Special Thanksgiving Event in PlayStation Home + UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition Contest

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This Thanksgiving, you’ll want to spend every spare moment in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. Starting this week, a new mini-game will appear in Central Plaza, occupying the space generally reserved for Saucer Pop. This Thanksgiving-themed game will only be live for a limited time and will prove to be one of the most addictive, action-packed, and ridiculously fun activities going on in PlayStation Home.

The premise is simple: in celebration of the impending Turkey Day, users will approach the giant stone turkey in Central Plaza and, of course, pledge their allegiance to the almighty Meleagris Gallopavo by stating “Gobble gobble” and/or other assorted turkey-isms. If your homage pleases your turkey overlord, you will be given a chance to chase a bunch of wily turkeys around Central Plaza (word to the wise: these turkeys are quite cunning and as such get progressively more difficult to catch as the game goes on, so you’d better bring appropriate footwear). If you can manage to catch them all, you will unlock some truly hilarious rewards that are sure to make you an object of envy amongst your peers. Sound borderline insane? Of course it does – which is exactly why we are doing it! Check the video below for a look at what we have in store for you.

Also, in celebration of the release of Assassin’s Creed 2, new AC2-themed virtual goods will be released this week. Hardcore fans of the franchise are sure to find these items to be true must-haves (and we bet they’ll geek out hard over the full Ezio costumes set to release in PlayStation Home come next week). Any way you cut it, if you “Live by the Creed” then PlayStation Home is the place to be (when you aren’t sneaking up behind enemies and performing other stealthy maneuvers in various Italian locales, of course).

Playstation Home Assassin's Creed II outfit Playstation Home Assassin's Creed II outfit

In other PlayStation Home-related news: We’re pleased to announce another opportunity for you, the PlayStation Home community, to win a copy of the super-limited UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition. Here’s how this contest works: PlayStation Home community members should enter the new UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves game space in PlayStation Home between the hours of 8:00am PT on Friday, November 20th and 12:00pm PT on Saturday, November 21st to play the Fortunate Thieves mini-game. The user that secures the #1 slot of the game’s leaderboard will win a copy of the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition. Included in this prize package is a Phurba Dagger ornamental replica (plus stand), a special “book case” with art book autographed by the Naughty Dog team, a ton of downloads, and the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Strategy Guide. This is arguably the most sought-after prize we are giving away all year, so read the official rules and regulations below and then head into PlayStation Home right at 8:00am PT on Friday, November 20th (this is when we will wipe the leaderboards) and get that first place slot.

UNCHARTED 2 Fortune Hunter Edition w/ Guide

The following promotion is intended for viewing in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only and will be construed and evaluated according to United States law. Do not enter this contest if you are not a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or District of Columbia at the time of entry.


Void outside the 50 United States and District of Columbia and where prohibited.

1. Eligibility. The UNCHARTED 2 FORTUNATE THIEVES MINI GAME Contest (the “Promotion”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and hold a PlayStation Network account in good standing as determined by Sponsor. Employees of the Sponsor and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.

2. Sponsor. Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., 919 East Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404 (“Sponsor”).

3. Timing. The Promotion begins on November 20, 2009 at 8:00 A.M. PST and ends on November 21, 2009 at 12:00 P.M. PST (the “Promotion Period”).

4. How to Enter. No purchase necessary. Internet access, a PlayStation Network account, and a PlayStation3 computer entertainment system required. Using the PlayStation3 system, go to the PlayStation Network and access PlayStation Home. Users who wish to enter (the “Entrants”) shall use their avatars to enter the UNCHARTED 2 Among Thieves Nepalese Village Space (the “Event Space”) (accessible via the World Map on the Entrant’s Menu Pad), navigate their avatars to the “Fortunate Thieves” mini game, and select the “Fortunate Thieves” icon. Entrants will be directed to the Fortunate Thieves menu and will be presented with the four (4) following options:

    Entrants selecting this option will be presented with three (3) screens of instructions listing the details of gameplay, including the game purpose and game strategy.
    Entrants selecting this option will be the game “Hosts”. Hosts are in charge of setting the following variables in the game:

    • Maps – Hosts determine the map game will be played on. There are eight (8) maps total in game. The terrain and layout of each map varies. Some maps have more treasure winning potential than others.
    • Public v. Private – Hosts determine whether to make the game public (anyone in the space can participate) or private (only Entrants who are on the Host’s PSN friends list can participate).
    • Number of Turns – Hosts determine how many “turns” the game will consist of. (“turns” are defined as one round for each player in the game). The turn choices are 10, 15, 20, 25.
    • Number of Seconds – Hosts determine how many seconds a player will have to act once it is their “turn”. The seconds choices are 20, 40 or 60 seconds.

