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  • All i want for xmas is ma psp so i can play while walking down the street go to ask my momo for one fo shisiie, love the big screen, so fresh and so clean… PSP PSP PSP

  • No real FFXIII story on the blog…shall we assume MS has bought North American advertising exclusivity?

  • Ad Hoc Party and Gran Turismo PSP Go Rocks, alot of good comingf for the for the PS3, we know it the Best Hardware out there! Hopefully we can get a Beta for ROOM for the PSP and Jeff, u a cool dude. keep up the Great Work.

  • Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?

  • Is there any chance of us hearing when the ModNation Racers beta will start? At the rate it’s going, it’ll be a month and a half since LittleBigPlanet: GOTY edition came out.

    • I can tell you that I\’m going up to United Front Games this week to see MNR, so you\’ll be hearing from those guys very soon.

  • I am having a he’ll of a time tracking down info on battlefield bad company 2 beta I was stoked when you guys released info that I could pre- order and get my beta code from wither best buy or game stop I imediatly went to best buy and tryed to get my beta code they had zero info on the pre order or the beta so I went to gamestop and they said they wouldn’t get the codes till a week or so befor the beta launch so I waited calling everyday to see if they got a shipment so
    now I called to see if it came today and he said something about peoples email not geting the beta codes so they might not get them till monday I just wanna know why you guys would tell me to go get a preorder and beta code when it’s not even an option if I am wrong can you please shed some clairity on the subject talking with someone who knows what there talking about would be nice!

  • @2
    FFXIII is not due until March, they just announced it yesterday. What else do you need to know lol.

  • Hey Jeff/Chris,

    Lately, I’ve been getting the “400 Bad Request” error a lot when trying to view pages on the blog. I know that if I clear my browser’s cache then it will work but could you guys, you know, make it so I don’t have to keep clearing my browser’s cache to view the blog? Thanks.

    P.S. It doesn’t happen that often but it’s kind of annoying when it does. I’m using Firefox if that helps at all.

  • I’m not sure Sony really care about FFXIII in the US when they have God Of War 3 coming in the same month.

  • @ #9 lcmnick: Of course Sony cares about FFXIII. Go to the top of the page and find the link that says This Week in PlayStation Home: Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy XIII….
    Plus, theres some FFXIII trailers in the store. Do you really believe that God of War 3 is the only upcoming game that they care about?!!

    @#2 KSPRAYDAD FFXIII is still 4 months away, plenty of time for stories on the blog.

  • Why didn’t Sony Computer Entertainment America make a post regarding Final Fantasy XIII’s March 9, 2010 release date?

    The European blog did it.

    The announcement is all over Xbox LIVE. They have the Special Announcement video up for download, screenshots to look at.

    Then there’s nothing here on the PlayStation.Blog, PlayStation Store, or even the What’s New section that we’re welcomed with when we power up our PlayStation 3’s that seems to update once every week.


  • MAG is awesome! First day buy for me.

  • Shut up stunt. Seriously. You are complaining over nothing. That is not a major issue. ZOMG THERS NO FF13 ON THE BloG.

    Everybody already knows about it anyways. Wouldnt it be better to shut your mouth?


    I have my code already, but I got mine from IGN. If you’re an insider you can get one easily. DICE has said to wait to preorder until Gamestop/Best Buy confirm that they have codes.

  • I dont think there is much news about FF13… I guess we’ll have to wait =-/

  • Complaining about someone complaining lol classic ps blog I love it

  • Ugh, what’s with the Gasol jersey?

  • @danscloud…

    I’m betting you won’t see many…MS has bought the NA advertising rights based on what you see at vs what you see here or

  • @ #18 KSPRAYDAD: Really? I did not know that, but I haven’t read much game news lately. Do you have a link? I googled it, and didn’t find anything.
    It’s not that I don’t believe you, I do. It’s just the wording that you used is a little confusing. Advertisements are basically commercials, whereas blog posts can be anything from reviews, opinions, news stories, interviews….etc….
    So did MS make a deal that Square wouldn’t put anything FFXIII related on any Sony sites?

  • @19 danscloud…

    I said ‘based on what you see’ meaning that it is a supposition.

    There is NO reason to not have splashed this all over the US blog (like MS is doing at, even tauting exclusive treats through a viral twitter campaign) if something wasn’t going on.

    Why is the video in HOME not on the blog? Perhaps because SONY can only show it to EXISTING customers…whereas Xbox can advertise to new customers. It is MW2 all over again. Notice how SONY is restricted to stuff in HOME when it comes to MW2? Nary a word was said on this blog and that is due to the MS money hat.

    Anyway…I’m not buying SE products anyway but it is a shame that SONY not only let this go multi but that they are going to ‘give’ the NA market to MS it seems. Why do you think FFXIII is launching in the same time period as GOWIII and GT5? MS needs something to go up against those two titles.

    Just my little conspiracy theory.

  • Please stop resetting stats in mag or if you have to at least let us keep our character customizations.

