God of War Collection Launches Today for PS3!

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God of War fans,

Kratos has finally come to the PS3! Just in time for the holidays, fans can now enjoy the award-winning God of War and God of War II in stunning HD. To give you a refresher on specifics, God of War Collection includes both critically acclaimed games remastered in full HD resolution complete with 2X anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second — all on a single Blu-ray disc. And if this ultra smooth gameplay wasn’t enough, we’ve also added PlayStation Network (PSN) trophy support to the franchise for the first time (included for both games).

Our team did an exceptional job supporting the release of God of War Collection while at the same time tending their work on God of War III. It’s inspirational for us to see the critical acclaim and the overall positive reception we’re receiving for this package. We take pride in everything we do and it’s cool to see that our fans appreciate the effort. An Olympic-sized thank you goes out to the entire Santa Monica Studio, as well as Bluepoint Games, for this momentous accomplishment. With the God of War III launch getting closer everyday, we’re hoping the God of War Collection will get you fired up to reconnect with Kratos!

Here’s another look at our trailer, as well as some of the reviews that have hit so far. In the end there will be only chaos!

God of War Collection Reviews

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  • Nowhere in NYC yet, /sadface :(

  • Awesome… preordered mine from Amazon w/overnight delivery and its not getting here till Thursday…

    Kinda sucks.

  • Awesome news for GoW fans!

  • Not receiving my copy until later in the week. Can’t wait to try the GOW3 demo.

  • Where is money when you need it?

  • Yeah, well Amazon says they are not getting it until the 19th and that I won’t get it until the 20th. Hmmm, sounds like someone dropped the ball.

  • Nowhere in the Seattle area (that I’ve found) yet… :(

  • so uhhhh yea….I have called every gamestop in my area, went to 3 walmarts, Best Buy, Target, Kmart and NO ONE HAS IT YET….My Pre-order from Amazon AND GameFly both have it shipping on Thursday(the 19th)

    What gives?

    • Sorry about the delay. God of War Collection’s 11/17 release date was a ship date not a street date. Your local retailer will have an idea when copies will be in store throughout the week. Some will have had them today and most others will start to get them in tomorrow.

  • All Gamestops in Oakland are saying they’ll have it tomorrow.

  • Nowhere to be found in the Seattle Area yet (at least, none I’ve found..) :(

  • I pre-ordered mine on Amazon…but I kind of regret it, when I’m backlogged with Demon’s Souls, the new Buzz, and Fallout 3. I probably wont be able to play this until a few weeks before III comes out, and by then I’m sure it’ll be a lot cheaper.

  • Awesome!!! Good way to celebrate PS3’s 3rd birthday today. Happy Birthday PS3!!!

  • Expensive day for me. AC2, LBP PSP and this GOW Collection all at once. Can’t wait to play them all.

  • Terminalgamer.com has a review up as well


  • Have mine preordered, picking it up tonight, I was so close to buying these on PS2 because I never played them and I know they are awesome games from everything I heard, $40 sold straight away.

  • Game stops In San Antonio say tommorow. They said it ships today same damn thing happend with prototype

  • 5/5 from PlayStation LifeStyle, nice! I’ll have to pick it up. I wonder if PSLS didn’t give the game an editor’s choice simply because it’s a refurb vs. new game.

  • Went to Gamestop today to pick up my pre-order and the guy said, “Oh, it’s only shipping today. We’ll have it tomorrow; you can pick it up then.”


  • I went to several stores today and it wasn’t in stock Best Buy, Toys R Us and GameStop). So I ended up buying AC 2.

  • All the gamestops I called and went to today in Maryland say 2moro too. Wish they would give people a heads up on this. I picked up 3 other games today that had a ship date for today. I call BS Sony.

  • Hmm, might have to wait since I’ve played it before and want to get going on AC2 first. But then again this is the collection so I may get it if I have enough money. So AC2 + GOW collection and also Star Trek blu ray movie. sigh…so many good things out so soon!

