Coming to PSN Today: Madden NFL Arcade

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Hey Gamers,

My name is Danny Doeberling, a Designer on Madden NFL Arcade. The game is launching today on PSN, so let me fill you on some details to get you excited.

Madden NFL Arcade is a fast-paced 5-on-5 football game with depth for both casual and hardcore fans alike. We tried to make the game accessible by simplifying the playcall and giving users a pared-down arcade specific control style. We feel that we’ve created an opportunity to pull off some big moves on the gridiron with more ease than ever before in a Madden game. Gone are the special teams, with a major focus on big hits and big plays. Our traditional Madden fans will feel right at home as we kept the traditional well-polished Madden football engine, and allowed for the user to have the option of the standard PS3 control scheme they are accustomed to. What really sets the game apart though is the Game Changers that are distributed during the course of the play. And there are some off-the-wall ones too: decoy passing, frozen players, extra downs…why not? Don’t think you can score? Use the entourage and your entire offensive line shows up as a convoy to the end zone. A lot of strategy will come into play and you’ll constantly be watching the HUD hoping the next turn will be something good.

We love playing Arcade in the multiplayer mode as it really brings the competitive nature out in everyone. Because a lot of the rules are customizable, we had a fun time experimenting with different rule types, and everyone started creating their own house rules and quickly found that much like the NFL, every team has potential to pull off an upset. The internal competitions were intense and created an instant rivalry between the dev team and marketing (which our Lead Designer would usually choke during, which he blames the refs even though there are none). I am sure you guys are going to have a blast playing the game and I’ll be seeing you online!

Madden NFL Arcade 1 Madden NFL Arcade 2

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  • wow im 1st.. uhm ty 4 coming to psn with this..

  • seems like a fun game. I think Ill get it

  • OK, come on now….price?

  • today? wtf

  • The price is $14.99

  • What does this game have to offer for singleplayer and multiplayer? Online, Offline? Trophies? Price? Will we get much of the experience that NFL Blitz offered way back when? Those were some good NFL Arcade momments in my time.

    • The game offers single player, as well as up to four players local multiplayer, and head to head online. Yes, we do have trophies which you\’ll have fun earning. The game is priced at 14.99.

  • oh good since the last EA Arcade sports game did so well..

  • I would like to know one VERY important thing before I buy this game:

    Does the game have online play with Friends? 3 on 3 NHL Arcade had no way of doing this, and the only form of online was matchmaking with strangers. If I can’t play this online with my friends then I don’t think I will get it

    Thank you very much!!!

    • Yes, we have all the traditional Madden Online features. There are Lobbies as well as ways to create a session and invite your friends to play.

  • Is this a standalone game? Like NHL 3 on 3?

  • NHL arcade was great. I’m definitely going to pick this up. Will this have trophies as well?

  • It looks a lot like Madden 10 on the Wii.

    If theres a demo I’ll try it.

  • NHL arcade was great. I’m definitely going to buy this too. Does it have trophies as well?

  • it reminds me of nfl blitz alil bit but with better features and animatons..

    Can u break down when you said “there own rules” Will there be online leader board for differ game play styles like regular and custom rules..?

    What the best feature in this game in your own words??

    • You can customize the rules. For instance how many points you want to play to, starting field position, how many downs, etc. The game team\’s favorite game setup is what we call the Gauntlet. Two Downs, starting from opponent\’s 20, playing to 22 points. Try it!

      There is just one big overall online leaderboard for ranked games.

      Best Feature: Game changers! There is no bigger satisfaction when you get Entourage and your entire defensive line shows up for a play and all go chasing after your opponent\’s QB. Although it\’s terrifying when it happens to you, haha.

  • It does look like a fun arcade style football game.

    Not really a fan of the character models however. It looks like all the players are fitted with a pair of small prosthetic legs. :P

  • So….What time will the store update today? Regular time (6:30 pm EST or after) or will it be an early one since people are REALLY wanting LittleBigPlanet Portable. C’mon, give a response, you know you want to.

  • Looks kinda cheezy let me get a demo to decide

  • how much is the game going to be?

  • Demo please

    From the videos I saw, I wasn;t too impressed.

