Up All Night: 24-hour LittleBigPlanet PSP Game Jam Session

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LBP fans

We’re one week out from the launch of LittleBigPlanet PSP and to celebrate SackBoy going portable, we’ll be teaming up with the Academy of Art University’s School of Game Design in San Francisco for a 24-hour LittleBigPlanet PSP Game Jam Session this Wednesday and Thursday. Similar to what we did with Parsons The New School for Design last year prior to the launch of LittleBigPlanet (PS3), students will demonstrate their keen artistic talents and create dueling game levels utilizing the easy-to-use creation tools of LittleBigPlanet PSP—but this time it will be all on the go! Each team of students will take their PSP through the streets of San Francisco looking at Bay Area architectural icons (buildings, historic landmarks, statues, bridges, etc.) for inspiration and ideas to incorporate into their level design. So, if you see our students running around the streets of San Fran tomorrow, be sure to say hello!

At the conclusion of the 24-hour period, each team’s game levels will be presented and judged by members of SCEA and Academy of Art faculty, as well as one of our LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year amateur level creators. The winning team will be announced the following day and will have their creations made available online once the game hit stores on November 17.

To get you even more fired up for LBP PSP, here’s another look at our Create trailer…

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  • Holy Sh–! I didn’t realize it was so close to release. Excited much? =)

  • I hope they release a demo for it, just to make up my mind.

  • I hope they release a demo just to make up my mind.

  • November 17th….Little Big Planet PSP, Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines….

    Why must you make me choose!?

    Gonna be an expensive day…

  • I’m gonna pick AC2 , it looks AMAZING.

  • How big is LBP going to be if downloaded from PSN? Just wondering if I should be running out to pick up a larger memory stick in preparation for this game.

  • stop putting ps3 successors on the psp, the psp needs a new fresh ip that works well and makes the psp worth having something simple and fun

  • well my opinion is that sony is the best and playstation 3 is too.

  • Suhweeeeeeeet! I can’t wait.

  • So excited, i’ll be sure to walk around and search for them just to say hi! :D

  • The first time you did this, it sounded like an awesome idea. The levels that were seen looked amazing and we were all excited to play them. But then what happened? Yeah, those levels never made it to the public. Not that I remember, anyways. So, it’s great that you’re doing this again, but how about actually having these levels available for download when LBP PSP launches later in the month?

  • What an awesome promotion. Wish my school did something like that.

  • Sweet! im excited for this game. do you think in the future you could make a DLC for multiplayer though?

  • This is something my wife and I will enjoy. Between Dragon Age: Origins and LBP PS3, this’ll be something up both our alleys. Couples that play together, et al…

  • my daughter is a lbp junkie, and for her birthday i got her the hannah montanna pack, i think i will wait for Christmas to give it to her though :) Let her plead and beg for it :) lol

  • Does anyone else want to see more create gameplay?

  • Oh snap , looks like I mght need to dust off th ol’ PsP!!!!

  • Can someone please tell the higher ups to run events like this in Florida :(

  • “stop putting ps3 successors on the psp, the psp needs a new fresh ip that works well and makes the psp worth having something simple and fun”

    What makes you think LBP won’t do that on the PSP? Really dumb comment.

  • i cant wait tytytyty

  • I for one think that LBP is perfect for psp. I have LBP for the ps3 and have a hard time finding time to really build a nice level. My psp I have with me all the time and I can’t wait to start building levels anywhere and everywhere (yep, in the bathroom too. what else are you going to do in there?)

  • Cool I work a block away from the Academy; maybe I’ll see students on the roam

  • okay, so we got netflix on board. but, when are the downloadble games coming for the psp? need to use my psp more for gaming!

  • one week its great and where is the demo?

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lbp is my most favorite game in the whole world and now is coming on the psp. i already preordered it at gamestop to get the 6 in game costumes and i cant wait!

  • hey sony, how do I preorder this game for psp go, I really want the bonuses but I can only find the option to preorder the UMD

  • please tell me when the LBP PSP demo is coming out so I can make up my mind on either LBP or AC Bloodlines.

  • A demo would be nice. This holiday season is so crowded, a game is going to really have to stand out to warrant a purchase.

  • “stop putting ps3 successors on the psp, the psp needs a new fresh ip that works well and makes the psp worth having something simple and fun”

    What makes you think LBP won’t do that on the PSP? Really dumb comment.

  • I haven’t played a Little Big Planet game yet so I’m really looking forward to this coming out! Thanks Sony Cambridge!

  • I pre-ordered the game, but would that apply for Digital Download? I’d like to have it downloaded rather carry UMD’s. My case is already filled with 4 (I have 6 games, 1 digital and the other is in my psp now).

    Also, would it take alot of memory if I just downloaded the game. I have about 2000+ memory left on my 4 Gig., handful of videos and three demo’s.

    Thanks :)

    PS: I pre-ordered in Toys R Us and they had Gran Turismo for PSP in a case, but mentioned that it had a voucher, not a disk or something of that nature. Would like to get the official word on my two questions soon!

  • wish something like this would go on at Savannah College of Art and Design, there’s no Sony love in our game development department :(

  • will the uncarted 2 costumes ever be on the ps3 version becaues simply uncarted 2 is awesome :)

  • I just bought a PSP Go so i want to play LBP on it will it be possible.

  • You know,i wish that damn water was updated,but no,no one tells us any “NEWS” about it,paathetic.

  • which blogs do i look at for the demo release

  • Okay,i know that the Lead QA tester was a hint!

    This was was in the Requirment note on Mm.com

    ◦Communication with QA outsourcing studios and beta testers

    Yes,i think it gave me a small hint that the “Water” will come soon!

  • Wil we be able to transfer are levels from the psp to the ps3

  • is there a demo out before tuesday?(monday or sunday)

  • i agree with comment number 8
    thats why the psp is falling behind in sales

  • Still annoyed that Sony once again gives Canada the shaft when it comes to preorder bonuses.

    Importing from the United States is extremely expensive.

    We already pay more for your games. Especially since our dollar is so close to the USD right now. So gives us the damn free stuff.


    I can’t wait LBP is one of my favorite games ever.

  • i am so excited cant wait! great job mm. ive always thought about lbp on the go. making levels where ever you go. one question. how would the hand motions and grabing work if there is only L and R, unlike the ps3 version, which has L1-2 and R1-2?

  • i cannot wait just 30 min and we can create our own levels on the go, LBP PSP is going to be amazing always a fan of lbp

  • I DONT UNDERSTAND! how come when media molecule makes an update or new costume, its not on the psn store til’ 7pm or later! I just put 50$ into the psn store so i could get Little Big PLanet PSP and its not on the psn store! did i just waste 50$! help me! i WANT IT BUT THATS ALL THE MONEY I HAD :*****(

  • I just out in 50$ to my account on PSN so i could buy little big planet psp and its not on the psn store! whats going on! i hope it get updated cuz i just spent 50$!!! I live in california if it helps(AMERICA)

  • =o i’m checking the psn store, please update with LittleBigPlanet soon. Thank you.

  • well,looks like Mm isn’t all that smart,like what the did to that Final Fantasy idea!!!

  • I’m really starting to question my 250 spent on my pspgo. I bought a 50 dollar card for a game and now have no idea when I can get it. Happy birthday ps3. Thanks for screwing me out of 300 dollars!

  • An update as to when LBP will be available for download would be nice, way to shaft the people that purchased your newest PSP system. Isnt LBP one of the games that is supposed to bring the PSP back from the dead??

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