Coming to PSN this Week: Bubble Trubble PSP mini

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Hi everyone! This is Scott Hyman, Director of Business Development at Creat Studios along with Jason Benham, Producer and Creator of Bubble Trubble, our new PSP Mini game. Bubble Trubble will be available for download on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 12 for $4.99.

Almost everyone loves puzzle games, but the “Match 3 colors” concept has become so tired that we just had to tuck in into bed and put it sleep. On a quest to create a new color-matching challenge, Jason was inspired to develop a new game where bubbles of the same color fuse together into one upon contact, and grow, grow, grow until they pop.

Bubble Trubble Screenshot 3

As bubbles grow, on-screen space gets more and more crowded. If the bubbles don’t expand enough to pop, all that room gets filled and the game ends. However, if enough like-colored bubbles are combined, they burst with points, bonuses and much more on-screen space to keep on playing.

Bubble Trubble is a single-player game with two modes of gameplay:

  • Survival Mode allows players achieve the highest score by matching and popping the increasingly faster onslaught of colored bubble clusters.
  • Challenge Mode presents specific set tasks for players to enhance their skills, such as only popping certain colored bubbles or preventing bubbles from getting too big.

Bubble Trubble Screenshot 1

Bubble Trubble Screenshot 2 Bubble Trubble Screenshot 4

Creat Studios is very excited to present our next game for the PSP Mini program, and we are very confident that you will love Bubble Trubble. And remember…to avoid any Trubble, you’ve gotta burst your Bubble!

Thanks again to all of our fans, and please keep your comments and suggestions coming!

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11 Author Replies

  • How many colors does this game support? Eight?

    Looks quite cheap o.O

  • What a stupid comment. Does that really matter? It’s $5.

  • I admire the abition of the developers but this game is in no way worth the $4.99 price tag. There is no real replay value and you could probably find the same style of game on the Apple app store for free or for .99 Something needs to be done about the price tags or the Minis idea is going to be short lived, which would be a bummer. Hopefully we see some improved ideas for the minis cause the idea is cool but I’m not paying these kind of prices.

  • Looks cute! I luv munkies!

    • Everybody loves monkeys, right? At least we love them when they\’re not throwing poop.

      Don\’t worry, I assure you that the monkey in Bubble Trubble is well behaved.

  • goshhh… buubooo twwaable

  • @1 Trey_Borbon
    It’s a PSP Mini’s title, it is cheap. Doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had. At least it is 5 dollars unlike some Mini’s especially ones based on a 20+ year old Russian puzzle game.

    Unfortunately like most casual titles you’ll pick this up a few times and forget about it. I’m two seconds away from considering the Minis program a failure. Just gives developers an excuse to put little back bone into their work and over all cost isn’t as cheap as many had imagined.

  • Hurray for Creat! Thanks for supporting the Minis idea, guys.

    • Hey Sakimori_X!

      Happy to be supporting the Minis. We\’re grateful for the opportunity. We hope you enjoy Bubble Trubble. It can be quite addictive.

  • hmm the bubbles should look better, and a good puzzle game should have multiplayer. Will there be a demo?

    • Thanks for the input, Rolo. However, Minis have no multiplayer, so we didn\’t have a choice there. Even single player, it\’s quite a good time.

  • Can we please get a preview video of the mini games on the PSN store?

    why would I buy a game based on the exaggerated description alone.

    EVERYTHING on the PSN should have a video or series of images that preview what you want me to buy.

  • Looks fun. A PSP version of Magic Ball would be great…

    • We hear you, JetSetFuture. Lots of PSP possibilities being discussed deep inside the Creat Studios cave these days.

  • i agree with #9 i dont mind description on PSN store, but i would prefer a video preview instead.

  • I agree with you 9.

    Every game on the psn should come with at least a 30 second video showing how the game works, plays and moves.

    I feel like a little kid again looking at the back of a game box trying to decide if i should get this game based off of two pictures.

    Tho i must admit it has caught my interest.

    Its got monkeys and bubbles for crying out loud.

  • @Scott Hyman

    please please please please please please please please please make a deal with (The behemoth)to allow you to port(Alien Hominid HD)
    to PSN.

  • I wonder how this game is played..

    Oh, and if you want the playstation video store in Canada, plz sign this petition:

    (sign even if you’re not canadian if you support the idea plz)

  • Thanks for replying Scott :). I think it’s pretty dumb on Sony to make the Minis without multiplayer, if they’re trying to compete with the iphone appstore they should have. I mean even tap tap 1 & 2 which are free, and tap tap 3 that is 99c have multiplayer

  • I’m all for supporting the PSP minis, but $4.99 is too expensive. Congrats on getting Bubble Trubble to the PSN, and find a way to get Alien Hominid to the PSN!

