Qore Episode 19 – Featuring Dark Void, White Knight Chronicles, The Saboteur and ILM

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The December Episode of Qore features no fear of heights, a fearsome knight, fighting Nazis at night, and part two of our visit with Industrial Light…and Magic.

What do aliens, Nikola Tesla and the Bermuda Triangle have in common? They’re all tied together in Capcom’s Dark Void. We’ve got an in-depth preview of the story, weapons, and world of this vertigo-inducing game that literally takes the third-person shooter to new heights!

From Japan, the land of the RPG, comes the latest epic title from Dark Cloud developer Level-5 Inc., White Knight Chronicles. Qore examines the combat system, storyline and online components that are sure to impress when the game hits the US early next year.

The story of an Irish racecar driver who gets caught up in the resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Paris sounds unbelievable, but EA’s The Saboteur is based upon a historical figure. Veronica Belmont talks with the developer about the havoc you’ll be able to wreak as you take on the German forces behind enemy lines.

Last month, we visited Industrial Light & Magic’s Presidio campus to see their movie making magic firsthand. In part two of this feature, Audrey Cleo gets to demo some very cool digital cinema technology that’s produced some of the most eye-popping special effects of 2009.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of ModNation Racers in November’s Episode 18, because now it’s your turn to drive! Every current Qore subscriber on or before December 15 will receive a voucher code to access the ModNation Racers Beta Test. The voucher will be sent to the e-mail address tied to your PSN ID. Check the ModNation Racers website for the official Beta Test start time. Enjoy!

This episode also includes an exclusive White Knight Chronicles PS3 theme to go along with this month’s lead feature, and another theme based on a classic PS2 title, The Mark of Kri, for subscribers as well as single-episode purchasers. So check out this episode’s download center.

Look for Episode 19 tomorrow.

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  • 1st! Finally about time!

    So, no optional Subtitle for every Qore? HOW SHAME!!! You should have include that in every episode of Qore!

    DAMN! Shame on you all. TRULY.

  • Awesome, can’t wait for the ModNation beta.

  • WKC? I take back every bad things I ever said about Qore. WKC for the win and hopefully we can get a solid release date and some new info on WKC2 :)

  • Thanks guys, Can;t wait for the beta, i’m glad you could get us in it. keep it up :)

  • would be nice If Qore supported the Blu-Ray remote

  • LOL that great news for us qore members can’t wait to be a part of that beta also when will you guys fix the video for the blog? still can’t see anything.

  • My subscription to OPM just ended. I think it might be time to go digital and subscribe to Qore.

    Although episodes of Qore are quite expensive for me to download since I have a bandwidth limit on my internet connection.

  • Oh….now I remember why I bought that Qore subscription. Thanks for the new content and great beta invite.

  • Finally some WKC news!

  • AWSUM!

    i so wanted to get into the Modnation Racers Beta.
    Glad i got Qore.

    and WKC stuff! w00t!

  • I’d like Qore to support the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Remote please. All you need to do is allow controller #7 to function in addition to controller #1, because it works if I manually re-assign my remote to controller slot #1, but it’s a hassle to do it every time.

  • Just out of curiosity, is there a fix in the works for people not getting the e-mails? I’ve been having trouble with this for a while. Thanks to customer support, I was still able to get my codes for Uncharted 2 and MAG, but I still never get the e-mails for anything PSN related. Anyway, keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to Thursday!

  • gotta love betas, keep them coming qore

  • Well thanks for the Beta

  • I’m a little urked, cuz I saw this coming..they lied about saying GOTY edition would be the only way to get in the beta…now I’ll two…the one for qore and the GOTY edition, well I guess I’ll be giving one of mines away..cuz it is the season for giving

  • Will Qore every include any Dynamic Themes? I’ve bought 2 of them of the Playstation Store, so all of the free “Qore” themes seem useless now.

    Once you’ve had Dynamic, you can never go back to regular.

  • for ModNation racer beta, do I need to be a yearly subscriber?

    • Yes, you need to subscribe by 12/15. Remember to make sure your email notifications allow for you to receive messages from SCEA.

  • Just to clarify, if I subscribe to Qore on or before 12/15/09 I’ll be e-mailed a beta key for ModNation Racers?

  • Holy… Mark Of Kri? O_o
    are you guys planning on releasing Ps2 games on PSN? i hope so!

  • @BarrenMind That is correct.

    Thank you for giving us this beta :D

    One question though, I have that email problem where for some reason I don’t get PSN emails, yes I’m opted to recieve them, who do I contact if I don’t get my email?