    Once the above parameters are set, a Lobby is created. A minimum of two (2) players are needed to start a game. The host can join the game as a player and must wait for a minimum of one (1) other player to enter the Lobby before a game session can begin. A maximum of four (4) players are permitted per game.

    Entrants selecting this option join the game as Participants and are taken to a list of available games where they can see the Host options set for each game and determine which game they would like to join. Participants can then join any open game.
    Entrants selecting this option are taken to a choice of games that they can watch. Spectators cannot enter a game.
    Hosts are responsible for controlling the game, including setting and determining the game variables listed above in each game. To enter the Promotion, Entrants can either select the “Create a Game” icon as the Host or the “Join a Game” icon as a Participant. Once Entrants have selected a method of entry, they may join any open game. A minimum of two (2) players are required and a maximum of four (4) players are permitted per game. Players will receive a set of four (4) cards. Cards will be continually dealt to Players throughout the game so that Players will always have a set of four (4) cards to play with. To play, Players must use the cards to accumulate points. Instructions for playing the cards are presented to Players in pop-up format and are revealed to Players as they scroll over individual cards. Players should attempt to accumulate as many points as possible. Once the game ends, timing stops and Player’s score is recorded. Players can play an unlimited number of games within the promotion period to attempt to better their score. The 10 (ten) highest scores and the online IDs of the players who earned them in an individual game from all games played during the Promotion Period in all instances of the UNCHARTED Nepalese Village space will be posted on the Global Leaderboard located in the UNCHARTED Nepalese Village Space. (An instance is a new event space that is created when the number of users in the original space has reached its maximum capacity. Fortunate Thieves can support multiple instances of the same Event Space so that Players will be able to access the space.)

5. Entry Conditions and Release. Entrants may participate as many times as they like. Sponsor is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures, malfunctions, lost or unavailable network connections or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions or unforeseen schedule changes that may limit an entrant’s ability to participate in the Promotion, even if caused by Sponsor’s negligence. Sponsor is not responsible for changes to Entrant’s contact information. Entries not satisfying these Official Rules are automatically disqualified. Sponsor has the sole discretion to modify, cancel or suspend this Promotion should virus, bugs or other causes beyond Sponsor’s control corrupt, change or adversely affect the Promotion’s administration, security or proper play and to award prizes from among all eligible entries received prior to Sponsor’s action. Automated entries are prohibited and any use of automated devices will cause disqualification. Sponsor has the sole discretion to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process.

6. Winner Selection. One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected during the Promotion Period. Winner will be determined as follows:

The player who accumulates the highest score in an individual game from all games played during the Promotion Period will be declared the Grand Prize winner. In the event of a tie in winning scores, Entrants with the highest tied winning scores will play a tiebreaker game in the Fortunate Thieves Event Space on November 23, 2009. Time and details of tiebreaker will be determined by Sponsor. Entrants will be notified at approximately 12:00 P.M.PST on November 18, 2009 via the email address associated with their PSN account with instructions regarding the time the tiebreaker will occur. The player with the highest score in the tiebreaker will be declared the Grand Prize winner. If the tiebreaker score is tied, additional tiebreaker games will be held from among the remaining highest scoring tied Players until the Player with the highest score remains, who will be declared the Grand Prize winner.

Winner’s PSN online IDs will be posted on the global leaderboard within the mini game located in the UNCHARTED Nepalese Village Space beginning on November 21, 2009 at approximately 12:00 P.M. PST. Winner will also be notified by Sponsor via the email address associated with Winner’s PSN account on or about November 23, 2009 at approximately 12:00 P.M. PST. Grand Prize winner must claim his or her prize within 48 hours from Sponsor’s notification. If Grand Prize winner does not respond within 48 hours from Sponsor’s outreach, an alternate winner will be selected by Sponsor based on the player who has the next highest score from all games played during the Promotion Period (or if a tie exists, the next highest score from the tiebreaker). This method will continue until a Grand Prize winner has responded.

