Free Comet Crash Update Available Now on PSN!

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Ever since we released Comet Crash for PS3 on PSN, we’ve been receiving a stream of emails from fans requesting new features. We’re excited to satisfy a bunch of these requests in a content patch that’s available right now. The update introduces new levels, new maps, new battle settings and a new difficulty mode. The fresh additions showcase the best of what Comet Crash has to offer, while making sure fans have plenty to keep them warm during the holidays.

Check out this gameplay footage of the Kreios Resurgence:

The 1.03 update adds the following features:

  • ‘Expert’ difficulty setting for seasoned Comet Crash players. You’ll see a surge in enemy attacks that will put your skills to the test.
  • 4 new Resurgence levels–one unlocked at the end of each comet during the Campaign. Resurgence levels may require completely new strategies. Beware…no hints!
  • 4 new Battle maps to mix up your games a bit.
  • Battle timer setting. After the timer runs out, all mobile units generate at 8x the normal rate which should bring games to an exciting finish!
  • Thorium setting to tweak available resources in Battle mode.

In Comet Crash, players must use everything at their disposal, including defenses bristling with high-tech weaponry, to stop the rush of enemies from destroying their base. Unlike traditional tower defense games, players must then rally their own forces and launch offensive strikes against the alien threat, using a number of different mobile units, such as the nimble Scout or specialized Thief, which can turn enemy units into powerful allies.

Featuring a robust Campaign Mode with 28 challenging and puzzle-like stages, as well as various multiplayer and co-op modes, Comet Crash offers a gripping combination of strategy and action.

For more information on Comet Crash, please visit:

Happy holidays!

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