LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “LBP PSP Update” Edition

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Sackboy Helps with Math and Science Education

We’re uber excited to team up with the MacArthur Foundation & the Entertainment Software Association to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math in new and revolutionary ways. As announced today at the White House, Sackboy will be playing a big role in the Game Changers competition launching nationwide in December. Stay tuned as we’ll have more info soon (unfortunately, I can’t say or the Secret Service will sack-slap me), but for now, check out the below links of official stories/announcements:

What’s New?

LBP (PSP) Launch
As you all know by now, this week marks the launch of LittleBigPlanet (PSP) around the world. And while thousands of you are already playing, creating and sharing, there is a large audience we still have to cater too – our PSPgo and PSP owners who want to buy LittleBigPlanet (PSP) on the PlayStation Store. Read on…

LBP (PSP) on the PlayStation Store
Good news. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we have everything in place for a
PlayStation Store release tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24…right before the turkey break. We apologize to our PlayStation fans for the delay. We’ve had our teams around the world working on bringing LBP (PSP) to you as fast as we could and we’re very happy you’ll have it before the break.

New Online Update
You’ll be happy to know that our development team at SCEE Cambridge will continue to support LBP (PSP) post launch with ongoing game improvements and upcoming downloadable content. And this has already begun with a new update available for download now. This first update will improve the performance of some of the physics and tools in the Create mode.

Updates are new to the PSP, so we thought a little step-by-step instruction would go a long way:

  • Be sure to have online access on your PSP
  • On the XMB, highlight the LBP game icon
  • Open up the menu with and select “Update”
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions

New on the PlayStation Store

So what’s on the store this week? I have two words for you: Mon. Tage. Sorry, couldn’t resist. All kidding aside, check out these two new items on the Store this week:


LBP (PSP) Demo
Download this today to see why Sackboy continues to get rave reviews from our friends in the press.

LBP Turkeyhead Sackboy Costume

LBP (PS3) “Turkeyhead” Sackboy Costume
For all you LBP (PS3) owners who missed out last year, this special Sackboy costume is back for a limited time…so you better “head” there now!

Workshop of the Week

Over on our newly revamped site, check out the three video podcasts/tutorials that Media Molecule created a while back. We recently watched these again, and now we have the “create” bug (I know what I’m doing this weekend). Head on over and refresh your knowledge. You can apply these principals to LBP (PSP), as well.

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2 Author Replies

  • Free is awesome. But why are you just putting out old content? It seems like you have stopped producing levels and free content. I shelved the game months ago, I need a reason to play it again besides my kids asking me to play it.

  • Sack Boy 2012!

  • Comments Borked?

    Free is great. But why not original content. The Free stuff and level dried up months ago. I need a reason to play again. This isn’t doing it, now it seems like the attention of MM is on the PSP version only.

  • Both have been downloaded and we’ve been having fun with them.

  • First comment! Finally!!!!!!!!!
    Now I can get LBP for my 2000 tomorrow!
    Yeah i know i could have bought the UMD, but i prefer easy to access games on a memory stick instead of lugging around UMDs, (Plus I already got a 50 dollar PSN card last week…) Finally LBP! Thanks for the apology Sony you guys had me worried… LPB for PSP!

    Sackboy Rules!!

    The six free costumes will be available with the download right?

  • LOL no first comment, LBP rules!

  • (No first comment LOL.) LBP rules!

  • sweet im glad to hear us PSP owners will still get support.

  • the PSN store delay is unacceptable and was a slap in the face for GO owners (the demo was out why not the game). Between the pricing and empty promises I have little to no faith in the Sony brand anymore, a name that once commanded respect is nothing more than greed and empty promises.

    Get your act together Sony or get out of the game business.

  • Great update SONY!!! *Salutes*

  • LBP PSP is so much fun, my Go-owning friend will be happy to hear it comes out tomorrow, he’s been waiting forever.

  • Oh, forgot to mention, great job on the game!

  • It would be cool to get an update on the water DLC for LBP, the video released a couple months ago was great.