7. Prize(s). One (1) Grand Prize for the Promotion Period. Grand Prize consists of one copy of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition which includes a copy of the video game UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, a phurba dagger replica and an artbook. The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize is $300.00. Prize fulfillment is based on availability. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if a prize is unavailable. Sponsor may disqualify a winner and select an alternate winner if any prize notification or prize is returned undeliverable. If the player with the highest score is under 18, the prize will be awarded to the Entrant with the next highest score from all games played during the Promotion Period (or if a tie exists the next highest score from the tiebreaker). Prizes are non-transferable and Sponsor need not substitute a prize based on winner’s request. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the prize.

8. Odds of Winning. Odds of winning are determined by the number of eligible entries received.

9. Publicity. By accepting the prize, winner agrees to the use of his or her name and likeness for purposes of advertising, trade or promotion without further compensation, unless prohibited by law, and agrees to sign and return a notarized Affidavit of Eligibility and Release of Liability (the “Affidavit”) within Fourteen (14) business days of prize notification.

10. Limitations of Liability. By attempting to enter, entering a Promotion or accepting a Promotion prize, an entrant or prize winner agrees to release Sponsor and its parent, subsidiaries, agencies, divisions and affiliates from liability, claims or actions or any kind for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property that may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership or use of the prize or while preparing for, participating in or traveling to or from the Promotion or any Promotion or prize-related activity. Sponsor’s employees, employees of Sponsor’s parent, subsidiaries, agencies, and affiliates and each of their related companies and their immediate families are not eligible. Neither the Sponsor nor its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, divisions or related companies are responsible for any damages, taxes or expenses that winners might incur as a result of this Promotion or receipt of prize.

11. Promotion Results. Sponsor will post winner’s name in the Message of the Day on November 23, 2009 at approximately 10:00 A.M. PST, and winner’s name will also be announced in the PlayStation Home forums until December 30, 2009. To obtain a winner’s list by mail, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to PlayStation Home UNCHARTED 2 Fortunate Thieves Mini Game Contest Promotion, Attn: Promotions, 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. 2nd Floor, Foster City, CA 94404. Sponsor will fulfill a winner’s list request within 4-6 weeks after it awards prizes. Requests for the winner’s list must be received by December 30, 2009.

12. Restrictions. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

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  • what you guys should do is make an assassins creed ps3 bundle

  • HOME continues to deteriorate into the realm of desperate and last-ditch ideas.

    Bring back voice-chat. It was the only feature worth using — and certainly the main attraction of HOME in the first place (being that it’s supposed to be a SOCIAL environment).

  • Assassins Creed Outfit in Home. L_S you have officially stolen my heart for AC2. I LOVE IT!

  • US only contest…boo.

  • this looks cool.. how bout a psp go/ps3 AC2/Bloodlines bundle.

  • looks awesome. hey can you convince naughty dog to add Cross Game Invites (ala MW2) and tell them to add full Game Launch Support, that way, i can game launch U2 Multiplayer straight away with people on Home.

  • This looks cool, glad we are getting more events in home.. good job

  • great idea guys!

  • Please tell me you guys will fix the Central Plaza bug in time for this contest.

  • Good to see all these awesome things in Home! I just wish I could use it on my account, it blocks me out because I’m 14 instead of 18 :(. Hopefully you guys can lower the age limit, or remove it, because Home is something I know I would love if I could use it.

  • Cool! ACII outfits is a guarantee buy for me. Any word if the Altair outfit may be coming as well?

    The Turkey Day thing also looks great! Looking forward to this Thursday a bit.

  • Wow! Another chance to win this great game. I certainly will be there to give it my best shot. Thanks, Locust_Star.

    And the turkey game looks pretty wild. Definitely giving this one multiple shots. Man, I feel hungry!

  • Thank god public voice chat is gone.