  • @ 20 well if you check the pre orders more people are ordering it for ps3 plus FFXII will be release first in japan so there go more money microsoft is blowing . you do know you have to have a gold account to even see the ad , LOL i haven’t turned on my 360 in six weeks and am not turning it on for that lol why when i have a PC and ps3 if i really want to look at it.

  • “@ #9 lcmnick: Of course Sony cares about FFXIII.”

    Yes they do…in Japan. FF games are just not big enough worldwide…go and look at sales numbers for proof. Sales of FF games have been drifting since FFVII in the PS1.

    God Of War III is a sh!t-ton more important in the US than FFXIII…go and look how well God Of War II sold in it’s first month.

    MS are hyping FFXIII because they’ve got nothing else. Sony has FFXIII and God Of War III to juggle, and between them , God Of War III is far more important.

    Disagree, and you’re simply wrong.

  • @ #20 KSPRAYDAD: First off, the FFXIII video in Home is probably not on the Blog because they want people to see it in home. And yet they did mention the video on the blog.
    Why are you so angry that 360 owners get to play FFXIII? The more people who get to play it, the better.
    Your right, not much was said about MW2, and yet most of the people on my friends list are playing it anyway, so it doesn’t look like sales were hurt. You know why? It’s because people go to other sites besides this blog for gaming news, and because of that, it would be pointless for MS to try and block any FFXIII news on Sony sites.
    And you said MS has bought the advertising rights, as if you knew for fact, when you clearly don’t even know the differance between advertising and blog stories. I don’t know why you care anyway, since you said your not buying FFXIII, but if your going to spread rumors, please have something solid to back them up with. I get enough pointless rumors from chain mail.

  • the mw2 hardened edition comes with a redeem code for you have any plans of bringing cod1 to the playstation store

  • Hime with you!

  • can you guys bring the classic game tetris to the ps3 i have it on my psp but i wouldnt mind having it on my ps3 for play also.-thanks

  • I’m not mad at 360 owners. I’m mad at Enix for giving away PS3 exclusivity just because MS wants in. Every main FF game (for the most part) has been on a Playstation since FF7.

    The company basically butchered the game for it to be multiplatform. I don’t even play FF games, but I would much rather play with English subtitles than to hear 4Kids English voice (like localized animes sound).

    The producer of the game already admitted (in a GameTrailer interview) that the game going on 360 damaged the PS3 version to make them identical.

    The 360 and PS3 versions were built to be identical so one version wouldn’t get left out. Because of this, the blu-ray disc doesn’t have japanese dub (even though it could fit it). The 360 version has multiple discs, which means the pacing on PS3 is butchered due to inaccessible areas.

    What developers will do to make a bit more cash baffles me. Especially when the game could have been released as a PS3 exclusive quite a while ago, and possibly made more money due to being exclusive.

  • OK, I’m happy we got the ad-hoc party for the PSP. Now can you guys bring over the Room for Playstation Portable I keep hearing about from Japan.

  • @22…

    No I did not stat as fact…again I will re-itterate what I said:

    1. “shall we assume MS has bought North American advertising exclusivity?”

    This is a question and has the word ‘assume’ in it. It is also a question that Chris has not answered.

    2. “based on what you see at vs what you see here or”

    This is called supposition. I clearly state an opinion and why I have that opinion.

    Your inability to parse the English language doesn’t change my meaning one iota.

    The reason PS3 owners should care is that we are not getting the FFXIII game that could have been due to multiplat. If you believe we are that is your choice and your money.

    You also seem to believe that the blog doesn’t equate to advertising. Of course the blog is same as advertising…why do you think SONY has a blog? It isn’t an altruism.

  • @25…

    Visit a flash based site in your PS3 browser…lots of Tetris clones to play.


    Plus, the more I see of FF13, the less interested I am in it. It looks alot like 10 and I hated 10, it was so corny. I hate the costumes, characters, universe, etc… just looks terrible. A shame since 12 was so great. After the darkness that was Demon’s Souls, 13 just looks like a saturday morning cartoon.

  • @ :27 KSPRAYDADWhat you said was: I’m betting you won’t see many…MS has bought the NA advertising rights based on what you see at vs what you see here or
    Again, you have NO proof of this, and no where in there did you say it was you opinion. You stated it as fact. You did say some stupid crap about conspiracy theories, but that was later.
    There is a BIG differance between advertising and blog posts. Anyone can write a blog post about FFXIII. Advertisements are commercials. You know, those things in between cartoons when your mommy lets you watch T.V.? Go have your parents explain it to you if you don’t believe me, little kid.
    Again, you said your not buying any Square products, so why do you care? You care because your like a little girl who complains that someone else got a bigger piece of cake.
    Oh, and I don’t understand the english language? Learn to spell before you throw that insult at me.

  • It’s now clear Sony is happy with 3rd place, no cross game Voice chat, no auto-sync trophies, no party features. That’s the reason why most people with both consoles buy games for 360. Sony needs to make some announcements and stop losing advertising rights to the biggest game of the year.

  • I learn from the best, Mr. ;)

  • Sony gave me lessons, and they were free lol. :D

  • MAG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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