  • Most games aren;’t available on the official release date, unless the game has a huge following such as Modern Warfare 2

    You can also check out a review Of this collection at Terminalgamer.com

  • Don’t post Examiner or PS Lifestyle links on the blog. You demean us all.

  • GameStop won’t have mine in till Wednesday.. what’s the deal?

  • I went to my local Walmart today to pick the game up and they didn’t have it… What’s the deal? I thought it was coming out today?

    • Hi God of War Collection was a ship date. Some retailers received copies today and others will have copies during the week. Please check with your local game shops

  • @Korbei83,
    They were both good reviews. The beauty of the internet is you don’t have to click all the links.

  • nowhere here in TX, all the stores told me it goes on sale tomorrow, thank you Sony!!!!!!

  • Any chance of more full PS3 titles being released as downloads from the Playstation Store?

  • Seems alot of people have the same problem. Shame on you Sony.

  • @StalkingSilence

    Shameless self promotion

  • The release was “pushed back” one day. If anybody tells you they are picking it up tonight after work, etc, they are mistaken. It won’t be available to anybody until tomorrow at the soonest. Bummer!

  • picking it up Thursday before I go to class.

  • I’m looking forward to this. I hope Sony’s encouraging other publishers to re-release their classics too. I’d gladly empty my wallet for Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, or Max Payne collections.

  • Not available in my town.

  • @21: Most games are available at the exact date of release, usually the company ships them beforehand so it gets on shelf on release day, it’s been like that for 3/4 of the games I bought over the past years.

    GoW Collection is the only game that was released today among the tons of releases that wasn’t on shelves yet when I went to GS.. So I’ll have to go pick up my pre-order tomorrow after work (not that it matters.. but I had a day off today so it would of been perfect!). For now I got F.E.A.R. Files instead, since I needed it anyway.

  • keep it up Sony! Sly Cooper, Metal Gear, and the Ico series are next right?! Maybe Kingdom Hearts? PLEASE

  • I will definitely be picking this up. I missed the first two games and have wanted to pick them up in the past, just never have. Looks like the wait paid off for once.

  • well this sucks, shipped late i see. Man i was ready to go through epic battles again in HD today and now i have to wait another day!(sounds kinda dumb, lol) its just one more day, but then again i was really looking forward to today and now i gotta wait yet another day. Oh well i guess, what are we gonna do…..Guess ill just play MW2(i love it, but i actually like playing story driven games more than online shooters)

  • My copy will be here tomorrow! I hope the “revamp classic PS2 games” trend keeps up

  • my friend preorderd this game at GameStop and went last night for a midnight release and they told him they did not recieve the games yet so he left with money in hand.. not cool gamestop.

  • Just bought mine!

  • Yeah i was just as disapointed that for whatever reason were not getting it till the 18th…I thought this was because im in Canada but appearently its happening everywhere…thats lame for all of us…

  • stopped at the harpies mission in god of war and my copy of god of war 2 is still shrink wrapped for the ps2. this collection will be fresh for me; glad to have waited this long to play kratos new-gen style!

  • This game should of been in the hands of retailers a few days ago, so it can be SOLD today! No worries though, I will have it for sure by tomorrow!!

  • Correction, it launches today if your local store actually got it shipped in, which did NOT happen for me >.<

  • Not one store near me has it in. I live in NYC and if NYC doesn’t have it i find it unlikely anywhere else does.

  • Great! btw I’m really hoping for some new GOW3 info.

  • You guys have done a good job on this game! On Medacritic, its right under GTA 4 and right above Uncharted 2! Can’t wait for Christmas to come so I can get this!

  • @2 (Moosehole),

    I preordered mine from Amazon as well, but all games that I’ve preordered from there have arrived a day after release. I also usually choose “free shipping.” You’re probably just looking at their estimated delivery date, which is just a guess of when it should be delivered.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for mine which comes in tomorrow. I played the hell out of both games on the PS2 while completing all the challenges and God Mode. Gotta say though, I thought GoW II was easier than the original. Nevertheless, can’t wait to show off some trophies that I’ll be earning.

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