  • Monkeys AND Bubbles!? That’s like two times the awesome of games that only have monkeys or only have bubbles! Nicely done!

    I still think the demand for these would go up with lower pricing. I get the feeling that dropping it even one dollar would probably double the sales- $4.99 is basically $5, which easily relatable to other things on the store- drop it to $3.99 and people see the ‘3’ and figure “Who the hell cares how many cents are attached? Drop it to $2.99 and you’d have “Sold!” spammed all the way down the comments page- if only because so many other so-called “Minis” titles seem to be pushing the limit so very far.

    Probably can’t change the pricing scheme now (though that WOULD be the best kind of publicity you could possibly ask for), but I’m throwing it out there for your consideration in the future. Maybe sell portions of the game for $0.99 each…

  • oh yea bubble trouble . i remember this game from way back when.. Good to se yall bring it back.. ! question though,, did ya’ll expand the number of levels any new modes?? t 4 your time and yor product consider it bought day 1

    • OK, mcbuttz78, I gotta ask… where do you remember this from? Because I\’m pretty sure that it spawned out of Jason\’s head. Or at least that\’s what he tells me. Could he have siphoned the game from the past at brought it to the present? Maybe Jason has a time machine…. oooh, cool!

  • Finally a reasonably priced Mini. I might have to get this just for Monkey Tuesday!

    • Monkey Tuesday? Why don\’t I know about Monkey Tuesday? We\’ll have to make it a weekly celebration here at Creat!

  • I have to admit I would also like a video so I can see how the game plays.

    I cannot believe all the “it’s too expensive” comments on here. It doesn’t seem to matter what the price of things are these days there are still people complaining. If it’s too expensive in your opinion just don’t buy it. Simple!
    These companies that make games would probably like to get paid for them, it also helps them pay their employees and for the equipment they need.

  • I really wish you guys would continue to support Magic Ball with more expansions. It’s easily the best brick breaker of all time and needs more levels.

    • \”Easily the best brick breaker of all time\”

      Now that\’s what I like to hear! Stay tuned. You never know when you might just get your wish…

  • @3 No replay value? its a puzzle game it has endless replay value because its randomly generated. thats like saying solitaire has no replay value. and as for $5 being too much thats just a little cheap. i think 5 is a decent price but i will be honest, until i have all of the ps1 games that i used to play, the minis will take a backseat.

    • Thanks, ultimatepunchrod. Yes, I agree… there\’s plenty of replay value. Well, unless your head explodes from playing over and over and over and you can\’t play games at all any more.

      But that won\’t happen, because everyone here is an expert gamer, I\’m sure! :-)

  • I was just thinking. I’d love some critter crunch on my PSP as mini :)


  • The challenge mode sounds like it could get…challenging! You guys and gals at Creat make some fun titles, so I’ll be sure to pick this one up to show my support!

  • I’m always glad when someone who works for the company that puts a post on this blog actually responds to comments made about the game.

    So, in return, I’ll be purchasing the game because of this and also because it looks cool.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Nice to see another mini coming out, it’s been pretty barren in the US.

  • The support you give to the PSN is unrivaled. You guys are game making machines!

    Just a personal request… but there is a freeware game called LITTLE FIGHTER 2 that just screams console release and yall seem like the people that make things like that happen.

  • No disc, no sale.

  • remember that song from the power rangers movie that went ” uh oh we’re in trouble, somethings come a long way to bust our bubble…” Yeh… so anyway that’s what popped into my head when I saw this game

  • I hate monkeys I prefer small dragons that spit bubbles.

  • Expert gamer, pshh. We are all gaming addicts who will play until our eyes bleed and then the monkeys come.

    More seriously, I am going to have to wait for some gameplay videos (not simply adverts) to consider the game. It’s less about the price (which, without knowing quality of the game, can’t be known to be reasonable or not) or even the amount of space it takes up as it is the clutter in my game menu & the time it takes on downloading & playing just to know if it’s a good game.

    Anyways, thanks for ahead of time notice. Just wish there was more to look over as a demo seems unreasonable.

  • lol @afdgsfdgnb (Wow that is some ID), “No disc, no sale.” Come on, you’d want a $5 game on UMD? For what? Re-selling it for $3? I can almost understand the logic for a full retail game (Though when I buy a game I rarely sell it), but at this pricepoint that’s just being plain stubborn.

  • there was a thing where u put water in and it had 4 or 5 lil rings of different color in them it was called bubble trouble deluxe.. it ran on batteries and had levels and high score., yes it had real water in it, I was saying im glad it on a console now.. it brings back good memories

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