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Presenting this week’s PlayStation reading list, including stories on Heavy Rain, LBP PSP, Uncharted 2, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and MW2, plus reviews of God of War Collection, Buzz! Quiz World, Locoroco Midnight Carnival, and Braid. Add your stories to the list, and we’ll pick up with the news again tomorrow.

Make sure to return at 9am (PST) for an interview with Capcom’s Seth Killian on Super Street Fighter IV; you’ll want to see Deejay, Juri, and T. Hawk’s new Ultras in action.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 9, 2009)

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  • Why no Final Fantasy XIII post or even info?

    Also, why did SCEA supposedly block the U.S. release of Deadly Premonition for PS3, it is rated by the ESRB for it. Why did SCEA prevent Aksys Games from releasing Battle Fantasia and Record of Agarest War on disc? These things are not invisible to us you know, drop the stupid “no English dub, no release” rule, it does not make any sense and just makes releasing games for the system less inviting for publishers. Thanks for listening, I hope.

  • Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?


    So happy to see this! And I can’t wait til Friday to play the Bad Company 2 Beta! Are you in it Jeff?

  • Sup Jeff, PsP Ad Hoc Party and GT PSP gonna rock…

  • @ Jeff

    Quick question, do you know or have any info if NISA will be coming to the PSblog before the end of this year? i have a couple of questions regrading a couple of games coming to ps3 and wanted to make sure if we’r going to see Nao from NISA on the blog.

    • I haven\’t heard from Nao recently. I don\’t believe they\’ve got anything left to release this year, but she\’ll be back when they do!

  • Can we get answers from people who makes buzz quiz world… why post things here if you dont even bother to answer back

    Is the game only in English?

  • I’m getting GoW Collection this week!

  • any comment from square about FFXIII Japanese Voiceovers included in the Game Jeff?

  • Any news on Persona 3 Portable getting a North American release? or the publisher of 3d dot game heroes?

  • I heard the MAG beta is pre order exclusive now. does that mean only the ones that got the code by pre ordering are the only one who can log in the server? cause I got a code on a website and when I went to update it says I need to update to FW 3.1 and then download a huge patch. Can I still log in to the servers or not? cause I dont want to download the patches and find down I can’t log in lol.

  • bring back PS3 game start up logo

  • Netflix hitting internet-capable Sony BRAVIA sets today

    Good news for folks who against all odds don’t have a home theater Netflix streaming option yet, and yet inexplicably own an internet-connected Sony BRAVIA TV: Netflix just went live. It just takes applying the latest software update and you’re in business. BRAVIA owners were promised the update back in July, and let us be the first to point and laugh insensitively at PS3 owners who have use a “DVD” to get Netflix working on their Cell-powered supermachines.

    Why oh Why Sony?

  • wow its pretty strange that sony themselves have ignored the release of such a big rpg title as FF13 is…

    anyways, while i’m looking forward for this game.i’m having seconds thoughts about it because of they way they’ll restrict your lvling, i will wait for more info and reviews on how the game will pan out

    so,next year is without a doubt the year of the jrpg for our beloved console :0) (finally!)

    @chris morrel i also received my netflix streaming disc but i’m also curious about the series “weeds” is it good,chris?

  • @5 i dont think that nao will be here for the rest of the year. unless,she is gonna chat about sakura wars or badman2

    i hope i’m wrong on this, though. because like you i also enjoy nao’s posts when she is here.yeah nao is a pretty cool lady :0)

  • things are really getting hot in november 2009

  • @ Guys that make the Firmwares.

    Love the Photo program in the PS3, Home, and all the other little stuff you guys have added in the Firmwares. But how about adding stuff that a gaming community needs first? Party System, something like Steam for example. The community features make the games even more awesome. Also, make firmware additions universal and not only in selected games.

    Here’s your feedback Mr. Lempel

    Make the PS3 IS about games first. ;)

  • Haha no mention of the leaked firmware pictures. Typical.

  • Ready for the battlefield beta, can’t wait.

  • UK gets the Vid store. It’s only a matter of time for Canada, too. Can’t wait.

  • Jeff, why has the US blog been so quiet with FFXIII while the European blog has been all over it? Disappointing.

    • Until this weekend, we hadn\’t received much indication that any of you cared to hear directly from Square Enix on this site. And even then, it\’s less than 10 comments to that effect.

      We hadn\’t been approached by SE to do any posts, whereas Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, Tecmo, and many others have gone out of their way to get in front of this audience recently. If they\’d like to do so, they\’ll be welcome.

  • Can’t wait for the battlefield beta. I’m in, the previews look amazing. They reduced the health, the helicopters look to control very tightly, and the destruction looks even more detailed(making your own hole to shoot through-awesome!) I’m pumped.

