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  • As a Canadian I really appreciated the Comic book story and the Video releases. Truly.

  • Oh…and the Thankgiving event that celebrates US Thankgiving when SCEA ignored Canadian Thanksgiving…that was cool too.

  • Good PlayStation week. nice to see lots of new features and game stuff, like usual, but i really feel Canada is being ignored and neglected.

    Chris, i knows its been a while, but are we going to hear from Kojima Productions soon (or ever again) hopefully for some MGS4 news :P
    And are you and Jeff going to the VGA?

    • Yup, one (or both) of us will definitely be at the VGAs. No word yet one the MGS front, but surely we\’ll let you know if anything comes up.

  • As a Canadian I also appreciate the contests that we can’t enter, and the fine selection of movies and tv shows on the video store make for wonderful blank screen memories!

  • Any word on when LittleBigPlanet PSP is going to be released on PSN? I was so looking forward to getting that game.

  • Could someone please inform us psp owners as to the possible release date of LBP ?! Why can’t the PSN be updated any day of the week once the issue is resolved.

    Waiting for a tuesday or thursday update seems rather restrictive.

    Don’t even get me started on why were paying retail price for downloaded psp games, and yes I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning …

  • I wish I can download movies and comics while I’m overseas… this is really annoying

  • Any plans for a Black Friday type of sale on PSN next week? I got $20 burning a hole in my PSN wallet.

  • Enjoying the BC2 Beta so far, but you need to get DICE back here to fix the problems with BC1 ASAP.

    Seriously Jeff, ASAP.

  • I’m loving the Facebook update, although I think my friends are getting annoyed seeing me earn trophies all the time.

    Also I can’t wait for the VGA’s, I’m taking the day off work to see if Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and Demon’s Souls win any awards.

  • @ 10, yap i think the spam trophie system need a fix or something

  • Chris how you doing man ?? listen i wanted to see if you can help me here, in Motorstorm Arctic Edge psp you can see all your psn friend list but you cant actually invite your friends to play with you , what is the point to actually see your psn friends list if you are doing nothing with it ? i really love Arctic Edge but i have just started to play online and playing with my friends and family is very frustrated , can you give me a link or let Big Big Studio know that Arctic Edge really needs a party system , we can play Pixeljunk together but not Arctic Edge that sucks , thanks man

  • Kool!!!!!!

  • How about adding specific sport team themes? such as a Lakers theme?

  • I need to avoid the blog for a bit, but it’s tough. My PS3 just died this week and if I don’t get the same unit back from repair there goes 3 years worth of saves. 120+ hours in Oblivion and never finishing may be what hurts the worst. :(

  • Dear Playstation,

    I am having a problem with syncing my trophies. i dont no what to do, i have tried calling sony but there is no one to talk to and the recordings dont address my issue. if u could write me back and tell me what i need to do it would be much appreciated.

    yours truly


  • hmm… no lbp update in two weeks?

  • Thanks for the facebook spam Sony, I really wanted to know that one of my friends download the LBP PSP Demo yesterday.

    Great new feature in 3.10: “Spam your facebook friends with PS3 advertising, horrible advertising at that.

    Download a demo? Spam your friends. Get one trophy? Spam your friends.

  • @18…

    Can’t you just ‘hide’ those updates like you can the farmville stuff and such?

  • Doesn’t change the fact that those updates shouln’t exist in the first place.

  • Bad Company 2 Beta is awesome!! Just wish so much PS3 had cross game voice chat because the voice chat in the beta is as broken as ever :-/

  • Anyone else love pwning on modern warfare 2??!!?? Haha

  • Can’t sync my trophies since updating to 3.10.

  • SONY i have alot to say
    first off there isn’t reason anymore why Canada doesn’t have the video store. IfOver seas can get it next month we should be getting it first.
    second it looks like you guy’s are ignoring the Bad Company situation where the rank system doesn’t work, it put me back to rank one and now i cant use my good weapons because it wont rank up. contact EA & DICE.
    this one is just something you can do for the Play Create Share Community. Contact United Front Games & tell them that they should look into a battle mode in MNR like Mario Kart & Crash Team Racing.
    oh and if possible you should talk to squareEnix about a FFX/X-2 HD blu-ray trophy game, the 3 Sly Coopers since we haven’t seen any recent ones, & Getting FF Origins, FFXIII, & FFIX on PSStore
    Thanks alot:)

  • Really enjoying all the new Modnation Racers coverage (primarily from Destructoid).

    The game is on the top of my list for next year!

    Will there be any other ways of getting into the beta besides purchasing the LBP GOTY edition?
    I’m in the UK and the GOTY edition is unavailable here =(.

  • @11 I wasn’t complaining about it, just saying it jokingly. Though it seems some people find it annoying.

  • Cool. Fix the network.

  • Wow, you guys totally didn’t playtest the God of War collection.

    You could have had us mash another button instead of R2.

    Did you not instantly notice how hard/annoying it is to mash an analog trigger?

  • To Sony:

    Loads of people are having synching problems with trophies. I’ve had this problem for a week now, and nothing I do fixes it. I am fully aware that it is a problem with the network. I’ve been advised that I should log in during low traffic times, and that I could synch then, but I shouldn’t have to. FIX IT.

  • I can never sync while in game and it usually takes me several tries ti sync outside of a game.

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