This Week in PlayStation Home: Iron Fist, Assassin’s Creed II + Special Holiday Items

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All of you über-dedicated PlayStation Home fanatics have yet another hundred or so reasons to log in this week. First off, another batch of Assassin’s Creed II virtual items are set to be released – specifically, Renaissance costumes pulled straight from 15th Century Italy. These items are must-have additions to the repertoire of any true AC2 fanboy (or girl) – just like a good ‘ole pistola kill. So sneak your way into the Mall this week you silent and deadly warriors, and add these awesome new items to your collection while the gettin’ is good.

PlayStation Home: Female_Courtesan

PlayStation Home: Male_Renaissance PlayStation Home: Female_Renaissance

All you rabid PlayStation Home collectors that have to grab the latest, greatest, coolest, and hottest content the second it hits the virtual shelves will be thrilled with the new line of Iron Fist virtual items, live this Thursday in the Mall. Iron Fist’s fusion of bold color and abstract action and sport-related designs result in cutting edge fashion apparel that has become popular among skaters, rockers, fighters, and others that insist on living on the edge. So if you’re bad, know it, and aren’t afraid to show it, be sure to come raid the racks this week.

PlayStation Home: Female_Ironfist PlayStation Home: Male_Ironfist

We’re getting a head-start on our own festivities and releasing a heap of holiday goodies this week (and, yes, that was the sound of me not-so-subtly dropping the hint that there are some big things in store for all of my Home-boys and Home-girls this year).If you visit the Mall this Thursday, you’ll find a literal ton of festive items that will help you celebrate the holidays properly in PlayStation Home. And in the spirit of giving, we’ll be making many of these items available to you free-of-charge, so everyone can partake in the season in the style of their choice. This week’s content update is just the tip of the iceberg, so remember to stay tuned to this blog for more details regarding this year’s holiday celebrations in PlayStation Home.

Finally, if you visit the PlayStation Home 10-Screen Theater today and watch the clip from the upcoming season of A&E’s highly-anticipated new show Steven Seagal: Lawman, you will get a free commemorative Lawman vest. So come check out the clip, grab the free virtual item (it’s only available today), and then tune in to A&E on Wednesday, December 2nd to watch as one of the world’s foremost action movie stars takes to the mean streets of New Orleans with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in the Steven: Seagal Lawman series premiere.

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  • Ha! First!

  • Sweet update as always’s L_S cant wait to see the holiday items and the various other new items.

  • I’m happy with my Avatar’s wardrobe but I guess I could get it a few more cool threads – especially if they’re alternative.

  • Another awesome update from the Home team.

    Still amazed at what a massive success Home turned out to be. It has really blown everyone away.

    What is it up to now? 9 million users last I heard.

    What an Epic Humilation for Microsoft. Sony has this amazing and gigantic online world supported by all the major publishers and Microsoft only answer is a creepy and retarded Nintendo Mii ripoff.

  • @ Locust_Star,,,

    Are we going to be getting the Winter Wonderland space that Europe region is getting?

    • We will be having celebrations separate from SCEE\’s holiday event. We are sure that you will all be very pleased with what we have in store for you this year.

  • Sounds like a good update this week.

    Happy to hear about the free festive items. I hope there here for more than just a week.

    Most of the other stuff doesnt appeal to me too much, but maybe next week will be better.

  • also will the snowman head be coming back this year?

  • we need like a x mas space

  • still no trophy room, stream media from HDD in your personal home space, and no universal game set up launch? HOME continue to be a failure until those features are implemented. Why brag about those features if they are not part of the HOME experience. I wish Phil Phil Harrison was still with Sony because we would have probable gotten all those features and more already.

  • BlooodyCow go back to your piece of garbage RRoDbox and its joke 50 dollar a year laggy P2P online service.

    No one wants you here loser.

  • @FredPunella,

    Hes telling the half-truth.

    Home isnt a failure without it, but it is something that would make Home so much better.

  • HOME is missing a FEW..yes a FEW kool voice MUSIC ( sorry but im tired of hearing that classy [DELETED]..:p and the TROPHY ROOM..which is and still will be HIGHLY ANTICIPATED..and the TV’s..and USEFULL “STUFF” for our avatars.instead of just things that cant really be used-hence the unicycle-which im sure is just gonna be a display in my HOME CriB :/.needless to say HOME is AWESOME..but it can be FANTASTIC! lets hope once its out of the BETA era..we will see these IMPROVEMENTS :p

  • Hey Locust_Star

    Where are the Chocobo

    Where are the Pets

  • Hmm, dress up as your favorite (ahem) lady of the evening.

    Nice stuff for Home. It’s unfortunate that I’ve been so busy with work and family stuff. I’m sure Home misses me. =p

  • @10 FredPunella
    how old are you? You accuse me of being a xbox 360 fanboy, but yet you know nothing about me. Do you honestly think any xbox 360 fanboy would praise Phil Harrison? Do you even know Phil Harrison is or what he has done for Sony in the past? Any true Sony fan would know how much Phil Harrison meant to Sony and how much respect Sony gamers have for that man.