  • @Jeff,
    With the movie store finally coming to Europe and Vidzone apparently looking to expand, is there any chance of seeing the service in the U.S any time soon?

  • -Final Fantasy 13 looks like a kids game.

    -Looks like Facebook is coming to PS3…

    -Any reason why Sony didn’t put it’s name anywhere near Modern Warfare 2?

    -GOW collection dropping this week, and eveyone must buy so we can get more collections like this.

    that’s all i got…

  • in the next firmware update can you add some sort of an alarm ticker that can alert you when you receive messages,invites,friend requests etc. ?

  • Any word about MW2 Dynamic Theme or MW2 premium avatars?

  • Modern Warfare 2: New MP Playlists –

    Just Cause 2 – “The Grapple” –

    Dante’s Inferno Demo Announced –

  • Any news of when tales of vesperia ps3 will be coming to the us??? Or could you ask them to make it for us. PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • @Jeff
    The EU blog had a post up but it is not like the users there were asking for it either, so you are obviously deflecting the real reason.
    But in any case, your response to 20 seems to indicate it, you could not have said anything even if you wanted to because a certain other company got the exclusive announcement details for North America. Same thing with Call of Duty, but instead you have Assassin’s Creed marketing. I understand that it’s all business deals, but I am just asking for the truth of why there is no info.

    • I told you the truth. All that was announced was the date, which I knew would be posted on literally every other website known to man. There was no exclusivity on the announcement.

      If we had gotten some exclusive content (or the devs wanted to write something up specifically for you), we\’d have run it. That\’s how we treat all 3rd party posts on this site.

      Conspiracy smash!

  • @Jeff, of course we would like to see it. FFXIII is a huge game for PS3, after all. Perhaps in the future? ;)

  • Any word on when PES 2010 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010) will be available on the PSP PSN store? It released this week on UMD but sadly no PSN release. It’s arguably the best soccer game on the market, but why isn’t it on PSN? Very frustrating as this was one of the games I bought a PSPgo for.

  • I can see why Square hasn’t approached you guys. Maybe you need to poke them… their PR seems very close-minded.

  • Also, someone at SCEA needs to sit down with Q Entertainment (and/or the publishers of Lumines I and II) to get some form of Lumines on the PSP PSN store for us PSPgo owners :)

  • @Jeff, thank you! I’ll love you forever <3
    Even stuff like the FFXIV interview ( you guys did a while back is/was welcome. Would be happy to see more like it from them.

  • So is tales of vesperia ps3 coming to us???

  • I agree. I really think we need some FFXIII coverage on the Blog. And what ever happened to versus XIII? i haven’t heard anything about that since TGS (and that was slightly boring to hear about), more or less why i’d like to see Squeenix on the blog.

  • @Jeff
    Thanks for the answer and to be honest, I didn’t expect one nor was I demanding for you to say anything. Really, I just wanted to raise awareness as the competition is beating you in some areas that they very well shouldn’t be, i.e. Japanese developed games.

  • ^still recovering from being conspiracy smash’d.

  • @Thunderpizza

    Notice how I got no answer for my first post? Wasn’t going to mention it, but that says enough for me, how about you?

  • Jeef, will you doing an White Knight Chronicles interview like you promised weeks ago anytime soon?

  • Hey Jeff,
    Are you aware of any PS3 iteration of Sly Raccoon? Could your avatar be some kind of hint perhaps *wink wink*?

    I rate the stealth gameplay from the PS2 games higher than probably Assassin’s Creed and Mini Ninjas.

    Anywho, if you know anything, are you obliged to tell?


  • I’ve been watching Netflix movies for over a year on PS3 using PlayOn media server. But I guess now this software is obsolete, thanks to Sony+Netflix partnership.
    I wrote an article about it on my blog.

    And I also wrote an article about PlayOn back in September:

    Enjoy and let me know what you think.

  • yes more square enix please. specifically FFV13

  • hey Jeff i know this is completely off topic but maybe you guys can help me , listen i bought Motorstorm Arctic Edge from psn on launch date and i still havent received the Mirage Rapide Rally Car yet , you know whats going on ??? , i did received the GT promotion but nothing on Arctic Edge yet , i hope i get my 6 little big planet costumes , please let me know whats going on with Arctic Edge rally car , thanks guys

  • Well today is my birthday, can i get a coupon or something?

  • will cod1 come to the playstation store?

  • Gotta love the people with the conspiracy theories. Anyway, at this point I’m just getting ready for some Assassin’s Creed 2.

  • I speak for every gamer when i say : ‘we dont care about FFXIII, bring more GT5 infor!’

    Yeah… all of you ;)

  • *Infor means Info of course :D

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