adhocParty for PSP Available Soon

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Hi everyone! Great news for all of you Ad Hoc fans out there –adhocParty for the PSP system, which first launched in Japan last year, is coming to North America! AdhocParty is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. It will be available as a free download on the PlayStation Store soon.

So, how does adhocParty work? PSP titles with adhoc mode traditionally require you to play within close proximity to each other. AdhocParty takes advantage of the interoperable capabilities of the PSP and PS3 systems. It enables you to play games featuring Ad Hoc mode, such as Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, over the Internet through the PS3. Your PSP connects to the PS3 via Wi-Fi, allowing you to chat online with fellow gamers in North America before jumping into competition from the comforts of each of your respective living rooms.

In addition to all of its competitive and social gaming features, adhocParty for PSP supports voice chat through the Wireless Headset or PlayStation Eye, offering you a complete and immersive gaming experience only available on the PlayStation platform.

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We’ll have more details for you soon. Enjoy!

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  • Cool.. would like to try Gran Turismo PSP online.
    However, won’t people abuse this for things like GT PSP’s car swapping? Traditionally, you’d swap with a friend. But now, you could swap with everyone.

  • Kristin,
    I remember reading somewhere that for the japanese version of this software if the PS3 is not connected to the internet via wire (ethernet cable), you CANNOT use the ad-Hoc Party feature.
    If true all of us that have not choice but connect our PS3 to the Internet via WiFi will not be able to take advantage to the Ad-Hoc party system.
    I hope this is not the case.

    Can you please give us more details on the above?



  • It’s about time!

  • wait so we can chat WHILE we play or just before? its awesome either way though because i get to help my noob monster hunter friends =D

  • WOW. Thank you Sony :D Mega kewl.

  • Thanks, It’s about time.

  • Awesome! we no longer need to use a program called xlink kai

    i would rather use adhoc party instead. way to bring it to north america sony :)

  • Are you required to connect the PSP to the PS3 directly, or is it possible to connect the PSP to the PS3 through a wireless router?

    Obviously, this is an issue only for 20GB original PS3 owners.

  • This is totally awesome since I’ll be buying a PSP Go soon. I used to have an old PSP but I got sick of waiting for this feature to come to America. Good timing though. I should have my GO right after Christmas.

    The best part about this is that I’m a HIGE Monster Hunter fan. I had 1600 hours just online on Monster Hunter on PS2, but since the PSP versions didn’t have online, I didn’t like them as much. and since Capcom are sell-outs and didn’t put a Monster Hunter on PS3 this is a decent consolation. FINALLY, I’ll be able to Hunt online once again, and we online Hunters outside of Japan can come back from the brink of extinction. And we’ll have voice chat which is sweet.

    I have a couple questions for anyone who knows. Particularly on Monster Hunter, when you use this, does the PSP go through the PS3 in the way that the picture shows on nscreen, or do you have to use the TV out cables? Also, can you use the PS3 controller to play the games, or will I be stuck holding the PSP in my hands while I play?

    Also, does anyone know if Mortal Kombat Unchained works on Ad-Hoc Party?

  • Sweet! I’ve been praying for this.

  • Can you elaborate on “soon”. Is that 1 week or 1 month?

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • Oh, man, if that’s true, and you can only use this feature if your PS3 is hardwired, I’m screwed. My router is two floors up, no way for me to be hardwired. And I bet that’s true too, because if your PS3 is using it’s wi-fi to connect to the PSP, it probably won’t be able to be hooked up to the router at the same time………well…..actually that’s not entirely true now that I think about it. When I had my old PSP, I’d be using remote play while I’m on the toilet browsing the web on the PS3 browser instead of the inferior PSP browser, and even then my PS3 was hooked up wirelessly.

    I’d like a definitive answer on this, just so I know if I can, or shouldn’t get my hopes up about being able to Hunt online again.

    If not Capcom needs to get off their butts and start working on a PS3 Monster Hunter to make up for their dishonorable decision about making Monster Hunter Wii exclusive (sell-outs).

  • An excellent feature.

    Thanks for the heads up Kristin !

  • first, sparda…you do know that multiple connections can be made through wifi…right? but in this case no idea…but i do know it to be a fact…but anyway, this is extremely good news!!! adhoc party!!! as for the due date guys…its probably going to be out around Christmas time, id be surprised if it came out any sooner XD hate to be a downer but its always how its been =/ anyway THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!

    This is GREAT news!!

    I use the psp alot, I cannot wait for this feature.

  • The hardwire requirement can be “faked” by using a wireless repeater such as an Airport Express. I use this device to connect my PS3 “wirelessly” to my network because honestly, the PS3 wireless card is a POS and Sony knows it. No one should be using the wireless card in the PS3 for anything especially gaming.

  • This is awesome news

  • Happy to hear this is coming soon, been waiting for it.

    Also don’t you mean “wireless headset or PlayStation Eye”. lol.

  • Found this on Wiki:

    The purpose of this software is to extend the PlayStation Portable’s adhoc game function using the PlayStation Network through the PlayStation 3’s built-in wi-fi. Therefore it is not compatible with the non-wifi enabled PlayStation 3 20GB model (CECHB00). The PlayStation 3 must be connected to the Internet with a broadband network (wired) connection since the wireless connection is used as a server for the PlayStation Portable. Another constraint is the PlayStation Portable user must remain close to the PlayStation 3 so the PS3 to PSP wi-fi connection is still active during ad hoc playtime. This software therefore benefits those with a PSP who wish to play online but have no wireless internet connection available to them.