    Can’t believe how huge Home has become.

    Logged in with my friends pretty much every minute not playing PS3 games. What is up to now? 9 million PS3 users last I heard.

    Free online for all gamers
    Dedicated servers for lagfree online play
    Massive online game sizes like 64 for Resistance 2 and 256 for MAG
    The wildly successful Home online world


    50 dollars a year online fees
    Laggy P2P online gaming
    No dedicated servers gimping game sizes 5vs5 for Gears of War 2, 8vs8 for Halo 3
    Retarded and creepy Nintendo Mii ripoff in answer to Home

    Sony is teaching Microsoft how to do online console gaming right. Why isn’t Microsoft listening and learning from Sony?

  • US only??? ooh no..,that’s so unfair :( :(

  • Love the new content of the turkey costume, but one thing that gets me is how (once again) the Americans get everything on their holiday. The contest is, as well, just for the U,S,A. That’s what I do not like about Home.

  • Im hoping that the Turkey game will be there until atleast December 12th? Care to let us know?

    Also, very nice job with the AC2 costumes!

  • Just . . . frelling . . . fantastic.

    My barely two-year-old PS3 died the “blinky red light” fan death last Tuesday (as in 8 days ago Tuesday) and I’m still waiting for my repair coffin to show up (purportedly “today” according to UPS; then again, it was supposed to be here yesterday, but UPS delayed delivery at the last moment… go figure).


    I just appears the chances of Sony Repair getting my PS3 back to me in time for these Thanksgiving festivities is likely slim. Looks like I’m getting the super-dry bird…

    So to those of you who still have working PS3’s, I at least wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  • Well I can’t complain that it isn’t Canadiana too because we do have our chance to win 5.

    Well good luck to the united states (although i wish us Candaians could have a few more chances to win the fortune hunter edition eh!) lol.

  • AC II costumes. I got the e-mail about AC II with the Home costumes yesterday. I was quite pleased because it is something I was hoping would come along.

    Turkey costumes? BAHAHAH Epic. I’m going to flaunt that one all the time. Cool stuff SCEA :)

  • I SHALL obey my turkey overlords! …And then I shall eat them…

  • I don’t like these contests to win the Fortune Hunter Edition of U2:AT. Having the #1 spot is nearly impossible. Last time, the record for the Mask Mayhem minigame was like 4 seconds. 4 SECONDS! How could it possibly be completed in that little amount of time? :(

    • It\’s possible! And considering that only 300 of these games were made in the WORLD, we HAVE to make it hard! You\’re gamers, you like the competition, remember? ;)

  • I still havnt been able to play Uncharted 2 online, I keep getting ‘Error downloading config file’. Though I got past that once and got ‘Error syncing levels’ once, but that quickly went back to error downloading config file.

  • Nice update i must say.

    I like that the Central Plaza is changing.

    Keep it up.


    Instead focus on optimising the service.

    Fewer/faster loading times.
    Easy chat options.
    More Social networking features
    Slicker Game Launching
    More integration with XMB.

  • I’m having problems getting into Home. You guys keep posting about awesome events for PlayStation Home, but I always get a Network Error. What’s the best way to go about reporting these errors and seeing if I can get back Home? I was originally in the open beta, and I wasn’t too impressed back then, but ever since you keep adding all these cool things, I just can’t get in anymore. Thanks.

  • #21

    Never under-estimate the lengths that unshowered power-nerds will go to in order to win these contests.

    And don’t forget: they’ve been training every minute for their entire lives.

  • StargamerX: Took the words right out of my mouth. All these contests take skill and I doubt some of the people winning aren’t even big fans of the game; just people who know how to utilize what they’re good at. I’m sure somewhere in there, there’re some fans, but the ones winning are probably just gonna sell on eBay. I mean, do like Kotaku and pick fans, except, you know, don’t be biased and choose based on a nicely Photoshopped picture, some imitation gimmick or ignoring anyone who’s new to the community.

  • Wouldn’t it be possible to manipulate the Uncharted mini-game? In otherwords, wouldn’t it be easy to cheat your way to the top of the board? (Ex. Play with your friends and set it up so they win. You dont attack them at all.)

