3D Dot Game Heroes Goes Retro on PS3 this May

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Many words and terms are frequently thrown around in relation to classic gaming: retro, old school, and so forth. Often, games will be referred to as throwbacks, praised for their ability to induce nostalgia and capture the magic of the golden era of gaming. But really, what does “retro,” or any of those terms for that matter, really mean in reference to a game?

That the game manages to accurately capture the look of a classic title or genre? The sound? The feel? Does it more effectively evoke memories of childhood for the gamer than other games? Does it shun complexity in favor of simplicity?

We ask the question because it’s at the heart of our latest game (we’re Atlus, by the way, publishers of SMT: Nocturne, SMT: Persona 4, and the sleeper hit of 2009, Demon’s Souls). 3D Dot Game Heroes for PlayStation 3 is the ultimate love-letter to retro gamers, the definitive homage to the action-adventure legends we all grew up with. This is in part because of all the tangible things it does right, like the gorgeous next-gen visuals that retain that 8-bit pixel sprite charm, and the irresistible 8-bit music and sound effects. Still, we think that sometimes it’s what you can’t really put your finger on that makes a game “retro.”

3d Dot Game Heroes

You’re an adventurer in a kingdom troubled by a powerful evil demon, and you’re living in the shadow of a hero of old who, long ago, used a legendary sword to save the land from a similar threat. Already whisked back to your youth? We thought as much. Moreover, your quest, at the behest of the king, will take you across a vast, varied, and beautiful landscape, littered with secret caves to uncover and explore, interesting NPCs to chat with, and puzzle-filled dungeons to master.

Is 3DDGH “retro” because it gets that flawless 8-bit aesthetic just right? In part, yes. Is it “old school” because it doesn’t drown you in tutorials, quick tips, and hints? Definitely. But there’s also that intangible, ungraspable magic. It’s what made those 8- and 16-bit gems so memorable, so able to stand the test of time. It’s how smartly the levels are designed, how original the puzzles are. It’s that easy-to-pick-up, impossible-to-put-down addictiveness. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a game that pays tribute to a number of all-time classic games, but it also manages to blaze a trail all its own, with its unique sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek pizzazz.

3d Dot Game Heroes 3d Dot Game Heroes 3d Dot Game Heroes

Launching on May 11th and priced at an enticing $39.99, 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 system brings a bold mix of old and new to the table. When retro chic and modern sleek collide, the end result is oodles of fun for gamers of all ages. Also, it is confirmed: your childhood memories fit on a single Blu-ray disc.

Pre-order your copy today, check out the 3D Dot’s official website, and stay tuned for tons more info.

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3

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  • game looks great! ill most likely b picking this up and creatin all my fav characters!

  • Dear ATLUS,

    I am glad you are supporting the PS3. There was a while there where the pickings were slim, and I’m really really happy to not only see things pick up, but you guys do the picking.

    Your efforts, at least with me, do not go in vain. Demon’s Souls was day one and this will be as well, thank you again and keep up the good work.

    • Dear reson8er,

      We at Atlus appreciate your appreciation. It is a very exciting time for the PS3, and we\’re happy to be a part of it. Thank you for supporting us, and have a great holiday season.


  • Persona, Demon’s Souls, and now 3D Dot Game Heroes: Atlus really wants to be my favorite publisher, doesn’t it? Well, go ahead: Atlus Rocks!!!

  • Awesome. I just wish this weren’t taking so long to come our way. The price is right though, asuming this is a long game. I hope they add in-game support for the “Play. Create, Share” aspect of this game, allowing us to trade created characters.

    • Darth-Krayt,

      While the game does not have an integrated custom character trading system, you will be able to save your creations, put them on a compatible USB storage device, and share them online. In fact, you can see plenty of great fan designs online in the various communities following the game, such as NeoGAF.

  • I love how this is launching in May… which is just about as far away from now as can be…

    Let’s focus on the dozens of games to complete between now and then, although I am a big Zelda clone fan.