    • No official update yet – the beta is still going (I think). But once we\’re ready to release (crossing fingers that its soon), you\’ll be the first to hear.

  • hi there any news on assassins creed 2 costumes for LBP please i really want to play as ezio sackboy

    please reply im begging you lol

  • I like that Motorstorm(Lucky Jack Flynn) costume and the Killzone 2 costumes.Thanks Mark!

  • The game is already six days late on the PSN. If it’s done don’t wait till tomorrow, put it up now please.

  • when is the dlc for psp coming out? you dont have to give specifics if you dont want to. :)

  • Game was day one for me.

    First updated game on the PSP???

    Keep up the good work and support!

  • Sackboy for science yeaa! That’s cool.

    Need to pick this up, been delaying for too long now.

  • Nice, I’ve been waiting for the PSN release of the game to add it to my PSP GO’s growing collection, apology accepted Sony, just don’t do it again!!! >:( :P :D

  • oh come on now, where is the online create mode for Little Big Planet on PS3!!?

  • so.. what about MPO?

  • there are tons of bugs still in create mode

    1. Rotating 2 way/3 way switches upside down will break them completely(you can’t pull them)
    2. when placing pistons/string/rockets etc. you can move the cursor inside of objects which makes it really fiddly to place
    3. you can’t sticker/put switches on/material change(like PS3)/resize any story mode objects
    4. when an object has a wobble bolt on it(dunno about normal/motor/sprung though), pausing then unpausing will make it change angle randomly. This can also happen when it’s left on its own. Even selecting it makes it change it’s angle slightly
    5. stiff pistons/rods can shake(i connected one to a platform and it was stiff but it still shook)
    6. you can’t edit/resize YOUR OWN captured objects.

  • and more
    7. trying to cut when using the circle material brush won’t delete it, it’ll turn the edge you try to delete into a square
    8. If you attach an object to a string and go into pause mode, grab and and drag it, and put in into unpause mode, the string breaks and the object will appear where you dragged it and you can’t see it while dragging in pause mode.
    9. In pause mode/unpaused mode selecting an object which is bolted to something with a motor/wobble bolt then tapping X rapidly will make it rotate slightly with each press
    10. you can’t destroy a protected brain with a 1-shot switch

  • there are about 24 bugs still unfixed

    11. you can attach a sensor switch to a magic mouth, but it won’t activate it

    12. objects attached to stiff pistons will sometimes change angle slightly, even in pause mode

    13. trying to detach a premade object(3-way switch, captured object, story mode object) from something that isn’t premade will delete the premade object AND the custom made object

    14. you can’t capture an object made out of premade objects or YOUR OWN captured objects

    15. sometimes static objects change into dynamic objects randomly

    16. you can’t use the corner editor on something that’s touching the ground/another object

  • the list is too long for one post D:
    17. the directional setting doesn’t work on chains/pistons with anything but the 3-way/2-way switch

    19. when sackboy jumps BESIDE an object he doesn’t jump as high

    20. you can’t resize switches, because they’re treated as premade objects

    21. you can’t rotate magnetic keys/switches

    22. you can’t put switches/stickers on YOUR OWN captured objects

    23. moving objects with pistons attached will make the pistons go wonky

    24. if you resize an an object with stickers on it, the stickers stay the same size

  • i liked this game when it first came out for ps3 but after a whilei thought that DLC became just tooo much to where i just stopped playing it.. sorry.

  • Since I prefer to have an actual disk, I went and pre-ordered LBP PSP at ebgames here in Canada to get the 6 costumes but the store never got any codes so i could not get the 6 free costumes :(. Is there any other way I could get them? Please Help!

  • FINALLY! My PSPGo will be happy :) I was seriously gonna cause a riot if it didn’t come this week lol.