  • White Knight Chronicles!it’s about damn time:) i hope the preview is really in depth ive been looking forward to this game for as long as i can remember, back in 2006 iirc

  • ModNation Racers beta access is gonna be epic. Thanks! Glad I subscribed awhile back :)


    Sony! When are we in the UK/EU gonna get in on this beta!

    It’s my most anticipated game of next year and I really want to support both you and United Front Games… but so far I’ve not had a single chance to get in on the beta!

  • Do we have any news on a release date for White Knight Chronicles yet? I know a trailer recently said February, but I really hope with the FFXIII announcement that gets moved to January, I’d hate to see WKC get pushed aside or forgotten becuase of the release of a mammoth like FFXIII.

  • I knew it. Well I’ll have another beta code to giveaway. Sweet!!


  • yes…another rip-off for those who bought LBP GOTY edition. Dont know how sony markething was thinking but no one will buy a gane now for a beta access.

  • Yay ModNation beta. I LOVE YOU :D

  • @SoYoung

    Two things.

    1) You should never buy a game just for a beta. The LBP GOTY edition gave you a whole game plus a ton of extra content.

    2) At least you get a chance to join the beta… here in the UK we’ve had nothing!

  • HELL YEAH!!!!! ModNation Racers BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE QORE!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I WILL ALWAYS BUY SUBSCIRPTION!!

  • no i didnt buy the game but i feel sad for those who does. oh well at least we are all getting it!

  • Mod Nation Racers. Nice. How long does the beta run for?

  • also im assuming the beta will start on th 15th? or 17th wen the PS store update….or will it be available as soon u get the code?

  • @26: As soon as the December episode comes out, you’ll be able to subscribe to Qore once again. You always have to wait for the next month after your subscription ends. If you tried to renew in November, your new sub would overlap with the old one. HTH!

  • When will we get another free game? Last one was Spyro in June.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Always look forward to my monthly Qore download.

    Also thanks for the beta…just made my day !

  • White Knight Chronicles?… Seriously when the **** is that coming out?

  • I can’t wait to test this game out
    Thank you Qore

  • can’t wait for my beta code

  • So, for the first 6 episodes this year we’ve got(excluding themes) is 2 betas.

    For the first 6 last year we got:

    Calling all Cars Free
    Resistance 2 beta
    SOCOM Beta
    Home Beta
    Motorstorm Pacific Rift Demo Early
    Naruto ultimate Ninja storm demo early
    VC demo early

    What’s with the lack of downloadable stuffs this time Sony?

    The second half of last years Qore was even better then the first since we got:

    Syphon Filter PSone game Free
    Spyro Psone Game Free
    High Velocity Bowling Game Free
    Linger in Shadows game free
    Fear 2 demo early
    Uncharted 2 Beta
    Flock Demo Early

    Why have you made this year such a waste of money? Noone is buying this for the video content, the video content isn’t worth 2 cents. Its riddled with ads and can be found on youtube within hours of the store publishing.

    We buy Qore for the downloadable stuffs, why are there no downloadable stuffs this year?

  • When will Qore be available in the UK?
    I’d be happy to pay for this product :)

  • When you say EXCLUSIVE, mean it. Not just rehashed news and video that we have already seen on other sites. The only difference is the narration by Veronica. I know some lonely gamers get off seeing her but she ain’t worth 3 bucks for those of us that have a woman. And seriously, nobody gives a crap about ILM or how music scores are made or any of that crap. Focus on EXCLUSIVE looks at Sony games that only you have access to. And maybe give us some exclusive trailers for upcoming Sony movie titles coming to theaters. Make Qore something other game sites point to when they are breaking news on new games and footage. Take a tip from this very blog. Just today releasing a launch date for Pixeljunk Shooter. Why can’t Qore do stuff like that? Until it does start bring EXCLUSIVE content I won’t be buying it.

  • I would like to see actual exclusive information please.

  • i never received an email regarding renewing my QORE subscription at a discounted price. I’ve missed a few episodes due to this and I always forget to ask if this issue can be resolved.

  • sooo u have to be a year subscriber to get that beta??? cant just buy the new episode -_- not fair!

  • you mean you’re not visiting Pandemic to check out saboteur? lol

    Can’t wait for Dark Void

  • Nice! I Can’t wait for tomorrow to download the next episode of Qore.

  • Thank you so much, 34!!!

  • Man, you guys finally got me! I’m gonna buy a subscription for that sweet sweet ModNation voucher. :) I wasn’t about to go out and buy LBP GOTY when I already had my original copy haha.

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