    @11 proskatercam
    Home is a failure in gamers eyes. Why is it that almost all games do not have any kind connection with HOME? Very few games unlock any kind of reward in HOME and game specific spaces tend to come well after they game is release.

  • will there ever be a assains creed space on home the only game in the series i need is nuber 2 i already got 1 and bloodlines

  • Playstation HOME still sucks.

  • We need to ditch ezio :P That female assassin is tight.

  • BlooodyCow, go away. Stay away. No one wants your constant and pathetic whining and trolling of every story on this blog loser.

  • @10 FredPunella
    Read this interview with Phil Harrison and you would know what HOME was suppose to be. HOME is nothing like what it suppose to be not that Phil is gone.


  • i find it hilarious that HOME’s graphics actually look better than Assassin Creed’s 2.

  • @18 FredPunella
    Sad little man/women. You consider the truth trolling? You claim that I am a troll, but yet you seems to know very little my post history. Why don’t you go through all the blog post and find every comment I made, then come back and tell me I am a troll.

  • Any comment on a new winter space Ms Cyd ;)

  • I wish you guys brought back that awesome voice chat feature, that’s what really made home special and I didn’t have to call people all the time 

  • Yawn, when are we going to get new spaces?

  • Sony if you read this all the above ideas for home are awesome but one thing i would like to point out: if you do something cool for Europe’s PSN Home then you should do the same for the US and everywhere else. Case in point the Santa stage in the Eu home. Also what i believe you should add as a feature is to allow the playing of music you have on your hard drive while your importing another (from cd). You say that you have all this power yet i still don’t see it. I can’t do all the multitasking I’d like to do. (granted some of it is obviously harder to come up with or harder to implement or just down right impossible but still). Not to be hating but you guy’s talk of big game i just haven’t seen it yet. PlayStation still rules.

  • Looks like a cracker-jack update, L_S, can’t wait to see it all tomorrow.

  • When is Public voice chat coming back?
    HOME feels so barren and life-less without it.


  • thanks L_S

  • Sorry if I haven’t been in home. I just move NW Ohio and in Hotel suite right now with 1.5meg connection right now we waiting on bank finish paper work so we can move into new house final :). Then I have 15meg connection. 1.5 connection sucks at home takes to long download stuff lol. That’s why I’m not there hardly.

  • You really can’t beat Steven Seagal, and really you cannot beat him, in anything! Didn’t know if that show was real or if he was acting.. Now that I know it’s true life – this is going to be good. Good Luck Steven.

  • gee, sounds like fun, too bad i updated to 3.01 and my ps3 won’t read any disks because of it. never gonna buy any sony crap again

  • This is great and all but has tech support found a solution for the bug that causes some users ps3 to lock up upon loading up the last space they were in.

    I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling and deleting everything home related to no avail. However all my other ps3 accounts work fine in home =/

  • I will NEVER pay for virtual items on Home. Make virtual items free bonus items for your loyal fans who have supported you for years, along with including in dl content from a respective game developer and virtual items would hold more value.

    How to make Home worth visiting:
    Home needs voice chat back, and hopefully its being perfected(instead of constantly holding the R2 button maybe we could just click R3) and not canned altogether .
    Put some comedies/cartoons/…something worth making a trip to the Theater worthwhile.
    Would it hurt to put some 80s and 90s music in the mix of songs to choose from?
    Add more mini games to play.

    With these type of changes Playstation Home would thrive. Please don’t ignore my post because I’m sure everyone wants at least 1 of these changes, and if you peeps agree please state it in your post.

  • I’m going to get those asap!!!!

    I love AC2 stuff!

  • I really have to say home is getting better and better but is still missing a lot of the stuff that got people all hyped up about it when it first was announced. I mean I know it couldn’t all be brought out on day 1 but some things that I would really like to see implemented in home are…

    – Day & Night Cycles or the ability to choose the time of day* so those Glow in the Dark items can be used anywhere in any space.

    – Different Weather Effects* such as Rain,Snow,Summer Heat effects such as mirages. OK maybe the Mirages are going to far but I think you know what I mean.

    *Make sure you are able to do this for any outside space weather it is an apartment you bought or a Home Space for anybody.

    – Improvement on Previewing Clothes in Mall, Now what we have was better than nothing but when we are previewing clothes in the Mall it should take us to our Wardrobe screen where we can get a full view and see if any of our existing purchases fit with any of the new clothes and be able to keep some of the clothes on from the same store but basically what I am saying is all the previewing of clothes should be done in the Wardrobe Screen not in that little box in the mall description.

    to be continued…

  • Why is home still in beta?