  • Awesome! LBP TOMORROW! AND THE COSTUMES YES! Thank you :)

  • So what about the bonuses that were unavailable to PSPgo users in terms of pre-ordering. Will we be getting anything for being first day purchasers? Or how about just throwing a little something our way for having to wait longer than any other region in the world including our own because we were unable to purchase a UMD. The simple fact that it’s finally coming out is not good enough. I’m probably just going to pass on the title if nothing is included with it. Games like Resistance Retribution and Assassin’s Creed have PS3-PSP connectivity. LBP for PSP doesn’t even have online play whatsoever, something that made the PS3 version really shine. Nor does it have PS3 interconnectivity. What is really drawing me to buy this? The ability to play some crappy levels designed by people in the community? I quickly realized from the PS3 version that the community levels are 99% crap and 1% awesome. Not worth it.

  • Really????……so it’s ready but for some reason Sony has made the network with the ability to add new items only on Tuesday or Thursday?…….Sound more like Sony’s deal with Ubisoft to publish Assassins Creed for a week without interference from LBPpsp……Oh wait, there is the whole update thing….but wait, you guys released it everywhere else on the network (Japan, Hong Kong, and EU). Oh….and the whole fact that you could have released it and then we could have updated it later. Wow ….this excuse that you had problems with it has a whole lot of holes in it.

  • Well i’m just glad that it’ll be available sooner than later….. which is tomorrow. :) and the update’s are always a plus. :)

    Just wish more info could be given to explain the delay :(

  • finaly lbp psp on ps store!!!!!

    my shiny pspgo has been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!!! :]

  • @9

    Sounds like you just enjoy complaining. It’s been just one week, for one game. Despite the fact that it’s a great game and they’ve apologized, you still want to complain. Sony even made a huge chunk of UMD games available for download on day one for Go owners. Hell, they are even offering the pre-order bonus to Go owners and will be supporting the game with updates, which is a first for PSP, or any handheld for that matter. Sony has done a lot to support Go owners and especially LBP. If you’re so upset because of a one time issue that has been resolved, sell your PSP. No matter what Sony does, you’re always going to find some minor issue to crusify them for. Holding Sony accountable for things like this is fine, but harping on it after it has been resolved is ridiculous. If you think they are doing so poorly that they should exit the game business, go buy a DS and a 360.

  • Thanks for the update, Mark. I can’t say I haven’t been a sad panda having to wait an extra week, but I’m sure it’s for the best.

    I’ll be looking forward to playing and creating tomorrow. I might need some time to share, though.

  • lbp psp is awsome but i really want the original and a ps3

  • I agree. I have to believe the ”problem” was marketing strategy. It wasn’t the PSN store, cause Assassin’s Creed made it on there on Tuesday morning. I don’t believe that it was the bugs in the game either, for the fact that the patch has been out for a bit now. Though I don’t really see the strategy in waiting a week to release the game late for NA PSN. I almost believe that Sony hates people that bought the PSPgo. I would love to hear an actual straight forward answer has to what the whole delay was about, I feel I got a better chance of the govenment telling me the truth about 9/11 and aliens.

  • Same thanksgiving costume as last years, how original.

  • @ 40 (Blkant)

    Why don’t you use your imagination and pretend it’s a “Chicken” you [DELETED] idiot.

  • what time will the uupdate happen for the game tommorow

  • what time will tommorow update happen

  • The PSN store usually updates around 6:30 pm EST.

  • to padd_johnson:
    Thanks for the list! I’m trying to make an over all bug list myself. It’s a huge list. I don’t think the game was released when it was ready – reminds me of what Sony did with Socom.

  • Will we still get the 6 free costumes?

  • I have a question for you. I pre-ordered the game (YAY!!) and I was wondering if I could re-use my codes for another game (my bro is also a fan of LBP and wanted to start his own game). Please answer!!!!

  • love the update keep it up LBP Cambridge, you are doing great dont let the downers get to you. Thank you so much for your current hard work and future support on the game!!

  • i pre ordered the games at EB games (i m canadian) and didn t get the 6 free costume code :(

  • i pre ordered the game at EB games (im canadian) and i didnt get the 6 free costume code… :(

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