, but I think more people would be inclined to play if you didn’t mocap someone who had a broom shoved up their behind.

    If you had running/walking animations like Uncharted or something, I (and many others im sure) would find it less painful to log in every now and then.

  • What are the other free items? All I saw was a nativity scene ornament and Jewish item.
    The article says “And in the spirit of giving, we’ll be making many of these items available to you free-of-charge, so everyone can partake in the season in the style of their choice.”

    I’m just confused by that statement.

  • Last years “Festive Tree” was laugh out loud funny with its political correctness. Looks like a Christmas Tree to me…lol

  • And what was so invalid about what I said that it didn’t get posted. Home needs to be better and if a person has conviction enough to say something about it they should be allowed.

  • Hey Locust. Does Sony plan to implement the use of Picture Frames in Clubs anytime soon? Also, I have this cool looking LCD in my Club with nothing to put on it. Any word on what will be implemented with that? The Clubs could also use some Wallpaper as well. Update seems cool for this week but so far, I’ve only found the Nativity Set and the Kwanzza Candles. Oh yeah, and what’s up with that Giant Robot in front of the big screen next to the Bowling Alley? Anyway, thanks for the info. If you get a chance, can you please respond to this. Thanks again.

  • Like whitemouthgag, the only free items in the upper Mall store were the nativity scene and kwanzaa items. Two does not mean many. Two means a few. Unless the Playstation Home store prices are still being updated or more free items will be rolling through.

  • This past update was decent but if any1 has made a japanese account and has been to the japanese server may know what im getting at. If anything good were to come to the U.S Home this Christmas it would have to be IREM along with the entire clothes line up.

  • I hope the Santa outfit comes back, because I didn’t get to buy all of it. xP

    Hope there are some more free item updates as well.

  • I have the Santa hat from last year, and have been asked by more than a few folks where I got it,,,,,,,is the one for guys going to be available this year??

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