  • – Previewing Option of Furniture, Now with this we should be able to look at furniture and move it around our existing apartments to see how well it fits in the Apartment. Now it could either allow us to choose an apartment to view it in from what we bought (Which is the better way) or it could just go to what you set as your default apartment and you have to change it to preview it in the different apartment.

    Apartment Open Houses – The ability to walk through Apartments not yet purchased to see what they look like before you buy them.

    Also if you allowed people to basically create full apartments by allowing them to preview different unpurchased furniture in unpurchased apartments you may end up getting more impulse buyers when it comes to Apartments and Furniture because they will already have an idea of what they want to buy and how they will put it all together.

    to be continued…

  • – More Interaction in spaces & Apartments, What I am looking for here is not only different mini games in apartments that release more home items but more interactive items to be released in Home.

    For Example in the New Pirate Galleon Apartment there is the Mini Game which is cool but not much else. The water looks dull and lifeless. It looks like it could have been so much more, had they added a Plank with 3 sharks fins circling around below it and if we had the different weather effects we could have lighting and Rain in the background all while having moving different colored stage lighting attached to the top of the masts of the boat while Dance/Rave music is playing in the background or what ever music you really want playing. Basically a great party on the deck of a Boat, but it can’t be any of that right now.

    Also items like what we got from buying that Breast Cancer T-Shirt from EA were great & we got some lights for DJ’s but those lights didn’t move they were static.

    to be continued…

  • Now some things are just over priced such as the Ratchet & Clank Apartment. While it is a beautiful apartment & is huge it really has nothing you can do in it. The same could be said about the Post Apocalypse Apartment, that Apartment really is small and doesn’t really have anything interesting in it and finally…

    It would be nice if we had the ability to listen to our own music on our HD’s while in Home. It doesn’t need to be broadcast to everyone just us, like how we can listen to our music while using the internet browser. Oh and while in the PS Store, I know that isn’t your department but I thought I would mention it anyways, well while I have tons of more suggestions those are all I will mention for right now. I do hope you are working on some and thanks for Home and I’m sure it will improve every week.


  • Now some things are just over priced such as the Ratchet & Clank Apartment. While it is a beautiful apartment & is huge it really has nothing you can do in it. The same could be said about the Post Apocalypse Apartment, that Apartment really is small and doesn’t really have anything interesting in it and finally…

    It would be nice if we had the ability to listen to our own music on our HD’s while in Home. It doesn’t need to be broadcast to everyone just us, like how we can listen to our music while using the internet browser. Ohh and while in the PS Store, I know that isn’t your department but I thought I would mention it anyways, well while I have tons of more suggestions those are all I will mention for right now. I do hope you are working on some and thanks for Home and I’m sure it will improve every week.


  • Speaking of Holiday avatar clothes, Cydonia, what new holiday themed clothes?

    I love the ladies mask, but the short dress region is a no go.

  • What are the actual daily user numbers on Home? Have they ever been published?

    I was put off from Home because of the long loading times and constant downloads. Also found the spaces to be pretty sterile and the mini games lacked any creativity. The place needs more ambient noise and sound effects or radio stations, it’s eerily quiet. It’d be great to have a treasure hunt across all the spaces like in Uncharted 2 with prizes of free content or game voucher codes.

    Home has so much potential but it has been sorely wasted. Instead every update there are more pointless spaces for people to run aimlessly about in and more virtual t-shirts. Home should be a place of fun and mystery and exploration and wonder.

  • Just as an fyi in case anyone forgot, the Santa shoes from last year STILL haven’t been fixed. You can’t select them, and they don’t even appear when you’re trying to choose them in the wardrobe menu.

    Looks like my Santa home character will have to run around with ghost feet this Christmas, lol.

  • I´m sure every girl out there want to dress herself like a 15th Century prostitute.

    fission mailed.

  • Hi all and respect, exept maybe the one who decided to guide us frenchies to the euro blog n pass the time!!! Ah what the hell, I can respect YOU. Even thow you decided to guide us away from any interesting info that acctually aplys to us EN FRANÇAIS!!! So thanks but we alreddy knew they do more for theire french clients than home US, about as much as we frenchies do for our english citisens facctually!!!

    Nice update if it all works the first time around, thanks, bye!!!

    With much anguish,

  • @44
    Kenshin71, did you miss Xi? I think you woulda liked that!!!

  • @ bloodycow am sure those features will come to home when home is out of beta lol but to say it’s a failure is a joke to everyone here. 1 home making million and million of dollars 2 home is growing with people daily and 3 more company are using home. bloodycow you have a right to comment just understand we have a right to comment too. your comment do make you look like a fanboy saying the same crap a year ago no one believe it then or now.

  • @ bloodycow and others home is a big win for sony and now microsoft is now making a home type space lol if you can’t tell if something is a success just look at what the competitor doing . lol so give the home suck or home is not successful or it’s doesn’t have this or that comments a rest we all know that a bald face lie sorry.

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