  • Ah, it seems you guys are striking my Atlus Weakspot for massive damage! XD

    This game does indeed look very good, and given your running history of providing some very, very long games, I think this one could be a big winner. It doesn’t hurt that the price is $20 less than the average new release. Hurrayz!

  • I love you Atlus! Thanks so much for the continued support in bringing all of these great games over!

  • Thank you Atlus, just like Demon’s Souls, this will be a Day 1 purchase. PS please make Persona 5 for PlayStation 3

  • Wow, this game looks absolutely amazing. I wish I didn’t have to wait till May to hand over the money… :(

  • @Aram

    So glad you guys decided to localise this. When I’d read about it last year, I’d thought that this would never see a U.S. release. Just as with Demon’s Souls, this will be a release day purchase for me.

    Will you guys be doing a Deluxe Edition for 3D Dot Game Heroes?



  • Thank you, Atlus! You have no idea how badly I want to play this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • This game looks awesome!

    And it’s PS3 exclusive? I’ll buy it just for it being an exclusive. :P

    Jk. I will buy a game like this though and am very happy that it will be on the PS3. Thanks so much Atlas.

  • I hope this is good. I don’t know what it is but it catch my eye after I checked some videos.

    Very Zelda, very retro very good imo:D

    With that price how can I not give it a shot.

    Make sure you print enough, with all these releases its hard to be able to afford them all at once. So give us time to pick them up for you stop printing.

    • SpiritThief,

      As a smaller publisher, we usually don\’t manufacture much surplus inventory, but we will never intentionally undersupply the market. We build to launch demand, which is most often dictated by pre-order trends, so if you\’d like to make sure you can easily snag a copy (and of course, we understand there are always plenty of games to choose from and that it\’s not always as easy to pick up day one), it usually helps to pre-order.

      That tells the retailers there is demand for the title, and it better educates what we produce.

      Thanks for your interest in the game!

  • Wow, this reminds me a lot of Zelda! I love the art style, too. I might have have to get this when it comes out!

    Amazing work, Atlus, as always!

  • And this is why Atlus continues to be one of the best localization companies out there.

  • Any sort of deluxe edition in the works? Maybe with a figure or something :)

    • Delriach,

      Nothing planned at this time, but we certainly pride ourselves on listening to our fans. Keep those ideas coming, and thanks for your support!

  • I would like to thank From Software for creating such an amazing game and ATLUS for doing the US fans a favor and publishing over in the States. Thank you guys so much from a die hard Japanese Role Playing Games fan (JRPG). I wish you guys would have localize WKC because we might have gotten that already. ATLUS, I demand that you guys localize WKC2 so that way, we do not have to way a year and a half to play it.

  • Keep um coming Atlus… Day one Demon’s, will day one 3D (where is my Amazon pre order?) now where are all the “Atlus” RPG series for my PS3… SMT … Persona, get these out and I will give you my wallet

  • I cannot tell you how much I love you From Software and Atlus! This is my number 1 game of 2010.

  • I can’t wait for this game, it is gunna rock so hard. I’d also like to thank From Software for their great development and also a thanks to Atlus making it possible to play these gems in the US.

  • Looking forward to this! :D

  • Keep bring us PS3 RPG’s Atlus^_^ might I suggest a “Don’t Even Think about importing it Special Edition”

    Hopefully the next announcement will be a PS3 SMT or Persona…

  • hey atlus any shin megami tensei games coming to the ps3? and this 3d dot heroes does play like classic zelda if so consider me sold.

  • Atlus I’ve always loved you…. and I still do. This game looks awesome.

  • It looks awesome! Btw Demons souls is my Game of the year it was amazing.
    Tell From software to make a second one lol XD
    Ill preorder this game for sure

  • Oh, I forgot to add. Can we have some 3D Dot Game Hero avatars?

