God of War Collection Spartan Army Sweepstakes

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In celebration of the recently released God of War Collection, and to show our continued support of true God of War fans, we’ve put together an incredible sweepstakes exclusively for the God of War Spartan Army. After all, it was the fans that convinced us to offer the God of War and God of War II experience in stunning HD on the PS3.

Now onto the prizes!

One Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will receive an autographed “Gold” disc (a first pressing of the game created when the assets were finalized and reached “Gold” status. These copies rarely reach the public.), exclusive artwork created and signed by a God of War team member, a Limited Edition Kratos T-shirt, and a never before released Limited Edition 10” Figurine!

God of War Statue

Five First Place Prizes: A copy of God of War Collection signed by the Development Team

Kratos T-Shirt

To enter the sweepstakes simply go to the ‘Sign Up’ page within www.godofwar.com and enter your email address and date of birth — that’s it! If you’re already a Spartan Army member, don’t worry, you’re already included in the sweepstakes. All we ask is that you’re over 18 and within the United States. Click here for sign up and rules on the sweepstakes.

Just be sure to enter it before December 11, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. We will announce the winners of the sweepstakes right here on the PlayStation Blog and www.godofwar.com on December 17, 2009!

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  • I just entered! Hope I win, thanks for the contest

  • Im already a member. loving GOW Collection. and already got GOW III Ultimate Edition on Pre-order. I really hope i win.

  • Just entered!! Awesome prizes. Can;tr wait for GOWIII

  • cool nd 1st!!!

  • sweet!!!! thank you SCEA and santa

  • That is sweet! I already signed up a few weeks ago. Really looking forward to some new GOW3 info.

  • garr. why want people in the UK do awesome competitions like this. that figurine looks so sweet :-D

  • Sweet and cool!! Thank you SCEA and Santa XD


  • Anything for Canadian God of War Fans? :(

  • Sorry it’s not related but; when are we going to get new GoW3 footage? :( Thought there might have been one hidden somewhere on Collection

    • God of War III is really coming along, and as we get closer to our March launch date, you will definitely start seeing more of the game.

  • Already a member – Any of the prizes would be AWESOME!!

    Still havent had time to play the collection, but I have it AND have my GOWIII demo downloaded ;)

  • Entered :D I hope I win, of coarse. That shirt is pretty damn sweet too!

  • Awesome! I’m STILL waiting for my copy to arrive…I’m never doing Amazon’s free shipping ever again…

  • Aw I wish this was in Canada….

  • wooohooooo!!!!!!! i want that

  • I hate how everytihng has to be for 18+, if only i was a year older

  • US only contest, boo.

  • Please help, both me and a friend (PSN audreystuart) ordered the GOW collection and we didnt get a code for GOW3 demo. We are from the UK and got it on import. Every website including this 1 states you get the code with it.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

    William, is there ANY chance Sony Santa Monica will be having a fan day/open house sort of thing for die-hard fans, similar to what Insomniac Games did? That would be AWESOME.

  • @ aij1977

    The code is within the game case, on a voucher on top of the game manual. Once you get the game, you’ll have the code.

  • What if i live in Canada? can i still win??

    • The God of War Collection Spartan Army Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

    That 10″ statue would look great next to the other 4 Kratos figures I already own.

  • I want to know where I can get that T-Shirt. I love T-Shirts I have over 100+ T-Shirts. So how can I get that T-Shirt?

    • That shirt was created for a promotional event, and is currently not available in retail stores. But that\’s part of what makes it such a great prize!

  • It turns out I was already a member, nice!!!
    I hope I win, Good luck everyone!!!

    And thank you Sony!!!
    BTW: Are this statues gonna be on the market?

    • These figurines were created as gifts for the God of War development team back when the first game launched. We currently have no plans to release them publicly. In fact, because I didn\’t join the team till God of War II, I don\’t even have one!


  • That shirt is the POO (in a good way)

  • ohh I love living in Canada for contests like these..I totally dont want any of this stuff..:(

    I’m more south than the state of Maine FFS

  • My Birthday is in December! Please send me the shirt! LOL!!! I want it SO bad!! I don’t wear gaming shirts really, BUT I WOULD SOOOOOOOOO WEAR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!! THATS SICK!!!!!

  • I’ve been having extreme difficulty playing this game. Every time I select either GOW I or GOW II my system freezes. I have tried restoring default setting and exchanging my disc and nothing has worked. I really want to play this game but at the moment I cannot. Is there a patch coming, a system update, or even a word coming from someone regarding this issue?

  • jj_ob sorry to hear that, try returning the game and getting a new one. So far I have had no problems with the GOW Collection. It might just be a bad copy you got….

  • OMG! Amazing, im speechless. :D

  • How nice… for US residents.

    It would be nicer if the same kind of treatment was shared amongst all regions… We Asia players pay the same amount of money and have the same amount of passion, yet we get no contests, no forums, not even special editions: no love!


  • this is great I hope i win too !! GOW is the best !

  • Awesome! I hope I win :D

  • Very cool! When is the Sideshow Collectibles Kratos statue happening?

  • By the Gods, I want these so bad but I fear I may not win O_O

  • Very nice.

    Perhaps Amazon will get on the ball and get my copy of God of War Collection here before my birthday next week so I can replay these classics in HD.

    I mean, I only pre-ordered a month ahead of time and all..


  • Awesome! thanks for giving us an opportunity to win such godlyness. I already beat both games again through the collection, they look really good in HD. Will u guys release new footage of GOW3 at spikes VGAs like last year? I really been wanting new info or footage.

  • The lack of GoW3 information and advertising is pitiful.

    GoW will likely fail in terms of sales on Ps3, all because you can’t let any of your cards show.

    GoW1 was being shown in great over a year before it was even released. Try harder, Sony Santa Monica.

  • Reading the Grand Prize description make me feel like a small child again. Thanks.

    While playing God of War last night (Great job with the remaster by the way) I pulled a 257 hit combo, got 2 trophies for it, easly the best combat moment I have had with the series.

  • The sweepstakes being US only hurts yet again.

    This time it’s even a bit ironic since the Spartan army and Kratos are kind of Greek. ;-)

  • @William Weissbaum:

    Could you guys for once let someone in New York win something.

    Nobody in NY ever wins in these types of contest.

  • @ William

    “because I didn’t join the team till God of War II, I don’t even have one!”

    Your killing me bro.

  • I still cant log into the GOW website. It gives me a whitescreen and stops loading

  • Holy crap, this is really awesome, thanks!

  • *scratches head. There must be some silly laws in place that says contests can’t include both USA and CAN residents at the same time eh? Every time I see a contest, it’s either for one or the other.

    I loves me GoW and I’m enjoying my copy of the GoW Collection… but I won’t be participating, as I am on the crap end of the “rules” for this contest.

  • Damnit! WTF sony!

    Why cant Canadians ever get anything huh? WHY!?

    This is so damn unfair, We were also left out of the Uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition.

    Geez Im not fricking buying the God of War Collection nor am I buying God of War III becuase of this bull.

    Its damn well pathetic you leave Canada out, Pobably all sony thinks of Canadians as being Americas hat.

    Flippin bull if you ask me.

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