PSP Firmware (v6.20) Update

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Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.20) will be available later this evening so we wanted to give you a quick preview of what to expect.

  • Digital Comics ReaderPlayStation Network Digital Comics is a new service launching in December. It will allow you to download hundreds of classic and new comics from the PlayStation Store and read them page by page or frame by frame on your PSP system. Firmware update (v6.20) includes the Digital Comics reader application, which you’ll find under a new section called “Extras” on the XMB. Please note, the comic reader is an additional download; once you’ve loaded (v6.20) onto your system, simply click on the comic reader icon under “Extras” to download it to your PSP. In addition, you’ll be able to try out a free digital comic sample from the service soon. Visit for more information.
  • Export video/photo playlists – This is a new feature that allows you to export your video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP system through Media Go. Download the latest version of Media Go (v1.3) for this and a few additional enhancements.

A full video walkthrough of Digital Comics will be available soon. Don’t forget, PS3 firmware update 3.1 is also set to go live this evening.

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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  • awesome! can’t wait to get both updates!

  • FOR PS3

    Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?

    And what about library integration with subfolders on external devices?

  • glad they confirmed ps3 firmware

  • Niiice, I will definitely be checking this out.
    digital comics FTW!

  • Finally!!! :D

  • Thanks for leaving out Canada with the Digital Comics application. You guys blow.

  • Does anyone know around what time these updates will be released?

  • Nice. Good Updates.

  • Will the 3.10 PS3 firmware update be available tonight as well?

  • Thanks for leaving out Canada with the Digital Comics application. No wonder why most of the people in this country buy 360’s.

  • at what time?

  • im looking foward to both updates.. i get my psp go in 2 weeks.. i hope the ps3 update brings cross game chat..

  • third lol always wanted to do that. its nice to see sony staying on top of thing with updates and stuff. BTW cross game voice chat in 3.1 update????

  • Very Nice!!!!! I can’t wait for the comics… how about a little LBPpsp on the old PSN. Than my pspgo will be complete.

  • nvm not third that was alot of comments 4 just 2 mins

  • And once again SCEA is not serving 30 million potential customers in Canada.

    Thanks and Cheers.

  • @2 Nope you are no first…

    Well good news, but i’ll wait until someone tests the new ps3 firmware…

  • Hoping we see the PS3 update tonight as well. Looking forward to Facebook integration. As long as you can do all that in Canada :P Man, I should do some research on why Canada can’t get things like the video store and now this comic reader thing. Must be some crazy laws I don’t know about.

  • LOL @ 11
    @ 10 yes it’s confirmed to be released this evening as well

  • Still no Mac connectivity?

  • glad to hear this! no comics shops easily gotten to around here, so I’ll definately be using this if theres a comic I want to read in the store.

  • Oh…Eric posted this…

    No one should expect any kind of answer to any serious question.

  • OH, this will be available in the UK right?
    we are meant to be getting the Video Store this month,I’m guessing it’ts in the update….????

  • Comics for te ps3 would be nice :)

  • Whhat?…. Whhat!?

  • @kspraydad I agree but I’ll complain anyways


  • awesome.

    Hey other than comics, will there be mangas in the comic book store as well. That would be awesome!

  • sweet! just wish my launch ps3 had’nt died 2 weeks ago D= tho i am playn my psp again to make up for it ^^

  • Please please please please please include support for .pdf files or at least for people to view images/read text files and create bookmarks all while listening to their own music.

    This would be the most exciting feature I’ve daydreamed for my PSP since before the system launched. That aside, I think the only comics I would definitely re-buy just to always have on me would be my collection of Johnny the Homocidal Maniac & others by Jhonen Vasquez, and only if I can listen to my music while reading them.

    Thanks! I’m excited, at least until I read more details and very, very hopeful.

  • I’ve been asking for about 2 years now, please add the ability to “screen grab” on the PSP as well as PS3 please.

  • SCEA,please don’t forget about cross game chat.

  • please dont forget cross game chat SCEA,

  • Cant Wait 4 3.10

  • Grace, is there any chance Dark Horse comics will sign into the program?

    I’d really like to see more unusual/adult titles on the Reader, like the popular japanese Manga titles they often translate for western audiences.

  • Some of us need Media Go for Mac…

    Get a life, loser.

  • Around what time will the ps3 firmware 3.10 update be live?

  • Oh, and I seriously hope the DRM is closer to how games are handled and not videos. I can’t stand the idea of basically only getting my comics for as long as my data doesn’t corrupt as making a back-up isn’t always possible before loading onto my system.

    If it’s only 1 download per purchase then I hope you make that clear. As I seriously doubt the prices (like with games) will be particularly comparable even without noting the loss in ownership over content consumers purchase like the resale value. So please make certain it’s done right from the start and at least allow multiple downloads.

    Oh, and while I’m at it I don’t currently see how digital comics could launch at similar prices to physical comics and still be comparable. eBook readers exist because screens such as the PSP’s are harsh on the eyes for extended lengths of time, so I really hope the prices are reasonable.

  • why so late in the day? is it paperwork or something that makes it come so late? not trying to sound like an ass but im curious

  • when is the PS3 going to have the same BIG features as its little brother?

    seriously , whoever is in-charge of making decisions as to what platform gets what features needs firing.

    i know where to find at least 10,000 people that could fill the position and would make the right decisions, that in turn would make everybody happy and stop the endless crying about why hasnt **** got ****, and blah blah blah.

    lets hope 2010 brings some change in attitude for Sony and the direction they are traveling.

    other than that, hoorah for digital comics!!

  • cool, i have always been a comic fan.

    BTW, when will the store be updated?

  • Yaay Digital comics another feature not available up here. Thank you SCEA for just thinking of one region.

  • Please make media go compatible with linux.

  • Comics = yay. But, I still prefer hard copies. Collectable = win.

    Be nice if you guys would make a functional web browser for the psp. Hint: Look at the iphone/ipod touch.

  • @38

    Regarding DRM:

    According to @psncomics back in September they will be allowing 3 active hardware devices per PSN ID and unlimited redownloading.


  • Nice update.

  • Can we get video playlists for PS3? As my hard drive fills up with video content it becomes more and more of a chore to organize it how I want and the current settings are far too limited after a while. Video playlists or custom video folders would work wonders paired with the already awesome continuous play.

  • i hope that they dont limit the comics to just marvel comics and they also include manga.also, how much it will cost to download?for things like this i wish the psn network would have a monthly subscription service!

    lastly, we will be able to view our comics/manga from our ps3 too?

  • Is it gonna read CBRs or ZIPs that you yourself put into the PSP?

    What publishers are confirmed to be officially offering content in North America?

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