  • I just hope it plays as good as it looks. With so many realistic looking games these days, it’s great to see a game use a console’s power while still retaining a very stylized look that captures the feel of the 8bit era. Very much looking forward to this title and the 40$ price point is great news :)

  • Since this post is coming from HAL 9000, I’m wondering if I’m obligated to get this so I can keep my life…

  • I hope that’s not the final cover, because I’d like to see something special the day I buy it. :D

    I’ve been wanting to play it since I saw the first screenshot, and it makes me happy to see you (Atlus) bringing it to America. Thank you!

  • I forgot to ask a question due to my excitement for the game announcement.

    Will this game have a New Game+ feature like Demon’s Souls etc.?

  • I work in a mom and pop game store and I really despise this pre-ordering that is so prevelant in the industry right now. I do see how important it is for a smaller company like Atlus, but I want you guys to know that when you guys work to bring a quality product to market that people like me are evangelizing them.
    I don’t want to see you guys get hurt with a huge amount of overproduced product, but do you think you guys could do some sort of early buying promotion through your website? I really appreciate everything your company has done to support the Playstation consumers with things like Demon’s Souls and your incredible support of the PSN store for Psp.
    Thanks for a great announcemnet and I am looking forward to May with excitement!

  • YES!! Definitely going to buy this when it comes out. Prior to Demon’s Souls I didn’t really know about ATLAS. Now they are on my radar and they’re are bringing another awesome RPG.

    Demon’s Souls is a classic so I have high hopes for this. Plus its $39.99!!!

  • awesome work Atlus day one purchase. Are we gonna get a special Home space with cool stuff that would be sweet too?

    • Tratious,

      We don\’t have anything like that planned, but we\’re always open to ideas. Anything in particular you\’d like to see?

      Thanks for your interest in the game!

  • Pre-ordered and Paid off~!

    And word on Persona PS3?

  • OOOOHH super pumped, looks AWESOME, possibly a game my wife would want

  • I also think that the cover is horrible, some cropped imagery, with a glow photoshop effect and blur effect for the bg, really crappy.
    You know what was so good about the pixel images? all that sharpness, so please avoid blur on the cover.
    Why not look into the covers of old 8bit era (cough…super mario bros … cough) and do something retro for the sake of it?
    At the end, we who grow from that era are your target market and if we see something that screams 8BIT! then we will look at it, sincerely form a designer pov

  • oh sorry for the double post, but a contest to make the final cover on a pixel art fashion and earn your design in the cover + some goddies as the game as a price would be really sweet not so expensive and a nice treat.
    Just brainstorming here.

  • Sold.
    Really hoping for some sweet pre-order stuff with this one.

  • Hey Atlus,

    You guys rock!

  • This game is going to be AWESOME!

    Love your icon Aram

  • dear atlus this game look really good it old school and new school put together thank from bring demon souls to NA oh i want to know if you guy are going to make a persona 5 for the PS3 you pull the ps2 with Persona 4 to it limited it one of the best looking ps2 game out there or you make a new SMT game for the PS3 they people out there would like to know

  • Aha! I knew Atlus was the secret publisher. I just got my Platinum Trophy on Demon’s a few weeks ago and this maybe unrelated to 3d dot game heroes but I was wondering if I can get a replacement guide for demon’s souls if my front cover is fine but the spine is almost completely white?

  • Thank you! I’ve been waiting anxiously hoping for a US release since I heard about it a few months ago. Can’t Wait!

  • Hows about some features of the game? multi-player? co-op? Trophies? 1080p? Custom Soundtrack? video recording? anything else cool, besides the awesome-ness that it is?

  • Make demon’s souls 2 or pins will go in the atlus voodoo doll.

    Buying this though.

  • Jon_Mclane

    you should go to the atlus website they have info on getting the guide replaced.

    Also, so stoked on this game.

  • Atlus, please, oh PLEASE!!! bring Persona 5 to the PS3! Pretty please??

    I can’t wait for 3D Dots game, 2010 is finally going to be the year of JRPG on the PS3 :-) That rhymes :D

  • Hmmm, I see an ‘Only on PlayStation’ tab on that box art.

  • ambient occlusion?

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