  • The PSP to PSP ad hoc connection is replaced by a PSP to PS3 ad hoc connection to allow online gaming on a global scale through the PlayStation Network enabled PlayStation 3. It allows advanced online multiplayer functions on the PlayStation Portable such as voice chat using the PlayStation 3 official bluetooth headset or the PlayStation Eye webcam’s microphone. Text chat, known as “lobby chat”, is also possible within public (“Free”) rooms and private (“Password”) rooms[4][5]. The PlayStation 3 official Wireless Keypad is also supported, however, users must press the Enter key to begin typing.

  • As a user of the Jp version of Adhoc Party I am really thrilled with this news! And for all you wondering, it does work with any version of the psp, 1k, 2k, 3k, and go. The program has a great UI and is easy to use. Can’t wait!

  • Awesome. Now all I need is a PS3 … >.<

  • yeah, i wanna know if it comes to EU :/

  • SCORE!
    We need to see more things like this for the PSP/PS3!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Pyro7x ,
    i know very well that you multiple connections can be done via wi-fi. not sure you doesn’t in this day and age.
    I am just stating something that I read a while back about this particular feature.

  • adhocParty for the PSP system
    ADhoc only we still can’t play regular PSP games threw PS3. Sorry I’m confused and this makes no since to me what so ever I will just have to try it I guess.

  • does anyone knows if the ad hoc party lags/delay with latin american players?

  • Great surprise this morning!!

  • So I can’t use my $40 Sony headset that I paid for. I have to use the PS Eye to do voice chat? How can you hear someone with the eye?

  • @ drdre74.

    If you read the post I made above from Wiki…it states not only the PS3 eye, but the official Sony Bluetooth headset as well.

  • I JUST got a PSPgo and now adhoc party is coming to the US.This is great news.Keep the features coming Sony!!!!!!

  • @ drdre74.

    If you read the post I made above from Wiki…it states not only the PS3 eye, but the official Sony Bluetooth headset as well.

    PS…..the eye has microphones built into it…works great.

  • @ drdre74.

    If you read the post I made above from Wiki…it states not only the PS3 eye, but the official Sony Bluetooth headset as well.

    PS…..the PS3 Eye has microphones built into it…works great.

  • Long overdue, but SUPER awesome news nontheless.

    Thank you for bringing this to us.

    So I presume that its no longer in Beta state?

  • you can use your headset. that’s a typo where it says “of the PS Eye” i’m pretty sure it should be “OR the PS Eye” The Eye has a built in mic that acctually works pretty well.

    That’s pure BUNK and YOU know it. The PS3’s wi-fi is really good. I’m going through 2 floors and about 75 ft and I still get a steady 75-80% signal and play completely lag free online. Though to be fair, I have REALLY good internet….Verizon FiOS, which is about the fastest internet you can get in America for a decent price. When DLing from the store I DL a 1+Gb demo in about 10 minutes often less.

  • Finally, and thank you!

  • Once again:

    Wow, it takes SCEA 1 year to translate… 4 menus and a help-webpage and put up servers, really?

    This should’ve been up earlier this year. Good it’s finally happening, but just further proof SCEA doesn’t have it’s crap together on selling stuff.

  • Finaly. Now i can play my AD-HOC games with other people now! It sucks living in a place where everyone dosent play the PSP, or PS3, now i can buy AD-HOC games and enjoy them with other people! I cant wait!

  • Yay!!!! Finally I can play my PSP games online now!

    Seriously, I don’t have any friends with a PSP, so I’ve never been able to play most games online. This seriously will make me go out an buy more games. If the kids are watching something on TV and I can’t play on the PS3, now I can pick up the PSP and jump online.

    Thanks Sony!

  • How soon is soon? Its been out in Japan for a year now!

  • @GGCAN I have my PSPgo running off my wireless router so the adhoc party wouldn’t benefit me right? WRONG, the blog post clearly states that it allows voice chat through the PSeye or the wireless headset I think thats a pretty huge benefit.Wiki is good but its compiled of information from users all over the internet so not exactly all of it is completely accurate or official.

  • Bailers77 i have Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Pixeljunk Monster Deluxe , Gran Turismo , Syphon Filter online , Resistance Retribution all of them support online play ( well GT only ad hoc but still ) so if you have any of the games i mentioned and need friends to play online ( Pixeljunk Monster Deluxe Co op is a total blast man ) you can add me to your friend list so we can play together ( Motorstorm Arctic Edge lets you play with your psn friends as well and i think the upcoming Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 will allow us to do that too ) so feel free man to add me , i like to play with mature people online

  • Could you please find a way to make it wifi connection instead of wired? Thanks. I have three PS3’s in different rooms and dont want a bunch of wires all over the place.

  • @ juggulator .

    Yes, your PSP can be connected with a wireless PS3, however, with adhocparty it won’t work that way.

    It’s not only Wiki stating this (I just mentioned that application), there are numerous sites that also state for adhocparty the PS3 must be wired.

  • This Friday the 13th certainly has many unexpected announcements.

  • @ juggulator.

    It’s also mentioned on the Sony Forums.

    If you want to check one of the posts, here is a link:

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