Killzone is (almost) Five! – Celebrate with a Double XP Weekend and More

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November 26 will be a very special day for all of us here at Guerrilla. On that day, exactly five years ago, the very first Killzone title for PlayStation 2 hit the shelves in Europe. Sure, the game had already been released in the US three weeks prior, but hey…Guerrilla is based in the Netherlands. We commemorate the 26th because that’s the date that we were finally able to see the fruits of our labor in Dutch stores.

Killzone PAL Packfront

Of course, it would be a shame to leave this occasion unmarked –- and I’m not talking about the champagne and strange Dutch snacks we’ll undoubtedly be having at the studio. We also want to celebrate it with you, the fans. After all, the Killzone brand wouldn’t be where it is today without your support. So here’s what we have in store for you over the next few days:

Looking back at Killzone 1
Later this week on, Seb “Motherh” Downie and I are going to play through the first Killzone game for you. We’ll be commenting on our favorite sections and wallowing in beer-induced nostalgia.

Killzone 2 retro tournament

This weekend (November 27-30) Guerrilla will host a Killzone 2 retro tournament, using only the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps from the second DLC pack. And there’s more to be gained than valor alone, because…

Double XP Weekend returns
…the tournament will take place during a Double XP Weekend! Just like last time, any game created in the weekend of November 27-30 will yield extra XP to help you boost your ranking.

Killzone 1 and 2 side-by-side
Finally, editor Victor Zuylen will compare various features of Killzone 2 with its predecessor next week, illustrating exactly how far we’ve come since the first Killzone game was released.

And starting today, Killzone 2 DLC goes on sale on the PlayStation Store — Flash & Thunder is now $2.99 and the Map Pack Bundle is down to $9.99 — until December 10. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the fifth anniversary of Killzone! In the meantime, I’m going to put on my Top Hits of 2004 album and try to remember how I partied five years ago. Eric out.

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  • Cool, have sony make a cool killzone dynamic theme or avatar.

  • yeah a dynamic theme would be awesome

  • Congrats, can’t wait for KZ3!!! ;)

  • Thanks Sony and Guerrilla games for this amazing game. KZ2 is my favorite FPS ever and I think it will always be. Every time I play I still can’t believe how good this game is and also the atention to the little details.

    Thank you so much!

    Happy 5 years Aniversary!

  • Very cool, I was playing killzone 2 and it still has a great community

  • Awesome!

    I’ll be online for sure.

  • Sweet!! looking forward to it. especially the comparing of the 2 games

  • To bad this doesn’t come with Killzone 3 announcements or a discussion on the next GG game. I won’t exactly have time for KZ2 this weekend, really bad timing.

  • Thanks guys for an awesome game. Looking forward to more from you. Congrats on the success of the games.

  • How cool. Looking forward to the 2x exp. and the feature. :D

  • Kick [DELETED], guys. I shall see if my clan will participate in some of these tournaments.

    All it needs is more cowbell. Oh, and a dynamic theme.

  • Van harte gefeliciteerd!

    It’s time to celebrate with a Killzone 3 announcement!

  • Congrats to Sony and Guerrilla and to continued success (hmmm Killzone 3 or liberation 2). But man, i remember five years ago walking into my walmart (with my mom, i was like 11, to young to play an m rated game but anyway) and buying killzone. Had a lot of fun that Christmas playing it and i remember re buying it after hurricane Katrina. Long story short big fan of you guys and again congrats on the anniversary.

  • so there! you dutch rock – and are going to be rocked by my mad KZ2 skills!

  • I love Killzone, been with you guys from the very beginning. I especially loved the com tower mission in Killzone 1. However do you think we could also get a patch so I can copy my saved game to my other PS3? Thx and keep up the incredible work, look forward to the upcoming festivities!

  • Can Sony please fix the PS3 browser.

    Great job with KZ and KZ2. A dynamic theme is not a bad idea.


  • Happy Anniversary Killzone!

    Congratulations on all the success of your titles. Killzone and Killzone 2 are both awesome games. That last battle at Vasari’s Palace in part 2 was complete insanity on Elite; I loved it!

    I definitely look forward to Killzone 3 or any other project your team has in the works. Thanks for your efforts!

  • Congrats! I still love Killzone 2, but lost a little steam from playing when I had to send my PS3 in for service and lost my save file. Since then I got a new TV(upgrade) but because of the holiday helping of releases still haven’t been able to get back into KZ2. Looks like you guys just solved my problem!

    Any thoughts on remastering KZ1 like they did for the recent God of War Collection?

    I think locking down the framerate and hi res coat of paint would do wonders for KZ1. I would totally buy that!