  • At $14.99 no tks this yrs madden and tiger woods the worst yet with overpriced DLCs, i am done with EA sports games.

  • No way, I learned my lesson with EA games the hard way. EA has proven they don’t fix the problems with download-only PSN games they release. BF1943 still has voice chat problems and that game sold very well. Nice way to support your loyal customers.

  • Is this going to be online? And how much would this be? And will this go on sale during the holidays?

  • I refuse to buy any NFL licensed game until they kill that exclusive contract with EA. They need competition to innovate. Repackaging the same game year in and year out with just updated rosters is just plain extortion and a disservice to football fans.

  • I dont care much for EA or madden but Couldn’t U get madden 08 for $20 or less I don’t see the point.

  • looks pretty sweet think i’ll pick this up, wish it was an ps exclusive. everyone thats asking im sure it will have trophies as the xbox version is to have acheivements.

  • Also can you guys fix the blog or the psn broswer, because i cant view the video on the ps3

  • Can someone tell me this how is it coming on a tuesday?I thoguht Thursday

  • kinda remind me off NFL street which i loved.

    i need demo to decide.

    14.99 is alot for Downloadble game

  • I thought NHL Arcade was good but overpriced. this will be the same. I will pass. Sorry, rented Madden 10 was ok…just ok, Ill stick to my Madden 07, its the same game anyways.

    EA better get it together, we are tired of sports games the same every year and crappy NFS games. Why buy the same game over and over?

  • @26

    Thursday is thanksgiving. There probably wont be a PSN update. EA wants the sales before and on Thanksgiving so people with their families can play football.

  • $14.99 seems a little overpriced, I thought NHL 3 on 3 Arcade was only $9.99. Oh well, I’ll be getting it. I loved the jump-in-and-play functionality and quick learning curve that made NHL Arcade accessible and fun for everyone. Consider it bought.
    Go Steelers!

  • Original Madden, NFL Street, NFL Tour, now NFL Arcade. All made by EA Sports. Just find a format and stick to it for the arcadey feel. There are fans of each that’d like to see future iterations.

  • One more thing, does this game have custom matches or lobbies or game invites? Before, you couldn’t play a friend online (in NHL Arcade) unless you made an obscure score you were playing to and had them search for a game to the same score (e.g., play to 19).

    I’d hope there’s better matchmaking and online functionality in this football version. Is there?

    • Yes, we have all the traditional Madden Online features. There are Lobbies as well as ways to create a session and invite your friends to play.

  • Asking price is too high. I’d like to tell you where you can stick this game.

  • This looks cool, ill try it out. Can you revive the NFL Street series. that was awesome.

  • Will there be a Demo today i wanna try it b4 i buy it

  • This looks like NFL street I loved that game on the ps2! So wait… this is coming out today on a tuesday???

  • Why is this $15 when NHL is $10?

    P.S. the modified College overtime gameplay idea is dumb. You should have just ripped off Blitz(or came to some kind of agreement with Midway to actually remake Blitz).

  • Is it going to be released in Europe too? Please say yes!

  • Is it going to be released in Europe?

  • Is this going to be released in the UK and what price would it have?

  • Oh, it’s a Midway Blitz game.

  • i was excited about seeing a psn update article, but then saw it had nothing to do with Borderlands… cmon stop slackin psn

  • you lost me at 14.99. 9.99 would be great and would be an instant buy.

  • Danny,

    Any idea when it will be available to download today?

  • Any idea when it will be available to download today?

  • i wish theyd bring back nfl blitz like it was years ago. midway made it as they also made nba jam. what happened to midway?

  • Honestly I hate football. But I actually like the nfl street games. This reminds me of those in some way. If it was $10. I’d snatch it up. But for $15. I’ll pass.

    *grabs psp with nfl street 2*

  • @ 22 SalMoriarty, I agree with you. Maybe if EA had some NFL competition, they would do something innovative.

  • I was thinking $7.99 or so…if it has the depth of NHL Arcade that should be its price point.

  • Oh, that KSPRAYDAD… Changing his avatar to a snowflake, threw me off there. I was always expecting Toro. Tricky, trick, trick, tricky…

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