    Seems kind of fishy to me…I don’t plan on playing the game. So you won’t have to worry about me “cheating”.

    One can stipulate that the Mask mini-game winner had to have cheated. There’s no way he got it in the time that he did. I’m sure other people here agree.

    I won’t be bothering with this mini-game. I wish Sony would hold a contest that fans have a chance of winning. Maybe an essay contest

    I agree with ES2X1. Have a contest that fans can enter. Kotaku’s contest was fun. Except I didn’t care for the voting. Some people decided it would be neat to vote for an attractive girl over her actual paragraph that wasn’t a bit special. Sony should do a contest sans personal pictures. Just an eloquent paragraph judged by a panel of folks at Sony or whatever.

  • uh, i dunno about the tureky – i’m vegan. :\
    i already got the limited edition copy of assassin’s creed ii – i should get the costume for free!

    i’m so over this fortune hunter edition; i was so ready to sell my soul a while back for it! i mean, how can anyone put a ganesh mask in under 4 seconds?! that’s fraud! i’ll just treasure my ultra rare uncharted 2 lanyard from winning in the scavenger hunt during the pre-release period, so there!

  • Nice, but Thanksgiving was last month.

  • Thanks for the heads up playsttion asassins creed ii is really good , check my blog out were I review it


  • Maybe make a Canada only blog, where it omits these retarded contests from our viewing. Its almost a practical joke at this point…a practical joke performed by morons.

  • Thanks but yea, indeed, thanksgiving was last month…

  • It’s the U.S playstation blog for a reason.

  • You can add a free turkey game for probably the least popular U.S. holiday but you give the shaft to halloween by making us pay for something that didn’t even feel like halloween or offer any fun or real halloween celebration etc…

    Why the Halloween hate?

    You guys better go all out for Christmas and next years Halloween to make up for it! :P

  • Why can’t the contest be something else. I try and try and my best time is 9 seconds.

    I see the leaderboards and they put me to shame.

    If I ask nicely will you give it to me, pretty please.


  • HEY. Let me get at one of those Uncharted2 fortune hunter editions.. lol

  • My best time is 9 seconds and I look at the leaderboards and put my head down in shame.

    If I ask nicely can I have one pretty please.

  • @ 38 I thought my comment didn’t go through.
    This blog needs a delete or edit function.

  • Is the AC2 avatar outfit free with the game or purchasable through the mall?

  • Darn, I’m going to be gone for this one too!

  • lol, thanksgiving was in october.. last month..

  • Awesome Thanksgiving event! Thanksgiving is next week Antonisbob, are you a canadian? If so, i think you already had thanksgiving.

  • Where was the special event for Canadian Thanksgiving? You know, since SCEA is responsible for this country too.

  • @ no. 2, the reason why the public voice chat feature is not available now is because of rude people. There have been so many reports on racism, harrasment, and foul language going on that they cancelled. Now, the only way to voice is by phoning a friend, in a club, or in a personal space. If you haven’t tried the “phone a friend” feature, you should give it a go. You can cross chat in different spaces.

  • The steven segal thing seemed to have changed. I noticed that the time went to 5 to 6:30. I logged on at 7:31, cause your stupid home gave me an error once I tried to get into the theatre. Does that mean I missed the chance for my free item. I watched the entire vid. Yah say comeback on 19th. I don’t wanna go if I missed it. If I did, you guys suck for makin home events so short or so hard to get into. Thanks alot, for makin us long hardworkin people not get any benefits like everyone else.

  • I can’t wait to fix my PlayStation 3 so I can join these competitions :)

  • Are you guys ever going to fix the 1.3/2 bug’s? there are a large number of people who can’t log-in to Home right now and I think they would like to play game’s like this.

  • please for the love of god fix all the bad bugs, if you guys want to keep making money fix them instead of releasing more over priced content, or more events, and talking helps, talk to the people who are putting money in your pockets, and no im not counting the blogs as thats your forum of advrtising to us, gives us coments like yes we are working on a fix for the bug we are sorry for the inconvence

  • @ FredPunella

    shut up. last i checked, the Xbox Live service had over 20 million users vs PSN’s 9 mill. it seems as though people know what they want and LIVE is what most of the world wants and has!

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