    Thanks and see you online!

  • Congrats on the 5 years.

    And what about a God of War Collection remake for Killzone?

  • Grats. Really love this game. Really.

    It would be a little extra great with some Co-Op mode, though… ;)

  • Any news on KILLZONE 3 Eric? I heard it’s coming out next year!


  • Any way that can be extended to a double xp week? Thanksgiving week is so packed with family coming to visit that some of us won’t get much time to play :(

  • That’s cool… congrats on Killzone becoming 5 years old… and congrats on all the success you’ve had with the series… Killzone is still one of my favorite PS2 games, Liberation being one of my favorite PSP games and obviously Killzone 2 is a gem! Looking forward to playing some this weekend!

  • I was just saying on NeoGAF how I can’t believe Guerrilla havn’t done more double experience weekends. I’ll be playing tons this weekend that’s for sure.

    Mr Boltjes, you should come and say hi in the NeoGAF KZ2 thread if you have a spare 30seconds sometime. ;)

    All the KZ2 LEGENDS hang out there… like me! :P

  • Happy 5th GG. Been a fan of Killzone from the beginning and the original Killzone is what got me into online play. Hope to see more Killzone in the future. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Great something to get me back into Killzone. To bad MW2 is going to have to wait! Guerrilla Games ROCK ON See U this weekend!!!! :)

  • Congrats Guys on your 5th yeaar. Killzone 2 is by far my favorite game not only this year but probably best game i’ve ever played.
    It’s awesome to just set up a room and spend a couple nights out of the week with my friends online and having a blast with it. Thx alot I have no way of showing my gratitude.

  • Dammit! You this the one weekend that I’m away from my Trey….

  • Killzone 2 is my favourite game of all time. If any of you see the [VGE0] clan tag around, I’d advise you to leave the server. Zeros FTW!!!

  • Damn your map pack bundle is so much cheaper than what we pay for WAWs maps. Even when they were on sale. But they are populated by Nazi zombies, so I guess it balances out.

  • Congrats guys, I like that cover a ton. Too bad that’s not the one I got.

  • What a good game killzone 1 was. Ahh memories.

  • This brings back so many good memories with the original Killzone and the PlayStation 2!

    Too bad I let my mate borrow it a while back, and he never gave it back. Oh, well… At least I can enjoy Killzone 2 now!

  • Do you have any plans to rerelease Killzone 1 as a HD version with trophies for PS3? That would be nice!

  • Congrats GG! KZ2 was my MP GoTY! I put 300 hours into the MP, thanks to my VGE0 friends!

  • Congrats fellas, the Killzone franchise is one to be proud of. I will def be on this weekend. Please make a bad [DELETED] dynamic KZ2 theme for all your loyal fans!

  • Any chance of taking off the ‘Copy Protect’ off the Killzone 2 save? I want to back-up my saves + if i get a PS3:Slim i want to move my old Killzone 2 save? Thanks ;)

  • Sweet. I’ll probably take a small break from the BC2 beta and play a bit this weekend. I really miss playing KZ 2’s MP. Why must I have a backlog of games?!

  • awesome. time to fire up Killzone2. Also need some more people playing Killzone liberation

  • will the dev team be out in full force this time, Im ready straight up war ..ISA all the way…

  • Congratulations, Guerilla. I have no idea how Killzone 2 got snubbed for game of the year nominee when a certain zombie rehash that just came out is in there, but the fans know what’s up. Can’t wait for Killzone 3. Are you guys doing a dynamic theme?

  • i hope u guys get shooter of the year? and ps3 game of the year at the awards.. nd happy b-day… Oh and tell the dev team we want them to come out and play us..

  • I got all excited for a second because I thought an HD remix of Killzone was coming to PS3! ( still hoping )

    I don;t have a PS2 so I can’t play the original.

    Congrats to Guerilla, Killzone is a great game!

  • Happy Birthday Killzone.. wish i still have my BC PS3 to play the first one again :(

    still and all I love Killzone 2, Hopefully there will be more years and sequels to celebrate to come

  • KZ2>> MW2

    KZ3 will really put GG on the map, just like Uncharted 2! F the haters

  • Congrats on all of your success GG, it’s a great series, I have all of the games and look forward to many more but for now I’ll see you guys online this weekend!!! :D

  • KZ2 was a pretty good game. The thing that bothered me the most was the bad voice acting. Not only in cut scenes but also during gameplay. When someone says something it doesnt sound very “real”, just bad acting. Please fix that and kill off rico.

  • Too bad Killzone 2 is complete crap.

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